More Endarkenment*, With A Special Carbon Corruption Sauce



Nuclear plants in Illinois could be shuttered if they don’t get break from state, Exelon

Blockade and starve everything north of I-80, west of the Indiana line, and east of I-355.

While at the same time scourging Springfield.

UPDATE 0855EDT 31 MAR 2015: Steelworkers too!

5 responses to “More Endarkenment*, With A Special Carbon Corruption Sauce

  1. Keyser Söze
  2. Suckingchestwound

    That is hilarious. People not familiar with the area do not understand that those borders you describe in Illinois are really accurate. People within that area are not even human to me. A different species almost. Walking bags of chemicals wandering aimlessly through life pursuing petty things. I have traveled the country extensively and those people are high up on the list of pointless existences. I drive through there and I just keep trying to figure out what the point to life is for these people. It will surely be a hellish nightmare when collapse finally comes. No doubt about it.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. All I know is that the future value of a coal plant, is going up by the day.

  5. If only these neo-luddites would be content to shiver in the dark by themselves, without dragging the rest of us back to the dark ages.