Fred: How Long America?


In which the unthinkable is thunk.

Or you can just resign yourself to more beatings from your abusive spouse.

Or you can try to reform him by reference to the marriage vows and your oaths thereupon.

Good luck with that.

37 responses to “Fred: How Long America?

  1. What is left unsaid in that piece is State nullification of federal edicts. Its rarely done but as Wash DC becomes more and more detached States will be looking at nullification with more interest in the future. I know Texas is considering it.

    • Detroit the True 3%

      Texas benefits enormously by being in the Union. They’d never leave. Follow the money.

      • You mean “follow the bankruptcy” don’t you? The rest of the world is preparing to de-dollar. Why not Texas? They have real assets: oil and natural gas, and cheap labor.

        • Thank you, Papa23. We are also the largest cattle and cotton producers in the US. Two million acres of corn planted in 2014. 3 million acres planted in wheat, for an average of 97 million bushels a year (a bushel weighs 60 pounds). Maritime transportation? We have 16 major ports and ship over 500 million tons of commodities per year. Our gross state product was over a trillion dollars in 2010. Lake Sam Rayburn, Toledo Bend, Lake Livingston, and Lake Conroe. No state income tax. I could go on. We don’t need a “federal” government and our governors have turned down many a federal hand-out because of the strings attached.

          Oh, I just spied the post below about feds arresting people for talking about secession. The reality is that there are meetings from Austin to Alpine every week about secession. It ain’t a’happening this year, but more and more people every year are getting used to the idea.

      • Nullification is a far cry from succession, which I did not mention. Does TX benefit from being in the Union? Sure. But not at much as you think — And consider, There were only three States out of 50 that had positive economic growth in 2014. Pull TX GDP numbers out and the entire US would have had a negative GDP last year.

  2. There will be violence. Sorry, but it’s the simple truth, fully backed by all of written history and some skalds, too.

    There will be regions that are prosperous and those that are not. Just like today.
    There will be expectations by the grasshoppers that they be fed, and clothed, and entertained sufficiently. Just like today.

    “You can’t quit EBTs cold turkey without breaking a few eggs”: Alexander Hamilton.

    • Detroit the True 3%

      Hey LF…you sharpening you K-Bar in anticipation of killing all the Jay – walkers and pick – pockets in your town?


  3. Detroit the True 3%

    Good article. Fred is correct; there will be no insurrection/violence.

    People will just gradually ignore Washington.

    • Will a perpetually hungry Washington ignore them, though? It only takes one person to agree to have a fight.

  4. Thank you sir for an excellent article.

    A breakup will not come by armed secession.<—-You may be correct, however I still maintain that an (initially peaceful) withdrawal by a group of states who announced they were serious about that endeavor would draw a movement into said states strengthening their position. No it would not be pretty, but it might work.

    Marijuana is illegal under federal law, yet Colorado and Washington state made it legal, and got away with it.<——Qui Bono? Both states have large populations of young patriots. Encouraging mind fuck benefits the state tax coffers and the fedgov at the same time. Weed is an excellent pacification drug. I suspect a wink and nod were utilized to further the cause of endarkenment.

    The drip-by-drip empowerment of Latinos advances apace.<——Everything you said on this topic and the suspected outcome are spot on. I wish to hell you were wrong.

  5. “Should the black percentage in Mississippi grow to a tipping point, then, when whites bail out (which is usually what happens though we are not supposed to say this either), the state would become a self-governing
    country within a country—dependent on federal subsidies, yes, but having no loyalty to or culture in common with white society. ”

    So we will have a little bitty Afro-centric shithole right here at home. Like Haiti. A tremendous success story of African ‘culture’, revolution, and liberation. Read ’em and weep.

    • We’ve already got those sir. On these smaller scales we delineate them with markers called Church Street, or MLK Blvd. There are even a few up-scale prototypes called ESL, Detroit, Gary or Englewood, among others. Next step up is what you’re describing.

    • Mark Matis

      We already have Nawlins. And Detroit. And the District of Corruption…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Every state will have that. The inner cities are mostly majority-minority.

  6. “In the past the rock-solid unity of the United States existed because people wanted it. The foundation was a largely uniform white, Christian, European culture which no one thought about because there was no reason to think about it. Minorities were minor enough that they had to conform to the dominant culture. People shared ideas of morality, education, crime, music, religion, dress, manners, and patriotism.”
    And there you have it. I would personally like to thank every dumb ass politician and left wing imbecile for destroying the country. Multi culturalism does not and can not exist. One culture eventually wins. So say good bye to winning, designing, developing, and inventing. Think about it: what was the last world changing idea from this country? The iPhone? Well, that was a long time ago. Name one-ONE!!-speech from any “leader” in America that was moving, written from the soul, and was something to be acted on. Right-everyone knows the lies before the speech starts. We have gone from Patrick Henry to John Kerry. We continue to devolve into a subspecies. And it breaks my heart.

  7. The so-called “Latino” culture is a myth of the leftist media. My ex-wife was Mexican, and the “whiter” Mexicans loathed the darker ones and the darker ones loathed the Indians. All of them loathed anyone from Central America and any and all Puerto Ricans and Cubans and Haitians. And vice versa. Most hateful man I ever met was Puerto Rican who hated all “Latinos” except for the Puerto Ricans who tolerated him. And all the “Latinos” I have known my long life were ok with us honkeys but hated any and all “Negroes”.
    Makes me laugh but these folks are not one big homogenous group like the members of Pravda would have you believe.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “And all the “Latinos” I have known my long life were ok with us honkeys”

      That’s one advantage us cracka-ass crackas will have in any future festivities. Every ethnic group prefers to live with their own. But for every non-white ethnic group, their second choice of people to live with was “whites”.

    • They call us gabachos, gueros, and bollios, but they call blacks “mayates”. Real mayates are dung beetles…

  8. Sensible column, not what I expect from Fred.

    I think he is wrong about the black racism, at least among college-age and below. Among young people in our area, there does not seem to be much separation : all combinations of dating are normal in high school and college except dot-Indians, am even seeing a few of those when we go out to dinner.

    Statistics say they are inter-marrying at increasing rates. 15% of new marriages in 2010 in the US, Canada, etc. are higher. 30% of families have someone who is in a mixed marriage. Religiously-mixed marriages don’t even register in people’s consciousness any more.

    So the color-blind society is happening, can’t be stopped short of separating people. Very different than a classless society, and we are learning to separate class and colour/ethnicity. I personally know very solid blacks and Mexicans, families I would be proud to have my son marry into. Also upper-crust whites whose values I despise and would not approve of him marrying into their family.

    The big racial animus may no be between blacks and Mexicans in inner cities : I read

  9. RobRoySimmons

    I’m all for the liberation of the people of color and their self governance

  10. An outcome slightly different from Fred’s would be apartheid. A voluntary one, not forced or legislated. Papa23 is on the nose. What I don’t think will happen is white flight. Just imagine a voluntary clustering of whites in enclaves in Mississippi. The rest of the state becoming a shit-hole. White private schools. White private streets in gated communities. Private cops protecting the gated communities. Even the highly successful blacks residing in these communities. (Money can be as thick as blood it seems.) If you have a good thing going its tough to just up and leave it.

    • Bill Harzia

      At least until the mortar shells star landing.

      • Yeah, but which direction? The folks IN the gated community will probably be the only ones with the connections and money to be able to lob the shells OUT of the community. 🙂

        • Connections ?
          Have you met AG Holder? He works for a community organizer who may or may not have ties to the community that is being oppressed by those racist whites in their gated communities and private schools. He can surely get you a couple of mortars so that you can teach those oppressors about white privilege.

  11. Marlo Stanfield

    This country is looking browner because those 80 million baby boomers that are white are kicking the bucket. The second problem is all those 50 million abortions since the early 1970s. Those 50 million babies didn’t grow up and reproduce that 2.5 average children thing. Then you add up all the abortions done by black women thanks in part to planned parent HOOD. Then there is the fact that the supreme court is controlled by roman catholic judges. And all those people from south of the border bow to the catholic church. Those who practice the sister religion Islam also bow to the catholic church. The masses who follow this movement don’t want to admit to that fact. I spent three years south of the border and as a black guy I was amazed at the conflict between light skinned and dark skinned Latino’s. They all have Negro blood in them. Just like those islanders who think that the name of their island represents a blood line. Learning fluent Spanish as a survival skill isn’t a bad idea. That and having a 50 BMG and scoped assault rifle and some belly guns.  

  12. The beatings will continue until the usa has gone full socialist, 45 years of illegal immigration has assured it and it’s too late for the non-illegals to develop a backbone and send 10 million back and anyone else not adhering to an america that only exists on july 4th and memorial day these days.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. It was no mistake but rather the unfolding of the plan for the North American Union. America has to die so it can be born. Also it helps kill off the White Race which is also part of the Globalist plan. All White Nations are under attack. Next they’ll be coming for the East Asians. Japan is already under a propaganda attack with a half Negro representing Japan in the Miss Universe contest.