A Few Thoughts On Current Events


Overview, from the author of The Pig Trap.

Worse is better.

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  1. “Worse is better.”
    That reminds me of the disturbing declaration
    by a character Fred Gwynne played: “sometimes
    dead is better.”
    Not that my comment means anything.
    It’s just that (in my mind) your quote connects
    with it for some reason.

  2. Yes and Yes.
    Faster harder.

  3. I believe he has answered his own question here:

    “Oddly enough, even as a stalwart supporter of the Second Amendment, I’m not really bothered by that. Would you like to know why I am not particularly worried about that? It’s because I think that the people that will fix this shit already have plenty of that ammo squirreled away, and have been “rolling their own” for a looooong time now, and that very soon, there will be plenty of it lying around on the ground anyway, easily picked up…”

    Those who are paying attention understand the futility of publicly expressed outrage, no longer have the energy to tend two fires, and have chosen wisely, the fire which keeps them warm.

  4. Fucking nailed it.
    Great blog.

  5. my overall belief is people’s apathy is what invites govts to assume more or total control. being a former longtime gop volunteer, my regular thought was we are going to lose because there’s not enough people that care. i decided that in one day in ohio in 2012 and spent the next two in the bar drinking knowing 2012-2016 would jump the shark from what the usa was even from 1980.

    • “because there’s not enough people that care.”

      Funny…I can’t remember ever buying a bottle of liquor, but I did last night. Hey, that Jagermeister ain’t bad. Okay, so break time is over and this is still just an excuse. The only thing that matters is whether you let them kill YOU or whether YOU will be apathetic. Answer “No” and find those who agree; that’s all there is to it. We may die anyway, but at least we’ll have known what it is to live. That’s not losing, it’s winning. Besides, every so often longshots live to see another day.

      Anyone that doesn’t get it yet, probably won’t ever get it. The persuasion stage is over.

    • Cougar, as one example, but for the vaunted GOP leadership in 2007/2008 there would be no Obama led administration. Please…we may be slow on the uptake, we may not have fully (I love this word) grokked the depths to which we were utterly betrayed by that leadership until it was too late, but by 2012…it didn’t matter how many “cared.” Everything and anything short of armed insurrection is characterized as “apathy.”

  6. The author is incorrect. There is nothing wrong with people, and they have not changed (that much). They have just finally detected that the ruling class doesn’t give a rat’s ass what they think. Why then, attempt to engage the ruling class? Would you bother to interact with a person who doesn’t care what you think? People are acting normally. There is nothing wrong with them.

    I suppose some, such as the author, are irritated that the world does not work the way his high school civic teacher told him it works. Get over it…

    • Tears are Falling

      People are cowering in fear while lying to each other and knowing they are being lied to. That’s normal in the context of history, but it’s abnormal to people who do not lie to, and hate themselves.

    • How should any oppressed “class,” being ignored and raped by a ruling
      “class” interact with them?

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    “Everything and anything short of armed insurrection is characterized as “apathy.””

    There’s a flip side to that coin, too. All sorts of ineffective nothingness is characterized as “resistance”. By way of example, there was a documentary on Holocaust survivors, and part of it involved them talking about their “resistance” to genocide. One of the big examples given was *dramatic pause* that they told jokes to each other in the camps. While it may have help alleviate some mental stress, it didn’t really resist a damned thing. It was about as effective as the papier-mache head demonstrators are at stopping wars.

  8. Lost Patrol

    Shut down the television, postpone indefinitely all national and state organized sports. Give it a few months.

    • Shut down the energy and people would be eating each other inside of a month…The thing of it is the grid is so fragile and most people have no clue how close they are to chaos… Most don’t want to think about it even if you warn them because it scares the shit out of them…

      • As a child, the fatherless only child of a WW II war widow, I imagined monsters under my bed.

        In order to go to sleep, I told myself stories in which I vanquished the monsters.

        Faced with the monstrosities of the present reality, even dimly perceived,
        folks are telling themselves all sorts of stories so that they may go to sleep.

        The difference is that, in my stories, I slew the monsters….

      • Mark Matis

        I seem to recall someone whining about attacks on “non-participants” a few days ago. Do you not consider the overwhelming number of people affected by a grid shutdown to be “non-participants“???

        For the record, I acknowledge that they are indeed “non-participants“, but they are heavily responsible for the evil and thus deserve what they shall reap.

        • That’s a far cry from your call to MURDER the wives of cops.

          A systemic failure of infrastructure or economy cannot be stopped and everyone is at fault to some degree, therefore “deserving” of what we get.

          Your moral failing is directly, obviously on you, and is preventable… by you or by someone who recognizes individual evil when they see it.

          Any man caught raping or otherwise harming women during Rev War I was summarily shot or hung by standing order from Washington.

          No, don’t tell me we’ll have women, politicians, bureaucrats or criminals (excuse the redundancy) or even combatants who must be killed… most of us realize it so save the sarcasm.

          Either go out and try your bloody theory or shut the hell up about it already. If you were a fed troll, you could not do more damage here.

        • What part of that comment was in any way suggesting to do anything to the grid MM…Reading Comp. escapes you doesn’t it…

        • Listen up Mark…don’t try to change what you had advocated. Enough death of the innocents will occur. There is a major distinction between what you advocated, which was specific targeting of a specific group, and attrition of the unprepared due to circumstances like the one you speak of now. The two are not interchangeable.

          I hope you know that, and are just bored this morning.

        • The “non-participants” are the support system for the 5%ers who have an opinion and are doing something. They are not “innocent” (in a Kafka way) but they are not really legitimate targets of war either. They may be in your way, or they may be on your side, depending mostly on you.

          Focus. You don’t have the time or resources to run Linebacker or Linebacker II for a little additional pressure in Paris (remember how well that worked out?). Use what you can hold, for and against things and people that are real. Fortunately for the freefor defense, the offense is using a bunch of borrowed resources to merely tread water (thus, the scary talk, with not much action), so that surviving is winning, in the long-term.


          • Mark Matis

            They are FAR MORE “non-participants” than the pig whores from Habersham that Iceni and lineman love so much. lineman knows full well they will die en masse. Iceni? Who knows what she thinks? I merely point out how incongruous lineman’s position is. Iceni is welcome to enjoy that filtered coffee and donuts along with Sipsey and War and Max.

            • You sure got more than your helping of stupid didn’t you Mark…My position has never changed and you keep looking more like a troll…

            • ” Who knows what she thinks? ”

              Hmmm…dazed and confused, much?

              I thought I was very clear. What part of “your plan/philosophy/ cheerleading tactics, sucks” did you not understand?

              Now, can we just stop this here? Clearly, you will not agree to some inner man soul searching, and I will not agree that “whore” hunting is a Just Cause.

              We could chalk this up to “We don’t got tribe” and that’s more than acceptable to me. I take it you find it just as acceptable?

            • “Sipsey and War and Max.”

              Three men worth > than 100 of you. Each.

              They all banned you, didn’t they, skidMark?

              See, moral indignation does not equal moral equivalency.

              Quite the opposite.

      • I think that little “vandalism” in the AZ desert points to the likelihood that someone will shut down some part of the grid. There is no telling how many “special interest groups” have this as part of their plans.

        Best we can do is recognize that, and try not to get caught in the aftermath of it.

      • outlawpatriot

        No, they don’t. Quite the opposite actually. People tend to draw together. Individuals get to actually know the name of neighbors they never paid any attention to prior to the darkness. Certain individuals even arm up and stand watch over people they have never even spoken to. 😉

        I know. I live in south Florida. Hurricanes knock out power for weeks on end here from time to time. Never once have I seen one human being eating another. Even after power being out for three weeks.

        Hate to burst your bubble. But I have lived through it more than a couple of times in my life now.

        I suspect this is a good example of how opinion really has no basis in reality. I wonder what other opinions also have no basis in reality. Mine included.

        • Surely your not that stupid OP but then again you do live south Florida…If you cared to actually think you might of realized that just because your little AO didn’t have power didn’t mean the rest of the country didn’t and was able to resupply you as well as send power lineman to fix your shit so you could have your beer chilled again…I’m glad your down there man because if I had your kind of stupid up here we would have problems…

        • You do have a point about some people drawing together in the aftermath of hurricane related power outages, but then again, Floridians are steeped in the traditions of Hurricane Season.

          So too, are the madding crowds rushing to shelters. We sheltered in place, due to the rather rare circumstance of a Gulf Coast direct hit, though 2005 was a very interesting hurricane season.

          We spent a decade in FL and most impressive about power outages is the temporary quality of them…the hurricane parties, the blue tarp brigades, neighbors clearing downed trees and limbs, and no one but no one relying upon FEMA for their first 3 days of drinking water and food.

          Growing up in areas prone to ice storms, I was totally impressed by the State of Florida’s pro-active information services, beginning at the state line Welcome Centers, and available in every restaurant, grocery store, and government office, of course.

          I don’t think New Orleans and Houston got the memo, if you know what I mean. Prepping is part of the character of folks in FL. Not so much elsewhere.

          • Thanks Ice for being a little more diplomatic… I guess since I just said shut down the energy and didn’t add everywhere then people might of thought it was just confined to their AO…

        • I suspect this is a good example of how opinion really has no basis in reality. I wonder what other opinions also have no basis in reality. Mine included.

          The entire Hobbsean justification story of government as written in Levithian is fiction. Human free of government don’t default to rioting and cannibalism. What actually happens is what you actually observed: problems appear and ordinary humans pull together. Individual conflict which threatens homocide is rare, and is easily managed by shooting the burglar or rapist. There has been heavy coverage by newspapers in the US for 100 years. Can you point to a newspaper report of even one tornado or flood in the Midwest in the last 100 years which resulted in a rampaging mob of looters and rioters and rapists, except in cases where the local government prevented the victims from shooting back? Only government generates large scale non-peace, and it’s hold is now slipping. Ordinary people are going to have peace despite government.

          • So, the couple of weeks of the interruption of services caused by minor calamities in modern societies is to be considered proof positive for your assertions, post a MAJOR FUCKING COLLAPSE?

            Oh, please….

            “Ordinary people are going to have peace despite government.”

            Your wish is no one’s command. Absent that, it’s just another pipe dream.

          • Do you really believe that because if you do then let me take you down to the middle of Compton and drop you off and shut off all power and all supplies in and I will only leave you in there for 2 weeks and let’s see how long you survive…You talk about something you know nothing about except the fantasies in your head…Go read Selco’s blog for a little perspective… Its a good thing we live in a civilized country otherwise you would already be dead…