Your New Boss

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Via Insty.

He votes.

And there are a lot of that ilk.

Do you understand?

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  1. I suspect the troll is strong in that one- his sign is pure snark.

  2. Maybe he could make his opinion matter by allowing a “queer folk” to share some sausage with him. (Is “him” the correct pronoun in this case?)

    But seriously folks, d-bags like that make me want to retch.

  3. Once, I would turn things like this piece of trash, towards manhood, by teaching them to shoot, scoot and communicate. I only helped a little, the raw material and the things they had learned already, along with good parenting they received, did most of the heavy lifting. That thing in the picture makes me think of something you pull out of a drain when it gets plugged up. How in the fuck did we get to this stage?

    • “How in the fuck did we get to this stage?”
      We let women vote! All that is left now is to crash and burn.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Sadly, yes.
        Women and that neutered male? in the picture are what carry the vote, if there really is such a thing. Most of what pass for males at my local college resemble that pajama boy. I have 3 of them in my archaeology class. And the young females resemble walruses. They can barely get out of an automobile on the field trips.
        Buckle up, it’s gonna be a hell of a ride!

  4. WTF? is all I got.

  5. Look on the bright side, maybe ISIS will get to him first.

  6. He is rather typical for a hive dweller in this country. Regardless of whether his hive is Blue. Or Red.


      After spending a month of substitute teaching at the school district just across the state line, all I can say is ditto.

  7. He needs a punch to the head so his brain cells might actually start working….

  8. This “guy” may as well have posted “26 year old virgin looking for strong female to make me complete.” That’s the way I read it, anyhow…

  9. outlawpatriot

    Why the surprise? We allowed it to happen. With the passage of the 19th amendment on one of the darkest days of the Republic we set in motion the destruction of one of the key pillars of American culture, the male dominant society.

    And now we’re paying for it.

    However, after we win the war that little item will be corrected.

  10. Like the LGBT community, this fool can only exist in a country in chaos and decline. When men were men, and wimmen were wimmen-we got a daily reality check of strength, beauty, and intelligence. Alas, those past civilization checks are fast fading. I am actually looking forward to the coming games as we will wipe out most of this vermin.

    • I have a hard time determining the gender of a lot of people these days.

      THe butch lesbians are more manly then most of the men and the many of the butt pirates are more feminine then the females.

      I wander this land more and more confused…..

  11. I need feminism because:

    It makes Bab’s feel “empowered” as she makes me a sandwich & gets me a beer!! Feminism is going to make our dream of living in a double-wide, a reality as she works her 2 part-time jobs, 3 days a week. Ya know……ahh, what’s the use!!

  12. Extirpate.

  13. Urbanus Boobus Americanus: also known as the “boy-man” or hipster.

    Sadly, his kind outnumbers ours. For the moment.

    Luckily, his type will be eaten first by the Ghetto and Barrio Tribes.
    Once the ‘Great Culling’ is complete, this type of broken boy-man will no longer trouble us.

    Count on it…they will not be able to hide, they will not be able to fight, they will not be able to “pretend” to be Men of the West. They will go the way of any useless species when Nature’s Law comes to call.

    • Roger that, cunts will fall by the millions.

    • Exactly right Sandman, which is why anyone in that class isn’t worth even a moment’s attention.

      Plus OneEyedJack has it correct down below, I think, which goes to show the absurdity of truth by consensus. As if we needed more evidence of that.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. ‘I hold this sign for the same reason many of you went to protest rallies in the ’60’s. If I pretend to be a heavy in the moooovement and shout slogans and pump my fist in the air, the easy hippy chicks line up for my bed. You don’t actually thing I’m dumb enough to buy into this crap, do you? You can tell I don’t mean it because I’m going to drop it completely in a few years when I want to look more like husband material.’

  16. It’s parents raised it to be killed.
    The apes in it’s ‘ville will fuck it bloody.

  17. “Check out my new post, Sarah.”
    “Oh. That’s great, Shoe. Way to go!”
    “So, I’ve been wondering. Would you like to go out some time?”
    “No pressure or anything. I just thought, you know, we’re on the same wavelength and all..”
    “It’s just that I might have a thing going with Mitch Tuffson.”
    “Oh. You mean captain of the wrestling team Mitch?”
    “Yeah, I mean, I’m not in to all that macho stuff, but…”
    “Oh, no… Of course not. I’m sure he’s a really nice guy.”
    “Not really. But he pounds me so hard I can’t walk straight the next day.”
    “Oh… Well… I better get…”
    “Going? Yeah, me too. Hugs?”


  18. Y’all are reading this kid wrong. Sure, he’s not the manliest man, but read the sign in proper context.
    This is sarcasm, pure and simple. He doesn’t feel that his thought are given equal footing to all the SJWer thoughts. He doesn’t feel he can say it to their faces, so he heads to the inter-tubes for a little passive-aggressive venting.

    Yeah, he needs to shitcan his feelings, put on his big-boy pants and have some confidence, but that may come with time.

    Read the sign.