Thoughts On NPFD 2015/1

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Sam K. asks some fair questions in comments and related email (condensed below for clarity) about this upcoming FTX:

A few questions:

What is the Commander’s Intent regarding this exercise?

How does this exercise telegraph anything meaningful to OpFor regarding capabilities, without revealing said capabilities, thus giving OpFor an angle of attack on each participating group?

Who is coordinating?hosting/overseeing? Too many demonstrably untrustworthy people playing in these waters to be part of a blind, multi-faceted, national/regional game when the stakes are so high.

How does telegraphing capabilities (which I sadly suspect will be an applied organizational clusterfoxtrot, given the levels of coordination and teamwork personally witnessed between groups spread geographically) advantage FreeFor if Intent remains undemonstrated? (Most individual teams do not have this stuff nailed-down, asking for a public display that incorporates coordination is to beg for public embarrassment, methinks.) Ten million ARs in private hands are useless if 9.999 million remain in gun safes instead of at the Green.

What is the final, coordinated act among all participants that is the equivalent of stacking Barry-cades at the gates of the White House?

April 19 is a big deal. MSM and all OpFor will be all over us with their messaging, and they WILL make inroads to this year’s new crop of civilian fucktards – reminding them/educating them that we patriots are all American ISIS.

We need to get people off the couch – something we all recognize. Couch potatoes will never move far or do too much work on their first Op – so we should keep our requests of them within their wheelhouse.

My suggestion for a 19 April ESAD Op (and we make it public as hell – let those fuckers know we are coming and let them sweat it) – on April 19 we have Patriots from all over America send WRSA (or some other clearing house) images of LEO shops or City Halls from their respective AOs. No captions needed, no threats, no confrontations – we just end the day with every picture we can have Patriots send in of their local OpFor HQ.

I think I understand many of the unspoken goals (practical and propaganda), and I’ll refrain from further questions until these are clarified a bit.


1) Commander’s Intent: To deploy FREEFOR elements within their spheres of experience/interests/skillsets, to collect information for local analysis/action, and to exercise redundant methods of communication regarding results.

2) Command: Planning stage under direction of WINTER MUSTER participants, with open-source input as received. FTX command will be under local control of participants, with communications network command/operations pursuant to plan (TBD).


4) Participation can also come in the form of establishing a field monitoring station on non-grid power and monitoring FTX frequencies.

5) Consider participation via use of non-Internet/non-RF comms, such as dead-drops and other fundamental fieldcraft methods.

6) 240 years ago on 19 April, British subjects stepped forth in their towns against tyranny. NPFD 2015/1 is designed to pay homage to those brave men by providing a context in which modern-day Americans can step forth – legally and respectfully, at least towards objects worthy of respect – and demonstrate that they too will stand against tyranny and the dictates of man.


No matter what.

14 responses to “Thoughts On NPFD 2015/1

  1. Great, great stuff. I notice that even having fun isn’t prohibited. Maybe for a day FREEFOR folk can focus on what they’re doing instead of what others are doing. That would be nice; might even become a habit.

    I’ve got a request if there are any readers here with no gray hairs yet and/or a good grasp on tech stuff.

    In the end, the War Against Tyranny will reduce to communication of information. Indeed, a good case can be made that ALL creative production is about information and that labor is about its implementation. We old farts are stuck in the classic hierarchical paradigm of areas, zones, regions and so on. Among other problems, that can be very difficult to scale without the infinite resources of other people’s money…er, wealth. That seems to be the single biggest advantage of the Tyrants.

    So what happens with a peer-to-peer approach, a la napster or bitcoin? These days, huge amounts of information are an insignificant matter to transmit widely. Seems to me that every node having all (unclassified) information might prove very handy. Among other benefits, there would be unlimited redundancy and I’m confident a tendency to keep all participants honest. Plus, as a general principle transparency tends to help Good Guys and hurt Bad Guys. Ask CA.

    Just wondering if that makes as much sense as it seems…not for this FTX obviously, but as a general approach. TIA.

    • jim, I get what your saying here. I am not sure this exercise can be anything more than a baby step toward the end state you are describing. There is a principle in networking where all routers and switches on a network learn the routing tables from all other routers so that the entire topology is known. This allows alternate routes to be determined and the shortest route to a point to be learned. This also allows for self healing, if one router goes down then all of the other routes know a way to get around that node. The new routes are determined and the network shares those out so it evolves.
      Its easy for us to put together a big book of FREEFOR knowledge and distribute it out to everyone who wants it. The problem is that knowledge then becomes static and fixed. How do you distribute updates and changes so that the body of knowledge can evolve from experiance? I am not sure this exercise can solve that problem yet but its a first step.

      • Agreed—“not for this FTX obviously, but as a general approach.” And yeah, I’m speaking of more than static and fixed info. In a nutshell, it amounts to infinite redundancy among the participants, with possibly major intended consequences, honesty and transparency being two obvious ones.

        So yes, it’s more than router topology cuz that’s still directed toward the hierarchical system. From wikipedia: “[Naptster] was originally founded as a pioneering peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing Internet service.” “The ease of downloading individual songs facilitated by Napster and later services is often credited with ushering in the end of the Album Era in popular music.”

        You gotta admit—“end of an era” has a nice ring to it.

        • Sometimes I can’t resist. I know Alan wants to take us back 225 years and do it all over again, but all is not lost. I’ve heard that some creative folk are making purses out of old LPs.

          • outlawpatriot

            Fuck you anarchist.

            • “When Basil Ramadan received the heartbreaking news that his son had been murdered by ISIS terrorists, he took justice into his own hands.
              Following the massacre, the Islamic State plastered video of the executions all over the Internet.
              After seeing the video, which listed his son by name, Basil Ramadan wanted revenge. The father, in his 60s, grabbed an AK-47 and attacked an ISIS checkpoint like a one-man army.
              The grieving father racked up a body count of seven before he was killed – avenging his son’s death sevenfold on the brutal terrorist organization.”
              Without question, jim klein does not approve.
              You know, the conditions deciding the moment of his attack were
              not perfect.
              The Dad was killed.
              The Dad will miss the next episode of his favorite
              TV series.
              His comfort and enjoyment of life is over and done,
              regardless of being enslaved it was enjoyable.
              No more red meat. No more steaks.
              Yes indeed, the stupid bastard ruined his guaranteed
              immortality, by picking up an AK and avenging his
              Stupid Bastard!!!
              Right, jim?

  2. i see this exercise as a good an an excuse as any to get off our butts and DO something. big, small, for an hour, for 18 hours — doesn’t matter. the game called “pulling the dragon’s tail” is an incremental game where you’re looking for a response to what you’re doing. the dragon will eat you either today or tomorrow so, what the hell – grab the tail. well-planned, polished and professional, or amateurish, sloppy and disjointed, your efforts will be viewed the same. when we do this exercise, the only meaningful result will be to see that they do respond. and afterwards, we need to do it again. dissect that response if you’re looking for the fine points of metrics. if you’re worried that you won’t be pulling the tail just perfectly, and getting some precise, predictable and safe feedback, then you should turn off your computer and just turn yourself in to the nearest fema camp. even that is doing something. living in dread that there is a dragon around and it might do something bad, because, well…it is a dragon, is not living. it’s past the time to worry if the government sees you’re doing something. they already have our names. they already know what we’re doing. the only element of surprise we have is to actually be seen doing something because they’re depending on our track record that we won’t. put on your big-boy panties and earn your “right wing extremist” badge. make them say your name. eat me, dragon.

  3. Make the dragon say his name…


  4. 19 April…gives me plenty of time to think of something provocative. Maybe park in a red zone at Goleta State Beach? Don’t laugh…last time I tried it, the .gov employee parked next to me on his lunchbreak pulled out his cellphone and made a call; a few minutes a .gov vehicle pulled up and two “Park Police” – one wearing a sidearm and armor, the other this plus carrying what looked like an elephant gun – got out and approached the back of my car, while I watched via the rv mirror. Got to w/in a few feet and stared at the NRA and related bumper stickers. One looked at the other, shook his head, then both backed off, remounted and drove away. They are all pussies. I could capture this entire town right now. But what would I do with it?

    • That is an example of what can be done with the exercise.

      • Information collected should be analyzed and securely stored for future reference.

        Culper should be able to generate some Intel Requirements (IR), but I’d suggest

        [.gov and political centers]
        Shift change
        Numbers of pax on site
        Frequency ranges
        License numbers of personal vehicles
        Numbers and names of agencies

        Avenues of approach
        Possible defensive locations (to protect and ensure continuity)
        Info on who works there (to protect and ensure continuity)

        This includes things like Tractor Supply for infrastructure protection and support sites.

        SALUTE format please. Don’t forget AMRRON formats.

    • outlawpatriot

      Consolidate the position. Train and integrate any like minded individuals. Then start expanding the perimeter. Rinse and repeat. Eventually you’ll meet up with me. 😉

      • I see you after.

        “It’s MY island!” (Braveheart)

        The following is addressed to everyone else:

        Woody Guthrie might have been a union organizin’, communizin’, sadly mistaken, man o’ The People, but he had (at least) One Thing right…

        This land is my land,
        This land is your land….
        This land was made for you and me.

        On his fiddle was inscribed, “This machine is for killin’ fascists.”

        Gotta feeling that, were he here now, he’d be one of us.

        What each of you has to determine is… are you one of us?

        Or are you one of you?

        Are the fine divisions and definitions of your particular “insights, revelations, philosophy and original wake up call” more important than surviving and winning?