Free North Carolina: The Fall Of Saigon – 30 April 1975


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And pray for all of the souls lost when America decided to betray an ally and thus facilitate the Red victory in the RVN.


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  1. After Korea, Vietnam was the 2nd in a long line of unconstitutional, no-win wars. This policy continued with the added dimension of allowing our nation to be invaded and with the facilitation of immigration from whence jihadists hail. This is high “treason” as defined by an objective reading of our Constitution.


      Ron W: You are right. Yet, here we are and nothing is done. We can only get prepped, stay prepped, and hope the economic crash that everyone is predicting comes to fruition very soon. If the armies of darkness continue their march towards an Amerikan Soviet society unchecked, then we are really in for it.

  2. Yes, Dweezil, and anyone who suggests otherwise ( Constitutional government) is labeled as ” dangerous isolationists and extremists” declared as the most probable terror threats by DHS. So yes, you’re correct!

  3. Filmed a white helo today over my position with
    my Personal Tracking device, AKA cell phone.Not 15 minites lAter
    a black (cobra looking? sorry no mil here) helo came i erhead dor a look!

    i filmed him too. Big shout out to everyone at the fusion centers, and please
    find someone worth tracking. I am not the domestic terrist your government warned ypu about. Although I am a white christian male who believes in God given rights so I guess I will make the drone strike list eventually. Have a great day everyone!

  4. Very sad day for everyone……damn all those responsible to hell. Dai Viet Nam phia nam song!

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    Well done Brock.
    Sad beyond belief how we treated our allies. But when you realize it was never about saving them, instead, it was about keeping the war rolling indefinitely and feeding the military industrial complex and it all fits into place. Just like today.
    My time over there was with BLT 1/9 in Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club (USS Tripoli and USS Okinawa) and never made it ashore in ’73. Guess I’m one of the lucky ones.

  6. That war was one of the many crimes of the US government. Starting it, rather than stopping it, was the betrayal.

    • both, actually. Vietnam was the last gasp of Liberal “anti-communism”/”containment” and, as such, a disaster throughout. Post VIetnam, the libs turned bright Red, and the “conservatives” got neo-conned/Zionized

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    So we lost an ally. Southern California gained a lot of liquor store owners and Lousiana now has gumbo pho. That evens it all out, right?

  8. Josie Wales—“I guess we all died a little in that damn war.”

    Won’t be too many chances to get that life back, for those who survived. Now is one.

    • “What we lost in Vietnam was a bunch of good fucking kids!” was one veterans summation of the war to Jonathan Shay.

      May God damn the souls of those who sent so many good fucking kids to their deaths, and caused so many others to perish along with them.

    • oughtsix

      There are exactly -O- chances to get any life back, not even for those who survived VN, or might survive what’s coming.

      Your problem is that you think, somehow, that philosophy will Win! the day, and that, somehow, you will be spared… because others will, somehow, adhere to your philosophy. You say it over and over again… “If the peeps
      (niggah, please!) would only get it that they are individuals (duhh!!) and that their own free will choice to get with the Epistimologically Approved One Step Program to Liberty of Pastor Jimmy will “matter” in the long run….

      Fuck all that, and sincerely fuck you too, you simpleton, one track, narrow assed, hypocrite, obfuscating, disingenuous, narcissistic egomaniac

      You are not here to further anything so much as you own Idea of the Superiority of Your Glorious Self.

      Oh! If only we could ALL see the Immutable Truth of that, what travail would we be spared!!!

      What if I agreed with you?

      “It doesn’t matter anyway…”

      Reality does not agree.

  9. Read the book “A Decent Interval.” All of it. Henry Kissinger is a special kind of evil.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Along with Casey and Bush. All complicit in crimes against our own MIA’s.

  10. “A Decent Interval.”

    1982, as I remember and excellent.

  11. Just out of curiosity, Haxo, where were you during that little war? I was in the Infantry, in the Shit, and in the Bush. Ha. So, hot rod, where was you?

    • UC Berkeley, 1966-69, watching the campus communists – Horowitz, Aptheker, and Co. do their thing. Draft # came up in 1969 and, not wanting the PBI, attempted to enlist Navy, physical at Oakland Induction Ctr: IY’d, asthma; attempted to enlist AF, 4F’d same reason. Let me tell me you how much I regret not fighting/dying in a War the Regime meant all along to lose

  12. Jim Klein

    “where was you?”

    Memories. I was a teenager, talking the same shit I talk now…trying to point out the difference between good individuals (grunts) and rotten elites (socialists/collectivists). Guys like you were “advisors” when it started; thousands of ’em. It’d be funny if it weren’t so sick. I wasn’t even 10 years old and I saw through the shit.

    And then I was going…69 or something in the lottery. And then it ended. A fuckin’ lottery for crissakes, for LIVES. Yeah, I’ll fall for that one again. Not.

    Then I did what I could and gave several a way to make a living, guys who wouldn’t have a prayer with anyone else. Hey, oddballs attract oddballs! NOBODY came back whole; just coming back was as good as it gets.

    I don’t believe in pure revenge, Sean…it’s “anegoic.” But I admit to wondering if maybe there should be some exceptions. Generally I conclude, “Nah…fuck ’em.” Forward is our only gear. You lived and you’re gonna live, and that’s all there is to it. Don’t ever think that nobody knows; I might have a mouth, but everyone’s got eyes and ears.

    • Jim Klein

      “Don’t ever think that nobody knows…”

      And redouble that for Ruby Ridge and Waco. Who doesn’t have those flames etched in their minds?

      THAT stuff is why they’re not engaging wholesale.

    • oughtsix

      “Memories. I was a teenager, talking the same shit I talk now…”

      Doubtful but, if true, it explains everything.

      “Forward is our only gear”

      50 years static is not “forward.”

      “I might have a mouth,”

      From your input here, that is beyond doubt.

      If you shut it long enough to fully contemplate another POV as other than an attack on your Glorious, But Ephemeral, Sanctified Self…

      You might have made some progress in the last fifty years.

  13. I’d have never guessed. But what the hell, that stuff ain’t for everybody. Just the men.