Mosby: The Fate Of Empires


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  1. Lost Patrol

    Thank you for sharing this book. For being so short, it is indeed a study into itself. Sooo 1776 to 2015, uh 239 years … Who would of thought it?
    Despite the propaganda and disinformation campaigns waged against the citizens, the cracks are quite visible.

  2. I find it interesting that he mentioned feminism as being characteristic of a declining empire. It was also interesting that he never defined an empire as a collection of nations brought together by force. I suspect that his British readers knew that. Most Americans don’t seem to know that definition of empire.

  3. Glubb also commanded the (Jordanian) Arab Legion, vs. the Zionists in the battle for Palestine, 1947-48. Unlike the other Arab Armies, which were routed by the Jewish terrorists, the Arab Legion successfully defended both East Jerusalem and the West Bank; these territories then seized by Zion-in-Palestine during the 1967 War, when the Legion was no more. See his other book, A SOLDIER WITH THE ARABS, also a good read

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Thank God that we don’t have to choose between Empire and slave state.

    The Swiss, for example, …

    Even given that Glubb is 100% right in every statement, there is likely no easy way of avoiding that sequence, and so why go down that road? Expensive experiments, throwing away a civilization every 250 years.

    Thank God for the surrounding barbarians, or there wouldn’t be any progress at all.