More Mindless Russian Propaganda Designed To Impugn The Courage Of The Brave NATO Forces Fighting For The Federal Reserve, More Efficient Heroin Markets, And US Dollar Hegemony


Yemen as yet another example of US military incompetence

Why the Russians cannot be defeated

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19 responses to “More Mindless Russian Propaganda Designed To Impugn The Courage Of The Brave NATO Forces Fighting For The Federal Reserve, More Efficient Heroin Markets, And US Dollar Hegemony

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Leadership matters.

  3. I’m disappointed in the Ukrainian Nationalists for submitting to Poroshenko, Yatz and the ZOGlobalists; equally disappointed in Putin for not sending in his “big brave Russian soldati” and cleaning out the Kiev rats’ nest. He is not the Vozhd I thought he was…the longer the Ukraine mess continues, the more dangerous it gets. Good description of the U.S. debacle in Yemen though, and the associated Late Imperial Decadence

    • Putin plays chess with the amerizogs and eurozogs pretty well. I like his calm, measured shtting on em.

  4. The heroin market’s doing just fine-around here,there’s an overdose death or 5 every week.
    A guy I went to high school with just buried his second son who died of a heroin overdose 2 months after his first kid OD’d.
    Another guy who lives in my neighborhood when we were kids spent over $100,000.00 on rehab for his kid,and a couple weeks ago,my friend came home from work to find his kid loading all the tools in his garage up to go sell them for heroin.
    My son in law died of the same self inflicted stupidity on April12.
    The stuff is fuckin’ evil.
    Coroner says the dealers are cutting their heroin with fentanyl,which they believe is being imported from China,as there’s no powder form of the stuff available in the U.S. and it takes some rather extensive lab ,and a solid working knowledge of chemistry to make the shit.
    The problem is fentanyl is dosed in micrograms-and the heroin dealers are just dumping a bunch of the stuff in a baggie with their heroin.
    Bad business to kill your customers.

    • There are many issues which need addressing. Certainly dope is one of them. I lost my best friend and his wife to OD, they left 3 kids. I had dropped contact with him as I won’t be around people who are about killing themselves quickly or slowly but it stung a bit anyway. The reason the AIM (American Indian Movement) had some success is that it promoted temperance as a prerequisite. One of the failures of the IRA was folks who had long ass alcoholic trees were allowed to be operators in that organization. Drunk lips sink ships.

      We the people do need to understand though that the drug business flourishes in this country because there are people who are working both sides of that fence. They are bad people and part of the problem.
      That said once you walk down that street you best believe you are already dead. Ask Alan Ryan.

      The real joke is that it should all be legalized. Ask yourself what would happen and why it hasn’t been done? The answer is that there is simply to much fucking Fiat to be made.

  5. Lost Patrol

    Uh, don’t forget that the brave noble NATO forces are also fighting for the international bankers, global governance, destruction of the sovereignty of individual nations, destruction of freedom of individuals to determine their own destiny, destruction of our culture and our heritage and that of all peoples. Everyone must join the collective or die is their motto. Embrace the destruction of all we hold dear. Everyone must support them …

  6. Detroit the True 3%

    Fuck NATO.

    Europe and the US are endorsed by SATAN.

    Russia is endorsed by St. Gabriel and St. MICHAEL.

    Got a problem with that?


  7. Detroit the True 3%

    Ha! Good posts, CA.

    Glad you had your “come to Jesus moment”.


  8. Ha ha ha ha! I love the title of the article. Says it all.

  9. RobRoySimmons

    ‘Murka fuck yeah

  10. “don’t get ahead of your dad on the way to hell” is something every Dad should say to his sons methinks!

    But timing is always important!

    Death before slavery!

  11. Logistically the US is screwed if they think they can support Ukraine.

    The Poles are having second thoughts in the Ukraine — . Keep in mind as well they just cut a deal for Patriot missiles over SoS objections. If the US wants to do any heavy lifting of armor to Ukraine Poland is the likely route as Turkey would probably tell the US to go to hell. So Poland in order to buy time would most likely tell the US to stuff it too as they weapon up.

    Nor is Poland alone in this thinking. Germany is pulling 100 Leopard II’s out of mothballs —;_ylt=AwrBT4e3BTxVHN0AMhJXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzN2Y5OXA2BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDVklQNTgyXzEEc2VjA3Ny Vehicles built to face a singular threat from the East.

  12. Jimmy the Saint

    “Nor is Poland alone in this thinking. Germany is pulling 100 Leopard II’s out of mothballs”

    Drang nach Osten 3.0, I guess.

  13. “We Can not be defeated!”

    The herd men have been saying that about themselves since before World War Two.

    Read The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck to examine the problem with that claim.

  14. Let’s not forget the brave Soviet Officers and GRU agents who bravely shot any brave Soviet conscripts who hesitated before bravely following orders to bravely charge into a hail of cowardly German bullets.

    I have heard first hand accounts that Soviet enlisted men were universally more scared of their officers than the enemy. From Nazis to Mujahideen.

  15. That Saker article is beyond the pale. Enough of the Vlad worshiping. WTF? Russian troops are awesome. I want Vlad to bang my mom cause then we could have a chance at greatness. Man we are in deep weeds.