DumpDC Endorses Hillary Clinton For President


Worse is better.


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  1. Lost Patrol

    When I first saw this article, I thought to myself (just like the Washington poster says) WTF? And I had my anti-Hillary campaign posters already picked out … now. Now maybe I will put my emphasis behind Hillary baby.
    Besides I do not think the Republican centrist will run anyone but one of the Rhinos; like Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio or Mitt Romney, which will do nothing for Liberty in fact all the neo-cons will simply go back to sleep..

  2. From Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone a few years back…
    This is the beginning of our big Lost in Space journey together, where news and reality-show programming fuse completely and we all end up complete morons, voting strippers and X-games athletes into the White House. I’m psyched. Are you?

  3. As much of a train wreck as she is the Amerikan people have proved incapable of proper, rational thought. This 2016 race for the crown will make “Sexism” a household work much like 2008 made everyone who didn’t fall in line a “racist”.

    Jeb 2016.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “the Amerikan people have proved incapable of proper, rational thought.”

      Of course, proper, rational thought requires a lot of information and some time to analyze it. Most folks aren’t given much of either, so it isn’t exactly surprising that some of their decisions are suboptimal.

  4. How many people here have the balls to admit to his sound logic here? Hillary would most certainly hasten our demise as a nation.

    • The logic IS sound. Cicero stated the same logic, in his day.

      NONE of the candidates of any party are remotely acceptable in my opinion, so I’ll write in Ron Paul again.

      I simply can’t bring myself to vote for Hildebeast, no matter what.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Well, I guess “Patriots for Hillary” has a better flow than “Non-Aryans for Heydrich,”

    • “Hillary would most certainly hasten our demise as a nation.”

      Already done, the corpse is rotting in the sun. We have a fascist-socialist Empire now, run as an oligarchy. But the author is correct. Hillary is who we need at the helm when the Empire crashes.

  5. And when you go that route, accelerate in order to destroy, keep in mind that you will be responsible for helping to kill a lot of people. Not by direct action, not by design, but by actions that will eventually lead by way of consequence to death. Not overt, but unintended consequences just the same. That UC paradigm gets thrown around a lot by us, to point out the folly of leviathan. It would do well to remember that not only is it a two way street, but that it will bite us, just as hard as it will bite them. A third side to that, is the possibility that the plan could go horribly wrong, and wind up a win for OPFOR. The fourth side is that something could occur that nobody foresees, and again, much to our ruin. Anybody here recall their Sun Tsu, about never interrupting your enemy while he is making a mistake? What if they’re watching us make a big mistake? Keep in mind that the Nazis, when busily destroying peoples lives and fortunes, laughed themselves sick at people who thought they could ARGUE, DEBATE, and TALK their way out of their predicament.

    • >>>And when you go that route, accelerate in order to destroy, keep in mind that you will be responsible for helping to kill a lot of people.<<<

      Excrement. The die is already cast. We're reaching the inevitable conclusion to something started 100+ years ago.

      • Excrement?? Feh; I guess that’s what thinking in principles brings these days. Sad. First, there’s no such thing as a die already cast in the human realm but even if there were, so what? Who the hell’s life does everyone want to lead anyway?

        You think maybe Sean doesn’t know the difference between thought and action? Maybe he won’t be there when it counts? Bet me.

        Imagine all you want–there’s some great fantasy below–but fantasies are not a good reason to do evil. If they were, then the commie-libs might make sense. But they don’t.

        • >>>Excrement?? Feh; I guess that’s what thinking in principles brings these days. Sad. First, there’s no such thing as a die already cast in the human realm but even if there were, so what?<<<

          There are things in life that ARE certain. Death, taxes, and economic collapse. The latter is a certainty from the perspective many people refer to as "mathematics.". You may refuse to acknowledge this, and that's fine. But willful ignorance on your part is irrelevant; it WILL happen, no matter how deep you pit your head in the sand.

          Good luck…

      • Yea a collapse/CWII will be ugly and costly, but the only way to keep our children and grandchildren from being enslaved by leviathan is to win that nasty battle. The Founders knew their actions would cause pain and hurt, but they strove for the good that would happen on the other side of that nastiness. They put it on the line to be free men and to give their progeny a better circumstance. And they succeeded, at least until Lincoln’s tyranny and the consolidation of the federal beast, followed by the progressives starting with Teddy Roosevelt, accelerating with Wilson and then going full hung ho with FDR and since. The Founders, had they been alive would, I believe, have let the south go it’s way peacefully. They would have almost certainly hanged Wiilson for his tyrannical excesses, and FDR and most after him as well, if they could have remained as the guardians of the republic.
        Now, after 150 years of federal overreach and encroachment, it will take even more resolve and difficulty to restore the Founders’ republic.
        Today’s political class won’t go quietly into the night. They’ll have to be removed, kicking and screaming; likewise the hundreds of thousands of petty bureaucrats ensconced in their comfortable, lucrative fiefdoms.
        Yea, it will be ugly, but it’s ultimately going to have to happen, and sooner would be better before they solidify their positions even more.
        George Washington said it best:
        “The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die.” – General George Washington
        Our situation is even more dire than the one that George faced, but there are millions of patriots today, compared to George’s rather meager band.
        Let’s hope that circumstances, and the fortitude of those patriots, can restore the Republic for ourselves and our progeny. We owe it to our progeny to at least try.

      • I agree. The die is cast. I don’t agree with the premise that more people will die however. Generally, the closer to cold turkey you can go, the less damage overall that will happen. It’s the long, drawn-out declines that consume the most lives.

    • Thanks, Sean, but morality has little currency here, likewise caution against dogma.


  6. Suckingchestwound

    I’ve thought it for years… We spend way to much time trying to put off the inevitable. Better to let the things go over the cliff while we (some of us) are still young enough to pick up the pieces

    • If there’s going to be a collapse which will inevitably lead to CWII, I’d just as soon get it over with while I’m still capable of at least trying to protect my children and grandchildren.

  7. outlawpatriot

    I’m watching a great nation commit suicide. In my view we should be mobilizing to prevent that with all of it’s attending consequences with every fiber of our being. Unfortunately, I’m one of only a very few with that view. Most want to see their own country come to an ugly demise because they think something better will result. Highly unlikely that it will. I think it more likely the result will be a nightmare of epic proportions.

    So, continue listening and agreeing with the dumb fucks who want a front row seat for the Insanguination. Go ahead and participate. But remember this. I assure you that there are going to be some very, very angry men with long memories and love of country who will want retribution after the body lies cold.

    With that in mind, you might want to consider the fact that the hole you’re digging to survive the demise you advocate may just be a hole you’ll never be able poke your head out of once you go to ground.

    Russell is a fucking idiot.

    • The electoral choices are

      A) the R/US chamber of commerce fascist candidate

      B) the D/Socialist candidate

      C) don’t vote for either flavor of evil

      D) vote for the evil which will extend the current farce

      E) vote for the evil that will crash the current farce

      F) pretend that there are other choices

      Did I miss anything?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Come that first Tuesday in November 2016, that is likely the case. But there’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.

      • outlawpatriot

        Nope. I would say you covered it pretty well.

        However, I would quibble with choice f specifically as to the word “pretend”. There is another choice as I enunciated in my previous comment. The fact that there just aren’t enough people with the balls to carry it out doesn’t make it a “pretend” option.

        In my opinion, the only moral choice is c. In reality if everyone selected that option, imagine the ramifications. What would be born from that action? Do you think there might be a come to Jesus moment there? I would think so.

        We can continue to banter philosophically ad nauseum as we have now for years. Bottom line? We’re probably gonna have to slug it out. As all history bears out, the last man standing will get to make the rules. In that regard, we as Americans have failed the Founders vision.

        And with regard to that coming fight? if I can’t be the last man standing, then I’m damn sure gonna make every effort to insure that certain others aren’t as well.

        If that’s the best I can do, then so be it. God can judge my actions as He sees fit. I can assure you I will have no reservations.

      • Camacho2016!

        Did I miss anything?



        C’mon scrot! How you gonna forget about the only choice that makes any sense? What happened to all that lead, follow, or get out of the way stuff huh?

        Now sit yo monkey ass down!

      • Interesting book. “An Act of Self Defense” by Erne Lewis
        I found it on Amazon (Kindle version)
        Sort of a 4G approach to incentivizing changes in the behavior of the ruling class. One of its most attractive attributes is that it produces virtually no collateral damage.
        Not sayin’ it’s a turnkey blueprint to the optimum answer to our collective problems, but it’s an interesting read that poses a course of action that seems rather elegant in its simplicity due to the 4G approach.
        Of course it’s just a work of fiction, but who knows, something along its lines, tailored to our current circumstance just might could work.
        Since the system is stacked to perpetuate the same sorts of tyrannical overlords holding the reigns of power, traditional voting doesn’t seem likely to produce a better result than it has so far. Thus different means of incentivizing change might merit consideration. After all, as Einstein said, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.”

    • “I’m watching a great nation commit suicide. In my view we should be mobilizing to prevent that with all of it’s attending consequences with every fiber of our being.”

      Agreed! Without reservation!! The mobilization should be multi-faceted in any and every way we can think of that might help stop it.

      • My good friends:

        There are 200 million plus assholes on this continent whose core beliefs are “gimmedat” and “youoweme”.

        How does one fix that problem?

        • “How does one fix that problem?”

          Fire, iron, and hemp rope?

          That sounds like a good album title.

        • There are 200 million plus assholes on this continent whose core beliefs are “gimmedat” and “youoweme”.

          We could coalesce somewhere that the 200 million are least numerous and draw lines in the sand. Personal liberty begins at the tip of your nose. It will mean some very ugly consequences and anyone inside that ring of fire should consider themselves in harms way on the altar of freedom, because they will most assuredly be attacked. Some of you lucky bastards are already doing that in your redoubts. Others of us will be ground up behind the blue line, but so be it.

        • >>> There are 200 million plus assholes on this continent whose core beliefs are “gimmedat” and “youoweme”.

          How does one fix that problem? <<<

          I'd say understand first that it's not much of a problem. Challenge maybe, trying to get them to stop supporting the thugs, but the thugs are the real problem—the only problem, technically.

          Generally, do-nothings do nothing. IMO there's no need to risk life or limb to stop someone from FEELING entitled. Let 'em feel, till they can't feel nuthin' no more. Waiting for nitwits to wake up, sounds like a mighty long wait to me.

          • Jim is correct here: The problem is the thugs.

            Make it too expensive to go into the thug business. We win. In days.

            But that means we all have to wage an anti-thug campaign at the same time, within our respective AOs. Hey, wait! This sounds familiar. Nevermind, my bad. This concept has been thoroughly de-bunked by the Intelligentsia who pontificate here’bouts.

            So sorry.

          • Agree with Jim ( O! ) to the extent that the assholes will largely “fix” themselves through continuing to choose badly.

            The trick will be to stay out of the way/prevent them from “fixing” you as well. Do I really need to define “fix”?

            Agree with OP as well that this thing should be opposed with all we have. There can be no realistic assessment which would support the assertion that good will come of it, certainly not in our lifetimes nor those of our children. If we can’t control the present/near future, what makes anyone think we can predict, influence or control the outcome of social, economic political and martial chaos? Pretty hard to do when you’re dead.

            • There comes a time when one must face the reality of arithmetic.

              How do 5000 or so freedom-minded folks in 2015 turn a socialist tide across an entire continent and 200 million plus deranged species-mates?

              Not personal, but deadly serious:


              In detail.

              Show your work.

              • Jimmy the Saint

                I think Dilbert answered this one decades ago.

                Phase Two of the plan was “A miracle happens”

              • Too easy…you start with 5,000. And a boatload of ammo. Truth is there are zillions more anyway; the vast majority never say a word or give a clue. Your stats alone prove that.

              • Assuming 5,000 serious men (ready and fit) to go to the Green: That’s 100 per state on average. Fuck Hawaii – Texas gets their guys. They have more ground to cover.

                5,000 serious men agree to a simple and legitimate touchstone (DoI, USC, BoR) that has a chance of resonating with the unawakened and the masses, then those 5,000 men, in unanimity, put forth their own Declaration using the DoI as a template.

                The Declaration articulates the trespasses against the principles of the DoI, the USC, the BoR and the fundamental Natural Laws of Man being endured by the American people.

                The Declaration states that these 5,000 intend to defend not only themselves, but their neighbors, against further trespasses. Those who politically impose and physically enforce those trespasses will cease and desist immediately, or become viewed by the 5,000 as hostile Enemies of Liberty and Humanity.

                Those 5,000 men swear to one another and their Creator they will not endure one further trespass.

                They swear they will not yield until Liberty or Death.

                The 5,000 go Weapons Free and back-up their fucking mouths, either independently or LGoP-style, insisting Thugs and Tyrants stand down and behave themselves.

                It might not win the Liberty Games, but it would damned sure make it a two-way conversation.

                Personally, I don’t think we could get 5,000 to agree to the premise by even clicking the ‘Like’ button on a damned Facebook page, much less actually muster on an X at some place in America (or even 1 X in 50 different states for convenience, on the same day) to swear to the oath and do a John Hancock.

                And for the record, let’s hit the magic number with a prudent plan, and I’d be the first to sign. And schedule for April 19th, 2016 is currently clear – so let’s get this hammered out, and we’ll all meet at the designated place or places.

                • “And for the record, let’s hit the magic number with a prudent plan, and I’d be the first to sign.”

                  Oh lordy, that on the record can be a bitch.

                  I got the magic number. One.

                • Different Anonymous

                  Imagine 5,000 Dorners, only they don’t know what the 5,000’s names are so they don’t know who to look for, and after a month of chase they slip away and retire. What would the overreaction be? What would the reaction to that overreaction be? Imagine the army mostly watching this from the sidelines in amusement and self-preservation.

              • Follow the arithmetic backwards.

                How many freedom-minded folks were there in 2005? We grow every year, and the growth is not predominantly via birth rate. Every +1 to the freedom movement is a -1 from the State sucklings.

                Nobody likes this answer, because it’s not profound or exciting, but I believe it is the right one: Wait.

                “Prepping” didn’t take off before Y2K, or even much shortly thereafter. Y2K “should” have been THE event to trigger the prepper movement. But it was not. It’s only been the last 7-8 years or so that it has started to go mainstream. Now even FEMA is taking pages from the prepper movement and publishing “Survival Guides”.

                The other question is: are the numbers truly legitimate? How many people that voted for BHO the second time around were ACTUAL people? Is it more likely that we have reached the point where national elections are rigged – seriously rigged, like elections in other socialist countries? How many people who voted are actually mindless drones that have learned nothing their entire lives save for the skills of consumption and regurgitation? How many people are active non-participants, but someone votes for them?

                When the faucet runs dry, how many will actively play OPFOR? My guess is not many.

                Bundy Ranch was a starter. Many boots on the ground, many supporters, many many more who gave assent to the idea that the Gov’t was in the wrong. That quite possibly was the first time some ever had the thought that the Gov’t was wrong – that something was wrong with America.

                Michael Brown was a new twist. All of the photos of police in full military hardware, the public discussion of the military/police co-op program, and the gradual understanding that Mayberry is dead.

                People are waking up. But it’s taking time.

                As you say, CA:
                Local, Local, Local
                Meatspace is where it’s at

                Learn some skills, teach some skills.

                Read people – find two people who are on the fence. If all 5000 freedom-minded folks found and trained 2 people a year, and each new person found and trained 2 people a year, in 5 years that makes 1.2 million people. 2 years later, it’s up to 11 million, then 33 million, then nearly 100 million. The arithmetic breaks down at some point, because the available pool dries up. But you get my drift.

                Hurry up and wait is the best plan, but there is a balance. The slower the ship sinks, the more time available for people to choose to jump off and avoid being swallowed alive. If everyone who escaped the ship made it to an island and had to survive, you would want like-minded people on the island to share the load and get things going again. If it happens too fast, you’ll lose valuable players that didn’t make the jump in time. If it happens too slowly, even the rats will find flotsam to ride and make it to the island. We want the Goldilocks zone of demise – slow enough to extract the assets and fast enough to keep the trash on board all the way to the bottom.

              • Methinks your estimate of 5000 is grossly low and the 200 million is way high. If fence sitting becomes untenable, many will come down on the correct side of the fence. They’re just suffering from inertia, but they’ll move in the right direction when the time comes. I really believe that because I know a lot of them. They’re fed up and angry with the direction the ruling class is moving in. They just don’t see how to engage reverse gear, but it won’t take much to get them pedaling furiously in the right direction. I believe that when they see a spark of hope they’ll get on the bandwagon.

                • Yep, though it better be the right bandwagon or it’ll be even uglier. I figure about 10,000 people A DAY wake up to their state of slavery. Do the numbers. Most have no idea what to do about it, I suppose, but then neither do a ton of people who woke up decades ago.

              • What part of “they will fix themselves” via bad behavior, non-survival sKillz do you think is inapplicable? Is the collapse coming or isn’t it? Can the FSA and similar raise hell? Sure, but for how long, without the basic necessities of life? We don’t have to account, personally, for 200 m.

              • Late, but I’ll play boss.

                Turn the power off to produce mass social disruption in the Vote Gardens (that’s big cities with lots of do nothing gibsmethats). It’s the weakest point, easier than trying to disrupt JITS*. The methods have already been discussed in detail here and other places.
                Turn it off in August/September. That way in the north you get a couple months of festivities, first month it’s hot, everyone pissy because AC is off. Next month still suitable for travel just as the supply effort starts to run out of air, then old man winter prevents mass exodus of lemmings, locking them in the vote gardens.

                Now, devils advocate: I had hopes for Ferguson, but it stayed localized and was kept on a low simmer, didn’t spread to other pots on the stove. A controlled event. That might repeat unless 6, 7 or more Vote Gardens got affected all at once. 5k manpower should be more than enough to get a suitable distributed effect.

                *Unless you’re thinking refineries? And if you are then you might as well do the whole show, fuel and power, just to be sure. YMMV.

        • Agreed, Pete. Maybe more than 200 million. In all honesty, we’ll never have a meaningful discussion on fixing that problem, let alone build a workable solution that’s not reminiscent of the French Revolution if we can’t agree on an end state. We are bound to lay the cornerstone before we can complete the foundation and put the house back together, even to its pre-1861 state (and no, I’m not including the 3/5ths rule….)

          • Rog.

            Best formula (most viable) I’ve heard is either regional Restoration or autonomous zones that trend towards 1791 usc/bor sans chattel slavery. I well and truly don’t see how the 57 states of FUSA can be held together sans tyranny.

            That is the Feds goal, and they are the smart bet at this time, sad to say.

            • outlawpatriot

              Ok. For the sake of argument, agreed. And these restored regions/autonomous zones are going to be where? What are their areas and what is the number of their populations?

              That 200 million you speak of is pretty evenly mixed across the entire US landmass I would say. I hear just as much liberal statist shit coming from the Great American Redoubt as I do from any other liberal statist bastion. So I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about. Sounds like some sort of migration of folks would be necessary to restore a region or make an autonomous zone. That would take numbers. And not a few thousand either.

              May I point out that the free state projects in New Hampshire and Wyoming have been dismal failures? They were chosen because of their small populations and the thought that it would be easy to outnumber the liberal contingents. In my opinion liberals fleeing states they destroyed make up the larger numbers moving into those two states.

              I’m not saying your concept is without merit, but it appears to me to be plagued with as many problems as anything else. Frankly, I’m not real big on the balkanization thing anyway. I see nothing but perpetual problems with that. A big part of our safety and security has been a contingent land mass with oceans to the east and west. Start breaking that up and you’re gonna have problems. Idiots abound. Even in the patriot movement. Remember that dumb fuck secessionist Texan that went to Russia looking for a hand out?

              What’s really frustrating in all of this is the fact that when faced with a significant number of armed citizens the bastards always cower. You and I have seen it with our own eyes on more than one occasion. Bundy showed us that they will even desert the field when challenged. And never has a shot been fired. Yet we flex this muscle rarely and always with trepidation and within “the law”.

              Perhaps the solution to our problem is easier than we think. Maybe it really just boils down to courage.

              • “Maybe it really just boils down to courage.”

                So get some and face up to yourself. It’s easy to see how everyone else is wrong, especially when you use crazed sick-fuck fantasies as the standard of right.

                And you’re full of shit about Wyoming—that’s just you, spouting off again about something you know almost nothing about.

                Courage is the courage to LIVE. You say you have the courage to die, though we’ll see what actually happens when your higher value of Law meets your lower value of Liberty. Till then, “The mind is man’s basic means of survival.” Try it; it ain’t that tough and it rewards.

                Or don’t. It’s YOUR decision whether or not you deserve rewards. I can see how that could be tough for you.

                • outlawpatriot

                  I did more these past four days than you’ve done in your life.

                  Now, go away little man.

                  • Sure you did. That’s some story, alright; goes real nice with the courage.

                    • Jim, our personal antipathy towards Alan skews your responses toward the emotional… not your strong suite.

                      But then, you usually respond to criticism that way. It exposes the weakness in your dogma. The same of which you so routinely accuse others, is that of which you are yourself guilty.

                      In the last four days, Alan has participated fully in many of the activities advocated in these pages by way of preparing physically, mentally, organizationally, operationally and martially for the trials present upon us.

                      I believe it is to that which he has reference.

                      You are free to list your own accomplishments in that arena in rebuttal.

                      Arguing your single point dogma artfully and irrefutably doesn’t really count. Not that that is what you just did.

                    • Oh, yes… courage. You think it courageous to belabor your Pure One Truth and to criticize any thing to the contrary.

                      You’re good at it. Congratulations, your position, it’s proclamation and defense is unassailable!!!!

                      Er, except for one little thing…

                      There. Is. No. Such. Thing. as One Truth in philosophy.

                      Please, don’t insult the readership with another ungrammatical, convoluted, even enigmatic, treatise on how epistemology is not philosophy.

                      Define courage.

                    • “Jim, your personal antipathy towards Alan….”

                  • If you’re gonna criticize Jon, at least make it accurate. The “doing” wasn’t worth a response—you’ve never seen me with a trenching shovel and tractor and neither has Mr. Courage.

                    Hardly the point though and it’s hardly what Al (Al-lee? Alli?) is about. This ain’t the time for that. I know it’s not obvious to you, cuz you share some of the same failings of principle. But you are no threat to Liberty. Thugs are, duh…people who want to TAKE what isn’t theirs from others.

                    I don’t get emotional in my posting, hardly ever any more. But this (current) Enemy of Liberty might be worth it. Some people just scream for a rant. I’ll decide; you’ll know.

              • I keep hearing the broken record that the Free State Project was a failure, but I can’t disagree more. I’ve lived among them in New Hampshire, learned from them, and am now applying what I have learned. They have successfully, and quietly, taken key positions, and are in a great position to run things whenever they wish. So much so that some of the old establishment feels it necessary to call for help against something they can’t even articulate.

                It may seem to an outsider like they have failed, but only because they don’t publish their wins or their plans.


                • outlawpatriot

                  Ok, when do they wish?

                  • Good question, but I think the better question is “why would they?”

                    Put yourself in their shoes, and think long-term. They’ve got a pretty sweet thing going. And not just those well-armed, well-groomed sweet thangs around drum circles…


                    • Hey, nothing wrong with those, eh? I’m not a big fan of the NH thing myself, but the relevant question here is, “HOW do they get what they wish?” They’re all clean in that respect, and that’s what your interlocuter doesn’t get. Big difference between thuggery and defense; it seems to have escaped him.

            • For it to work, ‘we’ (FREEFOR) would first have to win, and that means unity of purpose (and in the field, most likely unity of command, or at least unity of strategy), and once won, then, and only then, would the now restored states be able to discuss whether or not they’d like to secede. And then, once seceded, my view would that as of Jefferson regarding those who had anxiety regarding the LA purchase giving birth to states who might wish for secession (even then) in 1816,

              “If any State in the Union will declare that it prefers separation with the first alternative, to a continuance in union without it, I have no hesitation in saying “let us separate.” I would rather the States should withdraw which are for unlimited commerce and war, and confederate with those alone which are for peace and agriculture.”

              • Damn…hit enter before I meant to!!

                ““Whether we remain in one confederacy, or form into Atlantic and Mississippi confederacies, I believe not very important to the happiness of either part. Those of the Western confederacy will be as much our children and descendants as those of the Eastern, and I feel myself as much identified what that country, in future time. As with this: and did I now foresee a separation at some future day, yet I should feel the duty and the desire to promote the Western interests as zealously as the Eastern, doing all the good for both portions of our future family which should fall within my power.” This was written because of secession talk due to the Louisiana Purchase.

                From http://cajunhuguenot1.blogspot.com/2008/08/thomas-jefferson-and-secession-thomas.html

                And echoes what I believe to be a very sane perspective on it.

                • It is sane. It also has legitimacy for true believers as well as those who only care about the semblance of legitimacy. It is logical, it has tradition on its side, and perhaps most importantly, it preserves the status of Self Defense. Restoration, then Secession – if some want to secede.

                  Afterall – no real Constitutionalist could argue that secession is immoral or not allowed under the fundamental constructs of the Constitution. The argument could be made that it is imprudent – but that is a matter for after the terrarium has been cleaned of parasites.

    • So how has voting for bushes, romneys, doles, doles, and mccains been working for you?

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    Worst case scenario, nothing happens in our favor. She becomes president, liberals complete their takeover of gov’t and society.
    We plod along, just like today, nobody stands up and fights and we slowly are being squeezed to death and dying from a thousand cuts by Fedthugs.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      As of right now, that’s probably the smart bet. But a lot can happen in 19 months, so who knows.

      • Bill Harzia

        Yeah. Like Hurricane Hillary giving a campaign speech, and all of a sudden she’s on the deck twitching on her left side, paralyzed on her right side, with drool running down her chin and blood running out of her nose.

        Stroked out. Every picture I’ve seen of her lately shows somebody who’s not healthy enough to stand the strain of being President. Let’s see who her running mate is, before we predict the next 10 years.

  9. I agree 100%. As it stands now, we are on a course of fundamental transformation of the USA, trading individual liberty for the collective good, reliance on self for reliance on government, the confiscation of personal wealth for redistribution to those who did not earn it, the world’s best private medical system to forced participation in Obama Care.

    Over the last 100 or so years, the USA has been drifting away from a Democratic Republic with 50 strong states, to a Democracy with strong Federal government and weakened states. Our mostly corrupt political class has been trading votes for goodies many decades now, and as has been pointed out, children will always vote for Santa Claus, and the children are perilously close to out numbering the elves (Taxpayers), which will be voted into perpetual servitude soon. To quote Jefferson:“The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

    The unvarnished truth is far too many people will vote themselves the the blood, sweat and property of others in the name of “fairness”, too many fall into the easy trap of class warfare, and rather than get off their posteriors and make a living, they plunder the the wealth of those perceived to be wealthy by legalizing theft!! It is for this reason the founders abhorred Democracy and insisted the USA was a Democratic Republic with QUALIFIED voters. It’s obvious that the USA, as it exists today, is rapidly accelerating toward a Marxist totalitarian state. The NSA and Homeland Security could implement a Soviet style state at the direction of a rouge president and willing or passive congress under the cloak of National Security and we the people won’t know until the trap is sprung. Can anyone see a light at the end of this tunnel that has a happy outcome? Like a school of mad Piranha feverishly devouring the carcass of some hapless victim, the growing dependent class in America is devouring the wealth of the most powerful, productive country the world has ever seen. THIS IS BY DESIGN! The strategy of breaking the U.S. financially via social giveaway programs was devised over 40 years ago by Statist Utopians and their liberal, leftist lackeys.

    It’s imperative that as many states as possible secede as quickly and non violently as possible with the U.S. constitution as the governing document, and form a union of Constitutional states, true to the original intent of the founders.

    As repugnant as the dissolution of the USA is, one recognizes that occasionally a wound is so great a limb must be amputated to save a life. I’m open for someone to tell me I’m wrong and explain how we can insure the survival of the Constitution and our Republic otherwise.
    Dan H.

    • <>

      In my AO I’m seeing both – a lot of people want things as usual, while others are getting more and more pissed by the day and are taking steps to get away from reliance on the State. We get questions all the time about raising animals, planting a garden, and making what you can and keeping it longer. I hear a lot of grumbling over the amount of money people aren’t getting on their paychecks, where before there was mostly “well, it’s for a good cause”. I think a big chunk of people around here are in the process of Thoughtcrime, and are chanting “We Love Big Brother” less heartily now, but they haven’t stopped saying it entirely, mostly for fear of reprisal and fear of the unknown. All the little Socialists that were raised up in the school system have a Leviathan-shaped vacuum that they can’t fill if they don’t have the State.

      Agreed. I haven’t met a single person in my AO that thinks that school taxes are an overreach, or that property taxes should be abolished, or that farm subsidies are the equivalent of welfare (struck a nerve with many people on that one). As much as I would love to see people throw off the yoke of the State, I don’t expect it to happen. Regardless of the complaining and posturing that they do, they will continue to put on the yoke of the State and pull the plow over my property and my family, plant their social programs, and suck out the sustenance of what I call “mine”. All because it is EASIER to go to a 9-5 job, have the electronic “chits” put on the plastic, and let the State babysit the kids from 5 until they are 18 or infinitum. Nobody likes Liberty because it takes WORK and CHOICES, and when I make the wrong choice or don’t want to do the work, there’s nobody to blame but yours truly.

      I agree with the first part, but the second part I don’t think is correct. I don’t think an amputation is the proper picture of FUSA’s demise. Fatal gunshot wound to the head with an organ transplant to a healthy patient would seem more fitting (Constitution/Articles of Confederation –> seceded states with a God-fearing population that give assent to the Law and want to design their government to be efficient and as non-destructive as possible). The organs of FUSA are still present, but the brain has decayed beyond repair.

      I don’t know if deliberately pulling the life-support plug is wise – usually organ transplants are planned for and the plug is only pulled when the transplant is ready to take place. I don’t think the O.R. or the recipient have been adequately prepped.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “It’s imperative that as many states as possible secede as quickly and non violently as possible with the U.S. constitution as the governing document, and form a union of Constitutional states, true to the original intent of the founders.”

      It’s the “nonviolently” part that’s the problem. One, the Feds aren’t going to just let people leave. It may take them a while to recover and come back after you, but come they will (see, e.g., Putin, Vladimir), and the new nations will be small and weak (see, e.g., Ukraine). Two, any sizable area that leaves is going to have a large number of people who are loyal members of the Free Shit Army/US Komsomolets. The new nation will have to either: (a) re-educate them; (b) deport them; or (3) kill them. Any of which will likely trigger a pretty violent response from the Feds, and – depending upon who the targeted group is – possibly from foreign countries, too.

      • This is why I don’t think it’s ready for a reboot yet.

        1) FedGov is still strong enough to hold a gravitational pull on the states – secede and be ripped apart. The states need to start making provisions NOW to be self-reliant and have local, loyal power within their own borders. National elections mean little – we all seem to be in agreement that the apparatus is a shadow of its former self, and it WILL collapse at some point – there is no voting our way out of it on the national level. Your local elections still matter (somewhat) – do something in your AO and get people in elected positions that will wean your state off the artificial milk and honey flowing from DC. Some states (any that end in ‘stan) have tied themselves so well to the capitol that when it sinks they will be dragged down the vortex as well. Along with this, educating people who are awake or disillusioned does more than casting a vote. People wake up en-masse when all powerful Gov can’t fix a problem and there is no scapegoat (Katrina, anyone?)

        2) IDK how to fix the FSA problem. It has been the problem from day 1 – how to sort out the moral people and remove the immoral people. Removal of all the bennies from everyone, period, is step 1. Given the option to starve to death or leave, many will leave. Not moral to force someone to be generous to those without. The hardcore ones with money will stick around, with the grand delusion of moving to the top or putting their people on top during the instability. This is where the docs come in for the long haul- the Constitution is weak in that it isn’t specific enough. The AoC’s weaknesses have been hammered to death – but they are what restrains the gov’t. A weak gov’t is one that can’t cause trouble.
        a) Re-education of the FSA is unlikely – there will always be closet Socialists who play in the shadows and pay lipservice to Liberty, and most of the group has been trained from birth – it’s hardwired into their subconscious and thought process (what few thoughts they have).
        b) Deportation is preferable, but expensive.
        c) The Nazis discovered this was the cheap and easy option, but it is not well-liked by most conscious individuals. The death penalty has a place, but it does not well serve the role of punishing those who know nothing besides the teat of Gov’t.

        • “…how to sort out the moral people and remove the immoral people.”

          Damn, how do people have time for that? Seems to me that the only people who could justify figuring that stuff out, are those that already made their own lives perfect. Are there really that many who think they’ve done that?

          Peeps must be bored; we need more busi-ness.

    • “trading individual liberty for the collective good”

      But that leaves the answer so simple…”No deal.” Yeah, and pull it off. Survive. Doesn’t matter how tough it is—it’s the only possible answer.

      Any other answer says, “Count me in; I’ll trade.”

  10. Brother Grim

    How many Lakota had this very same conversation many years ago?

    • I just watched a documentary on incident at Oglala the other day. I had no idea of that history. It WAS eye opening to see the fedgov response to that one however. They put on the big boot and went stomping.

        • In the early 70’s there was an independence movement among the Native American tribes. A group of young men forsake booze and fuckery for “the old ways” and began to organize resistance to their conditions and tried to restart discussions with FEDGLove regarding treaties etc. Hilarity ensued when two Fibbies chased someone they thought was someone else deep onto the rez. During that time there had been a sectarian internecine struggle going on amoung the AIM (American Indian Movement) vs the local corrupt as fuck “elected official” (think MFWIC, ask Max V for definition of MFWIC it’s a brit term). Anyway because there had been around 165 murders, fire bombings and generalized thuggery occurring between local MFWIC guy and AIM guys when the feds rolled in HOT things popped and some guys started firing lead downrange at the feds. They both were killed. The next day or so, about 150 feds showed up and proceeded to snipe one of the AIM men Horiuchi style. Then FED really got going and brot some big toys to the party. They eventually charged 3 men two of whom were found not guilty. Full disclosure this is a story narrated by bobby redford and pelletier was a cause celebre’ for them for a while. That said I watched and learned.

      • “Incident at Oglala”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      How many Tutsi, Croats, Bosnians, Chechens, etc. had it just 20 years ago?

  11. The Walkin' Dude

    I wonder if she will appoint Obama to the Supreme Court…

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Hell you’re right, he’s an expert on Constitutional law. Should be a piece of cake for him.
      If he’s not swinging at a necktie party by then.

      • Obama, Sharpton and Biden Those would be some Rulings, eh? The mind fairly boggles. Yeahbut op will straighten it out.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Having Biden on the Supreme Court would be fun – just to see the opinions written in crayon.

  12. System Collapse is inevitable, whoever the next Prez is: we are in phase terminal of the greatest DebtPonzi in history. Martial Law will follow. Hiligula – as some one who fears and hates the (her words) “vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” – will administer a Martial Law regime even more viciously and incompetently than a neo-con Republicrat. This is much to our advantage

    • SemperFi, 0321

      These people have never felt any real opposition in their entire lives, never been punished for all the murder in their wake, when they truly get their way we will see crimes that make Stalin look like a Boy Scout. Count on it.

      • Stalin was a competent state terrorist. The banksters and their stooge politicians are nothing of the kind. They only know how to Ponzi. The Empire is losing everywhere in the world: Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Ukraine, EU. They’ll lose here too, and fairly quickly; just pussies with drones, and they’re going to run out of drones. It’s the subsequent, extended chaos that will be broadly lethal

  13. The Bielski Partizans serve as a good model for when leviathan tries to put on those boots and go stomping … But here it will, I believe, be on a much grander scale.
    Inglorious Bastards also has a certain applicability.

  14. One can only imagine the mental trauma and rage of a Alinskyite statist elitist hag who’s man humiliates her for years with his whoremongering and the latest investigation, Bill’s name on flight manifests to his rich buddy sex offender’s private isle with underage gals. An abused sociopath who will act out in revenge and power trips like we will never see before, totally unqualified as well. Not to mention the usual erratic behavior of the weaker sex. Case in point the alien muzzie marxist Jarrett running Obozo, who’s another bundle of clusterf*ck estrogen. Hitlery is dangerous, and more importantly the usual cabal running their haggy puppet; she’ll tip the scales for sure.

    • FrozenPatriot

      “she’ll tip the scales for sure.”

      …is that a fat joke? 🙂

      All kidding aside, I’ve decided to only refer to her as “Hitlery”, especially around my libtard acquaintances, just so I can say, “I told you so…” when she goes full retard.

    • That’s one of the best descriptions of Hitlery I’ve heard yet.

  15. While the League of the South hasn’t endorsed Hillary, so far, we are encouraging every member to not vote, or if they’re savvy about this issue, to vote for Hillary.

    We southern nationalists want the worst candidates possible to be elected to the United States government, to bring it down as soon as possible. Failing that, to weaken it to the extent possible. That’s why we fully support the US army’s acceptance of Sodomite soldiers, and the US Marine corps’ considering the reduction of requirements for female Marine infantry officer school.

    Anything and everything that reduces the US government’s strength, including its muscle, the US military, is a good thing.

    Think about it, so y’all really want to face a full on, classic US soldier circa 1944?

    • outlawpatriot

      Wow! Now that’s some thinkin’ right there.

      Suicide. Pure, unadulterated suicide.

      I guess you’ll sacrifice everything in the hope of chance to run the darkies and Jews out of South Carolina, huh?

    • Just make sure you have your good running shoes on when the Chinese land in Seattle and Russians nuke our bases. That will make your point doubly good, won’t it?

      • “Just make sure you have your good running shoes on when the Chinese land in Seattle and Russians nuke our bases. That will make your point doubly good, won’t it?”

        This is really too silly to treat seriously, so I’ll just quote it and point that out.

        Russia is no threat to the southern states, neither is China. What might threaten Oregon will require the people living there to sort out.

        Last, to address the advanced silliness of OLP, you’re notion that the US government can somehow be saved or reformed means you’re simply not, or aren’t able to, firmly grasping what is happening both globally or within the US itself.

        There is no desire by the League of the South to remain within the “tender grasp” of the United States, which is merely a government and nothing more. There are many who confabulate the US government with the people and the land and that’s too bad, but, I suppose, hope among you springs eternal.

        The south is a nation, there is no America, and the United States is not a nation at all.

        • outlawpatriot

          You’re an idiot.

        • “Russia is no threat to the southern states, neither is China.”

          Sensible, but you left out one contingency—what if the US government is on the same side as them? Maybe “New World Order” means New World Order. That’s not an assertion, just a possibility.

          • It is the position of the League of the South that the United States, a government, is the biggest threat to anyone living within the current boundaries of the US, which is the primary reason we support the decline, fall, and removal of the US government from our lands.

            Never to return.

  16. We all know the old saying that the people get the government they deserve. Look to take care of you and yours and those who think like you is about all you can do at this point, think local. Let the rest of it burn and if they come for you make sure you kill as many of the scum as you can before you go.

  17. “Damn, how do people have time for that?”

    Well, selfish, self absorbed, self interested, amoral people have time only
    for themselves, giving no thought to any interest greater than their own present gain or loss. I call that shortsighted lack of true self interest, at best.

    “Seems to me that the only people who could justify figuring that stuff out, are those that already made their own lives perfect.”

    And only the intellectually lazy and deluded could resort to such and argument. You know perfectly well that human perfection as a prerequisite to any human endeavor is a non starter. That includes your own dogmatic insistence upon… well. you know that upon which you insist. So does everyone else within earshot/

    One doesn’t have to be perfect to seek the greater good, just aspiring to the benefit others beyond that of “a good trade.” Just because you can’t imagine any good beyond your own doesn’t mean it doesn’t, can’t or won’t ever exist.

    • Jim, that was all for you. I don’t know how it got out of order.

      Maybe the hour, maybe the whiskey.

      A cordial FU to any who GAS.

      • No sweat…not much doubt about whom that was for, eh? Whassamatta, you never heard the saying that if everyone swept in front of their own porch, the world would be a damn sight cleaner?

        And then, there’s that little matter of exactly whom anyone can control anyway. It’s THAT fact which renders your “arguments” feeble.