So Much For A Big Chunk Of WRSA’s Blog Stats


That Moron Who Spews Garbage and Doesn’t Listen to Reason May Be a Bot

Ring a bell?

52 responses to “So Much For A Big Chunk Of WRSA’s Blog Stats

  1. Rings lots of bells,on lots of different topics,just in the past couple of years I’ve been a reader here.

  2. So outlawpatriot, the esteemed HOA Commandante from FL, is a bot?

    • outlawpatriot

      You fucking wish, anarchist.

      • The Walkin' Dude

        You say “anarchist” like it’s a bad thing 🙂

        • outlawpatriot

          No, it’s not a bad thing. It’s lower than whale shit. A scourge on mankind. A totally idiotic view. Incompatible with the American ideal. One of the polygonal enemies in the game coming up. I could go on, but you get the idea. 🙂

          Trying to substitute “abolishionist” for “anarchist” is intellectually dishonest. Think for a moment, who does shit like that? Then you will know what to do.

  3. Detroit (iteration X, Y, Z) is a bot! That explains so much.

  4. Michelle O. say: “Black girls rock!…white girls bleed alot”.
    malfunc. (subject not applicable)

    #define PI 3.14159
    using namespace std;

    float AreaOfCircle(float radius);
    float AreaWithDiameter(float diameter);

    int main()
    float radius,diameter,circleArea;
    char choice=’0′;
    cout<<"\n\t\t\tFind Area Of Circle:"<<endl;

    cout<<"\n\t\tEnter a VALID Option ";


    cout <>radius;
    else if(choice==’2′)
    cout <>diameter;

    cout<> “<<circleArea<<endl;
    return 0;

    float AreaOfCircle(float radius)
    return (PI*(radius*radius));


    float AreaWithDiameter(float diameter)

    return (AreaOfCircle(diameter/2));

  5. Modern technology is definitely OUT OF CONTROL. Now I can understand how public opinion can get changed considering all the “Gubmint Computers” that are sitting in out-of-the-way places.

  6. I don’t think so. It is the nature of this particular site to attract genuine trolls and provocateurs

  7. Who is to say this article isn’t just .gov propaganda? Designed specifically to demoralize.
    Feds know they can’t stop the signal.
    Fuck ’em all.

    • The “George Washington” that writes the blog assembles anything anything that will outrage his readers. Often he links to himself as “proof” of the veracity of his latest posting. “Ooh, look, lots of links! What I say must be true!”
      Even if he is right sometimes, I ignore him, preferring to get my information elsewhere.

  8. Don’t accept anonymous or pseudonymous comments./ S//

  9. Or, it could be a moron who spews garbage, and no, I’m not. Even if I feel like one sometimes. A bot, this is.

  10. Camachobot2016

    C’mon scrot! Don’t be a p*&%sy.

    I got a III point plan. 1, we’ve got to have a guy who’s smart. 2, he could make a bot for our side to do the same thing. 3, he could do it all in just one week.

    A bot that would carpet bomb the ATF with comments on ammo bans, overwhelm the NSA with fake communications so that they could worry about transgendered gate crashers, drop incendiaries on Godhilla’s e-mail scam, and poke the shit out of those Obamabots where they live online.

    By the way, if the NSA has so much intelligence on every form of communication known to mankind, then how is it that they didn’t know the gatecrashers were coming the other day? I mean seriously, that’s like calling a psychic hotline and having them say, “Who is this?” If the NSA has no sense of omniscience about this stuff, then they’re as useless as Obama with a shotgun and need to be dismantled immediately.

    With some imagination, that bot might even could finish Absolved, that great unfinished bridge to nowhere!

    • Just inhaled coffee and nearly choked to death. LMAO.

      “Useless as Obama with a shotgun…”

      Oh, that’s rich. 🙂

    • outlawpatriot

      That’s gold right there. Gold. 😀

    • Bill Harzia

      Today’s Winner of The Interwebz! LOL

    • Grenadier1

      Double plus goodness, The Shotgun AND the Vanderbot to finish Absolved! Maybe when The lord finally calls Mike home we can just get the Vanderbot to keep Sipsey Street going, hell Mike spends so much time quoting himself its like a Bot already. Feed it a few canned anti- K phrases and self referencing passages and its good to go.

      • I’m still wanting the names and last known addresses of his former comrades.

        See what I did there?

        I’ve asked several times on his blog over the years, it just gets ignored like a fart in church.

        • Grenadier1

          Maybe the bot will be able to mine that info from his FBI file and get it to you. You just need to ask it nicely, offering up old worn out LBE and cartridges from late 1800’s animal guns might appease its inclination to trade its cow for magic beans.

      • Camachobot2016

        If you say Vanderbot and question the status of the holy unfinished scripture, then you might be a robonazifartlicklickspittleinformantsnitch! ATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATCH!!!!!!!!!!

        Time to roll this one back out.

        Maybe this whole bot thing explains Harry Reid (aka Senator Pat Geary aka Moe Greene). Perhaps he’s just being fitted for his bionic prosthetic eye just like Locutus of Borg.

    • Absolute fucking genius! And with a sense of humor! Awesome…

    • Suckingchestwound

      That is just plain funny. Just what the heck ever happened to that anyways. I was looking forward to a lot years ago.

  11. Read up on the Gary Powers U-2 crash sometime, particularly the initial American story(ies) given to the media, and what Krushchev did in response.

    This is not new.

    For those in power in the USA, it has been absolute reflex never to tell the truth if they can find a lie instead for a long long time.

  12. Grenadier1

    Guess that could explain how every thread devolves into some anti jewish swill.

  13. Bot or butt? Can I start calling people botheads?

  14. The Walkin' Dude

    If that is the case, you’re doing something right. I come here because, without WRSA, I think I’d become an alcoholic. Or a terrorist. Plus the comedic value 😀

    • What the world needs now
      Is one less alcoholic terrorist comedian…

      • The Walkin' Dude

        Yeah, especially a depressed one. But really, thanks for keeping up with this. I stumbled here on accident a couple years back. Never would have known our guys are sometimes forced to don the Blue hats I so despise, among countless other disturbing facts. Have learned a lot. Appreciate it!

      • Damnit !!!! There goes my retirement job – lol. I guess I’ll just have to keep going to local democrat party meetings and memorizing names and faces. If you give them a little cash you can get on the donors list – and get a copy – with names and addresses sometimes.Just sayin…..
        It’s a hobby – does that make me a Community Organizer?

      • Right! They tend to fly occupied aircraft into mountains…

  15. outlawpatriot

    Having been around here for more than a few years I would have to say that I have noticed what seems to be an uptick in the type of comments described. It used to be easy to know who the players were, but now, not so much. Sometimes I’m a little bothered when I have to go off on somebody who just showed up out of nowhere and their comment was off topic, a blatant attempt to degrade morale, meant to create a sense of hopelessness, an overly sharp criticism of my country, talking shit about our military when they have never served a day, the ignorance of an anarchist, anything Klein says, etc.

    Mmm… No, I lied. It doesn’t bother me. 😉

    Bot that.

    • “Mmm… No, I lied. It doesn’t bother me.”

      That line goes over with the square circles.

      • outlawpatriot

        Ah, there ya are.

        You know you’re really easy to draw out Jimmy. Bad trait. Ya might wanna work on that.

        Just checkin’ on ya is all. I was a little worried. You’ve taken a hell of a beatin’ lately. Just wanted to make sure you weren’t depressed and planning any plane trips. 😉

        Why don’t you run over to Buppert’s place and recharge? I’ll be here when you get back. Then we can pick up where we left off. 🙂

        • Sure. You were working on whether or not you can stand for “Rightful Liberty, period.” Me, I was talking about what treason and traitor mean.

          So what’s your plan for like the 90% of the people HERE who don’t buy into your fantasies? They’re your brahs, remember?

          Or, you could always go with funny and tell us how anti-egoist you are, after writing what you did.

  16. Bill Harzia

    I’m going to post something: Let’s see if who I think will show up, actually does:

    “Police should not be killed.”

  17. Comment moderation/lockdown on blogs is a beautiful thing. Keeps the bots out.

  18. old hat old man. you were hit by a prototype three years ago, ‘member?

    with the exponential rise in h-1b visas the newer programs are possibly making up the majority of our stats with friendly comments to garner our trust. dumb us down so we don’t think too much and put the puzzle pieces together. we don’t really know what we think we really know, but at least we’re contented with what we think we know. moooo. baaaah. the sales point of the tyrell corporation (blade runner) is “more human than human”. meatspace. meetspace.

  19. SameNoKami


  20. Sadly, funded with our tax dollars. Federal Reserve, quantitative easing, they all suck. Does that help?

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  22. John Denney

    Had a dialog recently on some other blog that made me suspect I was dealing with a program, not a person, when the responses I was getting were similar to those I used to get playing with ELIZA.