Action request:

Want to help a Forward Observer project? Then we need photos and locations of these types of surveillance cameras at post offices around you. Help us create a map of known locations where surveillance cameras capture the license plates and/or faces of innocent post office customers. Send in your information to: USPS (at) readfomag (dot) com!


  1. Related: About a month before the super bowl, I noticed a guy with a clipboard on the roof of a five story building in downtown Phoenix (where the NFL Experience or whatever it was called, the game was in Glendale) checking a security camera. It was one of those cameras on a curved support boom, about 3 feet long. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there a month earlier. OK, didn’t think much about it. Lots of rooftop cameras around. A week after the game, I looked at the same spot. Camera gone. Sorry I wasn’t a better observer for install/removal dates. Incidentally, the state BLM office is in this building.
    Get pics now & at regular intervals of your area of interest for comparison. Use a real camera with optical zoom, not a cell phone camera.

  2. That action request is just raging at the dying of the light. If you live in an industrialized country, you are probably within 10 years at being tracked at all times between your car, job, tv and kitchen; the technology is here; just has to have time to be make its way through the system.

    • Bill Harzia

      We already are. And the sad part is, we’ve been conned into doing it for them. Got your newest piece of iCrap?

      • Agree. But try to bring the topic up in a group…everyone has a plausible sounding reason for staying plugged in. You can point out the self-reporting direct intel feed all day long, and get blank stares followed by, “well…but…”

        They really don’t need cameras in most locations these days. Between smart phones, and facebook, there is no question as to where you are, what you are doing, and with whom you are doing it.

  3. Homan Square

    Don’t forget to change pics of those things from .jpg to .png to remove data. Then send the info encrypted.

  4. With all the different varieties, styles, and housings/mountings of CCTV cameras in place are there pictures of the offending cameras, or their possible locations on the buildings, that can be used for Intel so as to not waste time or arouse suspicion whilst canvassing the joint? Were those cameras in Golden hidden, semi-hidden in the building clutter, exposed?

    • Heh, yeah taking a picture of them taking a picture of you taking a picture of… well, not good – shades of MAD magazine. Don’t be that guy or gal. 🙂

    • Andrea Shea King (radio host) quotes the unerring razor wit Pat Condell as tweeting to #askhamas, “Given the feeble nature of your holy war, do you ever suspect that allah is really a Jew?” (owtte)

      Now, that’s funny/eviscerating, right there.

  5. postal inspectors. post office has their own “spec-ops div”. cameras were hid in utility box in parking lot. probably trying to catch someone putting agitprop on the mail boxes out front. is nothing sacred anymore? what you don’t hear about are the lobby cameras that are network accessable that are used to monitor how long the wait-time-in-line is. they get calls if the wait looks too long. among other things. they’re on 24/7.

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  6. Well,I ride my dirtbike to the P.O. where I live. Granted there’s less than 1400 people “in town” anymore. And no cameras anywhere.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. PO’s tend to be prioritized for the bak-sheesh from funding proposals just like everything else. They probably asked for ‘X’ from another agency grant, they got ‘.6X’ and then had to decide.

    Obviously they couldn’t have used any of this to pay down (back to the peasants) their latest default on their latest interest payment on their never ending loan. (Billions, with a ‘b’.) My little podunk PO doesn’t keep their metal detector on anymore – which the previous Postmaster tells me they didn’t even want ’cause it’s in an obnoxious spot by the entry & people walk around it. They also got tired of it going off all the time from those who don’t.

  9. To hell with all the data collection/collation/mapping.

    Just frag the infernal devices.


    The Monkey Wrench Gang

    • No. There’s a place for that and it is called mrap. An enterprising techie would steal the camera and find out about it. Since this was ripped out leaving a hole we can assume battery powered and wireless. Or leave it in place, use software defined radio to find out the transmitting frequency and maybe trace who is receiving. Who is putting in new batteries? Got a movement activated wildlife camera to watch it for you? Oh, a plastic bag obscured the camera and got stuck, what a shame. Or put a “weight loss” or garage sale sign right in front of it, who comes to remove the sign, and where does he go? Beware of Lo-Jak or similar devices. You brought a faraday bag, right?
      I know you prefer a straight up fight to all this sneaking around. To win this fight it’s going to require both.

    • And just how would you go about ‘fragging the infernal devices’ without doing collection/collation/mapping?

      See, here’s the deal. INTELLIGENCE DRIVES THE FIGHT. Intelligence drives all operations, period.

      Without Intelligence, there are no operations. But the more Intelligence we have, the better the operations can be.

  10. All this sounds more like a LEO/DEA operation gone stupid. Probably not even with the post office people knowing anything about it. The pic in the original story is of a device that any local police office can acquire for free from fedgov and is (was a few years ago) common with fedlaw a few years ago. Probably looking for someone who ordered drugs over the internet.

  11. blair warnke

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  12. An interesting article Concerned American may wish to include or publish. The humanitarian help, activity and benefits of this technology after a catastrophic event would most certainly be useful. It could serve as a survey / recon / SAR for a hard hit area. It looks like a reasonably priced piece of kit to keep in the inventory for community help. I do realize the article I’m sending references Nepal, however, I found it succinct regarding how it was used. Regardless, there are packaged kits and other programs/equipment on the market for the III that would likely fit better. This article points out only non-tactical roles, but I think it is something we should be aware of as well. As in the article below, how much community street cred could you generate for your group with real time info regarding weather, (hurricanes here, tornadoes there), civil strife, roads out, food/water locations? By the same tokens, it could also serve as an idea for the III regarding surveillance or God’s Eye type of Command & Control. How much advantage could be gained having a “birds-eye” or aerial view of the land or operation ahead? Just saying…



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