Excerpt from “Secret Forces”, by F.O. Miksche

secret forces

Juan Martín Díez sends, via this classic:

“…But Napoleon’s famous maxim, ‘the whole secret of the art of war lies in making oneself the master of the communications’, is truer than ever and the lines of supply, on which [vehicles] rely for fuel, constitute the Achilles’ heel of all [vehicular] forces. To harass and army’s lines of communication is to paralyse its moral strength; to destroy its means of intercommunication-by which orders and reports pass-is to paralyse the sensory connection between brain and body. The destruction of radio stations and telegraph installations makes an [army] deaf and dumb…”

Attack the PD motorpools, repeater sites, and follow with night letters to garages, gas stations, and radio repair businesses.

Don’t fight the MRAPs.

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  1. Mark Matis

    Or hit the pigs in their homes. That ALSO works.

    And if they go to Green Zones with their families, they merely concentrate the targets. Biological is the preferred tactic for those conditions. They WILL bring in outsiders to clean their common facilities. Norovirus is probably the best choice, since it tends to be very hardy. E-coli is a reasonable – and readily available – substitute. MRSA? And many others. Reduce them to uselessness without firing a shot…

  2. what is a night letter?

  3. The Lithuanians and Bielski’s were very handy with an ax.

  4. Lost Patrol

    Another good source is the Swiss manual written by a major if I remember .. titled “Resistance”. Get employed by the enemy. Sabotage, gather Intel, steal stuff folks need etc. The Afghans were good at this game. Using them cost us more then US contractors and that is saying a lot.

  5. MRAP’s fight themselves. Just stop repairing them and they become useless pdq if driven much or actually used for combat patrols. It’s all about service depots (mechanics/cooks/crew/supply people), parts (non-local) and fuel (non-local source, flammable and dangerous when stockpiled at the depot). Vehicles that don’t move aren’t really much problem.

    Don’t fight the machines. Stay off and away from roads, where the machines work best. Men who ride in/on the machines over-depend on them. That can hurt.

  6. Or for example (talking pure science fiction of course like a plot in a book) :
    “If we see you gas up their trucks, we will kill your family. Don’t believe us? Do it and see what happens”

  7. arson delivered by remote control vehicle to the motorpool

  8. Leave the mechanics alone. Their shops in such a scenario will provide a needed nexus of economic activity with such rampant as outage being done. They will also be a good source of intel(“they sent you how many whatever to fix, and what’s wrong with them?)

    A shop can also “delay” a repair that takes “rare(whether really or artificially)” parts, providing so e operational flexibility. If a shop isnt up to aying the games, a night letter might be good, but subversion like this is such a classic intelligence technique it sould be seriously considered.

  9. Fuel deliveries to a gas station typically occur via tanker trucks which pump gas into openings to the below ground tanks. That pumping produces a bunch of vapors so be careful! We all know that fuel and air can be very dangerous! So like if you were gonna talk to one of these folks make sure it isnt during a delivery and for Petes sake make sure there’s no open flames around!

    I once saw a pump get hit by a panel truck doing 40mph and get launched about 10 yards. The pumps have shear valves built into them desigbed to shut them off when well sheared so the pump areas pretty safe. But those tank fills can be tricky!

    • Safety is very important.

      • Contact your Squadron Safety Officer to learn about Fuel Safety.

        Daily Safety Briefing: “Be Safe.”

        Weekly Safety Briefing: “Don’t be there when this thing burns down”.

        • Yup, ya don’t want be near this kind of thing. I always avoid filling up at a station when a load is being dropped. Yes, there are multiple fail safes and safety systems including vapor recovery in place, but Murphy cares not. He can and will show up from time to time.

          53 seconds for those of you who hate suspense:

  10. Coooool – the CV topic. Let’s see how many come out to poo-poo it this time.

  11. Preserve critical sanitary infrastructure. We will need clean water.
    A cordless drill, a long screw and electrical tape will shut down a repeater.
    Run the screw from the outer shield into the center conductor and wrap with electrical tape to conceal the short.
    Nothing apparently wrong by visual inspection but the SWR fold back circuit in the amplifier will greatly reduce the transmitted power if it does not shut down completely.

    • Grenadier1

      Fire will shut down a lot of things…just sayin.

    • That depends.
      I’ve spent fifteen years building collection and distribution systems, and another ten operating water and wastewater treatment plants.

      Know what would keep me up nights?

      Knowing there was some other chap in my area with bolt-cutters, valve key, etc., and willing to use them incorrectly.

      The guy who would use post hole diggers and acetylene torch to cut into the body of a valve on a 12 inch main, not just the pipe itself. Or dump a few buckets of hydraulic cement into a sewer lift station until Brown lane became Brown lake. Or use a 25 foot length of chain weighted on one end to transform a transformer.

      Think dirty. Then think dirtier.

  12. outlawpatriot

    I learn things here.

    I suspect that I will live longer because of that.

  13. Good information and like they say at Faber College “knowledge is good”.
    Keep it coming…..

    • “Like when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!” Bluto, a Faber College alumni. I almost pissed myself the first time I saw Animal House.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

  15. daily overflights of cobra helos now in Cedar Park TX area….seem to be heading north to Ft. Hood maybbe…..never have seen these in the 4 years living here….nothing to see move along

  16. Grenadier1

    STANDING ORDER 1: Break Networks
    The first and most general standing order of any modern insurgency is
    simple: break networks. (The only caveat being: avoid breaking
    communications networks.) These networks are small group
    enablers/catalysts, and enable the spread of social contagion virally.

  17. Mark O'Ryan

    Petroleum resources to pro-government militias remain a critical nexus in the support network: force projection via mechanized means requires fuel, fuel arrives via long supply lines that may be neutralized over their entire extent. There is no way to provide security to all that POL infrastructure over the entirety of the U.S. all the time—it will remain highly vulnerable.

    Persons suggesting that this business or that business should not receive unconventional attention because of local economic advantages either do not understand the nature of insurrgency or are philosopically, morally and ethically unable to conduct operations. The only reason not to target domestic security support and facilitation networks is because those networks are providing a service or product for the insurrgents. There is no ‘nice.’ There are no half-measures.

    O’Ryan sends.

  18. Seems to me that any insurgency movement requires the consent of the people (or at least a great many of them) and to that end, the ‘psy-ops’ element is critical (language, message, etc. To that end, in my part of the country, there is a great deal of ‘open’ transmission lines serving a great many people: disrupt power, push the message that Team Fed has done it and vola! civilian uprising which would necessitate government crack down. Many ways to ‘skin a cat’ with this new battle ground. Just saying ……

  19. “There is no ‘nice.”

    Boy howdy.

    Cordially, and with the very best wishes, I invite every one of you dogmatic ideologues: committed ismists, noncommittal nonismists, vapid idiotists, morons, fucktards, atheists, agnostics, libertardians, individualists, collectivists, narcissists, psychopaths, racists, retards, ignorati, cognoscenti, incognoscenti, capitalists, anarchists, imperialists, monarchists, socialists, communists, fascists and bilious acid refluxians… to continue to seek the impossible: Man made perfection.

    Man supposes.

    God disposes.

    Human pride and rebellion against God are the cause of all human misery.

    • outlawpatriot

      The older I get the more I understand what you’re sayin’. 🙂

      • I’m not trying to absolve us from doing the necessary, nor do I believe for a moment that He requires us to pacifism, I’m urging the accession to His Will as the basis. Free will means doing your own thing or doing it His way by your own acknowledgement.

        I would I were Joshua or David.

  20. All refueling by the powers in my neck of the woods is done at commercial card lock refueling stations.. I guess to reenforce the air of exceptionalisim. No self respecting, white gloved, goose stepper wants to rub shoulders in such a non confrontational societal fashion at the local gas-n-sip, .. It’s hard to project an air of fear and force if you have to rely a cashier to flip the switch so you can fuel your rolling rampart.

    • Community Organizer

      Powdered magnets in a small tube stuck in the card reader. Just add a puff of air.

      Those of you inclined to manual labor can get a part-time job as a janitor in the local JBT hive. There are all kinds of thumb drive installable viruses out there. And magnets. They sell them in the hardware aisle of most big box home improvement stores. Startpage, duckduckgo, etc. is your search friend….

  21. This book has been on the recommended reading list for close to twenty years. It’s about time that it was rediscovered.

    The best parts, in my opinion, are the organizational diagrams. The one about the French underground holds a lot of lessons for the patriot movement but unfortunately nobody seems to want to heed them. Likewise the higher organization of the movement with its centralized command structure in safe territory.

    Read the whole book and then apply its lessons.

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