Black Lies Matter



Sadly, Rodney, it seems we really can’t all just get along.



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  1. Truth Corps

    Can’t decide which posts I like better, the race realist (that’s “racist” to you PC guys) or the Marine Corps- blood makes the grass grow stuff, that takes me back. I guess it’s a twofer.
    Shout out to all the diversified patriot groups out there, all three of you- and to the the black three-percenters reading- oh, wait…

    • Detroit the True 3%

      I actually know some black LEO who are passed about the Feds and are 3-percenters, jerk-off.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “and to the the black three-percenters”

      They don’t need Three Percenters, they’ve got Five Percenters. Depending on where everyone is, if things get sporty, odds are pretty good that the two groups will eventually cross paths.

    • Three percent of twelve percent (black%of USA )isn’t much, but most of those probably have military training.
      A few even turned up to defend businesses in Ferguson.

    • A Non E Mouse

      Oh “Truth”Corpse, I’m starting to think you say stupid shit because you like the abuse it brings. Here’s the deal, the gross generalizations that are the foundation upon which your asylum is built on have some merit. The only glaring discrepancy is your belief that their are no black patriots. You keep trying to sell the lie that by the color of their skin they are members of the Free Shit Army by default. I along with others know you are full of shit and when you are called to task with facts you run like a little bitch. That is you and your ilk’s Achilles heel, cowardice. You have a victim’s mentality that is repellent to anyone who is capable of reasoned thought.

  2. One of the best essays I have ever read. On any topic. Especially so on this topic.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The author is a bit off on rap music being a cause of the problem, though (no more than Marilyn Manson caused Columbine). Most rap, even gangsta rap, is consumed by cracka-ass cracka kids. It’s more ‘burbs than ‘hood.

      Its most pernicious impact is probably in the ever-lowering linguistic standards. Language is both thought and communication, and the more stunted your linguistic skills are, the less clearly you do either.

  3. Definitely worth the time to read, too bad on this site the author is preaching to the choir.


      Not only is the author preaching to the choir, the “people” who need to read this are stupid and illiterate. And, if they could read it and understand what they read( big “IF”), they would just scream racism. I do what I have to do to avoid them. At all costs.

    • Hopefully people will go to Taxi Cab Depressions for the drunk whore stories and stay for “pig trap” and “black lies matter ” stories. If they like what they see they might follow the ping back to WRSA. Organic growth.

    • Yes I highly doubt the inner city folks who kill each other over air Jordan’s will stumble upon that blog post on their tax payer funded iPhones.

    • from time to time, it’s good practice for the choir to sing together (less Klein, who crouches in the back row, and mutters incoherancies to hisself)

  4. Damn good piece of prose, thanks for the read.

  5. Mark Matis

    Taxi Hack ought to pull his lips away from that pig dick long enough to understand that Erik Scott was a “law abiding citizen” who NEVER GOT A CHANCE to “comply”. Same for Jose Gurena. Same for Andrew Lee Scott. Same for Aiyana Jones. Same for Eurie Stamps. Same for Vicki Weaver.

    Damn this filthy piece of pig-sucking shit to hell where he belongs.

    • Disagree with the name calling here…Taxi knows how to survive an encounter, and he has chosen to do so. I don’t blame him…God only knows where he might find someone to cover his six…so he has to.

      When you start practicing what you preach, along with the acceptance of responsibility for doing so…then you can take issue with others’ choices when faced with the comply or die scenario.

      And last time I looked, no one reading or writing here could have done a thing to save those you mourn. Best that can be done is take a lesson from those things. Taxi has taken his lesson, and has chosen the path with full recognition that any other path offers him few chances of survival.

      Since you are posting regularly here, I must assume you have pretty much made the same damn choice.

      • Mark Matis

        Keep on suckin’. If you want your coffee and donuts filtered like that, fine. As for me, those filthy pigs can burn in hell. With their whores. And I’ll be glad to help them get there. And send anyone who spreads that “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have no reason to worry” along the lie that “if you comply, you won’t be harmed”.

        Damn you.

        Damn your pigs.

        And damn their filthy whores.

  6. The author of this crud very much appears to be a copsucker-do as the poughliceman says or else, and whatever the else is, is deserved…and his claim to be “law-abiding” is just so much major bullshit ignorance (see Harvey Silverglate-Three Felonies A Day).

    Too ridiculous to waste precious time reading the whole thing, as it appears to be just more divide-and-conquer propaganda.

    Lost about all patience with such crap passing as being seriously thought by those that profess to admire individualism and individual Liberty.

    • I don’t see a statement that such a thing is “deserved.” I just see a recognition of likely outcomes.

      What are you doing differently?

  7. The Walkin' Dude

    Good ol’ Taxi Hack… 😀

  8. “Raycisim” is big business in Amerika…become a victim of old whitey and claim a cash prize. We have become like South Africa in the 1960’s in reverse. There you had white, asian, colored and black. Here you have white, African American, latino American, pacific islander, etc, etc. We have a classification and a status for every breed under the sun so we can put them in their respective “class” and pay them according to their victimhood.
    White people have only themselves to blame for trying to “fix” all of this so-called victimhood. How about if we just left everybody alone and stop the race gravy train? Fat chance with old uncle sugar needing their votes.

  9. Camacho2016

    Money. “The Trayvons.”


  10. The saddest part is that most of the victims of “African-American” thug culture are honest and decent black people who are more like me than the Trayvon Brigade in all the ways that matter.

  11. “It’s not about surviving the storm. It’s about learning how to dance on the graves of collectivists.” – Some IIIper Bumpersticker

    There. I fixed that masthead for you, CA.

  12. Preaching to the choir gets a bad rap, but there’s a very good reason for doing it. When you brief the platoon about the latest horseshit, they need to have a background of A: Hearing from you on the subject BEFORE, and eloquently,B:Consistently in line with the latest horseshit, and C:What’s next, what’s happening, where are we going, what’s the big picture, what do we do when we finish the next round?. A good platoon is a carefully cultivated and propagandized group of people all on the same sheet with but one thought. Get the job done. Why do you think ISIS does what they do and scares so many people, and gets so much ink, and conquers like a boss? It’s made up of fanatics and murderers and rapists and all that to be sure. But they are also true believers. A weapon is a weapon. Not a flower, not a thought. Not a “concept”, and not a debate, and not dinner. You oil it, practice with it, take in apart, put it together, check it, feed it, use it, stand to with it. So it is with the “choir”. They’re being prepared for who knows what is coming down the pike. Preach on babes, I’m all ears. And if a “newbie” want to join up, (death and such causing the need) great. The new guys/girls need to be taught, carefully, brought up to speed, and created the new centurion, because no man lasts forever. Notice there are no dead people in the choir.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. Senator_Blutarsky

    meh…………..when he lumped in the Eric Garner situation with the others, he erred significantly. Its always cheap and easy to lump things in to a tidy little package. The weak do that.

    Garner was selling loosies..what pissed off the goons was his lack of obedience. But never should that situation warrant that outcome. Never.

    Just another blogosphere self-styled “expert” who uses words cleverly on occasion. I read in another earlier screed how proud he is to bootlick and do the ” THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE ” groveling when he picks up a uniform……..maybe he is another “copsucker”.

    The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations.
    ~David Friedman

  15. Lost Patrol

    What am I thinking? That male descendents of Europe have lost their balls? Our own betraying their people, their culture and their heritage?

  16. Marlo Stanfield     Constructive black people are a threat.

  17. Mr. Frosty

    Diversity is Strength!

    Which one of you is willing to risk their lives and the lives of your children just to prove you’re not “racist”? I’m not, I’d rather carry the “racist” label. Sticks and stones won’t hurt me, but an angry black gangbanger with a chip on his shoulder? hmmmm…..

    • “…just to prove you’re not a ‘racist’?”

      Maybe that’s the wrong goal, right there. Knowing that you care about what others think, is about the easiest way to get enslaved. Better a person picks his own friends and enemies, I think.

  18. That was an entertaining read, but its time that we all get really really real and realize that:

    A. Blacks are not going to take that author’s advice, and
    B: Things are going to get worse. Much much worse.

    We all need to be living our lives and planning accordingly.

  19. the Left wing of a particular ethnicity long ago figured out that the way to hook the blacks on gubmint was to use Media + Debtbux to destroy Black community, Black family, Black values. That destruction, contra cab driver, is now complete. There are no significant number of Black ‘Americans” any more. Just…Blacks. And, cab driver, they like it that way. They like the hand-outs, and they like the Group Entitlement…now being extended to the point where they can face-smash, rob, rape, murder YT and not only get away with it, but have YT criminalized if he/she resists. The Black Undertow cannot be reformed, any more than the current collectivist multicult Regime can be reformed. They have to be destroyed

    • So, it is not just the Jews…thank heavens…you are if nothing else, consistent. Hard to find that quality these days.

      • Jews founded and financed the NAACP to weaponize Blacks against the White Man and his Civilization. Are you able to get anything right? Or does your Christianity prevent you? I mean seeing the Jews as the chosen people is a mind killer that will distort just about every important issue.

    • the Left wing of a particular ethnicity

      That would be WASP, the white liberal middle class suburban voters who think of themselves as moderates.

      An earlier population of upstanding colored people raised children who turned into a black version of Indians on the reservation when racist whites voted to create a reservation for the blacks. Socialism ruins brains without killing the body. Most children cannot develop a normal human personality when they live in a socialist environment that feeds them perverted input and takes away the normal and healthy stresses which develop character. It is a form of Skinner box.

      Before you whine about black people not improving themselves, notice they are a small minority of the population. When voting, they control nothing and and never can control anything. Their numbers are too small. The whites did it to them, the white liberal middle class suburban voters who think of themselves as moderates hate blacks like they did the Indian “savages”.


      Haxo: You’re on to something. What you have described I saw take place in LA in the middle to late 1950’s. Sad but true. And, if they are not destroyed or, at least, neutralized, they will destroy us.

      • precisely. Back then every city had vibrant black communities with strong families. Then came “slum clearance”, “public housing”, and the rest U know

  20. Grenadier1

    Cant argue with much of what he said regarding race in general. I will say this. The lies do not matter.Once a perception takes hold no amount of truth will easily wipe it away. Perception becomes reality. Only a person WILLING to objectively look at a situation, someone willingly walking a path to the light of truth, will be able to see reality pass perception.

  21. David Duke’s viewpoint on Blacks is the viewpoint of the Founding Fathers.