Marching Into Hell: A Blunt Message to the Young People of America

shambling mall lampreys

These are the good old days.

And those who do not understand that bald fact – whether young or old – will be truly sad pandas when The Inevitable comes to center stage.

Tempus fugit.


33 responses to “Marching Into Hell: A Blunt Message to the Young People of America

  1. I suppose at 26 I would rank as one of the ‘younger folk’, particularly so when compared against the average age of the readership here.

    In years prior to this I was one of those who bought into the Marxist horseshit. I genuinely have WRSA and various affiliates to thank for clearing my mind of the miasma that such tripe produced.

    The contempt that this generation inspires is to a degree justified. But at the same time one must realize that so many ‘young folk’ have been thrust into this vicious culture of pornography, vanity and self gratification from the get go. It disgusts me as much as anyone else, it truly does. But so many of these younger kids have literally been programmed in to this culture, nearly from inception onwards. Its just that damned pernicious. And it’s absolutely deliberate. The PTB/NWO need their chattel base, and this is how they are producing it.

    I don’t know what the future will bring. I don’t expect it to be a future filled with hope and promise. In fact I expect quite the opposite. I have tried, with great difficulty, to show my closest friends just how deeply fucked we are, and they just won’t see it. I’m beginning to question whether it’s even worth trying to show them anymore. They, like so many other young folk, won’t see the forest for the trees until the entire fucking forest has been engulfed in hellfire.

    Fuck it. I’ll go it alone if I have to.

    Here’s some cheerful music to lighten the mood.

    • Glad you did the work.

      You aren’t alone.

      Keep at it.

    • Come on up to MT you won’t be alone…Plenty of jobs for a kid your age…

      • If things are still intact by next summer I’ll be able to transfer elsewhere within my current job. I was definitely considering somewhere either out West or down into the deep South. I’ll keep MT in mind, that’s for certain.

        • Do you have a career or a job? If its just a job and I can find one that pays more and you like better would you consider a move now?

          • Given the state of the economy I’d consider it more of a career if anything. I’m with FedEx now and the nice thing is that they are everywhere throughout the states, so once my commitment to my station is done I can go wherever they have openings. Unfortunately the lease on the place I rent expires spring of next year. Over the past few months I had been waffling on different paths to take and none of them seemed to work out for me. I tried to join the Army but they denied me due to my medical history. I settled on getting a small place for myself but the problem is that home doesn’t feel like home anymore, not just where I am now but the whole state that I live in. My hope is to start simplifying and paring things down for the move by around this time next year. Sell the guns I don’t need, upgrade the ones I feel I do, sell or donate what few pieces of furniture would be left, break down the reloading equipment, pick a few select books to have with me, shove all the survival and camping gear into a couple hiking packs, and then stuff it all in the car along with a few extra fuel cans and get up and go. At least that’s how I envision it. I’m sure it won’t be that simple though.

            I appreciate the offer, sir. I’m just not in a position to go yet. If I see things getting real hairy before this time next year I’ll make a break for it in whatever direction seems the safest. Until then I’ll keep preparing for what I hope will be a drastic change of scenery.

    • Thanks for sharing that. Almost sad, but good people work things out for the best. Some of us were screaming about what was being done the whole time. It always was about the schools. It’s one of the reasons defeatism is so common.

      Stll, lots of younger folk held onto or found their minds, and it’ll be enough. One mindful soul is worth a thousand mindless zombies.

  2. powerful commentary on most contemporary teens and FTL’s. Lost me when he started in about the Good War. And the people who intend to kill us…are already in charge of the country

    • …And the inconvenient fact that The Greatest Generation whelped the Boomers who spawned the Generation Xers who failed to abort the Millennials. The Greatest Generation oversaw the expansion of the welfare state, unrestricted non-white/judeo-Christian immigration, and have massively indebted their grandchildren on a scale never before imagined on planet Earth.
      What’s that saying about square dicks?

  3. So now we need to hate the young retards? Nah, these idiots have no idea what has happened because WE, or shall I say I, abdicated my responsibility to scare the motherfucking shit out the assholes whom we have allowed to fill this cesspool. One thing we need to do is begin building vs. tearing down. it ain’t easy but it can be done. Calling these kids self absorbed fucktards isn’t gonna help anything.

    • Detroit the True 3%

      Those young people will eventually join Red Team to get their food

      They’ll sell you out in a New York minute.

      You have been warned.


    I can still remember my homeroom teacher saying the same thing when I was in high school in the 60’s. He was an Infantry company commander at Omaha Beach on D-day. A lot of the men he led ashore did not get off the beach.
    The sad thing about it, was the eye-rolling and bored reaction of quite a few of my fellow boomers in the classroom. Unless a child is raised in a home environment where there is respect, a value of human life, an understanding of compassion and meekness, and the emphasis upon the nobility of hard work and sacrifice, you will end up with a gaggle of idiots portrayed in the photograph.

    • “Unless a child is raised in a home environment where there is respect, a value of human life, an understanding of compassion and meekness, and the emphasis upon the nobility of hard work and sacrifice, you will end up with a gaggle of idiots portrayed in the photograph.”

      Jim Klein gonna frag your ass for telling that bit of empirical truth, contradictory as it is to his ego invested epistemological circle jerk.

      • Who’s invested? I’m about the last guy to whom you need to explain “the nobility of hard work.”

        As for sacrifice you ain’t got nuthin’ except that you believe it. You, and about 90% of the population. Though I notice that every last one of you lifts that forkful of food to your own lips.

        I didn’t say you were the only hypocrite in existence.

  5. Aw, c’mon, Haxo, you’re just bitter because your boss shot himself the day he got married, and your buds lost the war, and some even got hanged, later. By the by, my Pa fought in that war, and he never described it as “Good”. You really mean the people in charge of this country mean to kill us? Now THAT’S a revelation!


    One major issue with this article is that the generations complaining about this one made it. They let the progressives take charge. They caused this. The 20 year Olds have had very little affect on the current status of this country. The majority of wars we have been in have not affected freedom at all. I was in the army for 8 years and have been to Afghanistan multiple times but still recognize we aren’t doing anything to protect freedom there. I fully support freedom and things that don’t hurt you shouldn’t be your concern if you really care about freedom. Examples are tattoos, gay people, and other things that don’t necessarily comply with your personal religious beliefs.

    • Ok, Sarge, what other than careful plucking of the good ones should be done with your age cohort?


        There is a lot in my age group that there is nothing that can be done with but there are plenty in yours too. That’s my point. The older age groups need to stop being all high and mighty and realize they have plenty of their own to worry about too. Welfare, social security this generation didn’t cause that. People have been lazy and living off welfare for a long time. Social security well your piss poor planning shouldn’t be my problem. The other point was some things mentioned were bible based moral issues that if you support stopping then you don’t support freedom. You support freedom as long as it matches up with Christianity and guess what. That is not freedom. If religion says go out and kill everyone else like Islam that’s a different story and should be dealt with but other than that let everyone do their own thing. just in case you didn’t realize Hilary Clinton Obama AL Sharpton and most of the people legislating our freedoms away are not my generations people there yours


          The Patriots that we have in my age group are going to end up having to be the ones to fix what the greatest generation let break

        • Amigo:

          Most Boomers (my cohort) have a future in biofuels and deservedly so. Fuggem. Wasn’t bashing youth – was asking sincerely how to replicate what happened with you more (many) times.

          • “was asking sincerely how to replicate what happened with you more (many) times.”

            Gen Xer here. For me, it was buying an AR-15, as that stupid law expired and I wanted to have something that was formerly illegal. Then I discovered how many people hated me now because of that rifle, and I went and found a bunch of friends so I could keep that rifle.

            Still don’t care if gays want to call themselves married, as long as the State is out of the marriage business altogether. Still don’t care that gay people exist and might talk about their partner in a loving way. Still don’t want to kill them.

            So take every non-firearm-owner you can find shooting. That’s what did it for me.

    • the usual neo-con cant. NCO wants to tolerate the sodomites, alias “gay people”. But the now group-entitled sodomites do not intend to tolerate NCO. As he will presently discover


        Sorry I was still stuck on the article and how it comes off. Most of the generation people always talk about are the ones from cities and a large percentage of the most of them there is no hope for. I’m from a rural area in SC so it’s a different mindset. On the plus side most of the combat arms vets are also from rural areas and have a more similar mindset. The army is what made me grow up but a lot comes back to how you were raised. The libertarian mindset youth is the best chance. I think a big problem there is in this movement is a lot of people bring stuff back to religion and a lot of my generation are like me and stopped going to church as soon as we got out our parents houses. I’ve worked with guys younger than myself and given the right motivation they will still get stuff done. It just takes a different way of dealing with them. They have to understand the problem and how it benefits theM to fix it. Yeah its a selfish mindset but if you explain it that way if they are not super out there left wing you can get through to them. Then you will be amazed at what they can get done. If they are looked down upon for their tattoos or whatever else they will resent you and ignore everything you say. Find the common ground and they will accomplish way more than you can imagine. Articles like that one push them away quick


        That is what the news and tv tell you. Guess what the vast majority of gay people are not on tv. I used not want anything to do with gay people simply because they were gay. But I didn’t really know any of them. I ended up having to interact with gay people because my wife was friends with some from college. Guess what I figured out they are just normal people some are super leftist. A lot are more libertarian minded. These we could work with. There are even some conservatives not a lot but that is just because of all the religious based hatred.

  7. Concerned American :

    Nobody needs to do anything to anyone else unless they are trying to use force. If they do that, shoot them.

    Otherwise, ignore them. Reality is a strong argument, if they are not dealing with reality, reality will take care of the problem.

    Freedom means allowing folks to go to hell in their own preferred way, live and let live. As humans, we can and will help within the limits of our resources.

    There is no going back to a golden age, to some imagined nirvana. We are here, this is where we start our future from, and all the immigrants and PC crazies and druggies and homeless and religious crazies and strange cultures and … are part of this reality, deal with it just like we proFreedom people always do : ignore unless using force.

    • Voting against natural rights is force.

      So is legislating the same.

      So is indoctrination of minors towards the same.

      Ditto judicial support re the same.

      Same same for bureaucratic support.

      • No, voting against natural rights is not force. Legislating against natural rights is not force, etc.

        Force is laying on of hands or use of a weapon.

        We should hope for more laws against our natural rights, because they are widely ignored and disrespect for this broken system of government is to our benefit.

        The first thing that must be destroyed for tyranny to win is the clarity of the language, its ability to convey understanding and wisdom. Your definition of force as anything you don’t approve of helps with that.

      • CA, I could go along with your last four maybe…”tantamount to force,” anyway. But not voting. It’s wrong as you imply, and MAYBE obliquely causative of force, but it’s definitely not force as done by the vast majority of voters. Ignorant perhaps, but neither forceful in intent nor in result. Those damn looters would do it all anyway, which is one of the many reasons Restoration hasn’t a chance.

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