NPFD 2015/1: Draft 5WH

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Feel free to make suggestions in comments or at

Staff types who want to SMESSCS it or SMEAC it are welcome to do so.

Final version to be released NLT 0500Z 26 FEB 2015.

WHAT: National Patriot Field Day 2015 (NPFD 2015/1, pronounced “nip-fed twenty-fifteen slash one”) – Continental FTX

WHEN: 1300Z 19 APRIL 2015 – 0100Z 20 APRIL 2015

WHERE: CONUS (at a minimum)

WHO: You and your team; see below

WHY: Demonstrating that skills learned over the past six years can be applied successfully in the field in coordination/communication with other like-minded freedom-loving people located across North America

HOW: Entirely at teams’ discretion, subject to provisions below

CONCEPT: NPFD will provide an opportunity for patriots of all interests, abilities, and skills to field those talents over a 12-hour period and communicate their wins/losses/corrective actions to local, regional, and national UHF/VHF/HF networks.

Essential elements of the FTX are as follows:

1) Peaceful demonstration of freedom-minded skills; keep it respectful and legal
2) Team planning and execution in support of coordinated effort, with comms up through local net and onward
3) All teams who complete their self-defined missions within parameters (honor system) and communicate their results with the FTX net are eligible for noogies and potential better prizes
4) Local/regional/national/international(?) comms will need to be established and maintained for the 12-hour FTX period plus a one-hour bumper prior to and after the ground teams (1200Z 19 APRIL – 0200Z 20 APRIL)
5) The more varied participants, the more challenging the FTX– so contact your associates in the re-enactor, EMCOMMS, EMS, and any other disciplines to encourage their participation, as per the following hypothetical examples:

– The 7th Motor Cavalry Regiment (Provisional) [a military vehicle collectors’ association] participates in NPFD by deploying to a New England Patriots Day celebration and uses the vintage HF equipment in their rigs to serve as a regional net hub on both voice and CW

– COPTHWART, a national anti-police-brutality activist group, participates in NPFD by obtaining imagery and identifiers of all LE personnel and vehicles supervising a “Stop WWIII Now!” protest on the National Mall, sending runners with thumbdrives containing digital data and imagery to predetermined locations for link-up and dissemination with HF voice/data communicators on the NPFD net

– Bush Medics CONUS, a scratch team of EMTs, NPs, PAs, and MDs created to provide remote medical assistance to NPFD participants, supports local medics in various AOs by HF voice/data to local NPFD stations, who transmits the Bush Medics’ info to field teams via VHF/UHF handheld

– Elements of the Coonass Thwackers, a Louisiana militia, navigate a complex route through bayou country to approach a mock UN checkpoint, where they attack and capture all UN personnel and radio the immediately-actionable intelligence obtained to their local and regional nets, who use HF to pass the information to designated POCs on the other side of North America

– Auxiliary members of the fictional Blue Ridge Resistance observe pre-determined events, then use burner phones and prowords to communicate their observations successfully to another burner phone being used by the local NPFD radio net

– A 3-person special reconnaisance team outside of Boston covertly make the observations and collect the imagery required by their mission. They then transmit their fundings via proxy server to a predesignated internet site maintained by the NPFD team.

CONCLUSION: There will be a great deal of work needed to take NPFD 2015 from concept to executable plan by 15 APRIL. If you want to help, send your proposed COA to


40 responses to “NPFD 2015/1: Draft 5WH

  1. Just another waste of time
    to hide from what needs to be done.

    • You have to get people out of the easy chair. To many of these fuckers think the counter revolution will be fought on the internet.
      If we cant get people out to the field when its easy then we have lost already.

      • outlawpatriot

        No matter what you do, for some the ruck will be just too heavy, the distance too far, the mud too deep, the sun too hot, etc.

        Methinks that a good many should consider the fact that we really could lose this war and that no type of training is wasteful considering.

        The good news is that win or lose that damned incessant noise will stop. 😉

        • Roger that!
          Remember I said Horse…here is the water…well there are horses that need their head held under the water for a little bit.

        • When you leading by example instead of contributing to the noise.

        • Detroit the True 3%

          When you leading by example instead of contributing to the noise.

    • Damn D, WTF happened? Lots of people have challenges these days; my own would be tough to top. As I told you before, feel free to get in touch. The goal is to WIN, isn’t it?

      Defeatist philosophies produce ___________ .

      • If you are going to use an extensive
        amount of time and resources, we may
        as well commit to activities that yield
        actual real world results.
        That is not a defeatist mindset, it is
        practical and sensible.

        • Cav Medic: In your opinion, can the proposal be saved? If so, how in detail? If not, do you have an alternative?

          • outlawpatriot

            Cats. On mescaline. 😉

            • outlawpatriot, I believe I saw a video of you today giving a history lesson on the American militias. I recently joined Secom in Z6. Looking forward to meeting you one day.
              Texan Z6

              • outlawpatriot

                Yep. That’s me. It’s one of the classes put together for basic training. Expanded and improved a bit now however.

                I’ll be at the March FTX and most certainly the April FTX for the gig being talked about here.

                Hope to see you there.

        • You’re not making sense. Surely you know what a prototype is. I’ll tell you what produces the very worst real-world results…flailing and doing something, anything, just to do something. That’s why you hear it–“We gotta do SOMETHING”–from the commie-libs so regularly.

          Except for sufficient ammo, I defy you to come up with anything more important than well-organized and well-tested comms.

          • If you want to test your comms, there
            are better ways to do it other than
            simulating a masturbatory fantasy battle for
            freedom of Postman vs Holnists.
            Better yet, maybe I just need to vote Republican
            one more time, waiting for them to enforce
            immigration law and the Constitution, while
            I download porn from the internet.
            Yeah, that sounds like an effective plan.
            Hell it’s no worse than what’s being done now.

  2. Possible OPSPLAN outlines for NPFD.

    1. HQ unit coordinates a supply drop to a cache. One team conducts security surveillance of the site for 12 hours prior to the drop. A second team performs the drop and the first team continues to provide security for 12 hours after the drop. All results passed up to HF net.
    2. Establish an OP overlooking a major highway. Conduct SRI of the highway providing scheduled SALUTE reports to an HQ. Report all Food, Fuel and military traffic on the highway for a 12 hour period. Enfil and Exfil while avoiding detection.
    3. Set up a listening post on a hilltop. Using an SDR dongle scanner and ADSB software monitor airline traffic in the overhead corridor. Log flight data and report it into the HF net.
    4. Set up a listening post same as above but focus on local SIGINT. Build a signal profile for your local AO and report it to the HF net.

    All of these ideas involve collection of some type of intel and passing it up the HF net. I will be setting up an HQ with the goal of collecting all of the traffic and building a national level report to reflect the information collected. We will need to establish a format for the net and how information is passed.
    This is a real world exercise with the itent of getting out in the field and doing.
    To paraphrase the Home Depot
    Less Saying, More Doing.

    • outlawpatriot

      Serious stuff. Certainly would demonstrate capability. If it’ s ok with you, I’m gonna pass this comment along. 🙂

    • Detroit the True 3%

      Good post.

    • Photos and electronic signatures of:
      Fusion centers
      Islamic centers
      Democrat infestations*
      Republican infestations*

      *Commonly known as “offices” and “party headquarters.”

      Others will occur to you.

      AMRRON has already posted up Spot Report and Situation Report formats to be used with fligidi. Spend $40 and become a corps member. It’s not like there’s any M855 to spend it on. Which reminds me, add “local ATF HQ” to the above list.

    • Entire post has great suggestions. If geography/proximity conducive, it might be illuminating (or not) to have someone playing “black hat” to see what is garnered simply by listening. Just thinking in a contributive AAR frame of mind, e.g., “how effective was your CEOI development and, second, how did it benefit (or not) counter-efforts?” I’ll send CA a note.

  3. Firstly, I meant no disrespect with my initial
    It’s an attitude that has developed
    by those who deserve nothing but that annoyed
    impatience from me.
    Unfortunately, it spills over into into discussions
    where it is not warranted; so apologies for that.
    Your question requires a sensible and thoughtful
    response of critical thinking and competent thought.
    I am going to spend at least a day forming that.
    That time won’t be spent composing a lengthy response
    of time wasting, but to develop a response of tactics and
    strategy worthy of consideration.

  4. Could I just come there and watch? I like to watch.

  5. And yes, I know it will be hard to underestimate the creepiness of me just watching.

  6. Detroit the True 3%

    Get some!

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  8. doing my part to promote the general unrest. besides, didn’t the state dept spox say they can’t kill they way out of a wet paper bag?

  9. Where can I get a Coonass Thwacker Morale patch?

  10. A few questions:

    What is the Commander’s Intent regarding this exercise?

    How does this exercise telegraph anything meaningful to OpFor regarding capabilities, without revealing said capabilities, thus giving OpFor an angle of attack on each participating group?

    How does telegraphing capabilities (which I sadly suspect will be an applied organizational clusterfoxtrot, given the levels of coordination and teamwork personally witnessed between groups spread geographically) advantage FreeFor if Intent remains undemonstrated? (Most individual teams do not have this stuff nailed-down, asking for a public display that incorporates coordination is to beg for public embarrassment, methinks.) Ten million ARs in private hands are useless if 9.999 million remain in gun safes instead of at the Green.

    What is the final, coordinated act among all participants that is the equivalent of stacking Barry-cades at the gates of the White House?

    I think I understand many of the unspoken goals (practical and propaganda), and I’ll refrain from further questions until these are clarified a bit.

    • “…if Intent remains undemonstrated?”

      I was hoping to see a reply but I can tell you this much—that won’t happen if the Intent is carefully and rationally chosen. Unachievable goals are never rational and achievable goals are…well, achievable. THAT’S why this is valuable IMO; too many decent folk have convinced themselves that decency can’t possibly happen. It’s like a living suicide.

      Championship sports are an apt metaphor. The goal isn’t to not lose, but to WIN.

    • The same point in a different context. Right facts, wrong conclusion…that’s why guys here have it all over the intellectuals. LIVE with it already.

    • The exercise is two parts. One is the practical field portion (getting out and doing something) the other part is the background organizational efforts (planning, logistics and communications). The former is not the real show, it’s just a vehicle for the latter. Will it demonstrate capabilities or a lack thereof? Yes. We have to know prior to the flag going up what we are capable of so that we can restructure training to address it. If it is embarrassing then so be it. Sometimes that’s what it takes to wake people up. There is a second and third order effect regarding how the passage of traffic is handled that I don’t want to get to deep into.
      When CA sent this to me I was immediately on board with the idea and in all honesty I don’t consider this a Barrycade moment. I feel the benefits far outweigh the propaganda message a failure might send. This effort was something that I think (CA correct me if I am wrong) grew out of the Winter Muster. We did this at a tactical level and determined that encouraging others to duplicate that effort was a goodness thing. That encouragement happens to facilitate larger organizational goals. Its less about making the bad guys look bad and more about figuring out how to run a TOC and how to coordinate with other TOC’s. If we fuck it up then we learn from it and we talk about how to fix it at Brocks place in May.

      • Gotcha – an email I rec’d seemed to convey the exercise was as much about owning a rebuttal to the media that will come on 19 April. I could not reconcile what I see here with an ESAD message to OpFor – because that isn’t the goal from what is being explained here. The goal as explained here is a systems-test for internal consumption.

        My 2 cents – such a coordination test of FreeFor systems is obviously beneficial. Separate note: FreeFor should put together an ESAD Op for the same date – either rolled into the FTX or stand-alone.

        April 19 matters, and to reference an on-point quote – they need to be fucked in the ear with rebar (or at least put on notice that FreeFor has the capability and willing ness to do said fucking). Can/should the FTX incorporate such a final act? I think it would be a good exclamation point on the day.

    • outlawpatriot

      Mmm… I’m pretty sure that at least two groups are going to be communicating back and forth effectively. Even if it’s only traffic concerning status of training and weather reports. I’m gonna call the gig a success if that can be accomplished.

      And that’s the point really. Or commander’s intent if you will. To just start talking. To reach out and say hello. To let others know you exist. To make some friends. To exchange ideas. To learn something. IN THE REAL WORLD. NOT ON THE FUCKING INTERNET.

      We’re gonna take what G ran me through a couple of week-ends ago, expand upon it a little and run a whole bunch of guys through it. We’ll make up some scenario around it and create radio traffic to pass on to him, a friend and ally in a next door state. Seems like a worthy goal to me. Seems like a great opportunity to integrate a great many things on a larger scale.

      So, I’m personally not concerned with whatever slings and arrows others might throw. I’m not concerned about the possibility of failure or embarrassment. It’s only important that this group down here moves forward. To move forward you have to do. You have to risk. You have to extend yourself. Win, place or show, I think we’ll be better for having participated. And that is really all that matters.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. I’ll PAY to watch. Creepiness scale now approaching 7.5 and rising. Really, I wouldn’t be able to do more than just watch, honest. 7.6, 7.7…………….