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  1. Lost Patrol

    Possible training for the Ukraine. In Kiev and other locations C-130’s unloading men and materials for quite some weeks now.

  2. Gee, If they’re training for OVERSEAS engagements, will they use the same nifty, white, unmarked vans to disappear the people they round up? Why not school buses or deuce and a halfs?

  3. outlawpatriot

    Home sweet home. 😉

  4. 160th was doing the flying. Footage also clearly showed Little Birds were on station, flying in and out and practicing giving cover of 60’s doing the pickups. For those that don’t know, their pilots are more than skilled enough to maneuver in and out of LZ’s that would cause most pilots to literally shit a brick. Or it could have been a combination of 160th pilots and some other off the books flyers.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “their pilots are more than skilled enough to maneuver in and out of LZ’s that would cause most pilots to literally shit a brick.”

      binLaden’s walled courtyard: 1
      160th SOAR: 0

      Yes, they are phenomenal pilots, but things still go haywire from time to time.

      • “Yes, they are phenomenal pilots, but things still go haywire from time to time.”
        My initial comment was not a point
        of debate about their piloting skills, but
        it meant to simply inform as to who was
        doing the flying.

  5. A multi million candle power spotlight would play hell with the NVG.
    It would get you lit up by incoming fire as well..
    Close quarters head on the 60 cannot turn to let the door gunner shoot you.

    Hmm mm. As they come in before dropping the team.
    After the Little Birds have flown past.
    Flash and haul ass.

  6. Nice. Who benefits from all this distrust? If you’re the milquetoast, soft spoken and softer hands political creature who’s tasked with driving a wedge between all those cousin pumping, corn pone rednecks in flyover country and their spawn, what do you do?
    Because here’s the rub boys. All those freckled offspring are the body mass in what, 98% of the REAL military. That pointy ended thing that goes up.
    Our representative government tax feeder knows enough to realize that it’s going to take a lot of vitriol to get those kids to turn on ma and pa, or even to assault a trailer park that looks remotely like home sweet home.
    So we do it nice and easy. Gently immerse. Like “Klinger” and his cross dressing. Or Jack Trapper and pretending to be, well, you know.
    See a pattern?
    So now that skinny young man with the whitewall haircut and the straight back who’s stumping along the road in his damn ice cream mans because his car broke down doesn’t get offered a ride, or to use the phone in the machine shed*. Because that connection is broken. And division is where it’s at boys. You can be a Finn, breaking Russian columns up into bite sized chunks, or you can be bringing Hope N Change to the America you hate, but you need those cracks to exploit.

    Those kids are OURS. You can bet against it if you like, but I’m not so fucking sank into despair that I’m giving up on the real America. When the chips go down, despite all their goddam efforts I’m betting that these wanna be commissar fuck sticks in government who think that saying is doing are going to be in for a nasty little awakening. Stand by when the ship comes about.

    * true story there, May of ’89. I got told to go to the farm up the road and use the phone in the machine shed, the old farmer kept going down the road the other direction. Because.

    • Got it.

      You do get Baugh’s point as well, right?

      The trick is to be able to hold both you and Baugh in your mind at the same time and then act with wisdom.


      • Conditioning… it’s hard to overcome. It will take a strong small unit commander to make the break, be it a grizzled older senior enlisted or a very remarkable young LT or CPT.
        I was reading Beckwith’s book from ’83 this past week, it’s not a very good read, but the biggest point I carried from it was that anything that goes against the status quo is institutionally shat upon and that carries from important stuff like “new” SOF operations to FOB regulations about wearing dirty uniforms to the mess hall in the current sandbox theater.

        I sure hope the hell there’s enough left in there with their heads on straight. Career men, as opposed to malingering Lifers. Is that what you mean Boss?

        But then again… the Lifers and political appointees aren’t worth a tinkers damn. They don’t make the spine that the whole thing relies upon to hold it upright. I shall continue to do my push ups, clean my rifle and stack buckets of rice, either way. I am of good cheer, in the least, because they’re not all mindless robots as Hollywood likes to portray, or that the Beltway leeches desperately want (and have) to believe.

        • this is fundamentally correct. As always in parallel situations, the military will fragment. Most units will stick with the Regime for quite awhile, others will hunker down on base, some will join FreeFor fairly quickly. Incidentally, the Reds’ urban coup d’etat in Russia, 1917, began when two Czarist military units got confused and fired on each other. Chaos is our friend

  7. Until fuel and ammo constraints limit
    their “activities,” Little Birds are extremely
    effective predators with a lethal bite.
    The pause in hunting and attacks of their fly-bys are
    very short.

  8. Bracken is a crackpot. OMG a helicopter landed between 2 buildings on a street that was closed. Guess what Civilian medevac does it every day.with a lot less training. As far as the “white vans” Would you drive deuce’s from Bragg or anyplace else or would you rent locally? Which makes more sense? Has anyone trained in hostage operations before? Anyone? Seems that the line of detainee’s have their hands free and one who is brought out as a single in cuffs. If you have ever trained hostage scenarios you dont let the hostages just go home after because there may be suspect hiding within the group they are questioned and then released. Bracken being an ex SEAL knows this or he should anyway, maybe if he would have had some recent military experience ,say in the last 30 years.

      • Lost Patrol

        “Remain calm, all is well”
        Of course it is. Move along, there is nothing to see here. We are not the droids you are looking for.

    • “Guess what Civilian medevac does it every day.with a lot less training.”
      No, the fuck they don’t Troll/LEO/Prog Communist/ Statist Ass licking Salad Tosser.
      You are clearly burbling and burping
      the whoring propaganda deposited in your
      mouth, by your master’s at StatistInc.

      • Hey cav medic. Calm down there high speed. And yes they do.Nice names….Read Alinsky much? Why not try and counter my points? Because you cant.

        • Grenadier1

          We in SAR are trained to provide at least 100 feet of clearance for whirlly birds to land and pick up casualties. Have witnessed it first hand on an extraction from a rock climbing outing Local FD rolled out hoses to mark the LZ and almost emptied their truck. Here in the burbs have seem at least 4 air ambulance pick ups all required landings in parking lots or on multiple lane highways. Have not seen landings in downtown Atlanta. No one here is landing the life flight birds on Peachtree st.

        • “Civilian medevac does it every day.with a lot less training.”
          Again, you have no idea what you are talking about
          you dumbass snapperhead!!!
          That is my factual counter to your trolling, you slavish ass sucking
          lackey of LEO.
          Your twitter page says it all, you statist troll and traitorous standing
          army shitbag.

      • I nominate this Cavmed response for masthead, instant classic.

    • Hey Mic….isn’t it payday activities tomorrow ?

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Okay… that convinced me that there’s nothing to see here–I”m going back to my box of Wheaties and plan to play a round of golf this afternoon (not).

      • Shinmen Takezo

        “No, the fuck they don’t Troll/LEO/Prog Communist/ Statist Ass licking Salad Tosser. You are clearly burbling and burping the whoring propaganda deposited in your mouth, by your master’s at StatistInc.”

        I just hate it when you hold back.
        Why not, now and then, really let loose?!
        Say what you really mean to say!

    • Every .mil in that exercise has either ALMOST crossed the line into treason or ALREADY has crossed that line. “Constitutionalist”? Don’t sound like one. “Defense Contractor”? How can you possibly justify working for this current tyranny at all? If Obama offers you $200,000 a year, will you take on patriots for him as a contractor? This city training shit should be raising suspicion in you, not defending government tendencies. Don’t recommend you take on Bracken in debate or any other arena.

      • Bracken’s argument has already been broken. Why should this training be setting off alarms/? Because it”s real world Training? Because there are companies who specialize in providing role players for this type of training who openly advertize on Was this operation not released in the local news 2 weeks before it happened?

      • Please name one constitutional right that has been violated with this operation.

  9. If you think I am insulting the 160th you are mistaken. I’m making fun of Bracken’s claim that Civilian lives were put in Danger. Funny that on one side people argue that they close areas for training because of the danger and in the next breath bitch that civilian lives are being put in danger even after it is closed .

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Hey, fuck-monkey… you are missing the bigger point here.
      Bracken is no slouch, and no crackpot.

      Also–what need is there to conduct such ops in a densely populated area?
      Answer: none.

      Those choppers are dangerous bits of equipment–and they can come down into an apartment building or worse… and for what?

      A training exercise?
      These exercises can be handled on THUGFOR’s own property easily.

      Also… just how does the US military become involved in “hostage rescue” training on US soil?!

      Are you blind or what?

      • Why do operations in places like that? Well that’s where shit like that goes down. Military aircraft fly over civilians every day. What country should the US military train in? France? China? Please tell me.Military involvement is hostage rescue….hmmmmm maybe you remember The Iranian Hostage Crisis? It wasn’t the FBI. I have just countered every argument you have with reasonable explanations based in faxt and not conspiracy theory…Next.

      • Bracken is a crackpot. his military experience ended in what 1983 after Beirut? His admission not my assumption. Please show me a skyscraper in an urban setting that the military controls or is in position of.

    • Bullshit!!!
      Don’t try to walk it back.
      You clearly commented that civilian helicopter pilots (especially
      civilian medevac) have similar skills and routinely fly their ships
      exactly the same.
      “Guess what Civilian medevac does it every day.with a lot less training.”
      Guess who typed that earlier today?
      You did.
      You back walking bullshit artist.
      You have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Cav medic. Since you name isn’t 160th medic I would guess you have no connection with Regiment. I do. Served proudly under their leadership. Served as a paratrooper in the 82nd. Am a licensed A&P mechanic. WTF are you?

        • Unlike you, I did serve in the Regiment (D Co/ E Co, 2nd BN)
          However, that is not something which needs
          to be attached to an online avatar.
          Unlike you, that is not something a “quiet professional”
          goes around spouting off, acting like a desperate douche
          desperately seeking brownie points. That is who I am.
          Now stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
          After you crawl out from under whatever bigger douche
          than you, that you “proudly served under,” and trained
          you to be statist shitbag unto yourself Mr. A&P.
          Or should I call you Frank Pinelander, you back walking
          Alinskyite trouser sniffer.

        • The width and length of that LZ is HUGE in comparison to the MH’s landing between the parking garages with barely a few FEET between
          the blade tips. There is no comparison.
          Again, you are FUCKING RETARDED Mr. airframe and
          powerplant (“Guess what Civilian medevac does it every day.with a lot less training”).
          Try to remember your previous comments
          I thank God you never worked on my ship, you retarded back walker
          who “proudly served under leadership” of SOAR (A).

          • For the last time, “Stat Medevac 4,” civilian medevac pilots, any and all
            rotary pilots (civilian or otherwise) who have never flown with the Regiment or above are not even rated to carry the unwashed underwear of 160th pilots.
            After much thought, you are a disgrace to natural born retards, who
            have no control as to how they were born.
            What’s your excuse?

  10. Suckingchestwound

    This type of training is expensive. Fuel and maintenance is not cheap.

    This type of training is extremely dangerous to life and property.

    There must be a major shift in what they believe to be future operating environments to justify the expense and danger.

    However, there are a few things here that make no sense at all, but make all the sense in the world too.

    This type of training could be conducted elsewhere in a controlled environment. Why in actual american cities? What environment in the world would provide the scenarios they are training for where our government would have the cooperation of the local government while there would be a threat justifying this type of action? It doesn’t make sense unless it is for us. And if it is not, what about what they are training for is any different than what they have been doing for the past ten plus years?

    If the threat they are facing is so real and immediate to justify the expense and danger, why would they be doing these trainings in the full view of the public? Seems a little counter productive to telegraph your training focus and capabilities. Unless the point is to make sure these things are seen.

    I think this stuff is training alright. Its training the people to get used to seeing these things. Its training local governments to work with the military. It is training the military to work in America. It could also be them trying to get someone to do something to them to justify these things going live.

    The bottom line is that these things are happening more frequently and on an increasingly larger scale. The hour is late. We are only just some kind of justification away from full blown military operations on our soil.

  11. Seems to me that with the right ‘conditioning’, our military can in fact turn on the civilian population. All it takes is the right message, enough individuals who are more than willing/able to ‘follow orders’ and units from another part of the country (out of their personal AO which has been used by forces since time began) to turn the screw down tight in the continental Untied States. We appear to be on a slow slide into something we have never seen bdfore (which in itself makes it easier to push forward with a pre-set agenda).

  12. Maybe the people standing on top of the parking garage were invited to watch.

  13. Those negative waves!

    “Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?”

    Let’s see if I have this right: “We” should be concerned about what “FTX Jade Helm 15” might actually be when it goes operational, but we continue to function as wide-eyed spectators long after “FTX Open Borders”, “FTX Political Correctness”, “FTX Multiculturalism”, “FTX No Job” “FTX Food Stamps”, “FTX White Girl Bleed A Lot”, “FTX Police Beat Down”, “FTX Vote Fraud”, “FTX H-1b Visa”, “FTX Common Core”, “FTX Franklin Cover Up”, “FTX Fu** The Constitution”, “FTX Gun Runner”, “FTX Affordable Care”, “FTX Main Stream Media”, “FTX Asset Forfeiture Seizure”, “FTX Shoot The Puppy”, FTX Hanging Chad”, “FTX Take The Vaccine”, “FTX Monsanto”, “FTX White Privilege”, “FTX Executive Order”, “FTX 9/11”, “FTX Ruby Ridge”, “FTX Waco”, “FTX Federal Reserve”, “FTX Dealey Plaza”, FTX USS Liberty”, “FTX Racial Quota”, “FTX No Birth Certificate”, “FTX Grope The Mommy”, “FTX False Flag Bombing”, “FTX False Flag Shooting”, “FTX Highway Check Point”, “FTX Mandatory Blood Draw”, “FTX DNA Swab”, “FTX No Knock”, “FTX We Got The Wrong House”, “FTX Within Policy”, “FTX Furtive Gesture”, “FTX Flash Bang The Baby”, “FTX Just Keep Voting”, “FTX Call Your Congressman”, etc., have been FULLY OPERATIONAL for a long time now.
    Come on people, put it in context. If you were willing to eat a bucket of sh** yesterday, why would you be concerned about eating teaspoon of sh** tomorrow? We need to put it all in context; then, I think we’ll all feel better. Please, no more negative waves!

    • Comment of the month.

    • Careful, someone’ll trip over that point, and then all hell will break loose.

      Mr. Bracken has also cleverly forgotten to mention how FTX Nothing To Do With Jade Helm is conditioning anyone, or how it proves that Jade Helm is the actual conditioning exercise previously claimed.

      Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not noting a lot of conditioning occurring anywhere surrounding any of this. Rather just the opposite.
      Let’s recall this is a fraction of the same government that couldn’t get water to the Superdome for three days after a heavy storm.

      So please, anyone in those areas, do observe and catalog the operational goings on with minute precision. Do an AAR briefback. It will certainly come in handy at some point.

      And if you think a length of cable would play havoc there with that rotor disc, imagine what a trunkful of bricks and rubble would do if it were the real deal.
      Or a smoke generator. Or a work truck with an air compressor and a few bags of gypsum, or a load of chicken feathers.

      And if you’re seriously thinking this could be the Big Deal it probably isn’t, what if some enterprising lads were to switch and/or remove street and highway signs in the respective AOs during the exercise period, like the Resistance did in France after the surrender? And replace/switch them back afterwards. Or relocate some highway dept. cones, sawhorses, and detours randomly. Esp. with a helpful pile of sand or gravel dumped off.

      Or if buddy pairs mutually arranged to stage some non-injury two car fender benders at strategic choke points, and traffic was, um, delayed somewhat during peak hours or key exercise events.
      Or random folks in ski masks and hoodies went running past exercise event locations, and then discarded the headgear/thrift store clothing, and faded away. Or someone put fresh tar patch down on a thoroughfare, with wires from the spot leading off to the side of the road as part of FTX PTSD Trigger.
      And surely someone thereabouts must know how to trigger railroad crossing arms to come down and stay there. Right in front of convoys, for instance.

      Imagine if someone rather savvy created two or three IR marker patterns for LZs to create instant duplicates during ops. Or lit up NVG-wearing ninjas with IR spotlights.

      And who knows what might happen if someone dropped a block of dry ice into a bucket of hot water inside a cardboard box, closed it, walked off and let it smoke away.
      Let alone twenty of them.

      We won’t even discuss what might follow if some reckless hooligans took the opportunity to make the red light cams and other Nanny State apparatus in their AOs go away forever during the festivities. Bonus points if they turned up a day or two later, totally upgefuchten and non-salvageable, in the back of some exercise military 5-ton.
      Double bonus points if the local media is there to break that story, and starts asking questions.

      A few racially or socially insensitive posters and flyers (BOLO/Wanted posters ?) on presumptively .mil and/or city letterhead, designed to inflame/offend, and put up in the wrong neighborhoods, and one phone call to Jesse or Al, or Al Jazeera, and it’s totally a full-on PR barbeque.
      I want to see the PAO-hole that can walk back that furball and keep his career.

      “Masters Of Chaos”?

      Maybe not so much.

      Instead of getting all hyperventilated over this, have fun with it.
      Don’t hurt anyone, or break any laws. That would be bad.
      And very, very naughty.
      But everyone should have a hobby, right?

      Just saying.

      • One needn’t have a companion with whom to engage in paint swaps at intersections. A simple vehicular malfunction at a particular place and time can have effect on the other guy’s efforts.

        Back about 1970, there was a TI facility located on Lamar Blvd. in Austin, TX. They built the guidance systems there for the new “smart bombs”. Along about time for the afternoon shift change, a delivery vehicle similar to a bread truck was in the left lane and began experiencing engine difficulties. I believe he ran out of fuel.

        The driver tried to pull off the road, but was unable to fully pull into the curb lane, and he broke down just in front of the driveway for the employee parking lot.

        Son of a gun. He couldn’t move his vehicle, and blocked both lanes of traffic northbound and southbound.

        Son of a gun. It took the cops over an hour to get to him with a can of fuel so that he could move and unblock traffic. One guy, one truck.

  14. Neros Lyre

    I have seen a few of these up close and they are not the same size as your average news chopper or Nightingale rescue.Seems I remember quite recently one went down in wide open space for some damned reason.They do all the time and there are many instances of it from pilot error to mechanical malfunction.The more you fly in anything ,much less in urban areas the chances go up for a splat.Simple?Kinda like that stupid TV show “why do airplanes crash”?Cause they are in the air.. ,dipshit.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

  16. I’m hoping there are some folks here familiar with these choppers.
    Presuming someone could engineer a device to deliver a strand of braided wire or rope over the rotors, would it have a noticable effect or would the rotors just shred it? Obviously it would depend on the stength of the line, but how strong would it need to be?

    Just something that’s been kicking around in my noggin.

    • Engineer? I’m a licensed A&P mechanic. I’ve seen a 500 fly thru a one inch observation balloon cable and make it back to home base. Wombat I would suggest your comment borders on criminal behavior by FAA standards. .

      • Thankfully I’m not remotely within their jurisdiction, but I’m not sure we’ve met.
        Are you the new quality assurance guy? Y’know… Making sure this blog stays legal, an’ all?
        Hope you’re okay working nights and weekends.

  17. outlawpatriot

    While I am enjoying the exchange about helicopters, fuck monkeys, Bracken, other generations, etc., I would just like to say this. That place, Fort Lauderdale is my home town. I don’t want these motherfuckers doing that shit in my home town no matter what the reason. That, is the bottom line. I don’t need or want you.

    Go to Detroit for God’s sake. The place is a communist shithole worthy of helicopter assaults. Go ahead and grab up the fuck heads in charge there while you’re at it. Hang or shoot them at your discretion. Maybe throw their asses out of the helicopter over Lake Michigan.

    If you gotta do this crap, do something worthwhile for Christ’s sake. 🙂


    They all have to land at a designated facility, sometime. They all have to sleep, sometime. They all have to have mess halls and latrines/showers, somewhere. Your tribe should include at least two or three comely young females and eager, handsome young males who can elicit information from clueless, 19-year-old PFC’s, whether gay or straight.

  19. OK, so there’s a few opinions as to WTF is really going on. Here’s the bottom line question: “are any American citizens’ rights being violated?: If ONE American citizen’s rights is violated in order to carry out these “training exercises” THEN they are NOT “training exercises” – they are illegal INVASIONS.

    • What Right has been violated? Please name even one.

      • outlawpatriot

        How about being awakened at 0200 hours with a roar and the house shaking from low flying helicopters?

        Not in the Bill of Rights I know. But don’t citizens have a right to a good nights sleep so they can get up in the morning and go to work so they can pay taxes in order for those motherfuckers to train? How about they take their asses to the compounds already purchased for them to do those things?

        And just so you know sonny, I probably did my eight years before you were a dribble down your momma’s leg. I have zero problems with the military and I’m quite proud of my service. But when they start training/operating in my town, that’s out of bounds. It doesn’t have a fucking thing to do with rights. It has everything to do with the military having no business in our towns and cities. It’s potentially dangerous and disruptive. They have places for that sort of thing.

        Now, why don’t you be a good boy and take your troll ass back to your handlers and tell them Alan Mullenax in Florida disrespected your dumb ass and they really need to stop that shit. I for one will never be conditioned. Just too old and too ornery.

        So, run along now. Oh, and don’t come back. We don’t need a report. And please, don’t take it personally. Everybody gotta have a job I suppose. Yours just happens to be despised here.


  20. Well, my note pad is just chock full of info! I’m filing it under “Fun Stuff”. Aesop gave me so many tasks to work on that shopping at Home Depot takes on a whole new meaning. I am always grateful when military, former military, or just plain ol’ ragtag citizens outline some new brain games. Gosh, don’t start The Festivities without me!

  21. Hostage situations? Does anyone realize how rare that event actually is? Like preparing for a Martian invasion by incidence stats.

    This is not only imperial conditioning but the grasping by the Pentagram and the military- industrial complex to justify new mission sets and thus new spending and ultimately more power.

    Per helicopters, the lower the bird the more in peril it is in flight or initial take-off/landing. Any lift beyond 25m takes most birds out of any harm from manually lofted objects. “Canyon surfing” in cities is highly dangerous and medevac birds tend to land in a minimum 2x rotor width TDZ and the danger of landing between two tall buildings is wind microbursts and elevated FOD plunging on the bird.

    The end of the parabola of a tossed crowbar or wrecking bar from a rooftop or over a wall is a catastrophe for rotor rotation even at auto-rotation. The return on investment from a $20 tool is quite lucrative. Newton’s Third Law is ironclad, both figuratively and literally.

    Bill Buppert

  22. Grenadier1

    What Bracken has been pointing out is not the “conspiracy” aspects of this that many have ran with. Some people are conflating his position with the most crackpot accusations. That alone should tell you where they stand but that’s beside the point. What he is pointing out is the normalization of these wide spread urban exercises. 30 years ago this didn’t happen or at least if it did happen it was local and not talked about Nationwide. That is the critical point. The expansion and frequency increase of urban operations by the military while seemingly innocent is not. Ask the guys involved and they will tell you its just training. Even the planners would tell you its just training. They are right it is JUST training, but the fact that its happening, that its happening more and more, that its happening over such a wide spread area has to make us ask WHY? Its conditioning us to accept the deployment of US troops on US soil. So this specific incident may be perfectly innocent but the powers that be move behind the curtain and ALWAYS have ulterior motives. We can argue amongst one another and haters can jump on Matt Bracken’s shit but he is right and the haters are wrong, and all the while the curtain keeps moving. Ask yourself this “while we are worrying about Operation Jade Helm, whats the other hand doing?”

    • It may have escaped your notice, but US troops have been deployed on US soil for over 240 years, non-stop. Think about it.

      Other contentions notwithstanding, Jade Helm isn’t conditioning anyone to anything, except being pissed off about the whole thing. As a brief look at any chunk of the internet would currently demonstrate.
      It was designed for military training, period.
      They’re doing it in cities for the same reason movie crews shoot on location: free sets, free background, better props, no cost.
      They will go “back to the lot” for the same reason too:
      too much of a pain in the ass, pissed off neighbors, no control over what goes on outside their tiny world, not accomplishing what they came to do.

      The number of ways one can innocently and plausibly disrupt and sabotage such exercises without expending much time, capital, or causing any actual harm or hazard is functionally limitless, and proscribed only by the extent of anyone’s imagination. And if anyone dedicated any sort of actual budget to it, the whole thing could be tied in knots in a day, and never get unsnarled, and that’s before anyone’s gloves even come off.

      Ask anyone who ever did a REFORGER etc. what a PITA it is if so little as one civilian vehicle gets dinged in a convoy, or how many personnel they have to dedicate simply to unruffling civilian feathers throughout the exercises (functionally none of which resources they will have in place for Jade Helm, nota bene). Not to mention the bags of money they have to dole out in reparations.
      When Baby Brother squashed half a German’s VW minivan back in the day, it tied up an armored Bn move for half a day. So just imagine what happens when one of those unmarked snatch vans manages to rear-end someone during the exercise. Then imagine a fender bender or three every day. After three days of that, they’d fold the whole damn exercise and go back to the base, and pre-built combat towns, and it’ll be 20 years before they come out to play again. Guarandamnteed. Nobody’s command or exercise is built for those headaches, and the career-ending paperwork that would ensue.

      But the last sentence in your post is the actual money quote that should be on everyone’s mind, not just during Jade Helm, but every day the current criminal pretender sits on the throne, while his minders pull the strings:
      “What’s the other hand doing?”.

      With this bunch, it’s always what they’re up to out of the limelight that’s the bigger deal.

      • outlawpatriot

        Now, ya see? You make some headway then you just step all over your dick with spiked shoes. What? Are you in cahoots with that Mic Rolling troll? Your ass got run off before. You came back with a little different attitude and some good info. You did suck hind tit on that Ebola shit though. But still, some good info.

        Let me help you out a little bit. I don’t think I hate your ass like some of the motherfuckers around here. So let’s see if we can find some common ground.


        And just so you know, I did two Reforgers. Comparing Reforgers to this shit is like comparing penises to vaginas.

        Now, pull your head out of your ass or go back to the blogs you retired to after you got run off before.

        Your friend,


        • You’re entitled to your opinions regarding appropriate military training venues.
          Unfortunately, there’s just no support for them anywhere in law or history, particularly not our own.

          But you’re right about one thing: this is certainly no REFORGER.
          And frankly, I don’t think the hospitals would have the right meds to stop the outbreak of kitten-shitting that sort of annual exercise here would occasion on the ‘net.
          They’d have to actually be running multiple armored brigades through cities and towns (and tear-assing through private farms and fields) for weeks to equal that, rather than just sending a dozen or so ODAs to play downtown.
          (With all your experience, you realize, of course, we’ve been sending ODAs, and later on SeALs, to train in American cities, in fact since before either one of those entities existed as such, when we called their predecessors the OSS, right? You knew that they train SeALs every day in San Diego Harbor? Right next to a four-star hotel, and across from Sea World! No shit. And so far, not a peep from a city of nearly 1M people, and no sign of an imminent military coup brewing there. Weird, huh? Maybe they’ve just been conditioned to accept it.)

          And when last I looked, this is CA’s house.
          So unless he died and left you in charge in his will, I don’t think you’ve got the big boy pants to point people to the door.
          There’s just your sparkling personality and the lit fuse on your tampon to do that.
          By my count, you’ve initiated unprovoked personal attacks on just this thread at three different posters. Fun is fun, and clearly there’s no shortage of obnoxious baboons on the internet, but you could do your part to make them a more endangered species here, mainly by not being one.
          Maybe try and marshall your arguments, if you have any, rather than scraping your diaper for another throw.
          And perhaps get used to the idea that not everyone will share your views on every issue all the time, even on a self-selected site, among people of mostly like minds, and take a stab at trying to persuade people with your reason, facts, or logic, rather than throwing hand grenades in the outhouse to get your way. Just for a change of pace. Or at least switch to decaf.

          I don’t think anyone training to violate the Constitution should be tolerated, and I think their COs should be shot in the face if that happens. But I don’t need Matt Bracken’s help to figure out that our special ops forces are sneaky little shits, who have to train to do bad things to bad people, and sometimes, those people live in cities. If it transpired that they were sending Hispanic team members to practice in Little Havana or Spanish Harlem, and black members in Detroit or South Central L.A., the ACLU would have one of their typical conspirational hissyfits about The Man Always Keeping Them Down. And when you and a lot of other people start sounding like them, you aren’t helping yourself, or what you believe in. You’re just making it impossible for others to tell the difference between you and Al Sharpton.

          By all means, maintain a high index of suspicion. Keep a close eye on what they’re doing. Maybe even monkeywrench some of it, in relatively benign ways: if the op is legit, it will create some of the exact friction they’ll face on a real op on hostile soil, and you’re doing them a favor. If it’s the evil scheme Bracken is cock-a-doodle-dooing about, they deserve the PITA. Win-win.

          But running around like headless chickens over something this benign, compared to the obvious crap that’s been pulled in plain sight, unapologetically, without any possible legitimate purpose or excuse, is the sort of thing we expect of a bunch of brainless nancies.

          Cowboy up, fer cripes sake.

          • And just because you are the best writer of clever invective/poo flinger on this thread, and just because you have done so, so much more excellently than your opponent, committing the same error of “argument” of which you accuse him, does nothing to enrich your vaunted opinions on the topic either.

            Still, I do admire a high level of snark, but I’m a graduate of Misha’s Royal Torture Chamber of Verbal Evisceration, the like of which is rarely seen elsewhere. You’re really good but not that good.

            Brevity, it is said, is the soul of wit. I know you just can’t contain all that brilliance and rage but you might try to remember that little homily.

          • outlawpatriot

            Oh, I’ve cowboyed up motherfucker. It’s why I do what I do. The war has started. This shit here is just compositional body shots.

            I for one can’t wait for the real thing. You?

  23. I’ll take tow chains from the roof into the rotors for $500 dollars, Alex.

  24. Neros Lyre

    Mongo only pawn in game of life.

    • outlawpatriot

      That’s cool. May I suggest that you keep an AR with aabasic load.

      That whole lighting a cigar while bending over an open fire is just plain stupid.


  25. Neros Lyre

    40-45 crashes is an approximate count of aviation accidents and incidents in the war in Afghanistan between 2001-2013,(no fixed wing) these include Apache/Blackhawk/Kiowa helos and is for the U.S aircraft.ONLY.These are accidents(pilot error,mechanical,brownout,FOD etc.)not enemy fire.Many happened close to the ground and the loss of life is terrible.Most were U.S.servicemembers.(some British,Aussie,Afghani,NATO etc.)