Hogwarts: Medical Kits – Subverting The Dominant Paradigm


CAUTION: This post may turn some sacred cows into succulent tenderloin and juicy hamburger. pa4ortho is de-cloaking to unleash a volley of medical photon torpedoes in a broadside attack on gear-centric medical care in austere environs. Enjoy it. We sure did (after licking our wounds).–IvyMike & Grouch
Although it’s my name on the top of the post, this is all pa4ortho. Credit where credit is due.–Grouch
Oh yeah, on any gear mentioned in this post – for good or ill – the faculty of Hogwarts have no financial interest in manufacturers, vendors, or distributors.
– IvyMike & Grouch & pa4ortho


9 responses to “Hogwarts: Medical Kits – Subverting The Dominant Paradigm

  1. Who is that hot broad with the pimp slap?….

  2. Mark Matis

    That’s obviously the “new and improved” Bruce Jenner, .30-’06.

  3. While I think the over done baggage gets the message across to pack what you need only, I could dig getting slapped by the chick, several times like that. Hey, you know the drill. Then it’s my turn. Just sayin’……

  4. outlawpatriot

    My estimation is this. There is no need to get carried away with the medical shit. We probably aren’t gonna have access to the level of care above that rendered in the field.

    Embrace the suck.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Where I live, 75 miles from a hospital, if you get hit with anything more than a minor GSW there is no chance of recovery. Just hope your buddy can/will finish you off quickly.

      • outlawpatriot

        We’re going even further. Not all of it set in stone yet, but under serious consideration.

        One item that is set in stone is that there will be no risking of lives or injury to recover the dead. Likewise for some real nasty trauma, guts on the ground, more than one limb amputated, that sort of thing.

        Even if we got you but you’re so fucked up that your survival is questionable or hauling your ass risks our killing or capture, you’re gonna get left behind. We’ll do everything possible for you but we will not risk living, functional troops for the dead and dying.

        Harsh, I know. But necessary I think. There will be limited capability. Really necessary to understand what those capabilities are and conform to them.

        Jesus, I can’t believe I just wrote that.

  5. Semper Fi 0321, I want you to shoot me if: A. I’m wounded, and about to be captured.B. If I come down with something incurable and start wasting all the resources.C.My ex-woof ( you know what I mean) shows up and starts doing her Hypno-Toad routine, D. You see me about to walk into a voting booth in Nov. 2016. Thanks pal, you’re the best.