O’er The Land of the Freeeeeeeeee…


And the home of the brave:

‘I am in Camden Yards and cannot leave’: Baseball stadium locked down due to riots


Thanks be to Gaia for the ascension of the Lightbringer, who has healed us all at last:

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  1. Aaahhhh….Camden Yards. Another “Gun Free” zone.

    Always carry. If you can’t carry opt out. Don’t go.

  2. Bill Harzia

    This is why the cops have MRAPs:

    • Hmm, ya I think the MRAPs are for fear and psych operations on the we the plebes.

      The Brit’s rolled in armor in NI, how’d that work out for them? That was against a population that was lightly armed most of the time and a guerrilla force that was using improvised vehicular impediments.

      Today’s Irish Troubles Trivia question?: Why did the Brit’s eventually resort to Helicopter Only transport in NI?

      Answer: Because wheeled armor transport didn’t really pan out the way they’d hoped.

      As always YMMV.

  3. They “asked.”
    That means fans could leave if they want.


  4. The barbarians are at the gates, and the people sit and watch games.


    Another blue hive paralyzed by the FSA. Maybe, just maybe, the music is about to stop.

    • Mark Matis

      Yes, that was just a mob. But three “unexplained” stops enroute to the pig pen, and not one damn thing is done to the pigs responsible?

      Would sure be nice if those Blacks would get their heads out of their asses and kill the Baltimore pig whores. Things would change rather quickly after that…

  6. “because you chose to listen not to your doubts or your fears but to your greatest hopes and highest aspirations”

    See the false dichotomy? It’s really fantasy versus fact. Then you’re “listening” for what will keep you alive. Nowadays, those two choices can get you killed, either one.

  7. Race Realism. If you’re not there already, you’re about to take a crash course in it. With due respect to the highminded, sorry……what is, IS. Take a hard look. It’s not “equal”.

  8. Not Likely

    Wouldn’t this have been a perfect time to jump “penny beer, free bat night” up on the schedule a bit?….. Release the armed drunkards and let the chips fall where they may. Seriously, I listened a little last night and 30 plus 911 calls were flat ignored by the cops in deference to their riot presence, the least we could do is give them a willing assault force.

  9. We're Toast

    WOW I have seen very little commentary about the fact that all of those people we PREVENTED FROM LEAVING!!!! How fucking scary is that? You are stuck in there with police guarding the gates and cannot leave even if you wanted to!!!! Think about the implications of that. I for one would not be caught dead in a controlled ingress and agree environment for this very reason.

  10. Supposedly the way the cops killed the guy they arrested is to handcuff him into the police car, don’t put a seat-belt on him, and then take him on a long drive over very bumpy streets. The result is his head smashing repeatedly into the roof of the car, which is how his spine became mostly severed.

    Extra-judicial punishment is apparently a regular feature of Baltimore policing, as it is in many other cities.

    Protesting that doesn’t excuse attacking people who have no connection with the police, including store owners and baseball fans.

    The black-on-white nature of the thuggery is so obvious even some reporters are mentioning it.

    We’re in a bad feedback loop: backs behave badly, police respond, sometimes inappropriately, some times not – in either case blacks protest more – which escalates into full blown rioting – and then black protest turns into anti-white violence.

    It’s only a matter of time until some black mob picks the wrong YT to screw with and there are dozens of dead and wounded “youth” – either as a result of concealed carry or a driver simply flooring it (possibly in a big F250 truck).

    This is going to get worse. Prepare for the long hot summer.

  11. George Jackson

    They aren’t race riots, they are police riots. We sitting less then a 100 from the situation.

  12. POLARIZATION. It’s a beautiful thing. A few Whites just got their eyes opened. We need 1, 2, 3, many such chimpouts

  13. Baltimore…..enough said. Last time I was there crack was so prevalent that the locals called it Crackmore….oh well. Lots of targets of opportunity but no suppression fire. Maybe next time….

  14. Rainman......

    I’ll say it again. The biggest battles to come aren’t going to involve the Patriot movement, as long as they are smart. The battles mostly have been, and are going to be, between the unfunded public pension police slugs and the welfare state slugs. Every percentage point increase in the unfunded pensions is billions taken from the welfare state slugs. ’30 blocks of squalor’ at ‘the burning platform has well documented the end result of the welfare state.
    The Patriots need to keep their guns holstered. But keep um handy. Get a bag of popcorn and watch the riots on TV.

    • Watch that TV from the discomfort of a treadmill.

      There’ll be plenty of mopping up to do.

    • Mark Matis

      The biggest battles will indeed involve the Patriot movement, regardless of whether or not they are “smart”. They are the only challenge to the government. And the pigs will sortie out of their hives to crush anyone who dares oppose. And then return to the safety of those same hives, as long as the hive logistics chain is not severely impeded.

  15. assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.2199162!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_635/aptopix-suspect-dies-baltimore.jpg







  16. Truth Corps

    Told ya.
    “but, but, but- I know a GOOD one!”
    Meanwhile, our tribe grew this week. Did yours?
    #RestrictiveCovenantsNow #FreedomFromAssociation

    Thanks for posting this CA.

  17. I don’t go to sports arenas or stadiums any longer, never really liked them much.

    I carry constantly, with heavier firepower and body armor in my vehicle at all times.

    Until we produce a very harsh reaction to this, we’ll get more of it. Lot’s more.

    This is what was happening during Reconstruction in the south. The US government occupation troops refused to intervene to stop this behavior by blacks and white trash against normal people. It is what produced the Klan and its variants. The Klan saved the south during Reconstruction.

    These “riots” will produce something like the Klan again. If it does not, then whites will leave the cities which will become like Detroit.

  18. Bodymore Murderland

  19. Mark Matis

    Looks like the Blacks may finally be figuring out who the TRUE “enemy” is:

  20. The riots are allowed to happen to increase the police power and budgets, to buy political acceptance for the next wave of repression.

    Don’t think that is good for anyone.

    If you want to prevent it, at the first sign of a riot go to the area and find a shop owner who would like you to help defend his/her business. Bring a couple of extra shotguns and some friends. Defend the property, do what our police are supposed to do. That takes power from the state.

    Nothing else will help, especially not adopting anti-black, anti-Muslim, … attitudes and helping the divide and conquer tactics being use on us.

    • Mark Matis

      Some of the OathKeepers did that at Ferguson, and were chased out by the pigs. As far as I am concerned, it is better to cheer on the Black gangs and the Brown gangs, and pray that they totally eliminate the Blue gang. The Black gangs and the Brown gangs won’t send 1,000 gang members to exterminate you if you kill some of theirs…

  21. Alfred E. Neuman

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  22. Cassandra (of Troy)

    There’s a way to end this kind of behavior,:

    The ‘Cincinnati Solution’

    Drastic, yes, but it does work, the question is whether enough people have the moral/physical fortitude to allow it to become S.O.P.

  23. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Dan III/26Apr15@07:19,

    “Another “Gun Free” zone.”

    And that, along w/ LE not being legally responsible for protecting the public/its property, are points that should be brought up AGGRESSIVELY at EVERY opportunity.