Bracken: Switzerland, America and New Zealand – The Kiwi is Low-Hanging Fruit


The latest from Matt Bracken:

New Zealand is frequently mentioned as an emigration destination by American freedomistas* fearful of being trapped between our burgeoning federal police state, and the intertwining forces of social disintegration. Locations from the Bahamas to Patagonia are named, but I hear New Zealand in everybody’s top three. And in the present era, New Zealand does indeed have many desirable qualities. But what will keep New Zealand both safe and free when global conditions turn Macro Mad Max, or World War Three breaks out? Certainly not its own military forces, which independent of outside help, could not repel an invasion from Liechtenstein.

Certainly not alliances with Australia and the United States, both of which will have numerous more pressing emergencies to deal with before coming to the rescue of New Zealand. Imagine the United States and Australia at war with a loose axis of Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea. What forces would be left over to send on an expedition to New Zealand? None, at least not in the only time frame that would matter, the first month after the invasion.

Short of paying for a modern military, including fighter jets and a proper navy, one very inexpensive national defense option would be for New Zealand to import a lesson from Switzerland. Any potential invader of that small European nation would face the prospect of taking accurate, aimed fire from tens of thousands of military assault rifles kept at home in the hands of civilian lifetime reservists. Why at home, and not “safely stored” in armories? A clear lesson of history is that when reserve or militia arms are stored in central repositories, they may be seized by an invader or a tyrant before the arms can be distributed.

Unlike almost any other nation, the Swiss government encourages and promotes the sport of rifle marksmanship, in order to keep the tradition and practice of armed civilian national defense a credible deterrent to aggression. The same could be done in New Zealand, with thoroughly vetted and properly trained military reservists taking their assigned battle rifles and ammunition home with them after their periods of active duty. Are the Swiss any more intelligent, rational or healthy than the Kiwis? Of course not. While it might take a generation for the practice of military rifle marksmanship to become a part of the national culture of New Zealand, as it did long ago in Switzerland, in time the William Tell ethos would take root.

New Zealand has many attributes already in place to make the Swiss model successful in the antipodes. For example, it has a culture of enthusiastic participation in healthy outdoor activities, and world-class emergency rescue teams based around civilian volunteers. But in 2015 the suggestion that rifle marksmanship should be encouraged in order to deter a hypothetical future invasion will be cast aside with dripping scorn and derision. The response will be as if I had suggested putting tarantulas and scorpions into New Zealand nurseries and baby cribs to make Kiwi infants tougher.

But this is a case where the Kiwis will be done in by their notions of political correctness, and the innate optimism springing from their many cultural and geographical blessings. New Zealand, with the scrapping of its last significant military forces, has signaled to the world that it is relying solely on a spirit of brotherly love and Kumbaya Karma to protect itself from future outside aggression. Surely, many Kiwis believe, if we signify only good intentions, harmony, sweetness and light outward to the world, the world will always look back at us with love and respect, and certainly will never harm us.

In time, this naive belief may be the undoing of New Zealand society and mark the beginning of the Chinese era on Aotearoa, “the Land of the Long White Cloud” in Maori. From the first hour that unscheduled roll-on/roll-off ships sail into a dozen ports and each unload hundreds of wheeled armored assault vehicles, the invasion will be successful, because there will be no significant means of repelling it at any level. Light infantry in fast wheeled armor will have control of every major city on both islands by D-day plus one.

In the United States we tend to think of amphibious invasions in the Normandy or Iwo Jima mold, with landing craft hitting beaches, but there is another model for a military invasion by sea. When the Nazis invaded Norway near the beginning of the Second World War, destroyers raced directly into key ports, opening fire against coastal defenses at point-blank range, forcibly docking and disgorging troops. Nazi soldiers immediately seized critical police, military, communication and infrastructure nodes under the protection of their naval guns—including Norwegian home-guard armories. This successful naval blitz invasion took place in 1940 between European nations located only a short distance from one another.

In the 21st century, the protection of vast oceanic distance has been rendered meaningless when any dozen Ro/Ro ships, protected by warships and naval air cover, could be used to swiftly disembark troops and fighting vehicles. The cost of invading New Zealand will be so negligibly low that the Kiwi must be considered the juiciest, sweetest, and lowest-hanging fruit of all time. Consider that the coastal provinces of China have over ten times the population density of New Zealand to understand how desirable it will be as a Chinese military outpost and colony. Ad-hoc Kiwi teams of kayakers, zip-liners, sailors, surfers, sky and scuba divers will not slow down battalions of light infantry in wheeled fighting vehicles. A Kalashnikov-armed squad of conscripted peasants will wipe out a similar number of university graduates wielding only cricket bats and canoe paddles every time.

Watch the “The Last Valley,” an under-appreciated film masterpiece from 1971, to observe how the illusion of isolation invites laxness about realistic self defense requirements. Short version of the movie: in the 1630s, during the Thirty Years War, an isolated Bavarian valley lives in bucolic peace and plenty, until it is discovered by a detachment of horse-mounted mercenaries. A flock of unprotected lambs, once discovered, will always be of interest to a pack of hungry wolves. Hiding is only protection until you are discovered.

The sweet Kiwi fruit dangling centimeters from the ground will eventually tempt uninvited diners. Right now, today, New Zealand could take steps to make the low-hanging Kiwi a far less desirable item on the global menu, in fact, dangerously indigestible. How? A hint comes from nature, where many delectable fruits evolved thorns and even hidden poisons to deter their consumption.

Switzerland demonstrates that by growing sharp thorns, a small and peaceful nation can deter aggression at low cost. Down the centuries while wars and destruction have swirled around it, Switzerland has never been invaded and conquered, and not because of its mountains. There are Alps in a half-dozen European nations, but there is only one Switzerland, which has remained uninvaded and at peace for many centuries because of its culture of armed national defense down to the individual level.

The same culture of rifle marksmanship could be developed among the active and outdoorsy Kiwis, but they will never consider this option for reasons of contemporary political correctness and a misunderstanding of risk and reward. Instead, Kiwis will sing Kumbaya as their national defense policy until the day comes (and it will come) that the Ro/Ro ships pull in and unload ten or twenty thousand troops on each island, with more ships following every day, until the invaders become the absolute and undisputed masters of New Zealand in under one week, down to the last valley.

It will be contended that if the Swiss model is followed, there will mass shootings as happened in Tasmania or Sandy Hook, Connecticut. However, the Swiss model does not put military arms into the hands of known lunatics. There have been no mass shootings by Swiss inactive reservists that I am aware of. Regardless, it will be steadfastly maintained that the potential risk is too high to permit ordinary inactive military reservists to maintain military-grade arms at home. Innocent lives, it will be repeated, will almost certainly be lost in the near term, while a foreign invasion might never happen.

But what is the ultimate risk of being utterly unable to resist an invasion? If and when the Kiwis become slaves on their own islands, they will be at the complete mercy of their new masters, with no more means to resist than the European Jews during the Nazi era, or the Armenians of Ottoman Turkey, or the Christians of Iraq and Libya today. If the new overlords choose to eliminate the vanquished as superfluous to their colonial aims, then the Kiwis will be marched at gunpoint to their mass-graves singing Kumbaya and saying, “At least we stood firmly against a culture of gun violence.”

Watch “The Last Valley,” and reflect that in 2015 there is no such thing as a hidden Shangri-La—or paradise islands protected only by their Pacific remoteness.

America’s problems are manifest and many, but at least we are guaranteed the God-given natural human right of self defense, that is, the right to keep and bear arms. If any future government attempted to disarm the American people, the contractual terms of the Constitution would be breached and nullified, and a new American civil war would be ignited in a fashion we can only surmise.

Most people are already aware, as I have outlined above, that Switzerland has never been invaded by a foreign entity, primarily because of its national policy of armed civilian defense. Fewer people have considered that Switzerland has also never been conquered from within by a tyrant for the same reason: armed civilian defense.

Like the Swiss, Americans will never be quietly herded en masse onto prison buses and cattle trucks.** Not by a foreign invader, and not by a home-grown socialist tyranny bent on achieving a final solution to the bitter clinger problem. Millions of Americans will live free, or die with AR-15s, Remington 700s and other capable weapons in their hands. This is a subject that would-be American tyrants should study very carefully, even as I am sure that foreign tyrants are studying the low-hanging and juicy Kiwi fruit, made especially tempting due to its lack of protective thorns.

Matt Bracken
March, 2015

*Hat tip to freedomista Claire Wolfe.

**Japanese-Americans remembering the 1940s may be less certain about this.

72 responses to “Bracken: Switzerland, America and New Zealand – The Kiwi is Low-Hanging Fruit

  1. the Yellows will do Australia first, finish off the Whites there, then proceed to NZ. If present differential birthrates and open borders non-White invasions continue – and they will, absent PonziCollapse – Whites will be extinct worldwide by 2100. It’s just barely possible that European Russia will be a remnant White enclave, but I doubt it. Switzerland? Gun rights notwithstanding, It’s crawling with ragheads already

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    Switzerland isn’t what it was even a decade ago. Same liberal PC dumbing down shit we put up with over here, mass immigration from 3rd world countries, and the gov’t turns a blind eye to all the new crime. Full auto arms in private hands are now verboten (they were available to any citizen), even the militia no longer keeps it’s semi auto SIG 556 at home. Military is also having it’s hands tied, just like here. I doubt they shoot every weekend like they did when I lived there.
    I work for some Swiss folks (my mother was Swiss and I grew up speaking the language, and went to high school there also) with a small ranch and their father just left Switzerland before Christmas 2014. He’s finished, will never go back, sold off over 50,000 SFr. gun collection for a few thousand to get the hell out of the country and move to Wyoming for his last years.
    I don’t see any place in the world as being safer than here, the whole shitheap is ready to collapse and every AO will present it’s own issues to be dealt with. NZ sure looks appealing, but who knows what they will have to face. Besides, islands have their own unique problems.
    We do live in one of the greatest places on earth, it just needs some adjusting to be liveable again. I’ll stay here and see it through.

    • Virgil Kane

      “I don’t see any place in the world as being safer than here, …”

      From my limited international knowledge, this does seem like the best answer, but it definitely needs fixing.

      As to Bracken’s assertion that Americans will never be disarmed by a tyrant; that MIGHT be true now, but I’m not as optimistic for future generations. They aren’t being taught the patriotism and the meaning of freedom we were taught in school even as recent as the 1970’s.

    • Alpine-like places in North America are the places to be. Ports and tanker-country are great now, but not fun if things get sporty.

      NZ has some nice elf-country. Perfect Middle Earth, as long as it’s protected by the British Navy or the US Navy. The Red Army will make very-short-work of the whole place, resulting in a fresh food paradise for ChiCom executive vacations.

      Not only 1960 Swiss-style militia/reservists, but also a few dozen tactical nukes (and military org to maintain/deliver them), would make digestion more difficult. It works for Pakistan.

    • Great post, SF. Appreciate your insight. Like you, I’ll stay here and see it through.

    • Surly Old Soldier

      The Swiss reservists still keep their (full-auto capable) rifles at home. And they still get to keep their military rifles (converted to semi-auto, same as before) after they complete their reserve obligation.

      Your lies are not very convincing.

  3. Switzerland was invaded and occupied by Napoleon, as was much of Germany. Prior to that the cantons fought each other frequently. Mongols were also a threat in the 12-14 th century, which is why you see statues of Charlemagne holding a sword on cathedrals like Grossmunster in Zurich, to signal that these places were under his protection. Your idea though i s generally correct, I think it was General Guissan who came up with ‘every citizen a sniper’. If you spend much time in CH you see the cities are in valleys with ‘hiking trails’on the ridges overlooking the cities…

  4. Socratic Dog

    The west has been pussified. Blame it on what you will, that has been the outcome.
    I am considerably less sanguine than the author that Americans have the stomach to resist tyranny. Think Ruby Ridge and Waco. We’re a bunch of heavily armed armchair patriots, lovingly caressing our battle rifles as we shout approval of the MSM pundits’ plans to make vaccination mandatory, and arrest or kill parents who refuse to co-operate.
    We gave up freedom with the Patriot Act. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in total denial. And all that in response to the false flag attack known as 9/11.
    Kiwis are no less spineless than we are proving ourselves to be. “Girly men”, as Arnold once called us.

  5. Oh Matt Bracken! You always speak the truth in the most sage way! I have often thought of the Swiss: a rifle in every hand, and the individual will to fire it. So many people have lost their lives, NEEDLESSLY, because a group of delusional, self serving, maniacs think that ostrich behavior will save us all.

  6. Two thoughts about your logic and historical premise:

    1. I suspect that what contributed more to their not “being invaded” in the last century was their choice to be “middlemen”, brokers of the financial dealings for all sides in the war effort as part of a deal to be left out of the fighting and domination. My take is they simply profited off any and all wars while others did the fighting and dying.

    2. An armed population might have been sufficient at one time when the technology was limited to pistols, rifles and some smaller bombs, hand grenades, etc. But in today’s hi-tech military environment, even an armed citizenry would not stop a well armed and mobilized force supported by air (and satellite) and sea as you suggest. That sir, is a pipe dream.

    Your nature analogy is however correct. Just what is it about New Zealand that China or any other invading people would want besides land for their teeming hordes? Is it natural resources? What is it that needs protecting, aside from the people and their liberties of course? What makes NZ desirable if on a large scale conflict, limited resources would be devoted to invading a relatively small unprotected place like NZ, when if it is surrounded anyway, they could “take” any time they wanted? However, like with nature, I think to prevent the enemy from taking what they want, the only way to do that is to destroy what they want which could be problematic.

    Your writing is full of American Second Amendment thinking but lacks any kind of strategic thinking. Once you identify what is desirable about NZ, then you have a way to determine if and when it would be invaded, how, what might be done about it. At least there might be a way to save lives by negotiating, if anyone has a desire to live under the sword as a slave.

    • MisterRE:

      Reads to me like you’re one of these NSA/DHS trolls passing out disinformation per your fedgov bosses. Per your paragraph 2 above, you evidently dismiss the ass-kicking being handed to FUSA and our imperialistic allies , by a backwards group of ragheads armed with Kalashnikovs, sandels, AK chest rigs and IEDs in that shithole of Afghanistan/Iraq. Thirteen years and counting.

      Ever hear of Viet Cong, ten years, Vietnam, and 58,000 dead ?

      Those asshole drone-boys over at Nellis AFB want to go home every night. It’s not like they’re on an unaccompanied tour, eh ?

      Sign me American Second Amendment Thinker and Bitter Clinger,

      DAN III

      PS: Go Fuck Yourself

      • Things the Muj had/have:

        Loyalty to their bloodline.
        A religion that glorifies death in battle.
        Black market income through the drugs trade.
        Decades of hardscrabble warfare.
        Millennia of hardscrabble living.
        An abundance of explosive ordnance.
        Aid from foreign actors.
        Enough dead to fill the Grand Canyon.

        Although I will be decried as a .gov troll for not waving the pompoms and cheering the (counter)revolution ahead, you’re going to have to look at all this stuff the Muj had/have, square with how you’re going to duplicate it or get along without it, and then do better or get comfortable with suffering the same level of losses.

    • We can see that you can’t win against a high tech foe. Just ask the Afghans.

      • Hey Dov….are you implying that after 13 years the American military and it’s allies has won the undeclared conflict in the ‘stan ?

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Hard to say if America “won” or not – we didn’t really have any sort of strategic objective – at least not a clear one. Maybe TPTB accomplished what they wanted, maybe they didn’t.

          Who won WWII, for example?
          – Based on their stated reason for going to war (preservation of Poland) the Western Allies absolutely and unequivocally lost, at least in the European theater, despite obtaining an unconditional surrender from Germany.

          – On the face of it, Germany lost, and lost badly. However, some of the Nazis always maintained that their main was was against the Jews, and all the rest was secondary. On that level, they pretty clearly won, as European Jewry very nearly got wiped out.

          To know who won, you’ve got to know what everyone’s goals were.

    • “Your writing is full of American Second Amendment thinking but lacks any kind of strategic thinking.”

      Uh, that 2nd Amendment thinking IS strategic thinking—“being necessary for the security of a FREE state.” How much more strategy do you need? You got something bigger in mind?

      Negotiate…is that for real? Why negotiate with someone who doesn’t believe in the sanctity of consent in the first place? What would be the point? Gee, if only we could appease even more people…is that it?

  7. Let’s call them the borg, to keep you calm for now. The Borg owns you. They have been shystering you for centuries. Infiltrating your countries, your banks, your media, your politics, your govt. They are smarter than you are, in an evil sort of way. They are constantly looking for ways to scam you and rob you, while you try to mind your own business and just ….live. They will not let you…just live. You are a mark to them, a sheep to be shorn. They will set up elaborate schemes to rob you and you won’t even know you have been robbed. And they will laugh like hell about it. They despise your ignorance and desire above all to capitalize on it. Not all of the borg are evil, but a huge portion are….and they stick together as an ironclad tribe. ” Why is my country being destroyed before my eyes” you lament. The borg is doing it. They have positioned themselves in power spots to open your borders to hoardes of third worlders, they brainwash your kids and grandkids with media, they push filth on society to weaken it and make it ripe for takeover and destroy the family, they try to take your guns at every turn. They set up a central bank that they own and make you pay income tax to it. They infiltrate the White House and congress. They start wars to profit from and have your kids go fight it for them. And they laugh like hell about it. They intend to overwhelm you in your own country and take it over and kill you off one way or the other. Either directly or by attrition. You represent a final threat to them so you must be eliminated. Then they can rule as slavemasters over the obedient third worlders who replaced you. But you still love them, the borg. You will defend them to the end. You will violently hate anyone who dares to point out what the borg is doing. You have been conditioned by the borg to go for the snide remark to defend the borg with. And the borg calls you…..”dumb goyim.”

    • The goyim who refuse to acknowledge this reality, harsh though it is, and who eagerly and visciously betray their their own racial kin at the borgs’ behest will occupy a level in Dante’s Inferno below that reserved for the borg themselves.

    • Grenadier1

      So then jump.
      Do something about it. You guys keep telling us about how the jews control everything and when we tell you how fucking stupid that sounds you just accuse us of defending them and being asleep. So what are YOU doing to stop this world wide conspiracy that you and the other anti-jewish folks have figured out? Why do you keep trying to “wake me up”? Just fix it yourself! Go to it anytime you feel like it. Why are you not siding with the Mooslims and killing off world jewery? Why are you not taking care of business on your own? Why are you just trying to post the most anti-semetic material that you can on these pages? Its almost like you are doing the work of the SPLC for them. Like you guys just have a box of canned responses that try and paint the FREEFOR movement as being as racist as you can paint it. Is that you Morris?
      I dont care what you believe but stop posting the bullshit here. Stop doing their work for them and handing them the ammo they need.

      • The Walkin' Dude

        I don’t know if the borg control everything, but they have stated quite clearly on many occasions their hatred of us “goy”. I’ll never trust a borg.

      • You don’t read history much I see. Or maybbe only watch the canned “history” from the History Channel. Received an email today from a Israel-firster Christian acquaintance about the wonderfulness of Nimitz upon taking over after Pearl Harbor. If I told him that FDR damn well knew the Japs would attack and didn’t stop it but hoped for it, he would not believe a word of it. Over half of Washington’s generals were Masons. Cornwallis was a mason. Cornwallis, another mason, told Washington at Yorktown that the British New World Order really will be the long term winner and deferred to his fellow mason temporarily and faked the surrender. America, a masonic country. Statue of Liberty, a masonic symbol. Wonderful. Such much for “freedom and 1776”. It was all a lie. And FREEFOR will be just another lie since few will wake up. Oh, and I don’t see you going bezerk throwing off your oppressors.

      • G1,

        When folks ID a circumstance/situation, I find an argument such as your “do something about it” to be an excuse for acknowledging that which you don’t want to admit. FYI, the remarks posted by those you challenged are their efforts to do as you demand. They did, they are, doing something. They’re expressing an awareness. They’re identifying a valid circumstance. While you take their remarks to be against Jews, I did not. Hillary Clinton is not a Jew. NY governor Cuomo is not a Jew. Those and many other ruling elites attacking our Freedoms are not Jews. Yet those non-Jews fall right into the category of what Quantrill calls, the “borg”.

        Your challenge to do “something” is just another stick-your-head-in-sand” answer to remarks that have valid substance. I would expect better of you than a challenge without quantifying what it is you want Quantrill to do.

        • Grenadier1

          Then you missed the fucking money quote Dan. The part where I said I don’t care what you believe just stop handing the SPEC quotes for their next Fed report. You want to blame all the problems on “THEM” go right ahead. Just stop rolling out the same old anti jew bs every time a big world post hits the blog. WE GET IT. Same three or four guys beating the same old drum. Now we get a sample of the anti mason bs. Next it will be the Catholics then we get the anti black shit and you guys will have hit for the cycle. Yes I am calling you out because the guys that show up pushing this big world conspiracy bull shit are the blowhard do nothings that usually turn out to be pushing something that gets good people arrested.

            • Outstanding.

              A bunch ultra rich Jews act in the name of totalitarian tyranny and suddenly it’s a “Jewish Conspiracy”. Meanwhile the Jew on the street is left scratching his head and wondering when everyone is going to let him in on the scam.

              All I see is ultra rich totalitarian assholes being ultra rich totalitarian assholes. They’d change their racial and religious affiliations in a microsecond if there was a dollar in it.

          • G1,

            Here, let me assume YOUR posture: Then YOU missed MY fucking money quote, G1. I wrote specifically that I did not take the aforementioned remarks to mean those who call themselves Jews. I specifically referenced non-Jews like the elitists Clinton and Cuomo. But since I didn’t play nice and give you a pat on the back and a big Hooah I get the ol’ standy ad hominems. How fucking mighty white of you G1.

            You reference me as a member of the “blowhard do nothings” when you don’t know where I’ve been or what I’ve done. If there’s a prevailing wind emanating from this blog it currently appears to me, to be coming from YOUR direction.

            As far as the Jews go, I do know that the efforts to destroy my 2d Amendment guarantees are being led by, spearheaded by Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer, Bloomberg, Franken, Nadler and many others. Their common trait is that they want to control our every move and they happen to be of the Jewish persuasion. After the Holocaust one would think these scoundrels would be the last folks to support gun control. But they’re not. They are leading the fucking charge to have us bow before them. And, just coincidentally, they are ALL Jewish.

            There you have it G1. You ignored my wanting you to clarify your earlier statement of “….jump. Do something about it”. Then you do the ol’ Alinsky routine and create a diversion.

            So you can categorize me as racist, anti-semite, Constitutionist, anarchist, or whatever moniker of the week is in vogue. I wear those sniveling names proudly. You’re just another keyboard warrior. So understand this:

            You. Ain’t. Calling. Out. Shit.

            • Grenadier1

              “I didn’t take the comments to mean Jews, but I am going to throw in a bunch of Jewish political figures just by coincidence”. LoneJack figured out who the “borg” were and clearly you noodled it out as well, or maybe you are actually one of those Space Lizard conspiracy guys?

              You want clarification and I gave it to you but we can keep applying the Windex of reality if you need it. The fact of the matter is that you and your type are worthless to any movement. WHY? because you ascribe all of the ills and evils of the world to an unknown, all powerful group, all knowing group. A group that constantly moves the goal posts. A group that changes to fit the bad guy de jure. A group that controls both sides of the argument and all factions of the fight. A group that you cant fight. A group that you cant beat. A group that you cant win against. A group that you might as well not even try to confront except in the most indirect terms. You will limit your confrontation to the blogs and internet forums. You will spread your brand of defeatism to any ear that will listen to it at the drop of a hat, even the person you casually meet on the street. You will infect any venue, any outlet of information. You will spread your message of nihilistic, hopelessness where ever you haunt.
              I said “Jump” because I know that none of you will ever jump. None of you will ever act to do ANYTHING! You cant because its hopeless. Why act when you are already defeated? You call me a keyboard warrior but you spelled out very clearly that you believe that spreading the “word” about the conspiracy constitutes “action”. Dan that’s the very definition of a keyboard warrior. Your swinging and missing and everyone else can see it.
              Maybe you think I am not being fair to you because I don’t know you. That’s right, I don’t know you. I don’t know what you have done or will do. I don’t know what you have said or believe other than what you have posted here. Maybe you think its unfair that I have labeled you a threat and a problem because I have lumped you in with a larger group with similar behavior……Well now you know what it feels like to be a little bit Jewish.

              • You had it right off–“want to blame all the problems on ‘THEM'” It’s all just a way to pretend the choices lie somewhere other than within ourselves. It’s a helluva theory; no wonder people go mad trying to justify it.

                Though I gotta say that one of the more remarkable ironies on the planet is the existence of ANY Jew who could possibly not stand for armed self-defense. That it’s done while saying, “Never forget,” is almost beyond belief. So much for the theory that they’re all so smart.

      • agreed. Jews are A-OK. ‘Cept for Soros, Bloomberg, Schumer, Feinstein, Gottlieb, Potok, and a couple million others I could name. As for the rest, just make sure the cow is firmly tethered, and your gold fillings are in real tight. You’ll be fine

        • Haxo,

          “….just make sure the cow is firmly tethered, and your gold fillings are in real tight.”

          Hilarious ! Thanks for the laugh.

          • The Walkin' Dude

            Haha, and if you hear them ask “I hear you’re short on money?” run the opposite direction!

        • Hey, are you the “Wise Cave Owl” ?

  8. Sandy Hook that had the shooting was in CT not NJ…

    • No shooting happened at Sandy Hook. It was a sham. It was a psy-op. It is an on going lie.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Not long ago I saw another aerial photo from the day of the shooting, the entire back side parking lot appeared to have 3′ weeds growing from cracks in the pavement. What kind of well to do school has 3′ weeds growing in a parking lot that is supposedly used by staff every day???
        I’m prone to believe the abandoned school/training scenario skit has some merit. And the fact they demolished it so quickly, to hide all the non-existent .223 holes in walls and floors.
        None of it adds up to what they claim happened.

  9. The ‘ordinary individuals with rifles’ liberty defense plan hasn’t worked in the US, where the bulk of citizens have funded their own oppression by the politicians they voted for. No majority of any population, in any place or time, has wanted liberty. Why do you believe this plan would work in pacifist NZ when it has never worked anywhere else? You may remember the $5,000 cruise missile guy was in NZ, and NZ shut him down.

    The problem in is not lack of rifles, it is moral perversion. They’ve made themselves into pacifists. They’re toast.

    • Nightshade

      Many citizens believe in their government more than they believe in their family and neighbors. The civil war really did split families. “Good Germans” turned in their neighbors because they government they voted for (the Nazis) said it was patriotic. Even in the Soviet Union, Ukrainians resorted to cannibalism before resisting Stalin’s collectivization policies (in fact there were those who supported it).

      The irony about collectivist policies is that they are supported for selfish reasons. By those who are morally insecure enough to sacrifice the rights of their friends and family for their own security.

  10. Sir, thank you for the excellent thoughts and analysis. Point of order, you wrote: “It will be contended that if the Swiss model is followed, there will mass shootings as happened in Tasmania or Sandy Hook, New Jersey.”
    I believe your spell check has done you wrong. The “mass shooting” took place at Sandy Hook CT.

    As to the potential invasion of FUSA and low hanging fruit, I believe the invasion began decades ago and continues apace. America has not yet risen to become worthy of the responsibilities placed upon our shoulders by the founding fathers. It has been what I would term, “a soft invasion” accompanied by a series of “hard coups” (see JFK, RFK, MLK, Paul Wellstone, Mike Hastings etc etc). Our country has been, and is being; subsumed from within. Trojan horse strategies come in all flavors! They even come refried with a side of Salsa! Imagine if El Jefe announced that from 1970 to 2015 he was going to import a couple hundred thousand invaders per year to this country through our southern borders so that he might displace American workers and keep the wage base steady while simultaneously increasing his “voter share” so that he might maintain a tight grip on the American ball sack? Imagine that along with that he would send our young men and women abroad chasing dragons so that they might be maimed and killed in the name of fighting the rag heads who “blew up building 7”? Imagine if he further tightened my grip on the American household by crushing their finances by allowing a criminal cabal to continuously fiscally rape and pillage the economy? Imagine if he told the American sheeple that they had to fund ALL of this fuckery and more!

    Why they would rise up……..oops not yet.

    Our current problem set is the decency of our base and their desire to protect their own. They’ve been deluded into thinking safety exists in this AO. It assuredly does not.

  11. “Americans will never be quietly herded en masse onto prison buses and cattle trucks.**”

    Wellll, you’d be correct about anywhere outside the cities and suburbs. Inside those crowded no-guns-allowed zones, might be a different story. ANd I might just stand by and let it happen, just to allow the pestilence to be eradicated.

  12. Switzerland is now, for all intent and purposes, as Muslim country. Good luck with that.

  13. Nightshade

    No one has to invade anyone. Cyber attacks on infrastructure are sufficient for one nation to bring another to its knees.

    And yes, Switzerland is no longer fortress freedom. Not only are there gun restrictions and sharia tolerance, it has had an Obamacare style system for years, before Obamacare was even conceived.

    • Mark Matis

      Well surely you didn’t think that Mittens was smart enough to come up with Romneycare on his own…

      • MM….why pick on Romney with your remark ? Bush I & II, Bubba, Soetoro, Reagan, Truman, Lincoln, none of the bastards “was smart enough”. The White House is not some 1300 square foot ranch with a single car garage in Podunk, Pennsylvania. It’s a veritable fortress of appointed bureaucrats and collectivist working, planning and conniving to foist upon the American sheeple, more and more restrictions; more and more destruction of our Freedoms and Liberties. All in the glorious name of the former and current criminal ensconsed within the West Wing of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

        The enemy is not only the schmuck sitting in the West Wing. Rather, our enemies are those multitudes of lackeys and bureaucrats doing the bidding for and in the name of one who is called “president”.

  14. robroysimmons

    Or we can just get rid of political correctness, and think for ourselves.

    How about it folks, we just take PC outback of the barn, shove a pistol in its mouth and blow it away, figuratively speaking of course?

    Sorry conservatives and Libertoons we are going to have to delegitimize the current authority, suck it up boys.


    There is an upside to this. All of the cosmic white liberal, Hollywood/Washington rat bastards(including my congressman) who have purchased hideouts in Kiwiland, should take a crash course in Mandarin. For Mr. Tom above: What is the connection with Paul Wellstone? Was not he a left-wing congressman from Minnesota who died in a plane crash? What is his story? Thanks.

    • Wellstone was a dumbocrat and he was poking around 9/11. Rumor has it Cheney told him to STFU and move along. He did not. He on the ballot in a very contentious important senate race (the criminals are serious about their territories) and he was scheduled to debate his opponent that evening. Qui bono on that crash? Long list.

      From the NY Times article on his death:
      “`At the same time, there are people who will vote for Paul Wellstone even if they don’t agree with his politics because he’s willing to speak out on stuff.”

  16. MtTopPatriot

    Wonderful observations by Matt. It brings to mind the parralells here in the FUSA. Against the diktat and permissions of the political class, millions of Americans have modeled their rightful liberty via armed defence of that liberty by arming themselves not very different than the Swiss. They are just doing it without permission, and that in itself is an act of defiance and resistance alone.Maybe it is dawning on millions of armed freemen that we don’t need no steenkin’ permission for something already ours to determine and choose. Especially from unaccountable non-representating political actors. The message is not only come and take them, it is go pound sand!
    Ex-patriots fleeing, and tree humping political correct nation states, they conveniently because if it wasn’t for the free western world, namely because of the arms in the hands of the people, who keep their wannabe domestic tyrants at bay because of the threw our arms inherently represent, they all wouldn’t have nice safe cozy places in which to cowar in fear and enjoy the fruits of liberty those arms make possible. Aside of that, if these people running from the threw of tyranny have the means to run to other countries, they have the means to take part in fighting that tyranny, and not take the wealth they have garnered from those they abandon and run, leave the hard parts of that prosperity to others to contend with.
    Regardless, it al comes down to guns. Who has them. Who controls them. Who is denied them. And most profound of all, who defies the bastards and keeps them, and is ready to use them in defense of their liberty.

    You go Matt!
    You rock!

  17. Sheesh, what a load of defeatism in the comments!

    No matter what country, the rulers always want unarmed peons because they fear them more than they fear invasion from abroad. This will be particularly true in places like New Zealand.

    They cannot get what they want in America no matter how hard they try. Any attempt to disarm us will lead to rulers hanging from lamp posts. There is no need for us to start looking at places like New Zealand.

    As to Switzerland, I wouldn’t give up on them yet. There is always going to be an ebb and flow of regulation and general stupidity among the rulers, but the general trend in Switzerland is always going to be this: “the peasants will remain armed”. Same deal in America.

    In fact with so many rifles in circulation in the world, and the easy ability to produce more, I think the overall trend will be toward arming the peasants. The ruling class will just have to get used to the idea.

  18. Tomorrow, When The War Began (NZ version).

  19. You can keep your load of crap, you are definitely not welcome in New Zealand.

    • Funny you should say that… Some friends I’ve known for 20 years now living there… They finally gave up trying to convince me to move there, because I will NOT give up my weapons, or submit to any “permit” or “license” process. The possession of weapons is a key point for me. That Kiwis place so little value on such a fundamental right, tells me that NZ is NOT a place I want to live.

      I’ll stay here in the USA, thank you very much.

      And you can kneel to whoever decides to crush your defenseless country.

    • I know more than a few kiwis who’d tell you to shove your “all kiwis” handle up your ass.

  20. Still plenty of armed kiwis who know how to shoot, hunting is a way of life for many people here. When it comes down to it though, no matter how well armed there is only so much resistance a population of 4 million could put up to a large army.

  21. NZ’s armed forces may be small but they are well trained, and appropriate for the 4.5 million population. Kiwis are well armed with privately owned firearms (including a large number of AR15 rifles, for all the use they are!) and they do a possess a healthy spirit of independence. Whilst it may be possible to take over ports and surrounding areas, the rest of the country will be denied to them by well-armed guerrilla tactics operating out of the rugged terrain. Because of the distances involved, it will be very difficult to mount an invasion without it being known about in advance. NZ does have reciprocal defence treaties with Australia, the US, and others.

  22. Alfred E. Neuman

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  23. Camacho 2016!

    Re: Swiss and firearms

    The hills are ALIVE!!

  24. To Dan III and Jim Klein: Thanks for the nice sentiments. You have truly spoken like the idiots you are.

    My comments were in response to an article I thought was about New Zealand, it’s self defense in the event of invasion and the desirability of American Expats seeking refuge there from what is going on in the FUSA.

    Sorry I didn’t stick to your narrow one topic line of thinking and parrot back your tired and worn out freeper crap. I know how to think and I was simply responding to Matt’s obvious infatuation with the Swiss, whom I consider to be nothing more than money grubbing assholes because they fight for nothing and only stand for one thing … money! Still do today.

    You may think I am some kind of NSA troll or whatever but I am trying to add to the discussion about the reality of today’s world as it applies to defending NZ. I was not speaking about defending America. That is another topic entirely, to me and completely different.

    You could take the stance of NZ and their rainbow world full of Hills Alive with the Sound of Music, and carry that to so much of the world that could easily be run over by the mad guys currently on the loose. Why, because they think guns are bad and have not only outlawed them but have conditioned their populace to believe that is the “right” thing to do. Sheep for sure. No one learns from history.

    But hey, what can you do except prepare for the worst because we know it is coming. In the FUSA, our worst enemies are from within. But even so, I read about “white only” enclaves in the northwest who want to kill any illegal they find. Well, my question is “Will they ask questions first before shooting?” Because I am not an illegal. I am a Hispanic male, second generation born in the FUSA, well educated, and am definitely not Mexican but an American. My father fought in Vietnam for that stupid ass war because the Army was his career and way to give me a chance at a better life. But if these white guys see me, I assume they will shoot my ass simply because my skin is brown, even though I believe in freedom and liberty like any patriot does. So what is that about? The truth, the enemies, and freaks/assholes are all around, so better arm up and be ready to defend “yourself” motherfuckers!

    So in the end, try to apply some critical thinking and stop being so damn emotional. You remind me of a woman. The Second Amendment is a God given right that no man can take away, but it is not a strategy. Look up the definition of strategy, objectives, tactics and learn something. Be an individual and don’t just repeat what your herd says. Out!

    • Well, one things sure. You’re a long winded fella.

      • I know it must hurt to think but I am not from the school of ten second sound bites.

    • “The Second Amendment is a God given right that no man can take away…”

      You write this now, but you were griping about how too “non-strategic” that is. That, plus some yipyap about negotiating with someone who deals in something other than negotiation.

      I can sympathize with being long-winded, but if you’re going to pretend to say something, then please follow the conversation. I replied to what I quoted in my reply, and I brought up negotiation. All this verbosity here, even with a charge of “idiot,” and yet not a drop of that was addressed.

      If you’re suddenly at a loss for words, you could start with answering some of the six questions I put to you. Or, as someone put it, “So in the end, try to apply some critical thinking and stop being so damn emotional.”

      And get used to it. Like it or not, the racists are going to have their world, at least on their own property. EVERYBODY gets that and we only need concern ourselves with those who intend to stop it. Rightful Liberty—it’s for the rational AND the irrational. Reality will arbitrate the irrational out. The rational have better things to do, like stopping thugs.

    • outlawpatriot

      Dan III and Jim Klein jump on a FNG.

      There’s a joke in there somewhere, but I can’t for the life of me come up with it.

      MisterRE, hold on to your ass. You’re spot on with a couple three observations. The woman thing was just classic. However, if nothing else, they’re tenacious. But they’re funnier than the brothers in the new version of “Ocean’s Eleven”.

  25. The advice regarding personal civilian arms ownership and training is good. It is not good because of the risk of an invasion by China; it is good as a general principle.

    The risk of invasion by China is … well any government can and should draw up contingency plans, but these are the sort of contingency plans that won’t ever be acted on in the real world. China hasn’t invaded Taiwan yet. China is still keeping its east African natural-resource exploitation somewhat in line with general commercial norms. China does not have very much at all in terms of a functional blue water fleet (I’ve been seeing blogged predictions of an invasion of Taiwan for 15 years; while some of the data has been interesting, the conclusions and predictions have simply been wrong). China doesn’t have secure military supply lines through the southwest Pacific, nor anywhere near the infrastructure needed to put such supply lines in place in that region quickly. Historically, China and the Chinese have displayed absolutely no interest in control of overseas colonies not contiguous with China proper. Chinese people run Singapore; that doesn’t mean they turn the city over to the PRC.

    This piece is fantastical fiction, making a very big deal about a threat that simply does not, and will not in the next hundred years, exist. No more, no less.

    • Rollory: I agree with your thoughts in general. What I think is missing, however, is the unpredictability of communist leadership of a nation as large and becoming ever more powerful in a world with no one prepared or willing to intervene with any action they may choose to take. Having a solid experienced deep water fleet and a way to protect their lines of supply are concerns, however, the crazies who only care about staying in power are in a position to do “whatever” they want and no one is going to stop them. The FUSA would be the best chance in the best case but we know we have leaders who are gutless, no tienen cajones, and are only interested in one thing … protecting their power and position. So maybe China will just need a little more time for the chaos to build more around the world but they will strike when the time is right, although New Zealand will not be an immediate target, he he. (I still haven’t heard why NZ would be so desirable to the Chinese?)

  26. I went to grad school with a New Zealander. He informed me that, unlike Australia, New Zealand had lots of gun owners and had no intention of adopting the gun laws of its neighboring Aussies.

    Not at the level of the Swiss, but they have a shorter trip to that level than most think.

  27. Before I digress… if you haven’t read the “Enemies, Foreign and Domestic” trilogy and “Castigo Cay” …don’t even consider yourself part of the American Patriot Spirit…

    If I sound like I’m pitching his books… I am. Because if you haven’t read them you can repeat like Shultz in Hogan’s Heroes… “I know NOTHING!” “Enemies, Foreign and Domestic” are basic Patriot Education core 101 information… words that draw a picture of what most likely is coming down the street and what America will be like.

    The only question in my mind is why wasn’t this guy an Admiral ??

    If I didn’t cringe at the thought of being a swabbee so badly and since I suck at boats and all… you know “Arrrgh! …batten down the yard arm, and hoist the main jib Matey!” and all that, I’d be in his navy… as long as it wasn’t rife with scurvy and there was a dockside job for me.

    Not only is Matt spot on with his analysis philosophically and tactically, he lends some humor to it also… “A Kalashnikov-armed squad of conscripted peasants will wipe out a similar number of university graduates wielding only cricket bats and canoe paddles every time.”

    Matt historically backs up all his analysis with fact, such as his mention of the German invasion of Norway WWII type. They performed this very maneuver in Tronheim, the city of my relatives. So much for the Viking fighting spirit… kind of got smushed by Nazi firepower because of the “Need for Public Safety” in keeping the weapons locked up in the armories and by and large allowing only deadly pellet guns on the street.

    Generally, the British and their Commonweath subjects make good “subjects.” I know, I have lived amongst them, had two Kiwi best friends I’ve been in the shite with… and I am married to a former “British Subject of the Commonwealth Realm.”

    I have had to try to undo some of her upbringing and instill some proper American rebelliousness… but even though she is an exceptional woman… she keeps defaulting to “it’s the law… it’s their rules… etc.”

    I say “freak them!”

    And then Matt mentions “The Last Valley” in his essay… one of my favorite movies and one of the most descriptive movies on how tyrants respond to those who think geographical remoteness will protect us and how they apply brutality to those who profess “We Are the World” and “Kumbaya” thought.

    It’s one of my favorite movies to watch… my hands are sweating and cold while clutching my M&Ps …and the movie reaffirms the belief in knowing that you’re better to bleed out fighting than to surrender them.

    I hope Matt includes this essay with his others.

    A classic statement… “the Kiwis will be marched at gunpoint to their mass-graves singing Kumbaya and saying, “At least we stood firmly against a culture of gun violence.”


  28. In addition to Matt Bracken’s trilogy, Gregory Kay’s Tetralogy should be a must read as well.