SLL: Financial Blowback


You ready?

Best get that way.

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    Yes, but when? Whoever can answer that question will be held in high esteem. Economic consequences which are the result of years of government incompetence, crony-capitalism, corporate greed may unwind overnight or deflate like a punctured beach ball.
    The Crash of 1929 was more of a step-down over a period of several months rather than a piano being pushed off of a 20-story building. Things did not hit rock bottom until shortly before the assumption of FDR in 1932. Yes, a lot of people were affected within the first year. There are analysts who have been contending for some time that we are in a large economic deflation due to joblessness, commodities prices, and other reliable indicators. But, the beat goes on. There are still the twin hypnotics of bread and circuses and the FSA is still receiving their freebies.
    Do not think for one minute that the FEDGOV think tanks have not gamed the scenario described in the above article. The could devalue the dollar, switch to a dual-currency system, ban gold(as FDR did), and set up the same type of alphabet agencies and make-work projects that happened in the 30’s. Hollywood and the MSM would be right beside Barry or Hillary cheering them on just like the 30’s. Or, they could just start a war. The storm is coming, but the eye is still many miles off shore.

    • no. The ZOG cannot do a re-run of the1930’s. Then we had a solid industrial base to cushion the Crash, and a dollar backed by 20,000 tons of gold. And borders. And an almost entirely White population. All these are gone now. The Crash will Terminal, probably civilizational, and the ZOG’s only option will be Martial Law. For which it is openly preparing. As to exactly when, yeah, I don’t know either. But I’ll make an educated guess: February 8th, 2017. It’s my birthday

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    Winter is Coming!

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