America: The Nursing-Home Economy


And guess what?

The GGs have the votes.

Yay! Democracy!

Just keep voting.

No matter what.

25 responses to “America: The Nursing-Home Economy

  1. outlawpatriot

    The GG’s are about to get a rude awakening.

  2. From a soon to be geezer, give me my money back along WITH the 9% compounded interest, that I have been paying into SS since 1965 and I won’t ask for a dime from the government. I won’t have to! And for anybody under 30. I have —
    * Paid for your schooling.
    * Paid for the roads.
    * Paid for your Pell grants.
    * Paid for the cold war.
    * Probably paying for the student loans
    * etc, etc, etc.
    Lot of people look at the current payout, but never look at that pay-in. I am not sour and will probably never see SS as I expect it to collapse soon. Like anything else, what the government touches, it destroys.

  3. Detroit the True 3%

    White people forgot to breed.

    Too distracted by porn, drugs and their high standard

    Time to pay the piper.

    • You are so full of shit.

      Did you know that 48% of all pregnancies in Queens, among black women, end in abortion?

      I don’t know what that statistic is nationwide, but I have heard it said that the most dangerous place for a black child is in the womb. To be sure, plenty of whites have made it a primary form of birth control, so I am not ragging on any one group, but you sir, need a new gig.

      Maybe you just haven’t been getting out enough…Detroit is likely not the best place from which to assess whites.

      • outlawpatriot


      • Jimmy the Saint

        Depending on how you’re going to define “white,” he does have a point. The percentage of the global population that is of European ancestry has been dropping for decades, and it shows no signs of picking up any time soon.

        However, if you go by the caucasoid, negroid, mongoloid model, “white” is doing pretty well. There are an awful lot of Indians, for example.

    • women determine fertility rates, not men. So it’s “White Women Forgot to Breed”. And who made them forget to breed, choosing “career” & “having fun” over family? Jew media-connected Jew-feminists: Allred, Steinem, Westheimer, Firestone, Abzug, Sontag, Estrich, Friedan, Klein, Brownmiller, Jong, Holtzman, Lerner, Blume, and so on ad nauseum

      • Bill Harzia


      • outlawpatriot

        Wow! That’s… That’s… Something. I don’t know what, but something.

      • Boxer, Pelosi, Clinton, Jackson-Lee, Clinton, Obama, Carter, O’Connor, Waters, Jackson, Sharpton, to name a smattering of non-Jewish political hacks, add the silent majority, most notably from “religious” “leaders” along with the strongest supporters of abortion…men between the ages of 18-35, amongst countless others, “ad nauseum.”

        No one group, white, black, male, female, serf, lord, is immune from responsibility for this abominable practice.

        Too late to change the facts now, or the results thereof.

        There is a bright spot…support for abortion, amongst the people, of all races, is at an all time low.

        There’s a sheer panic running through the industry and its political master. Look for abortion to become state policy in short order.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        That’s only part of the story, though. Kids used to be an economic advantage (or at least less of a burden)- they could help work the farm, for example. With the modern economy, they are much more of a sea anchor.

  4. SameNoKami

    Old folks will probably receive the equivalent of floating out to sea on a chunk of ice, Eskimo style, as things degenerate and the $$ ain’t there to keep them up.
    The term used will be some form of ‘useless eaters.’

  5. The Walkin' Dude

    Watch out for the millenials, greedy geezers! They, for the most part, weren’t raised with the same morals and respect of elders that previous generations had. The bitter ones might start attacking retirement homes when the belly gets empty 😉

  6. Bill Harzia

    The “Senior Citizens’ Quality of Life Act” will be passed, wherein the law will allow a dishonest quack to agree with the geezer’s family that “Ol’ Paw just ain’t doin’ too good.” Said quack will get a cut of the estate after giving dear old Dad a quick shot of fentanyl.

    • Sounds about right. It’s going on all over right now, albeit indirectly. Well, the loot comes from Central Planning, not a private estate. Another good reason to say no, in case there weren’t enough already.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That’s not thinking like a government. Look at it this way – if you have a large segment of the population that: (1) has a lot of wealth [at least as a group, if not individually]; (2) doesn’t really produce much; (3) consumes a lot of resources in the form of pensions, medical care, etc., well….the 20th Century showed how to get rid of groups in wholesale numbers and profit from their going away.

  7. The Empire loves the blame game. Who is to blame for the poor condition of society? Greedy geezers, of course. Who else? Blacks, of course. Who else? The Jews, of course. Anyone else? Immigrants. we’ll have a cage fight and see who wins. And who will judge the fight? The Empire, of course. Long live the sheep, except the ones we are eating right now.

  8. Answer to the problem? Take care of one’s elders. Personally. Till the natural end. No matter what.

  9. Uh, Haxo, I din forget to MAKE them breed, having caused 8 children to be born, along with numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. So, there’s that. Outbred my Pa. And my brothers and dyke sister (shudder). Even if I DID have to get married twice. I believe in Mercedes-Benz motto. Do one thing, do it well. Next up, while there are certainly Jews involved in both infanticide AND feminism (both designs to forgo children) almost all of the leg work was done by white, non-Christian males. The popularity, and thus the success of lowering the birthrate, comes from that popular game, “Follow the Money”. Women with a lot of money, or just enough money, don’t need a man. Feminists necessarily become self supporting ( along with self-loathing) and by the time the child rearing years are done, so is the decision. Besides, if you can afford something, you’ll probably buy at least one, including, abortions. Then you can continue your eternal girlhood, unshackled by children, another feminist pillar. Your eternal hatred of the Jew does not hold water, concerning birth control. The thing itself is wildly successful, but for reasons of men and womens nature, that being that they will engage in the lowest behavior imaginable, especially if they have the money. Don’t believe me? Go and spend some time at a casino in America, and notice the gambling, prostitution, drugs, stealing, assaults, etc. going on there. The ones near here are run by Indians, and they’re not one of the lost tribes of Israel. Don’t forget to check under your bed tonight, for Jews.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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