MDT: Purpose-Driven SHTF Planning


Thoughts on thinking.

If you are planning on floods, then be realistic about water.

And so forth.

7 responses to “MDT: Purpose-Driven SHTF Planning

  1. on the one hand, I’m embedded in deep collectivist/Foxtard territory; on the other, I’m a loner with no one who needs protecting. ‘Cept the cat. And am somewhat prep’d, thanks to WRS and like sites. Can’t complain

  2. Most appreciative of the time MDT invested in this one. I hadn’t thought of the cart as an option. Very utilitarian, that one.

    As far as thinking about specifics we may encounter, I mostly think along the lines of “One Second After” in the worst case, and as best as budget and time allows, gather skills and tools we will need.

    Not that I won’t use them, but MRE’s are not my first choice. Years in FL hurricane seasons lent insight regarding camp kitchens and such.

  3. When I first read “One Second After” my Daughter was the same age as the main character’s diabetic daughter was. Fortunately, mine isn’t diabetic, but imagining being in his helpless situation is disturbing, to say the least. I always recommend that book (another favorite) to those who are interested in EMP scenario responses development.

    • That is one extreme situation, and I am not certain anyone can “prepare” for it. The first time I read that one, I think I went into a type of shock for about a week. Sheer panic, in my own quiet little way, truth be told.

      Then, a second read for clarification, and I refocused my preps in order to better handle the circumstances my tribe would face in that extreme.

      Even if we don’t have an EMP scenario, the grid is a coveted target, by many sides. Best not to count on it. Selco talked about this as well. Even if one has fully operational access to power, it may be best to conceal that particular circumstance. Everything heads toward the light.

  4. Good article! We do what we can do, one day, one week, one month at a time. I was impressed with the cart. I wonder if larger tread wheels would be more of a benefit in winter snow, or spring mud, or maybe soft spongy forest? Prepardness-whatever you are preparing for-requires constant care and planning. After awhile, it becomes automatic. Remember, do not need to tell anyone about what or why you are doing what you do.