An Open Letter to Baltimore Rioters


Special Assistant to the Deputy Co-Chairman for Baltimore Media Affairs Greenwood doesn’t want you to read this article and spread it elsewhere.

How does one’s spinal cord get severed while being properly transported?

And why is there no answer to that question?


38 responses to “An Open Letter to Baltimore Rioters

  1. Kill anarchists, like Cantwell. They couldn’t possibly object.

  2. Washington Post is claiming that another prisoner in the van heard F. Gray throwing himself about the van and “trying to injure himself”.

    That may or may not be true, but it wouldn’t surprise me either way. I don’t trust the cops, and I don’t trust the 20-times arrested drug dealer looking for a payday.

  3. no, but thanks. The Police are front-line ZOG stormtroopers; the demoralized Blacks are 2nd echelon; the spic gangs 3rd echelon, urban White cosmics 4th echelon, and so on. Naturally the various gangs of thugs have their little disagreements from time to time

    • US police are front line wehrmacht auxiliaries who should not be confused with the fascist corporate families still running the show from Europe. Just wait till the SS true believers and their jihadist allies show up. Then things get really bad for real American patriots.

      We know who you’ll throw in with and we’ll help you meet your 72 teaboys in paradise.

  4. Maybe white folks are too “civilized”. Maybe when white folks riot it’s called a revolution.
    Concerning police brutality against blacks, maybe there’s a problem on both sides.

  5. For you patriotards who think there is no war on whites.

  6. Not only is violence the answer, it is the only answer, and the answer is so obvious that I am perpetually baffled by the fact that people don’t see it and act on it every day.

    Well skippy you best get to attacking the state in all it’s forms. I suggest YOU step off the porch and do what you’re advocating. With due haste.

    The way forward does not involve storming state pill box positions and advocating it is recommending suicide.

    White lives matters in Milford CT:

    So the quisling media jump all over this and paint the liberty movement as Nazi’s. Get ready kids, shit is ramping up.

    • CA
      Despite the Mattis worthy link, which should be Reposted in full, I have to wonder at the point of allowing actual morons such as to continually insult your readers. Readers who come to find wisdom and do their damnedest to fight through our present darkness.
      I suppose it may be preferable to see pig suckers in the light of day, but still.

      • Here’s the thing:

        The struggle is for freedom. Speech is second only to freedom of movement of one’s own body in terms of sanctity. Freedoms of worship, property, and arms fall behind that.

        Is there offensive speech here?

        Hell yes.

        Do I agree with a lot of it?

        Hell no.

        Am I going to squelch it because butthurt or The Man doesn’t like it?

        Hell no.

        Hope you understand.

        And don’t be afraid to call someone a douchecanoe or other moniker when they earn it.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Quick, set up a “safe zone” with massages and showings of Paddington the Bear! Feewings must be protected at all costs. Well, the correct feewings. Thoughtcrimes, not so much.

          • This is not the place for your homoerotic massage fantasies. The question concerned avowed enemies being part of the conversation.
            In other news, DownEast pack frames are the bees knees, far superior to the gen1 plastic junk which came with molle1packs. I bend mine nearly in half-during the winter no less.

  7. The Demoncrat party is and has always been the polite socially acceptable version of the KKK. Instead of buying and selling black people, they changed course and now keep them on welfare for generations. Instead of lynching black people, they keep them tied to their “neighborhoods” and working in their “communities” where drug use and crime and murder are rampant. Ever wonder why in every black neighborhood you see “Community Centers” and “HeadStart” offices but you never see these things in any other areas? My advice to young black people is move your ass to Utah or Wyoming and get away from the collectivists and Demoncrats who care only for your votes to stay in office. Almost every Demoncrat president from Wilson to Johnson to Clinton has been a racist through and through but the way the media spins it they were all “down for the struggle”.

    • Walltheghetto

      Boy. You sure need a lesson on race realism and the fact that blacks are at least one standard deviation lower in IQ, have low time preferences and are generally lazy and violent. They do not belong in a civilized white country like the USA (was). Sending them to Utah or somewhere else will only pollute the location they inhabit. Why do you think Detroit = hatie?

      • Grenadier1

        That would be Haiti, Maybe your superior white IQ can tell you how to enable spell check.

      • Ya wall the ghetto where have I heard that before?

        That said I will defend your right to say it.

        PS- when posting anout IQ you should consider
        spell check. It’s Haiti unless you intended a pun which I doubt.


        Look at the table labeled “Average IQ of various occupational groups”. If black IQ were one standard deviation lower, that would be 85, then they wouldn’t be operating smart phones and they wouldn’t have administrative jobs. Your claim doesn’t match observed facts. The KKK is lying to you.

        • Tinker Tinker Little Star

          Science by snark. Nice. You people are almost as smart as hitlery and the global warming experts.

          Obviously, none of the PC posters live anywhere near a major city or you wouldn’t make such idiotic claims about the normalcy of black folk.

          One standard deviation makes a huge difference in the individual — the affect on an entire population explains … Africa. Arabia. Latin America.

          The funny thing is, almost all of your generation that, those making the most noise about “because equality”, when through military indoctrination during the height of the startup of LBJ’s not-so-great society.

          Nothing says “propaganda works” than national suicide, does it?

          “Does not compute!” (sparks, weird electro-mechanical sound effects)

    • Paul Bonneau

      “they changed course and now keep them on welfare for generations.”

      Yes, and as Thomas Sowell put it, they gained the advantage of being able to congratulate themselves over their concern and caring. Much nicer and more reputable than the old slave owner paradigm.

  8. Here is a question that I have not seen raised… What if the Baltimore Police ignored the stand down order by the mayor and protected citizens and their property? The bigger optic to look through is where are the Oathkeepers on this and how many on the Baltimore PD are Oathkeepers? And the point is “just following orders” to allow the kind of ORGANIZED mayhem and destruction to happen and do nothing is what is in store us when things digress furthur in this nation.

    • “What if the Baltimore Police ignored the stand down order by the mayor and protected citizens and their property?”

      Insubordination charges and a purge, if they haven’t been purged yet. All incentives go toward Tyranny currently; that’s one of the reasons Pragmatism is the enemy. Nothing wins for Liberty except principles and choice. Well that, and a kagillion rifles to back up the choice.

    • Paul Bonneau

      Why on earth would they do that? Where is their incentive to do so? You seem not to understand the true function of police. Hint: it ain’t “serve and protect”.

  9. “The dumbed down docile nature of the public at large is so frighteningly destructive that it makes the looting look civilized by comparison.”

    Cantwell is right on target. Here is my version of his thesis:

  10. The kid is a low life who just happened to be without the proper State issued permit and taxes paid to legally peddle drugs and keep the man off his back. Oh, and he had one of them illegal switchblade thingymajiggers.

    That’s all.

    When they come for ya, they make sure to crush you into the pavement, put full weight behind their knee into your spine, and full weight crush your head and neck into the ground. Freddy got the optional rough ride treatment on top of that, but he may not have made it regardless from the looks of his pain and physical ability when being transported to the paddy wagon. You know that was a fun ride.

  11. Paul Bonneau

    It’s becoming more and more obvious that it no longer makes sense to allow the police to arrest you.

  12. A law enforcement officer punched me so hard,in my thick Scottish skull, that he broke his hand,wrist and forearm. In court, observing the officer in his cast,I taunted him. I told him that someday,” The Scots will rule the world!” That asshole tried to punch me again.

  13. Man, it would’ve been all kinds of crazy if someone got their hands on some of that riot gear and then Glocked the front row of looters from a second story apartment.

    Course, they’d wanna be seen, but be seen attempting to avoid being seen, yeah?

    Best to have someone throw it on liveleak, just in case the MSM got orders to stand down.

    Can’t but imagine what kind of calamity summin like that’d cause.

    Thank heavens nobody has such a sick mind…

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