Two Approaches to Immigration


WeaponsMan explains.

In related news, the TODAY show’s new “VIVAToday” segment reported on Pitbull’s passion project this am.

And so it goes….

25 responses to “Two Approaches to Immigration

  1. Sign change:
    There. Fixed it for ya. You’re welcome.

  2. Here’s a plan: Put our unemoyed vets to work rounding up illegals everywhere and send them home. All of them. Every fucking one.
    Begin shooting border jumpers quietly. It wont take long before that shit stops. People hiring illegals get some IRA style punishment visits. First a nite warning, then a visit with substance. you fuckers who hire these people are part of the problem, fortinately ive found a solution to help u stop.

    • Go one step further. USC provides for Letters of Marque. Congress ought to offer them to every bail bondsman in the country. $1000 a head, live on the hoof to DHS. The US SW would be cleared of illegals in short order. Fanciful maybe, but its better than the BS going on now.

    • Paul Bonneau

      “People hiring illegals get some IRA style punishment visits.”

      …and in turn receive some punishment themselves. Mind your own damn business, you fascist bootlicker. I’ll hire who I please. It’s called liberty…

  3. We NEED AgitProp stickers like the pic, to put up in mall staircases, parking garages, high school bathrooms, and Gyms!!!
    Not fancy expensive vinyl bumbper stickers but cheap paper ones that re hard to get off. WHO WILL STEP UP AND MAKE AND SELL THEM???

    • Bill, do it yourself – it’s practically free – start in your AO and it will spread!

  4. outlawpatriot

    Immigration is being used as a weapon. A moratorium of 10 years would be a start. And all green cards go home. And anybody else not presently a citizen. Muslims first in line and shot for even the slightest amount of lip. Then, do not allow any first generation immigrant to vote or hold public office. Problem solved.

    Of course, we gotta win a war first.

    • “Muslims first in line and shot for even the slightest amount of lip.”

      That would make quick work of the Somalian transplants at least. Their presence stateside is a particularly sore point to me. They traveled all this way and their women are still wearing that traditional Muslim garb. Clothing better suited for their native lands. Perhaps they’re just homesick. I’m sure that can be rectified.

      Lets win that war when the time comes.

  5. Hmmm, ironic; so many are worried the govt will use the military on its people; looks like 10 million illegals willing to do whatever is asked to live the good life in the USA will be more than enough to put down any resistance to govt control

  6. Pitbull’s mild stuff compared to the NPR radio/hedgefund, which I use for daily OpFor research. Today, about one hour into the Melissa Bloch/Robert Siegal reportage – the usual intertwining of collectivist propaganda, Holocaust weepings, Black/Mestizo-illegal PR, & feminista/sodomite indoctrination, I finally ran aground on a story dealing with a “childless Israeli couple” doing a womb-rent in Nepal during the ‘quake. It began (cue crying baby) “Gringold and his husband…”. Click. They. Just. Don’t. Miss. a Beat.

    • I’m loving this, though I can’t bring myself to listen to NPR (No People Required) radio. I’m afraid I’ll shoot my radio.

      • I think NPR is great. It’s like an operational definition of the JP. Harry Shearer – himself Jewish – used to nail NPR with his “Aviva Schlurman” parodies

        • Paul Bonneau

          It’s a higher class of propaganda, not the usual crude stuff. It’s worth listening to in order to learn the more sophisticated tricks.

  7. Obama’s immigration policy is a drop kick in the nuts to every young black man in Amerika. How are they supposed to get a job when we are importing millions of 3rd world immigrants every year who are used to working for a $100 a month (or year) instead of a $100 every day or two. They will work for far less. Silicon valley was recently caught paying immigrant workers a $1 an hour.
    The Republicans are part of the problem. Big business supports importing cheap labor. My big brother took 4 years to get a job after the 09 crash.
    Is anybody paying attention at all in Washington?

    • All humans on the planet are now competing in the labor market, this is employers and employees exercising their rightful liberty to trade for mutual benefit. The USSR Communists built an iron curtain to keep the slaves from leaving the plantation. The Republican Social Justice Warriors want an iron curtain too, so they can be Communist party officials.

      • no, you damn libtard. There is no “mutual benefit”. “Free Trade” is a global sweatshop racket destroying the middle-class, and the Demoncrat/Republiscam open-borders racket is drowning the Whites in a rising tide of hostile Coloreds. Libertarians and Communists have the same ultimate goal: Universalist Globalist Homogeny. It’s no accident that the Libertarian Patron Saints: Rand, Rothbard, and v. Mises – like the founders of Communism – are all/almost entirely all: Jews

        • Paul Bonneau

          Uh, Rand was not libertarian. And it’s news to me that Lew Rockwell is. Maybe you should include Catholics in your pantheon of bad guys.

          • Paul Bonneau

            I mean, “it’s news to me that Lew Rockwell is a Jew”.

            What is wrong with you anyway? Why the collectivism? This is supposed to be an anti-collectivist site. Is Einstein wrong because he was a Jew too?

        • Anonymous

          Of course there is mutual benefit, that’s why both parties voluntarily agree to trade. If the exchange is involuntary, it’s being forced by government.

          Do you believe whites are permanently uncompetitive in the labor market, just like blacks, and deserve a permanent subsidy? This is a liberal policy. Who can be taxed to pay for this, if all Americans are permanently uncompetitive?

          Workers are paid a percentage of their productive output. If you don’t want to pick field crops or scrub toilets and be paid accordingly, you should learn to use mechanized tools to increase your production per hour.

      • Paul Bonneau

        “All humans on the planet are now competing in the labor market”

        This is only a problem in a first world nation. Don’t worry, the banksters are doing their best to convert it to third world. They will finish the job soon. You’ll know when the dollar crashes.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Obama’s immigration policy is a drop kick in the nuts to every young black man in Amerika. How are they supposed to get a job when we are importing millions of 3rd world immigrants every year who are used to working for a $100 a month (or year) instead of a $100 every day or two.”

      They’re *not* supposed to get jobs. Their political usefulness is at an end, and they are being replaced.

      “Is anybody paying attention at all in Washington?”

      Yes, they are. They simply have different priorities, and they don’t care about the populace other than as a source of revenue.

      • Paul Bonneau

        Yes, they are *not* supposed to get jobs. The jobs are make work for the bureaucrats and social workers “caring” for this population intentionally rendered helpless. I don’t agree their usefulness is at an end, though. In fact it remains the ruling class project to extend this helplessness and dependence to all groups.


    The only thing that will stop this nonsense is an economic crash. When Dubya was prez, he called the Arizona Minutemen “vigilantes”. He did this while standing next to that rat bastard Vicente Fox. Our President! He sold us out to a foreign power and then tried doing the sub-rosa deal through his sleazeball lickspittle Rick Perry to create a duty-free truck highway from Mexico to a “Port of Entry” in Kansas City.
    If there’s no money, then the system implodes. Any other proposals, however practical or well-meaning, will be met with the full force retaliation of the Leviathan.

    • outlawpatriot

      Yeah, economic collapse. That’ll fix everything.

      It better. Else I’m gonna be very angry with some of you guys. 😉


        OP: It won’t fix everything. Life will be hell, especially for those who have not prepped in some way. The upside to it is the badge-carrying ORCS will be reluctant to risk their lives for worthless currency. They will pull a Katrina. Cops are the biggest whiners and gossips in Amerika. The police in this country have “devolved” over the last forty years into a unionized, “us vs. them”, FSA with badges. The whole concept of public service and dedication is out the window.
        We can only hope it goes this way. We are outnumbered. It remains to be seen how the Leviathan will react. Maybe there will be routs like happened at Lexington Green. And, there will be stalwart individuals like Samuel Whittemore(sp?), Mother Bathrick, the Cadet Corps of VMI at New Market and the patriots at Bundy Ranch. Keep in mind that if there is a reaction from FREEFOR, the ORCS cannot be everywhere at once.
        Here in the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon, the Oregon NG could not muster enough troops to police a city the size of Grants Pass. What are they going to do when the legions of FSA in the Portland area go on a chimp out because their EBT/SNAP cards do not work? They cannot be busing ORCS to every city when some kid with a Marlin Model 60 starts popping LEOS in the head every time they stop for a potty break or a circle of death(a doughnut).
        That slimy rat bastard Rahm Emmanuel is alleged to have authored the phrase: NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE. I propose that we of FREEFOR stay prepped and ready to make the Leviathan at all levels eat those very words.