Hogwarts: Hypothermia And Cold Injuries


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  1. Have only read 3/4 as I need to go shovel more piles of frozen crud back now. GREAT article and I will want to re read slowly and maybe even print off. Great stuff Hogwarts! I had read about the NYC Russian popcicle chick. Unbelievably stupid people die when they venture into the mtns of NE all the time. Very sad that folks had to risk their lives trying to find this woman who made an almost suicidal choice which killed her.

  2. Great article, thank you for taking the time to put this together.Spent many years of my youth roaming the NH presidential mountains; in all seasons. This environment, particularly in the winter needs to be taken very seriously. Smart people can make some stupid decisions; mainly overestimating their abilities or underestimating the elements. Either of which can kill, the combination is almost always deadly.

  3. It’s -2 already right before sundown with a stiff breeze blowing here in the Mich. Surviving a 5 month cold season without the grid would be a matter of luck even with winter survival skills. I can’t see where one would find the time to cut-n-split wood AND put up an effective defense against hostiles. The resistance is going to need to head for warmer climates. A lot of americans are going to die-off because of the cold. I’m sure of it.

    • You made a great point on why you need to be living where it gets cold in the winter because it kills off a lot of people…Why would I want to live where everyone going to head to if the SHTF…As long as your prepared a good hard winter will be a great protection for you because you won’t have people roaming around if everything is snowed in…Cold will be an asset for the prepared and a liability for those who haven’t…

    • -21F This shit is getting old.

    • Being stuck here in this AO i concur. I see it every time mother nature burps, there are a large percentage of folks who head to the grocery store and buy their three bundles of wood and a loaf of bread. Mich, has seen some insane temps this year (i saw a -39f the other day). If you had enough cords cut summer and spring stacked and dried you might make it? Also, I use ecobricks for backup supply (not cause they are green but because they are easy to move and store and burn hot). I don’t burn them with regular hardwood as they tend to burn so hot they ruin the ash/coals, but they are viable in emergencies. In some ways being somewhere that is so harsh it produces a large die off is probably a good thing imho.

    • Never heard of a place called Leningrad have you? People figure out a way. Its not that difficult.

    • Easy to say a die-off is a good thing, until it’s you or a loved-one. Even so, maybe Bergman up in AK would survive, but he’s just training to evade. If you are forced to fight, your survival chances are going to drop very low. A guerrilla type insurgency is not conducive to homesteading and chores. Ever try to cut wood with a hand saw? chop/split, and stack enough to make it thru a winter? I have 10 full cords delivered, make rounds with a 290 Stihl, use a 22 ton gas powered splitter, and it’s still a time consuming job. The summer months would be spent growing, hunting, fishing, and stacking wood just to get thru the sub-zero winters. I really don’t see any time to do anything else. All the while, the fellas in the warmer climates are living the life of Riley compared to those up north. It was -38F at my place several days ago, now who amongst you thinks they could survive living outdoors in a tactical environment in temps like that for 3-4 months at a time? I’m a realist, I don’t think It would be that easy to survive- no matter who you think you are.

  4. christiangustafson

    Gott im Himmel!

    There is no snow in the Olympic Mointains.


  5. Colorado Pete

    Another unfortunate entry on the Mt. Washington “death board” – the signs at the summit visitor center with dates and details of all the folks who died up there. As of my last visit the total was around 110 give or take. The Presidentials are merciless.

    Made 14 hikes up “Mt. Washingmachine” before I moved west. On the last one, June 3/4 ’94 if memory serves, weather was fine, low 60’s, sunny, light wind. As good as it ever gets. A young couple from Maine were up there celebrating the girl’s 25th birthday, skiing the steep boulder moguls of Tuckerman’s Ravine, below the summit. At the lodge down below at street level, they tell you where not to go in spring – under the overhanging cliffs where ice collects above. She went there, a big piece broke off and landed on her head, killed her dead for her birthday. They carried her body down the trail to Pinkham Notch, leaving blood splatters on the rocks the whole way.

    Seen multiple hypothermia cases up there on one trip (raining, temp and wind both in the 40’s, wearing cotton clothes with little/no raingear).

    Only was scared on one trip – 28 degrees, wind steady in the 70’s with a 95 mph gust, 50 yd visibility, everything covered in snow and ice, including us, and severely decreased mobility due to wind (at one point unable to crawl on our hands and knees into the wind, through a gap between a boulder and the building that is chained down).
    The “Rockpile” in winter, by yourself, is suicide, period.
    I still miss it though…occasionally.

  6. Colorado Pete

    Oh…and everything in the linked article is spot-on. Between the 14 hikes mentioned above and 14 concurrent winter backpacking trips, I can vouch for it. I’m sure some of the winter warfare military guys can add a few things too. And one more thing: don’t have your boots fit or laced too tight, especially around the toes. Blood circulation and all.

  7. -12 now. Balmy compared to last weeks -38F night time low.

    • -17 now. Last year, a snowmobiler went thru the ice at night, managed to pull himself out, then froze solid on his way to shore. Most of the time they never make it out of the water.

  8. To make a long story short (11B4P, etc.), I’ve found it smart to buy more boot than you think you need. Don’t buy the minimum boot to protect your feet, buy the “maximum boot” to protect your feet against the cold, etc..

    I recently bought, and am now wearing, a pair of these, (see link below), and am very happy with them. It seems the older you get, the better boot you need.

    After buying several pairs of similar boots made in China that failed, I just gave up and bought a quality boot made in the USA: What a concept!!


  9. Well, that trench foot poster got me thinking more about feet than cold, but I spent a few months working in Alaska during summer of ’96. After the first month of 3~5 hours sleep every night, I started cutting some corners with regard to personal hygiene, figuring my feet must be clean what with all the concentrated cleaning chemicals getting spilled on them several times a day. I also had the good fortune to stumble upon several sets of abandoned quality footwear in good-to-new condition and exactly my size. Sorels, Vasques, New Balance… couldn’t imagine why anyone would just dump them all, and in my youthful destitution wasn’t about to turn up my nose at such bounty.

    By the time I caught a bush plane back to Anchorage in mid August my feet were sloughing off skin and toenails like dresses on prom night and my socks were soaked with blood at the end of each day. It felt as unpleasant as it sounds.

    19 years later I’ve managed to eliminate the foot rot fungus from 7 of the 9 toenails that got infected. I think I’m getting close on number 8… maybe in another 6 months if I stay diligent. *woohoo*

    Happy trails,


    • I saw it last night! Got a good chuckle out of it. One of their own kills his wife or GF and his former boss (Sheriff Flashbang) no doubt trying to give him the benefit of the doubt shows up and gets blasted. Where was the SWAT team Sheriff? Where were the Flashbangs! Was this not the time to go Dynamic and take out the threat or do you only do that with toddlers in their cribs?

  10. Good information…..Redrum…..

  11. The boot suggestion is a good one. Started off with Sorrel boots, made in Canada at that time, vibram tread, rubber lower with leather uppers. The most important part was packing extra set of removable boot liners (wool blend) and wool socks. Later, upgraded to a pair of Asolo boots, with 12 point crampons, lots ‘o ice up there under certain conditions.
    There is a sign near that building that is chained down, that indicates that Mt Washington has the highest recorded wind speed on the planet; 234 mph!
    A really good read about some of those fatalities that Colo Pete mentions are detailed in this book: “Not without peril” http://www.amazon.com/Not-Without-Peril-Tenth-Anniversary-ebook/dp/B007HOKED0/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1424702029&sr=8-18&keywords=White_Mountains_%28New_Hampshire%29

  12. Fuck New England. This article shows why the three percent movement has its head up its ass. The enemy IS New England and this piece of sh*t is trying to help New England. Phuck you.

    • West Coast Vet

      Not the people on Mt. Washington. Anyone good enough to survive a whiteout subzero super-wind is probably not the enemy. The enemy flies overhead while sipping a cocktail in USAF-maintained 747 luxury on your dime. No Sorels.

    • Sir, I’m not sure who you’re saying is trying to help New England, but I caution against writing off entire regions just because 50.1% of the electorate manage to be a bunch of douchebags. Labeling an entire state or region as “the enemy” out of frustration tends to translate at a practical level to punishing our own.

      A great example that I observed during my time in California was FFLs who boast about “giving those California liberals what they deserve” by refusing to sell guns to people in California. …as if it’s the gun-hating liberal twats who want to buy/own a gun in the first place. Ironically, more than a few of them were in WA, CO, and CT. I can’t help but wonder how their smug self-righteousness is holding up these days.

      Wait, are you proposing that the author of the Hogwarts blog is helping the enemy in New England? All those New England gun haters who spend their time avidly read 3%er blogs? I certainly hope that was not the assertion being made. Anger at the totalitarian antics of our enemies is understandable, but let’s not let that anger trump our loyalty to our brothers and sisters behind enemy lines, nor trump our capability for elementary reason.

      Remember, we really are everywhere. Even in New England. …and Detroit.

      Happy trails,


  13. Yesterday, 50° here in AK….no shit!