WeaponsMan: Baltimore Burns For Its Gun (And Knife) Control Policies


Read it all.

Just say “No” to these and all other malum prohbitum edicts from the King and his Privy Council.

And mean it.

6 responses to “WeaponsMan: Baltimore Burns For Its Gun (And Knife) Control Policies

  1. Steiner The Gagging Copsucker

    Gee I thought Baltimore was burning because of the many article you have published showing what fascists the cops are. Bet all those store owners and employees can thank God that the Bloods, Crips, and anarchists are there to serve and protect them.

    You people ought to be ashamed of your one sided and biased attacks on the police. I hope the next time you eed help your mayor is there to assist you. Just like in Baltimore.

    • Different gang. They work for The Man.

      Maybe another in-service course at the Academy is due for you?

      Let’s try a true-or-false:

      T/F: The police have no legal obligation to protect individuals, unless a “special relationship” between that individual and the police can be established.

      You have one minute to choose your answer.


      • How about three more extra-credit questions?

        1) What is known as a “drop piece” in police jargon?

        2) What is a “shoulder dip”?

        3) Essay question: Compare and contrast what should happen in a society based on the principle of equality before the law and what would actually happen in the following fact pattern:

        Officers Reed and Malloy are on vehicular patrol in a high-crime district when they see a young black male attempting to place an unidentified object into his waistband. The officers direct the young man via loudspeaker to halt. He keeps walking. Officer Reed exits the vehicle and tells the young man to get against the wall. He refuses, saying that he wasn’t doing anything illegal. Officer Malloy then joins Officer Reed, who once again directs the young man to walk over to the wall and place his hands high on the wall. The young man refuses again, at which point Officer Malloy body-slams the young man face-first into the wall, then kneels on the dazed young man’s back. The young man gasps, then shouts, “Get off me, you cracka motherfucker. This is fucking America…”, at which point Officer Malloy slams the young man’s face into the concrete sidewalk no less than 5 times as Officer Reed looks on.

    • Paul Bonneau

      “I hope the next time you eed help…”

      Where do cops get this fantasy that we need them, and their so-called “help”, when every day we do what we can to avoid them? Talk about having blinders on…

  2. “…..Javertian tenacity…..” Catchy.

  3. “The root of gun control is in the desire to blame the weapon for crime.”

    Utter rot. Gun control is the desire of the ruling class for unarmed peasants, making rebellion or retribution impossible.