Captain Capitalism: The Underrated Gift of Sanity


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…Understand no matter what the politicians, feminists, journalists and professors tell you, it’s not true. Their promises and your dreams that were based in them are never going to come to fruition. So no matter how comforting and ego-protecting it is today, if you believe them and make life decisions based on them, you will ruin your life. And not just by failing to achieve dreams that were never achievable in the first place, but the sheer torment you’ll endure that is caused by the anger, confusion, frustration, stress and grief of living a lie (again, imagine the daily torment people with “Masters in English” are suffering in the labor market or women who believe they could “have it all” are suffering in the dating/marriage market)…

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These are the good old days.

Also known as “your last chance to get your head on straight”.

Tempus fugit.

(H/t Comrade Ushanka)

4 responses to “Captain Capitalism: The Underrated Gift of Sanity

  1. To my mind (and I’m speaking strictly for myself) leaving out G*d and what G*d has to say about how we live our lives, is the crowning insanity. Please understand that my base position is that you are free to accept, or reject Him and His Word, without exception. As a student of history, I’ve seen what happens when everyone deliberately flouts His Basic Laws. It’s called reaping the whirlwind. And after it, destruction. Here we are. Imagine where we will be. And remember, His Rain falls on the just, and the unjust.

  2. So now I want to know what lies I believe… I’m a pretty well grounded individual, surely there’s something interesting rolling around in here that’s completely false, what’s the best way to expose these? Sort of the “you can’t know what you don’t know” problem. Maybe there’s a list somewhere of commonly held beliefs that are unfounded? Serious question.

    • A basic idea is that you only should believe things which are justified by observed facts. For instance why should you believe in “limited government” or “God” when you can’t point to the spoor of a real one?

      Check out , and don’t be overwhelmed or intimidated because they are actual working philosophers and brain scientists. They’re pros at it, they’re doing research too, and some of it is mistakes. Just read one of their “sequences”, and take it one bite at a time.

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