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Madame Mayor

Porretto: A Quiet Riot

Baltimore Sun: Gangs Forming For Attacks On Police


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  1. This is warming and pleasant, like two fingers of sipping whiskey taken on the patio. I shall enjoy.

    • FrozenPatriot

      I poured myself two fingers of Famous Grouse whilst reading that which was linked by Mr. Drudge — cherishing the redistribution of rage from fellow black gangs to the blue gang. Then I came here for intelligent commentary and found that the first comment is as fitting as fitting gets.

      Though we rarely agree, I lift my glass.

  2. everlastingphelps

    Like Mr. Pink, I am playing the world’s smallest violin for them.

  3. The mayor supports giving the “protesters” space to destroy things-WTF?
    Other than a small part of downtown that the city officials pissed away millions on fixing up-most of Baltimore looks like it’s already been through a nuclear war.
    Now the rest of the city’s gonna look like a war zone-I hope it’s televised,or there’s streaming video of the “protests”-it’s a cold rainy day here in NE Ohio,and I’ve got most of a bottle of Maker’s Mark.

    • SameNoKami

      The malcontents need to head over to the neighborhoods where the mayor and cronies live.
      Then we’ll see how much space they get.
      Summer looks like it’s gonna be fun, if the police keep doing their stupid ‘police’ stuff.

    • “…giving the “protesters” space to destroy things-WTF?”

      I would love to know the speed-dial number of the city’s insurance company; they may have a different view. Maybe they thought these things only happened in ‘cracker-land’ or maybe they’ll wear their corporate white-guilt on their sleeve and pony up anyway for the sacrificed equipment whilst the children play.

      This is just a riot. Lots to monitor, but not wring hands over. Gotta nice jar of pickled herring to go with the beverages; pass the Triscuits please. 🙂

      • I can’t do the pickled herring,but would be glad to share the Maker’s Mark.

        • Pickled herring gives meaning to life. Rollmops uber alles.

          • Gross-I’d be in the bathroom talking on the big white phone if I ate one of those-yuck.
            The rollmops are often made with sardine filets rather than herring-depending on where you are on the planet.
            I like all kinds of fish and other seafood,I’ve cooked and served all of it in hotels and private country clubs-the only thing worse than pickled herring is creamed pickled herring.
            Thankfully-most forms of really gross stuff like the above pic is made by what’s sometimes called the cold side or else the pantry in a commercial kitchen-which makes the nasty things like pickled herring a job for the salad wench.

            • True story: I used to eat the creamed pickled herring when deathly hungover. Don’t have a clue why I didn’t paint the dorm room’s wall with it.

              Commercial kitchen, eh?

              Badly need simple recipes for mass feeding of sustainment foods – bean soup, roadkill chili, vegetable soup….any ideas?


                Good site. Works well with a couple guys putting up buckets of food in the garage. :0

              • I’ll send along recipes when I get a chance but for mass feedings, especially using wild game, road kill or otherwise, please stock bulk spices. I have all kinds of neat little treatments of same, but go to, and invest in 5 or more lbs of premium spices, like chili powder, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, whole or ground, French Grey sea salt, garlic powder, nutmeg, black pepper corns, and whatever else strikes your fancy.

                Most of it is imported, and will be impossible or impossibly expensive to replace. A decent investment now will garner a well appointed kitchen, and barter possibilities later.

                I can venison. With an pat of beef fat. For 4 gallons of vegetable stew, I use 2 quarts of canned tomato juice as a base, add 1 quart each of purple hull peas, butterbeans, green beans, corn, (or rice) I lb. of carrots, and 2 quarts of canned venison. With a skillet of corn bread, I can feed a small army. Just heat the tomato juice, and cook the carrots. If you are using fresh meat, add the meat. When the carrots are tender, add the remaining ingredients and heat to a slow boil. If you are using all fresh rather than canned vegetables, the peas and butterbeans take longer to cook that do the green beans, so add them last. If you are using vegetables that are home canned, they are already cooked, and simply need to be heated.

                I hope to avoid road kill. And I hope you do too.


                • Spot on with the bulk herbs and spices.
                  The beef fat with venison is the right way to can it !
                  The soups ounds good.
                  Do you grind beef fat into your ground venison? I’ve been using beef fat rather than pork in my ground venison since the 80’s-lots of people questioned that one-’till they tasted one of my venison burgers.

                  • Yes I do add beef fat to ground venison. The soup is very good. I think it is that home grown tomato base. If need be, add a little beef stock. My tribe loves it.

              • Yeah-wait ’till Miss Violet and Holly K have the III Patriot Community Cookbook project done…

                There will be a chapter on SHTF cooking-bean soup,veggie soups, spaghetti sauce and chili will all be in there-I know this because I’ve been helping with the cookbook – as in I sent a ton of recipes-if it’s not covered in there-or it looks like things are gonna get sporty before the book’s out-just e-mail me,and I’ll send you recipes to cover what you need.

                By the way-what’s your definition of mass feeding?
                If it’s something that’s beyond what’s covered in the cookbook-then I can send some recipes now,as long as it’s not covered in the cookbook.

                • Serving sizes in 50s or better 100s….i.e., this split pea soup recipe will make 100 8 oz servings.

                  See generally

                  • I have 20 years experience as a professional chef-80% of it in first class hotels and private country clubs.
                    I’ve served banquets up to 2500 people-both buffet style,and choice of several entrees method.
                    I also didn’t go to any gay ass culinary school-I apprenticed-that takes 4 years of working for top notch chefs,in top notch restaurants,hotels,and private country clubs.
                    I’ve noticed that a lot-not all but a lot of online large quantity recipes are way off,as in someone just multiplied out their family recipe for 3 gallons of a soup or sauce to 15 gallons. Shit don’t work that way in the real world.

                    The buy and stock up on bulk spices comment is spot on.
                    100 8oz servings isn’t much,hungry guys will usually eat at a minimum 2 12oz bowls.
                    That recipe’s a little more than 6 gallons-do you have 10 and 15 gallon stockpots?
                    Stainless steel is no good-you need either aluminum with a thick bottom,or huge cast iron kettles.
                    The stainless stockpots are okay for cooking pasta,or making vegetable soups,but for things like split pea soup,bean soup,chili,spaghetti sauce,etc. they are useless,as any of the things I mentioned will stick.
                    Something else you should be stocking up on is beef and chicken base-not bouillon,not granulated bouillon-soup base,preferably one that does not list salt as the 1st ingredient.
                    The best brand-hands down is Minor’s-but it has one drawback-it must be refrigerated or frozen.
                    There are other brands that do not require refrigeration-just watch the salt content.
                    Speaking of salt-as was suggested to you-buy some sea salt-and Kosher salt along with regular iodized table salt.
                    The grey French sea salt is a “gourmet” sea salt,it does have better flavor for some things,but not all.
                    In a SHTF situation,”Gourmet” doesn’t matter-enough of quality herbs and spices is what matters.

                    How about we do this by e-mail?
           (saves you the trouble of looking it up)

                  • Grenadier1


                    Big giant stock pots. location in our AO.

                  • re:

                    I’ve got quite a few recipes that will work just fine using beans,rice,pasta,canned goods-even got one for the original dried chipped beef SOS.
                    Give me a couple days,I lost a day’s work today,I can work a long day tomorrow to make it up,and then I’ll get some recipes together for you.

              • Executive Chef for 35 years. Mass quantity begs for mass hygiene. Start with a solid hygiene program. Build your food service operation around sound hygiene and food sanitation procedure. Sustainment foods in mass quantity must be safe, first and foremost. Projectile vomiting and/or explosive diarrhea is a huge no no. A cup of pure Botulism could cut the population in half. Think of the damage a deranged food service worker could do. Put strong,competent people in charge of food. Be happy to give you mass quantity recipes.

          • seconds, pls. Herring good!


          A shot of Maker’s Mark and an MGD back. Fritos scoops, onion dip, and then sit in the recliner and watch Baltimore burn. Another progressive bastion of political correctness goes up in smoke. That’s entertainment!

  4. No future time orientation, low impulse control, proportionately lower median IQ. The African is a problem globally, not just here.
    You can climb out of the swimming pool, opt out of the office pool, but there’s no escaping the gene pool. PC does not trump objective truth.
    Should anyone believe me to be a white supremacist , studies have shown Asians have a slightly higher median IQ than Caucasians.

    • NORTH Asians have slightly higher IQ. Viet, Cambodian, Thai… not so much.

      Ask Wise Haxo Pilot about median Ashkenazi IQ vs European.

      • Ashkenaz, minus genetic camouflage via controlled intermarriage with various host populations, are out of Central Asia and by any measure – like their fellow Asiatics – substantially more intelligent than Whites. This is why, despite the occasional, fitful White response (see: Crusades, Holocaust) to Jewish depredations, the Jews are winning and winning big. Globalization, if successful to term, will be their final triumph…While supine, silly White people (“heyyyy…didju see that shot that Kobe made?!”) will be extinct by 2100

  5. And the drum beat of the angry black man fights white power continues. Can I please get a side order of Isis beheadings on my Black and White Fear salad? A big hearty fuck you to all criminals who want to hurt innocents, I don’t give a flying fuck what your color or creed is. We all bleed out the same.

  6. I think the burnings are just another false flag : give the crazies room to do terrible things, and justify the repression that follows, take attention away from the outrage the caused the riots.

    Exactly like Ferguson. And exactly why our authorities hate it when we provide our own security.

  7. Still shaping up nicely for 2016 being the year the wheels come off, they’ve been getting pretty loose this year economically, politically and safetywize; but apathy should carry it along until then.

  8. Mark Matis

    As for me, I’m cheering for the Black gangs and the Brown gangs to deal appropriately with the Blue gang. Let them and theirs enjoy the fruits of their labors under their very own Rules of Engagement. That van made THREE unexplained stops while carrying Mr. Gray to his death, and NOT EVEN ONE PIG has been jailed for their actions. And every pigs’ whore in the Baltimore sty knows full well what their spouses are, yet cheer them on anyway.

    • ‘Cept the ones too afraid to leave the abusive pricks.

      • Mark Matis

        Then they should get what they deserve.

        Note that one should, as best as possible, not touch their underage children or their pets. But as BATFE Phoenix Field Division said in describing Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder with a Fast and Furious gun – “Collateral damage”.

        And yes, I do know the murder weapon came from Dallas, and as such was not from Fast and Furious. But the name of the BATFE Dallas Field Division equivalent operation has never been disclosed. Apparently not even one honorable agent in that entire sty.

  9. Grenadier1

    How about the space between the Inner harbor North to the perimeter highway?

  10. Maybe there aren’t enough shovel ready jobs there? While Rome burns, the correspondent’s dinner displays the elitist self adulation.

  11. The Walkin' Dude

    Heh, guy’s barely in the ground and they are chimping out again!

  12. Lost Patrol

    It’s a city! Sooo burn it to the ground. It will be for the betterment of us all. So many cities to sack and so little time. Just have to eliminate those that escape the carnage before they make it to the shire. That way they can not spread their disease.

    • FrozenPatriot

      Right you are, and nothing new under the sun.

      “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.”
      -Thomas Jefferson

  13. Camacho2016!

    So how could a group of liberty minded protestors use this to their own advantage? Like maybe burning down the house of the police chief or mayor? Or perhaps a campaign office or local party HQ? Oh wait, I just telegraphed Hillary’s campaign strategy, didn’t I?

    You’re welcome.

    This isn’t a flaw, it’s a feature. GardenSERF might have even told you that you’re seeing a Macrib event-the initial shifting of the winds and trial balloons.

    It’s a great time to not live in or adjacent to a big metro area run for decades by Democratic Party machine hacks (which is to say, “all big metro areas”). On the one hand, I’m inclined to take a strong one and watch it bleed on TV. On the other, I know that what will happen next is for the police to move in right behind those rioters-one hand washing the other. When shit gets bad enough, people will beg for that Militarized ‘Murikan Police Force to come in there, beat some protestors, restore order and thereby trade one gang for another.

    I presume that when this happens, it’ll simply be a matter of time before each major metro area becomes its own self-contained area where the poopulace is contained and imprisoned within while the city itself serves as a chokepoint for any supplies that might go outward to the other areas on the CW2 cube as well as an island of firepower against the country class. Why, working together, those broke down metro areas can then form interlocking fields of fire against the rest of the countryside via interagency agreements and such. And if that’s not enough to influence them in the right direction, Uncle Sugar will kindly remind them of where all their cool, black toys and clothes came from and what the true cost is for accepting them.

    Shit! I know shit’s bad right now . . .

    • I need more burrito wrappers.

    • GardenSERF

      I expected larger nationwide riots last year. LA Riots ’92 or Detroit ’67 in at least a dozen cities at once. We’ve been living on borrowed time.

    • How much food enters a city on any given day.
      Where does it originate.

      Cities “serviced” by hostile hicks are going to be mass graves.

    • Grenadier1

      Camacho you just secured my vote for 16. I have been preaching this very thing for years. The morons that keep blathering about “chimp outs” and “typical” behaviors cant see the big picture. The collectivists WANTS you to react that way. They WANT you to keep speaking in terms of race and group identity. They WANT you to demand the power to subjugate urban areas. The morons cant see it. Cant see beyond their own collectivists ideals.
      Where do the people of this country live???? The majority of them? The ones the collectivists have deemed worthy of their rule? The vast majority live within 50 miles of major metro areas. Control the urban areas and you control this country’s populations. The rural folks keep telling themselves that they have the power because they control the fertile land. How long do you think before that gets turned into “Kulaks are refusing to provide the people food. Kill the Kulaks!” The rural class are the enemy because they represent the old ways. They must be destroyed and replaced with the new ideologically pure worker class that will supply the raw materials that keep the urban centers rolling. Any one in the suburban areas that does not accept the enlightened rule of the urban elite will be sent to work and be reeducated. A whole immigrant class has been brought in to work the farms and do the jobs the elites refuse to do.
      This shit aint new. Its been repeated all over the communist world for the last 100 years. Mother Fuckers don’t learn. Right now Baltimore burns so that the suburban and rural class will demand protection from the “orcs”.

      Something to keep in mind about the Orcs. In Tolkien and other fantasy lore the orc is not natural. He is a developed creature. A bigger stronger more brutal version of the goblin. He is developed by the forces of evil to overcome the forces of light. Dont go running to the wizards and demand that they work their magic to protect you from the Orc. The wizards are the ones that made them in the first place…..

      • Whatever accolades there are, I give them to this comment, G.

        Excellent Cliff Notes.

    • Mark Matis

      As I have repeatedly said before, one does not need to worry at all about the hives if four or more of them should happen to lose power for an extended period at the same time. The “Strength” of their “Diversity” will take care of them And there will be very few worries for anyone living more than about five mile outside the hive city limits…

  14. RobRoySimmons

    Let them fight, I encourage it

  15. Read the book ‘Homicide’ by Simon. It is a true crime book about the homicide squad in Baltimore. They made a horrible TV show out of it. This guy Simon followed the homicide squad in Baltimore for the year 88′. A classic case look at the criminal justice system during the crack epidemic of the 80’s and the welfare state coming into full bloom.
    90% of all homicides in Baltimore are black on black. Almost 50% of all homicides in Amerika are black on black. A little secret to the govt slugs that read this blog. White racists aren’t smart enough to figure out a way to get blacks to commit genocide on their own race. It was the welfare state, started by LBJ and continued by Kennedy, Obama, Jesse Jackson and the snitch, Al Sharpton (Sharpton only snitched on the black and PR drug dealers. No white dealers and certainly not the Italian mob would trust this guy).
    The welfare state has been genocide to the black race and I won’t have anything to do with it.

    • the only people being “genocided”, now and for the forseeable future, are the Whites. And this worldwide. It’s called Conquest Through Immigration. Whites used to do it too. But they lost the knack

  16. Well you can’t expect much more from the City the Pelosi’s built.
    Google it.

  17. Bill Harzia

    The take away from that Baltimore Sun link appears to be this: If you’re caught in a riot, any person not of your race is a threat until they prove otherwise. The same goes for the video in Porretto’s link.

    Bloods, Crips, and BGF teaming up? Isn’t that part of the imperial conversion that Thomas Chittum wrote about way back in 1996?

    Where’s Matt Bracken’s “two pickup trucks, eight men” when you need them?

    • The Walkin' Dude

      I’ll have to get that one out again. Good read, CWII.

    • FrozenPatriot

      I’ve been thinking of those two pickup trucks all night. …bit of a hike from my AO tho…

    • Mark Matis

      And if their gang uniform is “Blue”, it don’t matter what your race – or theirs – may be. “Blue” is the enemy of everyone. By their own rules.

  18. Well, there goes Governor Hogan’s political dreams. Rod Wheeler on Fox, the former NYPD detective, is questioning everyone from Mayor SisterInShiX to the governor over lack of response. Open season on anyone “not yu coller”, So thankful I live elsewhere-on the other ocean. It is rather instructive, so I will watch and learn. Makes me want to prep more. Makes me realize that enough is never enough, so I’m have veggie lasagna tonight. 😉 I did get a scam call from some woman claiming to be an IRS agent. She’s in Baltimore too. Wanted me to send $3587 to her to avoid being sued. So that proves the other side is acting not only locally but forward thinking- funding is always important! So, we need to take good notes and prepare accordingly.

  19. I’m going to make the same comment I made in Mogadishu. Maybe it’ll catch on here: Freedrop loose ammo and them what don’t get lawn darted can pick it up and carry on shooting each other.

  20. Baltimore… the new and improved Detroit.

  21. LEwis Wetzel

    With the Bloods, Crips, and BGF teaming up, if I were Shabazz of the Black Panthers, I’d already be at Baltimore ground zero, coordinating the efforts. Those BP’s are semi-organized- Imagine the firepower (political and otherwise) if the Bloods, Crips, and BGF ran under the aegis of the BP’s.

  22. …And every other BRA…Meh…Whatever. Just another Sa-i-gu…it’s summer time; it’s Chinatown Jack.

    Finish your well.

    Even AceoS HQ has reached “that” conclusion.

  23. FrozenPatriot

    We should have picked our own damn cotton.

    • Mark Matis

      Those are not anywhere NEAR as bad as the Praetorian Guard. If you kill one or more of the “agricultural implements”, yes, some more MAY come after you. But they will not field ANYWHERE NEAR AS MANY as the damnable Blue swill. May they – and theirs – fully enjoy the fruits of their labors under their very own Rules of Engagement.

  24. Rioting blacks Must have never heard the saying “You don’t don’t shit in your own nest”

    • Buuuut….that nest never belonged to inner-city Blacks. They are less-than-renters if they accept Sec-8 or live in some PJ. All they have lost is some replaceable junk, while getting special-aid status to get moved to someplace functional (less Black), like after Katrina.

      Don’t project White middle-class ideas on those who don’t hold them.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Buddy of mine and I were just discussing why so many people, and especially the Indians around here don’t take care of anything, he figured it’s because they don’t have any pride in ownership. They share everything with all their family members, new cars and trucks are trashed in a yr or two, the reservation housing looks just like the town dump, and it’s all because they know it’s not theirs. Same for any folks who don’t have to rent or buy their housing, they trash it!
        White Europeans have been trying for ages to fix others, make them think like us and be neat clean productive humans, won’t work, ever. And even trying to think like liberals and throwing money at all their problems hasn’t solved anything either. Except create more dependency.
        How come we never notice the orientals though?

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    In her own words.

  26. But remember everyone- we’re the “extremists”

    • Oh, that’s right! DHS has designated military vets, Constitutionalists, pro Liberty folks are the most “dangerous extremists”. Thanks for the reminder about who presents the real danger.

  27. not likely

    A motivated “domestic terrorist” could use this type of cover to perpetrate all sorts of mayhem against ones perceived enemies….. I’m just sayin.

    • Rather, A motivated individual could use this type of cover to settle old scores… Terror requires planning and opportunity..In the midst of a riot, your terrorist would do better herding cats.

  28. Just wondering if the Mayor would “give them space to destroy” if it was her office or her dwelling? And this is how things go down in a gun control utopia. I suppose if some owners started defending their businesses with guns, THEN the police would be sent back in.

    • precisely what happened in the London ethno-riots a couple years ago. We also saw some of this during Ferguson II. The riotous Blacks are ZOGlobalist sturmtruppen…but, being really stupid, the ‘groids have targeting problems

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “The riotous Blacks are ZOGlobalist sturmtruppen…but, being really stupid, the ‘groids have targeting problems”

        Targeting problems – how so? They don’t really destroy anything critical, the damage that they cause allows for nice land deals and sweetheart contracts for the Elites and new taxes for the peasantry. The rioters are targeting exactly what they are supposed to.