Geheime Staatspolizei Briefer

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Read and distribute.

Good thing there are no secret facilities in Amerika for special processing of those miscreants who threaten Reich safety.

That would be really bad.

19 responses to “Geheime Staatspolizei Briefer

  1. West Coast Vet

    Aren’t we all sovereign citizens, or are there slaves still in ‘Merka?
    I’m no 14th Amendment “Merikan, since I was born in a State to Free parents who were both Natural Born Citizens. I guess that I could have qualified to be the POTUS in 1896, when they checked on that kind of thing.

    Bad people in leadership positions have much to fear, that’s why it’s such a pita to get ammo. Kitzhaber got the lightest whack, but Oregon got a “revenge Governor” (like a V-2 rocket) feminist Democrat instead of a reasonable middle-of-the-road Republican (who almost won in nov2014; 5% margin was much too close for the Oregon Demoncats).

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    “special processing”?

    Well…not quite yet. Sonderbehandlung to come, though.

  3. I read it (it is quite short). I can’t believe the ruling class is getting their panties in a bind about 24 incidents over a period of 5 years, in a nation of 300+ million. Pussies.

  4. Oh what bullshit. 24 instances of being told to “Piss Off’ in 4 years?

    What they need to worry about is when no explanations will be given, and no allegiance to any philosophy is claimed.

    But…they are too stupid to know that.

    In the meantime, when SCE’s start beheading Christians, and raping children, they’ll earn special protections from DHS.

  5. I find it interesting that the facility that someone with leftist beliefs is in the bailiwick of a staunch Marxist like Rahm Emanuel.

    Seems to me there’s more shoes to drop on this.

  6. The Walkin' Dude

    So when do the ambush-readiness testing scenarios start, when SWAT gets called to an abandoned house or building on a fake “threat” by Patriots? 😉 The SWATting can go both ways.

    • B rrrrringg…………..

      911… Do you have an emergency?

      Oh, thank God! Please help me! There’s someone in my house! I’m hiding in the closet! I think it’s those militia guys from down the street… they have guns, and they’re talking shit about Obama……………..

  7. False flag operation? Distraction, while operatives come in through the open borders? Change the narrative, change the outcome…

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. 24 “incidents” in half-a-decade. Over the same time frame, the number of Whites (not to mention Blacks and Mestizos) massacred by Blacks and Mestizos is in the tens of thousands. Ann Coulter this week has one of her rare head-not-stuck-in-a-dark-place columns on this particular Regimescam

  10. West Coast is right…we are ALL sovereign citizens. The powers that be are changing the language to make the term sound like some kind of evil moniker. And like “free speech” it is one of those things that you do not want to actually try without realizing the consequences.

    • Methinks our sovereign citizenry went out the back door with the bathwater when Lincoln’s Reconstruction Act was enacted. I also think they have let us think we are sovereign while they ( Alinsky commies/socialists) lurked and embedded themselves into the main institutes in our country. They have eroded our sovereignty little by little to the point where we are today- morally, socially and financially bankrupt as a regulation-nation. We each stand as little islands of freedom until the the masses wake up. Sovereign in the eyes of God but not so much by our gubmint. Sovereign to the point until “the man” thinks you and me are a threat.

  11. Why hasn’t the shooting started yet?

  12. Ken, the shooting HAS started, it’s just all incoming right now.

  13. These white papers ‘set the stage’/define the NARRATIVE for the operation to come. Look for a big staged terror event alongside a ‘drill’…..