GVDL: Joys in the Hood – Ramping Up for “The Long Hot Summer” of 2015


Money quote:

“…What stops looting is the shooting of looters. On sight. In the street. Dead. ‘Pour encourager les autres.’

Aim small.

Miss small.


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  1. Not gunna happen because Obamas sons burn all the cars they’d need I drive to the suburbs and where all the politicians and whitey live.


    When it is mentioned in the article that there are some 20 million scoped hunting rifles in Amerika, it assumes that the owners of these rifles will also rise up as patriots and fight the Leviathan if it comes down to it. I would respectfully disagree. Just because a man or woman owns a gun is no guarantee they will use it to fight for liberty and defend their God-given natural rights. During our first revolution, Tories owned guns. During the War of Northern Aggression, the Statist, pseudo-Progressive, Lincoln-worshiping rat bastards owned guns.
    When the Hungarians rose up in 1956, very few of them had firearms. But, they had the weapons of truth and the hearts and minds to do whatever it took to throw off the Soviet yoke of tyranny. Assumption is the sister of disappointment.

    • Mark Matis

      Just remember that the pigs will not react the same as the “urban youfs“. Shoot a pig and you can expect members of the Blue gang from across the entire nation to roll in with vengeance on their minds. The correct response in THAT situation is to let the families of those who venture afar enjoy the fruits of their labors. The Government would like nothing more than to be able to define the location and size of the battlefield. If you have decided you will keep the “moral high ground” even though they have already set the Rules of Engagement, then I wish you well. But your death at their hands will be wasted.

      • Mark Matis

        And “American Digest” is clearly nothing more than Rove Republican swill who longs for Giuliani. May they all burn in hell where they belong.

        • ghostsniper

          I have never voted in my life and can’t imagine how anyone could.
          Why in the world would any sane person choose someone to rule over them? I’m a regular at American Digest.

          • Theres more to voting than electing some asshole to rule over you…Homeowners are constantly assaulted with property tax increases.. local voting is about all a person has left..and even that is going to hell.

            • “Property tax increases” ! Well, thank your lucky stars. Your requirement
              to pay government their tribute in the form of taxes on “your” property is Freedom. Don’t ya know ?

              We don’t own property. We only rent it from the assholes known as government.

              So tell me….has pulling the voting lever reduced or eliminated your property taxes ? I eagerly await your reply.

              • craiglistrr

                Dan,we property owners are well versed in the Property…tax…reality.and the way it is.
                The pouty ones that sat home with their arms folded, refusing to vote against it were pleased with the efforts of those who did step out of their comfort zone and take action and deny the revenuers yet another victory. … But isnt that the way it usually goes,Not unlike the liberal have-nots leeches with nothing, yelling to redistribute the wealth, the loudest critics are the do-nothings, sitting in their easy chairs Re-directing the show, offering up their self important Opinion, safely tucked into their comfort zone.. eagerly awaiting good news from the front.

                There will always be those who are willing to take up fight..and then there is that whiny young blonde one in the group.. the one who has the least to offer and the loudest cry, the first one to freak out when the obvious is staring everyone in the face..of coarse thats when poetic justice kicks in, and he ends up the first one to die…. until the lever is replaced with a rifle, we pull the lever…
                Not to worry tho, we will send back word and let you know how things are going…

      • Shoot a pig and you can expect members of the Blue gang from across the entire nation to roll in with vengeance on their minds.

        This is balls-on target, and exactly why I hold that if the vast majority of Patriots do not step off the porch at very nearly the same time – within 36 hours of one another – Liberty will likely die. We have seen how LEO and Tyrants plan to operate. We saw it at Katrina, Dorner, Frein, Boston, et cetera. They intend to bus-in LEO from other jurisdictions when SHTF.

        So, S* can’t be permitted to HTF in just a few localized areas.

        They can’t defend everywhere. Make them try. Don’t let them consolidate forces and fields of fire. Make them understand they had better return to their own homes to protect what they love, before ganging up on any Patriot at his home.

        • And they’ll have the support of the media and the loyalists.

          I can see the facebook meme’s now….

        • Mark Matis

          Not only will they “bus in” pigs from across the country, they will have roadblocks and checkpoints set up across the country to intercept FreeFor heading to their chosen battleground.

          As I have said before, any employee of any agency that participates, or any member of any unit that participates, is a valid target. Anywhere. Any time. Any way. As always, they have set the Rules of Engagement. Let them and theirs thoroughly regret their acts.

          • “…roadblocks and checkpoints…”

            This is where even the lone Patriot who has no team or tribe, can help the Patriots in Florida and Oregon, from wherever he calls home. One man can make a checkpoint go away. One man can make the individuals on Team Tyranny choose to stay at home, versus the unappealing prospect of standing on a road where he may bleed out.

            And for the Patriot who doesn’t want to risk taking-on a checkpoint – as MM has advocated for years – just go to his home while he is ‘working’ at that checkpoint, and remember your Governor Hutchinson remedy…

          • Roadblocks are sniper bait.

          • The FreeFor is already within dismounted walking distance of that place.

        • Wait a moment Sam….You suggested I use a rifle against the tyranny of government. My question to you in another essay here was whether YOU were ready to march on D.C. armed, to punish those folks there for violating your/our DEAD fedgov Constitution. In other words, why haven’t you done what you tell others to do ?

          Barry Soetoro has usurped Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the USC. How soon are you packing up to correct that Constitutional usurption ?

          You seem to endorse that mantra of “Do as I say, not as I do”.

          • Dan, you are falling into a pattern of dialogue that looks much like JK.

            You said USC was unenforceable. I challenged your statement with a simple “You own a rifle, yes?” That means you own the means of defense/enforcement. Whether you choose to defend/enforce is another matter.

            You chose to interpret that as a direct attack upon you for not having gone out in a blaze of glory – when I made no such statement or implication.

            I do not care that Barry has usurped Article 2 in the manner you claim. The USC was a kicked dog for centuries before that happened. I don’t much care about who is kicking it now, how they are doing it or why. My position is – the kicking is going to stop. The kickers are going to stop.

            Bad People want you all puffy-faced about Article 2 (and Green Tips and brown babies) – because while you are stuck there, they have moved a thousand miles down the road. Climb in altitude and view the entire battlespace. Look at the defenses of Team Dog Kicker. They WANT someone to charge the Mall with a fixed bayonet. That is not how one will ever be rid of dog kickers.

            And I don’t care what anyone here thinks about kicking the USC – until we get rid of all dog kickers, it doesn’t matter what you want, from Monarchy to Anarchy, those fuckers intend to kick the shit out of you and your little dogs, too. They really don’t give a damn what you name your little dog, they mean to kick it.

    • Why the defeatist claptrap? What good does that do?

      It doesn’t matter if all 20 million rifles are used in defense. Even a million would do the job. Anyway if people really are threatened, their guns will come out. If the sight of guns is not deterrence enough, a few rounds into the crowd will do it.

      People reliably act in their own interest. If they perceive that punishment for killing a looter is very likely, they will tend to hold fire. If they perceive (as is normal in all riots) that police are spread thin and looking after their own families anyway, then they will shoot to defend themselves, because that is in their interest. It is situation dependent. The more broad spread the rioting, the more likely people will shoot rioters.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “It doesn’t matter if all 20 million rifles are used in defense. Even a million would do the job”

        No, all 20 million don’t have to be used in defense. But there’s going to be percentage of that 20 million that sides with the statists, too. Best if that percentage stays really low.

        • most of that 20 million – FoxTard, neo-con’d Republicans all – will side with the Regime. At first. Later on, less so. That’s why we cannot be discouraged by early “defeats”. Out of defeat…grows Victory

          • Jimmy the Saint

            “Out of defeat…grows Victory”

            Sometimes. But often enough, defeat breeds more defeat.

        • The revolutionary war managed to gain traction, and be victorious with only 3% of the population.. the other 97% were arm chair observers.. I have complete confidence in the police to continue alienating the public to the point where the badge lickers and uniform worshipers will be as scarce as sun dogs at midnight.

          • Never. There will always been ample supply of goodie 2 shoes out there.

            Just wait till Christianity is outlawed. I can’t wait to hear how we still need to obey the law.

            • craiglistrr

              The goodie 2 shoes will be the victims…the huddled masses cowering in the corner of the local high school gymnasium, waiting for the M35’s to off load the bottled water, red cross victim blankets and Government surplus cheese and peanut butter….. the pay off for being obedient, and not giving the troops any trouble

              Christianity will splinter, the people of action and with conviction will resist, the rest will be issued prayer rugs.

              • About 3.3 million kids are estimated to graduate from High School in 2014-2015. That an awful lot of dumb bastards who need a job, and will shoot puppies and flash-bang babies for a paycheck. That cycle repeats every year. They will never run out. They own the factories that produce stupid people.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            It was 3% taking up arms. They had a significant percentage who supported the cause, though. The tail is usually bigger than the teeth.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “When the Hungarians rose up in 1956, very few of them had firearms. But, they had the weapons of truth and the hearts and minds to do whatever it took to throw off the Soviet yoke of tyranny. ”

      Judging by the results, guns work better. Truth and a stout heart are great assets, but they are somewhat lacking in ballistic resistance.

      • The whole of ethics at its root—“Can’t we have both?”

      • Paul Bonneau

        “You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.”
        — Al Capone

  3. “Just me & The Pig” Cleveland, OH NGat the Hough Riots–22 JULY 1966

    “…all is calm, all is bright, ’round yon M-60…”

    URBAN RENEWAL–it NEVER got rebuilt–1966 to 2015

  4. A quote from the noted urban Philosopher B.Siegel

    I hear this voice in tha back of my mind
    Like mack tighten up ya circle before they hurt you
    Read they body language
    85 percent communication non-verbal
    85 percent swear they know you, 10 percent you know they stories
    Man, tha other 5 time to show you, just know you.

  5. If more is better…

    The “Let it burn” crowd should be cheering the looters, supporting them, arming them and mocking .Gov if they mean to be consistent.

    • Worse is better.

      Doesn’t mean the bad guys get cheered.

      Just means time’s getting short.

      And your post the other day correctly pointed out that when someone wrongs you, wrong them right back:


      • Part of the FreeFor PsyOp quiver should include supporting what brings “Worse is better…” to pass, yes? Then once those bad elements have served our purpose, acquire the (much fewer) remaining targets.

        Let them kill each other. Encourage it. I suspect a few of our Founders, especially a few of those rogues from Massachusetts, would be delivering crates of rifles, pistols and ammo to Ferguson and Baltimore by now at the back of the Black Panther local, with a wink of support and a “Go get ’em, tiger!”

        Bad Founders. Bad, bad, bad…

        • Where do you get this stuff? Devout, hard-working settlers and their progeny would pass arms to those who wish to tear it all apart? Because they think it might “work” in some Larger Bigger Picture? Really…you think they would? I think that’s plainly wrong—they were fighting for THEIR liberty, not to form the world’s most exclusive Mah Jong Club.

          As to “Bad Founders,” right now it’s on you to defend your opposition to Patrick Henry, George Mason, Thomas Jefferson and a slew of others. None of ’em lacked for clarity and their ideas are very clear. Jefferson EXPLICITLY clarified his Rightful Liberty statement—“I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’…”

          Yet you do, just as explicitly. Hence it’s on you to explain why. Here’s your answer as I read it…”because I think it’ll work.” That’s the charge you lay against the settlers here and I’m telling you they believed no such thing. One is true and one is false.

          • JK: It seems you can’t divine where “By any means necessary” and tongue-in-cheek meet. But, that’s ok. I wasn’t writing for you.

          • outlawpatriot

            During the French and Indian War here in America the British were having a problem understanding how the French were being supplied when there was no supply line from Europe and His Majesty’s ships controlled the ocean.

            After a certain battle, a captured cache of supplies to include weapons and ammunition were found to have originated from Yankee merchants in the northern colonies. Further investigation revealed that these Yankee merchants were loading ships with war material and taking it to Nova Scotia and selling it to the French. The discovery caused quite a brouhaha at the time as I recall.

            Despite appeals to stop, the Yankee merchants stated that it was their right to sell goods to whoever they wanted and they weren’t responsible for British and American deaths that resulted from their trade with the French.

            I’m sorry but I just can’t remember what the final outcome was. I’m gonna have to look it up.

            So you might wanna back up a bit there Jimmy. I don’t remember this thing being about helping the French to defeat the British, it was based solely on greed and what was considered the unlimited rights of the individual. You know, that stuff you’re always talking about.

            • Greed or legitimate profit?

              2 of the 3 players in your scenario had no objection to the process, it would seem.

              • also, helping the Brit and French colonialists fight each other eventually worked out well for the nascent Americans. French naval blockade of Yorktown forced Cornwallis’ surrender

              • outlawpatriot

                Mmm… I’m gonna try to find where in the literature I came across this event. Truthfully I am a little fuzzy on it.

                But I am sure about the fact that Yankee merchants sold war material to the French, enemies of the Crown and colonies.

                That said, if I were to catch one of my people doing such a thing their death would be extremely slow and painful. Naked, tourniquets, Celox, and sharp instruments long and painful.

                Just sayin’.

                • I’d just be cautious about aspersions re arms merchants. As an old-timey car merchant here in the ATL oblast still says via recording from beyond the grave:

                  We love you and we need you.


                • Well Alan, there you go again with your bad-assery, keyboard threats. Of course those you threaten to harm with violent death are going to just stand there, waiting patiently for you to impart your Marxist violence upon them.

                  Meow !

                  • outlawpatriot

                    Ya know, I used to think rather highly of you.

                    Now, you can just fuck off with rest of them.

                    Bitch. 🙂

              • K says it was tongue-in-cheek anyway. But talk about flat-out Pragmatism. “Give ’em the means to destroy us, cuz it’ll be better for the Bigger Cause.” That’s what an ends/means inversion will get ya, not to mention sacrifice. Hell, these guys figure they got even Patton outsmarted…and Jon thinks *I’m* arrogant!

                • JK: You have never quoted me accurately yet. That must be by design.

                  I said: You [JK] can’t tell where “By any means necessary and tongue-in-cheek meet”

                  • Jim Klein

                    I’ve no idea what you mean. If I misrepresented you, then sorry and feel free to clarify; I don’t see anything so important here anyway.

                    Well, you charging me with misrepresenting by design…that might be.

                    • My comment: JK: It seems you can’t divine where “By any means necessary” and tongue-in-cheek meet. But, that’s ok. I wasn’t writing for you.

                      Your definition of my comment: K says it was tongue-in-cheek anyway.

                      K never said ‘It was all tongue-in-cheek anyway”. Nor did he delineate where tongue-in-cheek began or ended for you. But you chose to define the comment for your purposes as: K says it was tongue-in-cheek anyway.

                      Then you go on to dismiss the relevance of your misrepresentation with: If I misrepresented you, then sorry and feel free to clarify; I don’t see anything so important here anyway.

                      There really isn’t much that needs to be clarified for anyone who is applying even the basic level of reading comprehension expected of a 3rd-grader in a public school.

                      I said X. You declared I said Y. You added that even if I said X it didn’t matter, because …I don’t see anything so important here anyway.

                      Many of us watch you do this day after day after day. Generally speaking, I put you in the ‘Good Faith’ category. The problem I see is that you take weak intellectual positions and are then forced to try and win through convolution, distortion and gross violations of logic and common sense.

                      This topic ties directly into the topic of this thread, and many others important to the Liberty Sphere – because this is the sort of unproductive circle-jerking that does not move one single person closer to defending Natural Rights. This puts you on the wrong side of serious people who are ‘doing’ while in this phase of the battlespace.

                    • Jim Klein

                      >>> K never said ‘It was all tongue-in-cheek anyway”

                      Neither did JK say he did. If you’re going to try to do this, please pay close attention. Details matter. EVERY detail matters; that’s basic to all good leadership BTW.

                      If you’ve got something of value, ship it. Otherwise, please answer some of the many simple questions that have been put to you, by me and others. In either event, I’m confident it won’t serve your purposes to have an “intellectual debate” with me. As wisdom once put it, “This ain’t no fuckin’ game.” And game or not, Egoism is about WINNING.

                      I’m tryin’ to be a pal you know, just as I did with your now “joined at the hip” brother. But I’m not fool enough to think your choices are anyone’s but yours.

                    • Wow. For seriously, though. Wow.

                    • oughtsix

                      “I’ve no idea what you mean.”


                      Sure you do, you just can’t deal with it.

                      “If I misrepresented you, then sorry and feel free to clarify; I don’t see anything so important here anyway.”

                      Tripple horseshit. The usual disingenuous horseshit to the third power.

                      K, I know we’ve had our differences, and I do not hereby lightly dismiss them, but you have done here what I have failed to fully accomplish…

                      Shown JK for the fraud he is:

                      JK: ” If I misrepresented you, then sorry and feel free to clarify; I don’t see anything so important here anyway.”


                      When Jim is exposed for the hypocrite he is, he sucks ass, and “it’s not important anyway.”

              • Jimmy the Saint

                2 out of 3 of the players in Aktion Reinhard had no objection to the process, either. Didn’t really make it legitimate, though – although winning the war effectively would have.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The Mal Reynolds version

  6. Detroit the True 3%

    No, no terrible out of the ordinary riots.

    As long as the ET cards work, no social chaos.

  7. They’ll burn down their own ‘hoods, then whine when there’s no store close by that takes their EBT cards.

    There’s no way for “those people” to escape their DNA, they can only be curbed, the way they were prior to 1964.

    • Detroit the True 3%

      Delusional. They are flooding the nation with immigrants.

      You and yours lost, Pat.

      • no. CW II, all neo-con Prop Nation gibberish aside, will inevitably devolve into a race war. But go ahead and bet on the current mutually-detesting Jew/Black/Brown/Yellow/urbanWhite coalition: you’ll lose your money and your life

        • Paul Bonneau

          “the current mutually-detesting Jew/Black/Brown/Yellow/urbanWhite coalition”

          Some of us prefer to treat people as individuals, rather than look through the collectivist lens.

          Anyway there are more “white” people on welfare than “black” people, particularly so if you include such “white” approved welfare programs as government schooling, Socialist Security, Medicare, and the like, as I do. I won’t look on a mob as my friend if most of the members happen to be “white”. They’re still a mob…

          • that’s why I included “urban White”. But they’ll mostly be disposed of by their current FSA “allies”. Still, when you see a clot of ethnoids by the roadside, roasting long pig, feel free to dismount and trawl for fellow anarchists, or maybe even a libertarian or two

            • They just don’t get it, Haxo. “Those people” just aren’t like us.

              When it comes to tribes, you only have people like yourselves in them. Those of you that adhere to the “DIEversity is strength” myth will not be alive long enough to be educated. The SHTF has been in progress for years now, some say since 1964/1965.

  8. From the article: “It’s time for a new urban renewal, this time built on the ideas of private economic development, personal responsibility, “broken windows” policing, and education choice.”

    In other words, more government. The same government that degraded these populations in the first place. Yeah, that’ll work.

    I feel sorry for any group or class of people who have allowed themselves to be “helped” by the government. But I will still shoot them if I need to.

  9. Ferguson II was coordinated as is Baltimore. The punks in Baltimore are out for a lark but egged on by professional agitators from the Left. The agitators have a purpose in mind, the punks don’t have a clue. The end game is ground work for a putsch. Not sanguine about the outcome as there are forces on the Left and Right who will use this as the leverage to degrade rights even further.

  10. “What stops looting is the shooting of looters. On sight. In the street. Dead.”
    I wish that sentiment was as quickly, equally and enthusiastically applied to the illegals and terrorists daily (round the clock) pouring through the southern border, and the treasonous communists in dc, and those at local, state, and federal level throughout the Republic.

    • 2nd Cav medic motion to supress the illegal invasion!

      While the media wants us to have feR of a black planet, they have already moved the pieces into place for a brown one.

      Quick quiz:
      Slick Rick holder was supplying guns to which of the following groups (pick one please):

      C-Gangster Disciples
      D-Aryan Nations
      E-The Plomo o Plato Association

      If you answered E congratulations you’ve just won a new
      $10k beltbuckle and a pair of Ostritch cowboy boots
      along with the documentary DVD “Narcocultira”
      which I highly recomend wTching even if you didnt guess correctly.

  11. sesseeditstheonlyway

    A seminal masterpiece about the festivities taking place, the oligarchies’ helots and slave class responsible, and Freeman who are going to win, how we win, and why the center can’t hold.
    Lock and load brothers…


  12. “Ramping Up for “The Long Hot Summer” of 2015”. second this. with it now spreading to new york city, it is not too far a throw to believe they have been trying to get the fire started by lighting the match with trayvon, ferguson and now finally have got it going with riots starting places besides the place it occurred. would not be suprised to see protests all over the nation on july 4th. you merge those rioters with real freedom loving patriots and you now have cause to bring the hammer down and we got the right person in the white house to do that. (its thoughts of realistic possiblities like this which is why i drink heavily on weekends these days.)

  13. I’m old, but I’m still good for dying. In the field or at my front door if they come for me remains to be seen. I do know I’ll be a follower. Someone like you or my own better instincts, that too remains to be seen. I do know I like this blog even if it is top heavy with leaders. Without mentioning names, some of you I’d follow gladly. Others, I wouldn’t follow into a bar with the offer of a free beer. Thanks for letting me hang around.

  14. Sitting here in Albany GA tonight wondering just how big of a stash of party supplies are stored over at the MCLB. Just passing through town on business. Three huge land force bases in GA as well as WRALB for the AF.
    If they were ever pillaged by the locals, YT and OPFOR would have their hands full.
    As it is, they are right in the middle of the former Plantation Belt and are largely staffed on the civilian side by Hope and Change voters.
    Everything owned by GAANG in all of the Armories across the State probably doesn’t add up to what is in storage at one of the Federal Facilities.
    Have any of you noticed the shift of forces into the Red States out of Blue States over the last decade? Between NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, LA and TX there are enough units to make for a well armed Federal occupation force.
    Here in GA we had Senator Nunn keeping the BRAC monster away for decades but he is gone now.
    Tanker school is at Benning now and Knox is just a shadow of what it used to be.
    Recon while you fellows still can.
    Start to ID the soft spots and commit to memory.
    Find where the goodies are stashed and the movers and political shakers live.
    There are lots of toys to be had in my AO but very few influential communists now that Ted and Jane split up and left Atlanta.
    All there are here are regional Gov hive workers and media assets.
    Most politicians are statist republicans that blow with the prevailing wind.

    Atlanta might be rather boring once the SHTF.
    I’m always watching for changes in the situation though.
    Time will tell.

  15. swan832013

    it hasn’t hit them in their personal life yet…. they are going along doing their day to day chores…. once the shit hits them in their personal life then things will be getting very interesting….


  16. Right now, right now, right now ….

  17. Marlo Stanfield

    Its Baltimore, do any quality people live in or represent Baltimore? The Wire is a training program  for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Olf8J_z3snMplaces like Baltimore.   

  18. Rainman.....

    Obama is in a quandary. He wants to target the Patriots but reality is getting in the way. The Patriots are some of the most law abiding folks in Amerika. They don’t give him much of a target to attack, legally. On the other hand, there are a literally a million Michael Browns, Trayvons, Eric Garners and Freddy Greys out there, all of them the end result of the welfare state and all of them violent with rap sheets as long as their arms. None of them have a problem brawling with a cop or burning down their own neighborhoods. Obamas resources have had to lurch from Trayvon to Ferguson to NY and now to Baltimore with Philly going bad now and with all of inner city Amerika apparently, ready to burn this summer. The vast % of crime in this country is in the zip codes that voted more that 65% for Obama. Way too much of Obamas DHS is lurching form riot to riot and literally there ain’t enough DHS resources to target both the welfare goons and the Patriots.
    LEA knows this and is getting sick and tired of getting rocks and bottles thrown at them and they can’t respond. They know the 911 calls aren’t originating from Patriot households. They know there are no Patriot ‘flash mobs’. Patriots don’t riot. They just steal grass in Nevada.
    Keep your guns holstered. But keep um handy.

  19. Alfred E. Neuman

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