DanMorgan76: The Patrol – Chapter 5


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5 responses to “DanMorgan76: The Patrol – Chapter 5

  1. all the better that “The Patrol” liquidated the scaggle of White Cannibals they encountered in episode 4 of “the tip-toeing about”. Oh. They didn’t?

    • Their job was to observe and report. You do that quiet like, else you draw attentions. It’s worth more to be unknown and unobserved than to run all Chuck.
      There’s immediate unwelcome attention, a freaking company might be right across the next ridge.
      There’s also that you don’t want to spook the rats. Not till you can get most of them in one blow.

      What are you doing… fishing? Was even beginning to think you might know better.

      • Grenadier1

        We told him this on the last post…you would think he would learn a thing or three. Nope, the Bot Abides.

      • Rommel’s “job” was to “stop at the Egyptian border”. Instead, he defied orders and blasted 2/3 of the way across Egypt, putting Cairo, the Canal, and the oil fields w/in reach. More fool Hitler for not securing his supply lines (by taking Malta), and then giving R a real force…instead of the pittance he did such great things with. When Opportunity knocks, it must be joyfully seized

  2. Hey Detroit in your various permutations. This is a fine example of what happens when those jaywalker nits grow up to become full grown lice.

    It’s all about efficiency and economy of motion. Gnome sayin?