Josephine County Oathkeepers PIO Site


For the Silver Pine Mine latest…

7 responses to “Josephine County Oathkeepers PIO Site

  1. Cluster Foxtrot.

  2. mark Johnson

    Sugar Pine Mine. Location near town of Galice, Oregon. Gold.

  3. there is no gold in Ft. Knox. But there is gold in Silver Pine Mine

  4. Good job fellas!
    Also your website is written professionally and difficult to assail politically for the MSM
    Keep up the good work.

  5. This operation has the transparency of the Obama administration.
    The Miners, if they exist, have been sequestered, and everything that comes out, or goes in, is under apparent dictatorial control of OathKeepers. Heck, they even list the Treasurer in the contacts.

  6. Running around the mountainside with m4geries is all well and good, but carry a camera too. Posting pictures and entering the N-number on the FAA website might help more at this point.