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With .mil PR efforts like this doomed to fail due to the inconvenient truth that the CinC is a racist raised-by-Commies America-hater who couldn’t pass a legitimate background check, a reader sends the following modest proposal:

Apparently the US Military believes it needs training to be ready and able to counter an incipient insurgency in the USA or elsewhere. They have, therefore, determined to have an extensive military exercise this summer to test and enhance their readiness. Operation “Jade Helm”, which has been written about in the alternative press extensively, is planned to cover a dozen Western and Southern states, to include members of elite units from several branches of service, and to provide practice in coordinating with local officials.

Apparently anti-insurgent tactics such as infiltration, observation, targeting, and snatch-and-grab operations are to be practiced as part of this exercise.

A modest proposal: patriots of all sorts actively assist our Army by running our own exercises, supported by citizen activists and patriot groups, including three percent militias, that coincide with “Jade Helm” in time and place. Term this loosely organized group: “FreeFor”. We name our exercise “Ruby Tail”.

Instead of the army training only against the in-house “op-for”, let us help provide a more realistic training scenario by dramatically augmenting the size, diversity and cunning of the opposing force through this augmentation. It is, after all, a signature characteristic of Forth Generation Warfare (4GW) that opposition in typically networked, loosely coupled, not hierarchical, and their tactics are improvised and ever changing. While the American military has many fine attributes, being able to simulate real 4th generation insurgent tactics is not one of them, anymore than a classically trained musician can easily perform a convincing jazz solo.

Essentially FreeFor can step forward and aid the combined military force (let us call them GovFor) by providing interesting, unscripted opposition. In the process FreeFor will gain useful and extensive experience in training against the foe that many consider FreeFor’s most likely future opponent: combined government forces set on implementing martial law, gun confiscation, executive edicts or other unconstitutional and repugnant infringements of our liberties. (We term this hypothetical future event “the clampdown”, for short.)

It is important to emphasize that this is merely a training exercise, for both sides. Weapons are to remain unloaded, and no tactics that could possibly result in injury or death of participants on either side shall be undertaken or considered. We call on all participants to scrupulously observe all needed safety rules to meet our joint objective of a safe joint exercise.

FreeFor’s objectives for Ruby Tail should be to observe, monitor, and create intelligence assets about GovFor participants in Jade Helm.

Both teams, it is to be expected, willl have both uniform and clandestine elements. GovFor should familiarize themselves with FreeFor’s ubiquitous ‘threeper’ and Gadsden’s Flag iconography and insignia, for purposes of ready identification. FreeFor, consisting as it does of many former US Military personal, is presumably already quite familiar with GovFor’s symbols, uniforms and insignia.

Additional tactics to be used by FreeFor may include: drone observation of GovFor operations, electronic monitoring of communications, mock assaults on GovFor billets, shadowing and blockading of convoys, identification of command-and-control structures, posting of anti-GovFor propaganda, identification and mock targeting of GovFor support networks, and all the other sorts of tactics that highly motivated but logistically inferior forces can come up with.

The ubiquitous insurgent weapon of our recent enemies, the IED, can for the purpose of this exercise be easily simulated by loud-speaker delivered commentary at the appropriate time, such as when a convoy is passing by a parked car.

The combined Jade Helm and Ruby Tail exercise will provide both groups with more realistic and useful training. In particular it will provide an unexpected opportunity for FreeFor to train on a scale never before undertaken, while still allowing for the highly networked and individualistic participation that is characteristic of FreeFor. It will provide GovFor with the important emotional experience of being watched and opposed in cowboy country.

In summary: the US Military proposes to war-game against and among the American citizens, we propose that we American citizens war-game right back.

Because there is no existing hierarchy among elements of the population that are motivated to participate in operation Ruby Tail, this proposal can not and will not be voted on, approved, or put into effect by any command group. It stands complete as a text, a clear exposition of possibility and intent, and the publication and viral promulgation on various patriot forums shall constitute the only communication that GovFor should expect to encounter prior to the start of the now de-facto joint exercise.

Elements of the citizenry shall be engaged in protecting our freedoms through the exercise of our rights coincident with “Jade Helm”, we counter with “Ruby Tail”. Just as you require citizen acknowledgement of your plans and our tacit cooperation, so we too require the US Military to reciprocate with the good will, acknowledgement of our rights, and friendly yet competitive spirit the US Military is justly known for.

We are, after all, still: one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Let the games begin.

-Citizen X

NPFD 2015/1 WARNO tonight.

Remember, CPX Black Swan is coming up.

Film Title: Watchmen

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  1. Detroit the True 3%

    Nice…but you’re flying above the radar if you fuck with red team in some “game”.

    CA, where do you get this shit?

    • some of us “flew above the radar at Bundy Ranch”. Reid, Kornze, and the entire ZOG turned and ran. That’s where he gets it. For my part, I will peaceably observe any Jade Helm elements I encounter and report results. If any of these ZOG enforcers threaten me for so doing, or set foot on my property, I will.shoot them

    • LFDeetroytMayor

      Sorry man, but you’ll still have seat on the paddy wagon, despite your cat-like skills of interwebz disappearance. The ultimate hilarity would be if you were sitting right next to the other “Detroits”.

    • Pile on Teh Dutwat!

      Ughhh… then have yourselves hermetically decontaminated.

  2. Mark Matis

    Beware of what you do around this swill. It will not take much for them to decide to “detain” you for interfering with a military operation, and turn you over to the FedPig swill from the FBI, DHS, or US Marshals service. But then I am certain that NONE of those fine “Law Enforcement” officers had ANY idea what was going on in Homan Square. And I also have no doubt that facility was unique and the only one of its kind in this country.

    Good ol’ Sipsey will just suck that up as gospel truth. Has anyone noticed that, around “Law Enforcement”, he and the rest of that crowd act much as Chrissy Matthews does around the Muslim in Chief???

  3. Is the warning order being posted at WRSA ? If not, where ?


  4. Mark Matis


    Note that “Comments for this thread are now closed.” even before I got there…

  5. This will be interesting.

  6. It is possible to “watch the watchmen” without identifying your position…..and most likely a lot better that way.

    The policeman is not your friend and neither are any .gov actors….Does this really need to be said?


  7. From a man who knows something of these affairs —

    “You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war.” — Napoleon

  8. outlawpatriot

    I understand that the great state of Florida has been added to the Jade Helm exercise. If so, I suspect that my neck of the woods will be used as a training ground. They are in fact finishing up a two week exercise in Broward county tonight.

    If this gig goes down, we’re gonna play. Just too great of an opportunity not to run our own op. Should be a kick.

    Early estimates for our National Patriot Field Day next month stands at 100. It looks like we’re gonna have participants from all over the state. We’re workin’ to jack that up too. I’m bettin’ we have one of the largest congregation of militias ever. And we’re gonna be talkin’ to a bunch more across the country.


  9. Love it, Citizen X. ’bout time we got a little action while I am still kicking.
    Take careful notes, guys and gals: Just circulate them in non-published manner. I’m an old salt, so will not be able to be rucking and ducking… But, I will be monitoring comms, practicing spoofs and taking pics. Game on.

  10. Nonsense…the US military has been “learning” how to fight insurgencies since 1776…through the Indian Wars…through the PI and Nicaragua, etc. The only one they did not win was Vietnam due it’s communist roots. No training in this type of warfare is “needed”. Sounds like a bunch of staff officers want something to do. 1st Shirts and below just shaking their heads.

  11. Loose lips sink ships.

  12. If this is a “war game” exercise, should the participants learn about dodging snipers, High Explosive ied’s and improvised explosive chemical weapons like they might encounter in a real-life location? If they are not prepared for the “real thing” in an exercise, how can they expect to be prepared for IF/WHEN the real thing happens. Maybe they ought to read Vanderboegh’s ABSOLVED to learn what can really happen in the event a Gubmint “Goes Rogue” and the reaction of the CITIZENS.

    • How would they read ABSOLVED when he never finished the thing?

      • Oh, yes… the only things preventing us from implementing from acting correctly upon our Absolved status?

        Cowardice, sloth, ignorance, an aversion to sacrifice, immorality, narcissism, denial and… oh, yes- COWARDICE.

  13. Epic rant from Alex Jones on Jade Helm:

    And to preempt grouchy narcissitic perpetual-contrarianism…..”oh its Jones again”, just go ahead and kma. Jones has done the info. fighting of the NWO over the last 23 years while you lounged in your Lazyboy.

    • While never a fan of Alex Jones’ style, this cannot be characterized as a “rant.”

      This is a prosecutor, presenting evidence.

  14. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Armiger civitas!

  15. Heard a rumor that CPX BLACK SWAN may be a response to JADE HELM.

    That could be disinfo tho…nobody knows for sure.

    Coming soon to an AO near you, fuck hiding.