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Oligarchs Über Alles, 2016

4 responses to “Banzai!

  1. Camacho2016!

    …and the number one movie in the country that year was a film called “Ass”. And that’s all it was, for 90 minutes. It won 8 oscars that year including best screenplay.

    We are the Idiocracy we’ve been waiting for.

  2. Work for the worst candidate possible to bring down the US government faster. It’s coming down whether you like it or not, we can influence the speed with which that happens.

    “American or Southerner?

    Chose this day whether you be an American or a Southerner. You cannot be both. If you are an American you must become a propositionalist who believes all men–and their cultures–are created equal. You must profess fealty to the progressivist trinity of multiculturalism, diversity, and tolerance. You must speak well of homosexuals and actively support “gay marriage.” You must believe in an all-inclusive “gospel.” You must confess the grievous racial and cultural sins of white Europeans. And you must sit in the seat of everlasting repentance for the transgressions of your ancestors.

    As for me and my house, we chose to be Southerners standing for our God, our folk, and our homeland.” – Dr. Michael Hill, president League of the South

  3. Scary thought. Hillary could likely be running for president on money that bought us uranium that may be used in a bomb that is detonated on a us city and many people will vote for her because she’s a woman.

  4. I find it difficult to contemplate voting for a woman (at all) but especially one that looks like something that dropped out of a tall cows ass.