Porretto: Creeping Totalitarian Report


It ain’t just in Wisconsin.

The Bad People believe they are untouchable.

Things will need to get much worse than now before people will get more serious.

Hillary 2016.

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    Fran points out the indictment with a zillion charges to get people to accept a plea bargain-
    There is a way to stop that,and it would stop tomorrow if every person charged with some ridiculous list of rimes that don’t even resemble whatever the original “crime” was would just say screw you-seat a jury,I’ll take my chances.
    Our “justice” system would grind to a halt .

  2. outlawpatriot

    I’m gonna tell you this. Men, good men should gather, armed, and lay hands on those responsible for this shit. Then take them to a secluded place, try them, then hang their stupid fucking asses.

    I assure you, as God as my witness, if anything like this happens in the state of Florida I will do exactly that.

    • Lost Patrol

      OLP, I concur with what you say … except for taking them to a secluded place. They should be hung in front of the federal court house with a sign saying about their necks stating “Treason has no statute of limitations”. Let them twist slowly in the wind at the end of a rope in a public place so that all can see them. Especially their buddies.

      • outlawpatriot

        My thought was video. Posted far and wide. Probably wouldn’t have enough people to secure an AO for the trial and execution. 🙂

        • Cassandra (of Troy)


          If the crime/s of the object are already known & validated, what need for the (albeit psychologically satisfying) pomp & circumstance of trial & why the use of a rope for execution when all that’s necessary is a swift (or leisurely, if one prefers) swipe across the throat w/ a suitably sharp (or dull, if one prefers) implement? The sight of the condemned flopping on the ground spraying & gargling its life away seems to me to be appropriate as well as instructive to all attending, w/ the added benefit of revealing those who may not be up for the such/worse acts that may be required by the vicissitudes of future combat interactions.

          • outlawpatriot

            What you’re describing is what a terrorist would do. I’m not a terrorist. I’m a good guy. A militiaman protecting and defending his Constitution, community and family.

            But I hear what you’re sayin’. 😉

    • Prepping Preacher

      the rope manufacturers couldn’t keep up with the demand

  3. it all comes back to the debtbuck. So longer as the Regime can invent money out of nothing to buy mass consent, the “abuses” will continue. When the Ponzi collapses, the collectivist inning is over, and we get to bat. Meanwhile, as far as I’m concerned, neo-conz & “conservatives” deserve every beating they get

  4. John chisholm is just the enforcement cog the democratic machine in WI. The words ‘gestapo tactics’ are spot on and NOT an exaggeration by any stretch. Hundreds of people who have donated to conservative causes in WI have been raided under a ‘john doe’ investigation that had no bounds and required no evidence of wrongdoing.
    the leftists in this state have figured out how to use courts to gum up all important legislation and intimidate ir bankrupt their opponents.

    Luckily, the supporters of the democratic machine were kind enough to identify themselves by signing ‘Recall Walker’ petitions, who all can be identified through a searchable database. There is a cold war going on in this state, its no secret that this database used by private employers to weed out potential employees, and it has also disqualified a few people for public offices.
    handy link below-

    • Cassadra (of Troy)


      “Luckily,……searchable database.”

      This type of self-identification by the leadership/minions of OpFor should be seen a blessing as it dispenses w/ all of the usual sorting out of the guilty from the ‘innocent’ folderol, a real (albeit unintentional) time/effort saver for FreeFor & one that should be encouraged. Interesting lesson on how narcissism & its attendent hubris are exploitable weaknesses that can (& often will) undo one in future.

  5. The reasoning behind the war on conservatives and more specifically, the war on Scott Walker in this state has everything to do with Act10, which crippled the democratic machine that has had a strangle hold on the state for the last 50 years.
    A little background:
    The teachers’ union (WEAC) became so powerful that it required taxpayers at every school district to pay for teachers’ healthcare through WEAC Trust which charged around $35,000/year for each policy, where comparable health care could be found for less than 1/3 of that price. The rest of the money was used to fund elections from school boards all the way up to governor, US reps, and Senators. dems had huge money advantages in every election cycle and would in turn help consolidate the power and wealth of WEAC, to the detriment of the taxpayer.
    Scott Walker stuck a stake into the heart of WEAC with Act 10, its floundering, lost most if its ill begotten funding, and the dems are pissed and have been out for blood the last 3 years. If Scott Walker hadn’t accomplished anything else as governor, this one accomplishment might be enough to eventually tip WI towards being a permanent red state.
    The recall petitions were a direct call to action in response to act 10, so one can rest assured that any signer of these petitions are rabid supporters of the hideously corrupt democratic machine.

  6. The Walkin' Dude

    I wonder what would have happened if she had fought back, and they killed her, and/or she killed a few of them. They’d try to explain it away, sure, but would people buy it? Would it have been a martyr event? People just bow down to these raids. Personally, I don’t care how many people I see running around outside, what MRAP(s) they have, or even WHAT the reason is they are there. They better surprise me. I. Will. Shoot. Back. I may only get one, I may get more, I may get none, but I refuse to be kicked to the floor of my own castle without returning fire. If most decided to live in that fashion, it probably wouldn’t be so fashionable to kick down doors with gangs of armed dead-men-walking 😉 might be more concerned with doing things properly and making it home alive, and/or to an alive family 😀

  7. Senator_Blutarsky

    I recall reading on WRSA-

    They [the Bad People] understand that normal folks are afraid to break the law, let alone break shit and kill people. Until normal folks get over that fear,
    the bad guys have free rein. It’s that simple.
    The Monk

    Collins created a special assassination squad called The Squad designed to kill British agents; arranged the “National Loan”; organised the IRA; effectively led the government when de Valera travelled to and remained in the United States for an extended period of time; and managed an arms-smuggling operation.

    books on Collins, Tom Barry & early, real IRA might be revealing reads………..

    here is a disturbing read-


    • Jimmy the Saint

      But it isn’t just fear of breaking the law. The power of the state now, as opposed to most of history, is staggering. People no longer face a local marshal or sheriff, they face virtual standing armies (police forces and Fed agencies) many of which are not constrained by jurisdictional limitations. You can be tracked by SSNs, biometric data, etc., whereas in years past, you simply needed to move to another state and grow/shave your beard. it is a daunting task to get people to be willing to face up to that much power. It can be done, but it isn’t easy.

    • Did you catch this in the msn.com article?
      “…Fabricant traces the first reported use of hair analysis to 1855, when John Browning and his son, Gaston, were tried for murdering a plantation overseer.”

      Clearly the Masons, Illuminati, and teh Jooz orchestrated this little “coincidence”.
      The plantation owner probably Haym Salomon and Adam Weishaupt some serious coin.

  8. Marvin Louis Guy. As he goes, so goes the country.

    • Having spent quite a bit of time in Romania, the “Ceausescu challenge,” as you put it, was NOT without cost, and certainly nothing to laugh at. 1300 dead in the Revolution. Walking the streets in ’93, I remember seeing the monuments for the dead everywhere… some shot, some run over by tanks. Pictures of kids murdered… and fresh flowers on all of the monuments. Bullet-holes in concrete walls of buildings, and a certain hesitancy to talk about those times.

      There was nothing funny about it. And while still young (and relatively stupid about how the world worked), it was a shock to the system, to GROK the price paid.

      It makes me fear the price to be paid, when it’s our turn… and we have far more enemies to dispatch.

      • 1300? That is chump change. US cops are already killing 1100 per year so 1300 hundred is just 61 weeks of business as usual. Even adjusted for population would be 19-20 thousand dead. A damn sight better than the 1861-65 version with 620k combatants dead (6.3 million adjusted for current population). Pessimistic WRSA readers guestimate a much higher total in a worst case scenario.
        *****New! Improved! CWII now with RaceWar!!!!! ***

  9. Study “the Troubles” and you will realize quickly that
    no one should clamor for what is surely coming in this country. Enjoy these days, for when we reach that road we will all long for the days when we were just frogs with warm wet legs.


      Yes, Tom. Just as the Israelites whined for the fleshpots of Egypt, so will many wish we were back in the doldrums and torpor of bread, circuses, and funny money. But, as Royce said in Boston’s Gun Bible, would you rather go through life nauseous or throw up and get it over with? I know people who will pooh-pooh any crash and say we will just deflate slowly like a punctured tire. And, we have people saying that it will all explode as described in Rawles’ first tome: PATRIOTS.
      Since I am rapidly approaching geezer status, I am ambivalent. Being a former peace officer, I would like to see justice done against the forces of darkness in D.C. and other government hives where badge-carrying thugs prevail over our God-given rights. Yet, it is what it is and we need to keep vigilant and prepped. For those of us who believe in the words of the Good Book, I find comfort in Psalms 37 and 91. Ireland did get through the troubles.

  10. This sounds like a PR mistake to me. Any utility they may derive from intimidating a few people with these tactics, must be overwhelmed by the loss of (apparent) legitimacy they will suffer as a result. This is the age of the Internet, after all. What’s that old saw about not interrupting an enemy in the process of making a mistake?

    • Mark Matis

      This is the age of the hive. Hive-dwellers eat up the “news” from the Media, and cheer these acts. As I have said repeatedly, they LUVS them some Big Government. You will NOT succeed in changing the hive-dwellers’ love for their pigs. No matter WHAT those pigs do.

  11. Damn Communists…..death to all of them and their ilk.

  12. Oh and by all means, keep voting for team Red too, because if you don’t vote for someone then you just have to STFU because well, we voted and you didn’t.

    Here, vote for Carl:

    Because she was a secretary once who knew how to fly on airplanes and not brag about it. In addition she’s a bonafied member of the corptocracy in this here country and she made a lot more shekels than you did. So therefore she should get to run this here giant blob of bullshit.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. SemperFi, 0321

    As I keep mentioning, this is being done for the most part, by cowardly limp wristed liberals using their power in gov’t to kill off the opposition thru union fedthugs. Enough people are afraid to do anything for fear of punishment by the courts, which are controlled by liberal fedthugs. So we have them taking over, arresting you, even killing you, just as in Russia and Nazi Germany, and your neighbors are too scared to avenge you. We are watching history repeat itself, and we sit here, acting like it doesn’t concern us.
    The fedthugs understand sheeple psychology. It’s how they do what they do.

    • Spot on. Its becoming more and more apparant every day that we are well down the path if totalitarianism and the facilitators are getting more brazen every day. On the bright side, we live in a surveillance state where the surveillance works both ways. Its very easy to wake people up and join your side by simply sending daily doses of youtube videos of the police state stepping on their crank.
      Here’s a recent great video that most non-jackboots can relate to:

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Ok. Did anyone do anything about it?
        That’s my point. This happens a hundred times a day and no one goes after these fucks. Not her husband, or brothers, or dad, or cousins……. they just fukn sit there and let it happen again tomorrow, and the next day and next……
        They belong on every Christmas card list in that fukn AO.

        • The point is you can’t beat them or the system that supports them by hitting them head on- that is just playing right into their lap.

          Provoking an assault, while having a few men lying in ambush wouldn’t work either, even if you decisively wiped out the gang of thugs, they still have the media and the full weight of .gov behind them, who will only make things more restrictive to everyone. Time for that level of action hasn’t arrived no matter how morally repugnant representatives of ,gov act.

          This has to be won through pressing public opinion to your side, believe me, the other side is working overtime to do the same- against us.This matters more than bullets or bombs ecchanged.

  15. It may be more useful to think in terms of “is this PRO LIBERTY, or NOT” instead of the Conservative/Liberal spectrum. Consider the implications of accepting the “left-right” paradigm. Then think of Liberty, or not.