Kill The Kulaks


Kulak – nash zleishii vrag, net mesta yemu v sovete

[Kulak Is Our Worst Enemy – There Is No Place For Him on the (Village) Council]

Property-owning, productive members of society who still believe the law protects them?

There’s a menu.

And you are on it.

Смерть каждого Красной сукин сын.

10 responses to “Kill The Kulaks

  1. Money quote: “Physical resistance usually never occurs, because actors within states only begin these sorts of widespread demonization programs if there is unlikely to be any real physical resistance to it.”

  2. The American Civil War ended in 1865.

    I am white. None of my ancestors owned slaves. An ancestor of mine died
    fighting for the Union army. His family were dirt poor Midwestern farmers.

    Another part of my ancestry came over from England in 1912….50 years after the end of the Civil War. They owned no slaves and worked as stone masons.

    My wife’s ancestry has southern roots, but they were dirt poor Mississippi share-croppers and damned sure didn’t own slaves.

    I am in no way responsible for the black race’s self-destruction, and pointing that fact out is in no way bigoted.

    I apologize for nothing, and I owe the black race nothing besides returning the same courtesies they show me.

  3. Lithuanian partisans were known for putting a hand grenade to their own faces as the enemy closed in if they were going to be captured. It prevented their foe from identifying them and potentially seeking retribution on their loved ones. How’s that for resolve?

    • Yep and I am Lithuanian. I have ones who fought the Nazis and Commies to the last breath in my lineage. Several took their own lives and ensured there was little left that could give them away and they also tried to take as many of the enemy with them. Resolve and the only fear they had was retributions against their respective families, mixed with a bit of crazy is how one uncle described them to me. Thanks for mentioning.

  4. Uh, looks like comrade is also giving them the finger, as well. Ah, but Badger, the key word is “likely”. Not never. One thing people have in this country that is common with the rest of the world. Violence. And when it gets down to the nitty gritty, that cork comes out, and you get what you asked for. It’s been more’n 150 years since the last time, and I think it’s about damn time for another round. This time will be no different. Don’t know the end game, no one does. But it will be quite a dance. See you at the top.

  5. Lost Patrol

    If you find yourself through the looking glass, where the verities of the world you knew and loved no longer apply, there is only one thing left to do. Cut the Red Queen’s head off, turn around and smash the bloody mirror. — My translation of Mike Vanderboeg

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