In Re Vince Foster’s Former Law Partner


Via SondraK.

Mr. Foster could not be reached for comment.


13 responses to “In Re Vince Foster’s Former Law Partner

  1. Lost Patrol

    And here all this time I figured no one remembered Vince Foster and his demise. Wow, someone else bypassed the NBA channels. I am pleasantly surprised. Memory, a good thing when it comes to the evil of our enemy. Remember… and harden your heart.

    • I remember Vince well. He was about to hang out some of the Clintons’ dirty laundry. Then he shot himself in the back of the head with an antique dueling pistol, moved his body 20 feet after he was dead, and wrote a suicide note 48 hours later. Hillary is a combo of Caligula and Lucrezia Borgia. She is perfect for us, and I don’t want to see any more abusive pictures of our next, and last, President. Let’s show some r-e-s-p-e-c-t

      • Hey, at least his keys were finally found…at the morgue.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Enh, Caligula at least tolerated, if not liked, the common folk. He just *really* hated the other elites.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    YO! I hear ya, Lost Patrol.

    If we start filling in the “brackets” of all the ex-Clintonistas who met an early or unplanned demise–GARSH! (I wonder if all of them are now playing a harp or are still sweating in their asbestos underwear for eternity?)

    Who is the all time “Champeen” but, well, ya know, gosh–“Team Billary!”

    How in hell can you run a decent Tourney when the Refs, NCAA, coaches, teams, players and most fans are either crooked from the get go, on the mooch, fornicating amidst a drug-induced stupor, or just plain asleep?

    None of the “Three Houses” work anymore. No balances–plenty ‘o checks being printed up to pay “The Team.”

  3. Bill Harzia

    I remember when the Clintons were in office, that there was a chap that kept tally of their “suspicious passings.” He was up to 56 when I lost the link due to a computer failure.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Sucker got what was coming to him….you play with gangsters you get gangstered. Old Hill is as corrupt as they come and you can tell by those soulless, vacant eyes she is a mean mother.

  6. Yes they are good killers, long time practicing will do that for ya.
    They are however completely outclassed by that other crime family from Texas. Those mothers know how to stack both coin and bodies.

  7. Marlo Stanfield

    I think its super creepy when couples have the same hair do. And the matching of clothing. Almost like they dressed from the same walk  in closet. Her grin isn’t faked. Dude knew how to hit that G-Spot! But when you are fucking a black widow spider bad things are bound to happen. Searching his office and residence for home movies and photos shows someone was worried. If Vince had been a true player he would have had a video camera on a tripod in the bedroom for all his lady friends to see from the get go. And hide them shits at a undisclosed location. Like J. Edgar Hoover did. Vince would probably still be alive, maybe not got to tap the Hill, but no loss there. He would have had better looking babes by sticking to college students. And cross into Canada and leave some distance between the pussy pad and your work town of DC. Don’t play at work or in your town. And married people are off limits. Specially when the hubby can call up some drunk secret service agents.

    • well said. On one famous occasion, she actually put the make on Vince in public: “let’s go…I need to get bonk’d more than once a year…”