Meatspace Beckons


Money quote from Belmont Club: Losing The Internet:

Will the administration give you a “freer and more open Internet” than you have now? Or more to the point, will giving it over to the feds enhance security? We are in all probability doomed by this move. The difference is we know it. The administration has not yet figured out that in incompetent hands even the finest weapon can be turned around to face its hapless wielder.

Boy, will they be surprised.

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  1. After putting something solid behind that M18A1(sandbags, tree, dirt mound, whatever) I like to leave it up high on its stabilizers like that. It then seems to spread those ball bearings in a nice arc, from waist to head for a traveling formation. When last I placed one flush to the ground, it blew the lower legs off of my intended, and he tried to run off back where he came from. Didn’t go far. Anyway, it left him in possession of his hands, which could still kill, although he did not, he could have. The OPFOR responds more succinctly to head shot attempts, and this causes them to lose focus, which you want. I also bumped off lots of chickens and water buffalo, albeit unintentionally. Mousetrap. More than a game. Also works well, placed in a tree, pointing straight down. Hell on their morale, I tell you.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Having gotten overseas as the festivities ended, I never got to use any claymores. They were scary enough in training.
      During my jungle training we were also taught to make sure and check up high, most folks have a bad habit of not looking up or down enough, but just sweeping the trail where they will step next.

    • Correct, the legs are junk, and backblast is murder, to the wrong people.
      We boot kicked 2 divits side by side in the dirt, then set it down into the angled hole, aimed up at about 20 degrees. All the pressure then comes out the front.

      Yes, the mousetrap is devious and can be used in all sorts of manner. I was a 12b.

  2. Yes sir … you are so correct. Have hard copy? … is very very relevant.
    Snail mail will come back. Check for me at HF frequency …. each day at 1900 hours. A few protocols, create our own internet and throw in encryption. Mesh networks.. Sparks31 knows this stuff. And a lot more about this. Plus the necessity of the system having an Intel source of what everyone is doing and saying sooo why kill their golden goose?

  3. It looks like soon the only way to ensure unlimited distribution of the truth is an offshore clandestine shortwave transmitter. Sort of a Radio Free America. I have no suggestion as to where it could be located tho.

  4. SemperFi, 0321

    The thieves lay down skewed rules to their games, and the masses line up to play by those skewed rules, being told this is how the system works.
    The Americans belief in their gov’t is the key to their enslavement.

  5. Depending on the accessibility to OPFOR that is tolerable, I believe a number of former USCG lighthouses are now in private hands. Also, if anyone in FREEFOR is planning on the seagoing bugout route that Matt Bracken suggested, that is also a possibility for clandestine shortwave transmissions. I would imagine the ability to determine the origin/location of same is a factor in the viability of any such plans.

  6. Imagine, if you will, a world where all the low-hanging Internet OSINT and SIGINT fruit goes the way of hand-crank telephones… 3%ers would have to evolve into a higher life form in order to communicate, and the spooks on the other side of the fence might have to work for a living. Just more ilde thoughts from the wild country of Isher, Wyoming. Just a few miles to the right of Galt’s Gulch and down the road a ways where a bunch of insane desert-dwelling savages walk around armed to the teeth wearing the skins of dead animals. Do not disturb the hermits. They talk to God.

    See you in class.

  7. Yet another meatspace tool.

  8. A few years back, Mike built a 14.5mm Rus single-shot rifle that we used for testing armor. That one was a real hoot. 1000gr projectile moving at ~2800fps IIRC. Serious smackdown at the target.

  9. Excellent article.

    However there *is* satellite internet, and not all satellites are owned by the US crony class, right? Maybe another way to get around this.

    • Oddly enough a good many Sats are operated by…..A JEWISH COMPANY!!!! That alone means that 10% of FREEFOR would shit their multicams before they would send traffic over some damn hebrew space bird!