Two From Over The Transom

tactical training

If You Are Not Thinking Tactically You Are Not A Survivalist

A Green Beret’s Guide To Low-Budget Home-Defense Techniques 101




Tempus fugit.

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  1. I’ll post here what I wrote on alt-market:
    “Great list! I have a few comments.
    1) If your wife or your HOA won’t allow wire mesh (like mine), get 3M Ultra series security film and the Impact Protection system that binds the windowpane to the frame.
    2) Larson security doors are special “glass” sandwiches with a polymer layer in the middle. Several locks engage the frame along its length. Look good. Wife-approved.
    3) Put A-frame roof sprinkler(s) on your roof and pipe them together to a location where you can easily attach a garden hose. Here’s a link to one:…UTF8&psc=1
    4) Use double-cylinder deadbolts with doorframe-hardening kits.
    5) Make one or more rooms into a “safe room” with an exterior-style steel door, an exterior locking handset, and a single-cylinder deadbolt (so nobody can lock you IN the room).
    6) Inside the safe room(s), have exterior-quality locking handsets on the closets, and have weapons and supplies in those closets.”

    I didn’t write it down there, but you should also have at least a 10-pound ABC fire extinguisher in every room (they weigh 17 lbs.; there is 10 lbs. of dry chemical in them.

  2. Phooey. The link for the roof sprinklers didn’t paste in properly.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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    Proactive defense may entail a guard mount from dusk to dawn. Avenues of approach need to be charted and dealt with(booby traps). BudK sells a device like a mini firecracker with a string on either end. If you thread the strings through a small plastic jar like a vitamin bottle with a screw-type sealed lid, and put a small quantity of black powder in the bottom of the bottle, you can mount it horizontally and attach a trip wire.
    The detonation of the device is enough to ignite the powder which will blow up the plastic bottle and make enough noise to alert anyone and confuse the intruder.It has worked on some of the local mouth-breathing white trash inbreds in my A/O who have tried to use my trash barrel to deposit their own trash.
    This is offered for information purposes only. Reserve all motions, deny all allegations, plead not guilty and demand a jury trial. Cheers.

  5. “But the issue here is one of context of use. Most environments you will encounter across this country are rural, not urban.”

    Uh, the people are in the cities, not in some corn field. Again, too much emphasis on rural training (and in this case, camo). Fortunately, almost everybody has some urban camo in their closets.