Buppert: Worse Than Zero – The American Tax Burden Exceeds One Hundred Percent


Lee Greenwood!

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  1. “Slavery never ended, the terms of employment changed for the quaint institution.”
    an accurate summation

  2. ‘Murica!

  3. SemperFi, 0321

    As I keep mentioning, people will defend to the death their right and duty to pay taxes. Can’t argue with that stupidity.

  4. Detroit has the highest property taxes in the nation. Median property value is $60k. Median property tax is $10k. Now the Chinese are buying up the abandoned property with the paper given to them by the fedgov and given tax breaks by the state/local gov’t to supposedly “create” new jobs. H1B visas fill those slots.

    As Detroit goes, so goes the nation.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. MamaLiberty comments on zerogov:

    > why do most people continue to think any non-voluntary government has legitimate authority to control their lives and steal their property/prosperity?

    Humans genetically inherited political instincts from their monkey and ape ancestors. Humans are genetically programmed to organize themselves in tribes, to find the powers that be “legitimate”, and to attempt to lie to themselves when their political myths are challenged. The programming is not perfectly airtight; about 1 in 100 humans are born “freethinkers”, who work out moral rules for themselves; today they become libertarians.

    Given the Internet, I expect there will be a critical mass of the 1% of freethinkers who buck their herd instincts sufficiently to realize they are a permanent minority, and cannot persuade or vote their way to freedom. Then, if ten million of them loudly stop paying taxes, this will disrupt the tax cartels sufficiently to generate a lot of additional silent defectors. This will destroy the government’s logistics.

    At that point the mainstream Republicans and Democrats will be pushed by fear from their herd instincts because the herd is breaking, and pulled by the anticipated removal of their ability to oppress outsiders using tax-funded government. At that point they may escalate to the maximum fascism to attempt to remove the threat which their herd instincts perceives as a threat to existance. Or they may not. I am not sure.

    It might be that the human monkey troop instinct is better analyzed as the domestication of one human group by another human group. It might be that civilizations fall/revolt because the ruling group fails to propagate its ruling values/techniques to new rulers. Perhaps too many of the upper-middle class learn/believe the socialist propaganda rather than the actual how to be an evil overlord kingmanship that works.

    In any case, the actual truthful answer can be constructed by applying existing analytical techniques for animal societies to humans. If your thoughts feel horrifyingly cynical, yet predict what you see in the news, you are on the trail of truth.