DTG: Land Navigation 1 & 2, 25/26 April 2015


Get some.

You’ll need it soon.

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  1. Re: the header about a coalition of states as independent nations on the same continent. Its possible, but if one gets close to the Italian principality model the rules of ‘The Prince’ come into play. The number one rule — It appears cheaper for the sovereign to plunder his neighbor than assemble it himself.

  2. Lost Patrol

    Unable to pull up the link on this one

  3. Agreed that everyone needs to know land nav.
    Maybe it’s just me-but it looks like the guy in the pic ain’t holdin’ his compass anywhere even remotely close to level-kinda hard to get an accurate reading when the needle ain’t free to move because the compass is canted too far to the side ain’t it?

  4. Fixed. Sorry for delay.

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