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Think Like An Engineer


Or at least try.

Pretty useful advice, especially for the soft stuff like politics and other silly human games.

Make new mistakes.



Incendiary Image of the Day: CSGV Mask Slips



Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Screen shot 2015-05-31 at 8.44.21 PM

FOXNews: Lee Greenwood’s New Book Teaches Kids What Patriotism Is All About

Insert punchline here.

Good Luck Getting Your Money Out

F1 dollar burning

The set-up:

…Going forward it will be more and more difficult to get your money out of the financial system.

The reason for this concerns the actual structure of the financial system. As I’ve outlined previously, that structure is as follows:

1) The total currency (actual cash in the form of bills and coins) in the US financial system is a little over $1.36 trillion.

2) When you include digital money sitting in short-term accounts and long-term accounts then you’re talking about roughly $10 trillion in “money” in the financial system.

3) In contrast, the money in the US stock market (equity shares in publicly traded companies) is over $20 trillion in size.

4) The US bond market (money that has been lent to corporations, municipal Governments, State Governments, and the Federal Government) is almost twice this at $38 trillion.

5) Total Credit Market Instruments (mortgages, collateralized debt obligations, junk bonds, commercial paper and other digitally-based “money” that is based on debt) is even larger $58.7 trillion.

6) Unregulated over the counter derivatives traded between the big banks and corporations is north of $220 trillion.

When looking over these data points, the first thing that jumps out at the viewer is that the vast bulk of “money” in the system is in the form of digital loans or credit (non-physical debt)…

The punch line:

“…the Fed and the regulators are looking to implement moves that would make it much harder to move money into physical cash.If you find difficulty in taking my word for this, consider the recent regulations implemented by SEC to stop withdrawals from happening should another crisis occur…”

Read it all – and yes, I get that the author is selling something.

Here’s what Treasury itself says in its June, 2015 report about total US coin and currency outstanding and in circulation.

Make your own assessment.

Got physical?



Porretto: Harbinger


Synthesis of the Obamanation, the Waco biker massacre, and a growing conviction that the time for action is coming.

Worse is better.

Can you and your people train folks quickly?

Best be planning how to do just that.

Tempus fugit.

Happy Birthday, Patrick Henry: “This Constitution is said to have beautiful features; but when I come to examine these features, sir, they appear to me horribly frightful.”


GVDL gives aid and comfort to another damned anarchist.

Dissolve the bankrupt-in-every-sense FedGov.

Before their madness get worse.

What Is Fascism?


Full link here.

Money quote:

What defines fascism, however, is that while individuals may own property or the means of production, control of that property and the means of production remains in the hand of the state.

Deputy Emergency Assistant For Production Quotas Marie Harf could not be reached for intelligible comment:

ABD Dışişleri Bakanlığı Sözcü Yardımcısı Marie Harf, Dışişleri Bakanlığı'ndaki günlük basın brifinginde dünya genelindeki gelişmeleri  değerlendirdi.  (Anadolu Ajansı - Barışkan Ünal)

Buppert: The Existential Threat to All Human Liberty in North America


Read Bill’s latest.

Consider all of the stories you have seen across the freedom blogosphere over the past several years.

Know that the badged government actors have no legal duty whatsoever to protect you.

Understand that to the extent someone (either individually or as part of a neighborhood association) wanted security assistance, legal duties to protect and serve would be part of the bargained-for exchange between free men.

Not the deadly farce of 21st-century American policing.

Tell the truth.

Don’t buy the lies.

shiny badges

DTG: Keeping Your Edge



Product Review: Edge Pro Apex 4 Knife Sharpening System


Doing Something Productive – It’s ALL the Rage!


Stockdale On Stoicism


Biographical sketch

Part I: The Stoic Warrior’s Triad

Part II: Master Of My Fate

Become bigger than your circumstances.

No matter what.

Why Not More Concern Over Islamic Terrorism and Aggression?


Read all of this ChicagoBoyz entry.

And yes, I know that the Western elites in the increasingly supranational and increasingly unfree world are largely non-Muslim.

They sure seem to be anxious to avoid certain topics, however.

But of course – yes, I know that Omar down at the newspaper kiosk is a wonderful chap who loves his family and his fellow man.

Notwithstanding Omar and his benevolence towards all, I am also utterly confident that there are wise men on Team Mo who have calculated how surprisingly little it will take to get the West to collapse after Obama orders the American military not to support the House of Saud against the (dubious-origin) ISIS machine.

Just as I am utterly certain that very, very few in the American halls of power have considered this response to the Religion of Peace.

Polygonal battlespace, kids.

With serious people.

Coming to your town soon.


Burner Phone 101


Good stuff.

Just know that the device itself should be re-used only after thoughtful consideration.

Quote Of The Week


“We are way past that time, kids, where MOAR LAWZ are what we need for fucking anything. We are at the time where the Satan-worshiping fuckers need to begin sweating because large groups of patriots are standing on a ridge somewhere sharpening their bayonets and sighting their rifles. The wages of sin are death.”

— WRSA Reader

zoomie resist

Society vs. The Individual – Part I


Captain Capitalism lays it down.

Part II to follow.

Most of the people in your life have lied to you about important matters.

Get things straight, before the Continental Candid Exchange Of Views.


Bruce Schneier On Privacy & The Data Free-For-All

Man Looking Through Binoculars

Read the whole thing.

Consider the book.

Got meatspace?

You’d better.

Tempus fugit.


At Least They Are Admitting It

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.08.50

Via Twitter, satire.

I think.

SiGB Sends



Touching the Raw Amygdala: An Analysis of Liberal Debate Tactics

20130109-212300Amygdala location and function

Worth your time.


Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII

China Has Only One Option


Via Jim Sinclair’s team, a look into a possible near-future.

Note the point about long-term infrastructure already in the ground, before the global collapse.

Then look around FUSA, while listening to madness like this.

And start your language lessons.

Cleveland Police Agree To Stop Hitting People On The Head With Guns

Screen shot 2015-05-27 at 1.19.48 PM

Money quote?

“…And police nationwide wonder why ordinary people have lost confidence in them…”

Read it all.

Codrea: Pass The Word – Liberty For All Arms Expo 2015 – 20/21 June – Yakima WA

ScreenHunter_01 May. 26 11.27(Click image to enlarge)

As David says, take 5 minutes to pass the word through your circles – especially folks in the West.

Direct link here.

Thanks in advance.

TPP Blues

Banzai supplies the chaser:

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 8.46.23

Eastern North Carolina Film Festival, June 13, 2015: Screening Of “POPCORN SUTTON – A HELL OF A LIFE”

Brock sends.

Festival tix and more info.


Quickie Book Review: “Breakfast With The Dirt Cult”

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 8.12.27

A former infantryman offered to send me a copy of his first novel a couple of months back.

I told him that I would read it, but no promises.

It sat on the (Kindle) stack until I had some long travel for business.

Here’s the note I sent him after reading it cover to cover during those flights:

Holy shit.

I pray God that the (extremely well-written) internal emotional wrenching was all fiction.

And I know that it was not.

And I also know damned well that the ball-breaking between the protagonist and his buds was verbatim transcription of what really went on.

Finally, I wish that I had had the insights into women, life, and the important stuff when I was your age, rather than still trying to figure it out at 2x your age.

Am sitting at 37000′ composing myself after finishing your novel in two big sittings. As someone whose first exposure to tales of the ribald soldier life was “Those Devils In Baggy Pants” and “Currahee” [82nd and 101st, respectively] way back in the late Sixties when I was just a boy, you’ve written a classic. Haven’t read “Generation Kill”, but unless I am a complete Neanderfuck, your book’s a keeper. Big time.

Snapshot draft review for WRSA:

“Hilarious and heartbreaking – often on the same page, ‘Breakfast with the Dirt Cult’ is a modern war novel classic by and about a young infantryman learning about the Army, life, his buddies, combat, women, Afghanistan, death, love, and human frailty. You will be the poorer for not reading it, as will your friends.”

One word: superb.



Get your copy today.

SLL: In Memoriam


“…Who decides the interests for which members of America’s military will die? Those considering entering the military today must look beyond the slogans, contemplate the risks of being killed, wounded, dismembered, paralyzed, or psychologically traumatized, and ask themselves: why and for whom are these risks being borne?

‘You don’t fight for your country, you fight for your government.’

Is it worth risking one’s life for the US government?…”

Read it all.

Help others think, rather than just feel.


The Heroes Of Lost Causes

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 16.22.32

RITR sends, via the owner of Ares Armor:




DATE: May 25, 2015

On the news Sunday morning, I had the pleasure of watching the now customary Memorial Day Weekend interrogation of average American voters. As expected, most the respondents had this clueless look on their face and fumbled their way to a half-assed answer that made about zero sense. One college aged child actually said it was a day to remember to thank his parents. Because … obviously they did such a good job raising him.

Isn’t the news great? Last week, I watched as ISIS members triumphantly happy-danced all over their newly conquered city of Ramadi. For good measure, they included a nice video clip of our “local allies” quite bravely and heroically running away.

This was, to put it mildly, disturbing. You see, many of the kids that were sent off to fight for our fanciful ideals of liberty, freedom, democracy, WMDs, iPhones, and the Kardashians, spent a little time in that city. And by “time” what I mean to say is that they died rather gruesome unceremonious deaths, trying to bring peace to the very same land that ISIS is now throwing a parade in.

Once those lucky enough to live got home, they were euphemistically thanked for their service and then dumped back into the great American society. And whilst America looks on in bewilderment, our boys continue to die rather gruesome unceremonious deaths, this time, trying to bring peace to their minds.

So many have chosen suicide, that for a lot of us still kicking, the horrific images of war, have now been replaced by the horrific images of peace; a hanging corpse, brain matter splattered on the car window, or a rotting pile of flesh decaying in the wilderness for three months before it is found by hikers.

And what was it all for in the first place? Was it to be remembered once a year, kinda like the Easter Bunny? Was it to be honored once a year, kinda like Cupid? Perhaps it was to be corporately franchised once a year, kinda like Jesus?

It certainly was not for ISIS, Bush, Al-Qaeda, Obama, The Taliban, or Congress.

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter. We don’t need a righteous cause. We don’t need politicians to thank us for our service. We don’t need any of them.

What we did—good or bad, just or unjust, worthwhile or lost— was an experience. And that’s all life is. The bad experiences can teach us just how wonderful the good experiences can be. The good experiences can remind us just how terrible the bad experiences can be. To know the difference you must have lived each.

After you have eaten a double stacked shit-sandwich, a PB&J will taste better than anything you have ever remembered.

And for those idiots that think Memorial Day is just a day off of work to barbecue, drink beer, and have a good time. Ignore them, they don’t know any better. And you know what, Memorial Day is a great day to have a barbecue, drink beer, and have a good time. Not a day goes by where I don’t have to fight back tears wishing my brother was still here. If he was here though, I am sure he would have the grill going in the back right now. I know for a fact he would have a beer in his hand.

As for that sinking feeling of betrayal that you feel. I feel it too. You are not alone.

It is not our country that has betrayed us. Our country is a philosophy. Our country is an idea. Let us not mix the actions of our government with the actions of our philosophy.

And to that same government, remember this:

We are not the “peaceful” generation; we won’t just watch. We are not the “greatest” generation; we don’t need a cause. We are a different kind of generation. We are the Heroes of Lost Fucking Causes. Did you see what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan? Did you see the carnage we spread? According to the News … we did that … because it was Tuesday. Imagine what we could do to someone we actually have a personal problem with, perhaps someone who betrayed us.

Imagine what we could do if we had a truly just cause, perhaps restoring liberty to our own homes.

I leave you with these words, given to a guard, by a man about to be hung for the crime of fighting to liberate others from government approved enslavement:

“I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land can never be purged away but with blood.”


Dimitrios Karras


Asymmetrical Media Games


From a reader:

The war for hearts and minds is an important part of the next war. Here are some battle tactics for the good guys.

The bad folks are already using them like carpet bombing.

11 Ways To Survive A Media Shitstorm

How This Left-Wing Activist Manipulates the Media to Spread His Message

How to Destroy Someone’s Reputation with Google

How To Survive A Modern Day Witch-hunt

The Rabbits Go to War; or, How Your Haters Will Try to Destroy You

It’s Actually Conservatives vs. Liberals…and Liberals vs. the Amygdala

How To Defeat New York City Media Liberals

When They Come For The Smaller Groups


Read it all.

Ask the Cherokee.


Or the Sioux.

Or the Lemkos.


But We Had To Arrest SOMEONE!

er mahgawd itzabommmmm

Life in Amerika, Memorial Day weekend, 2015.


Quote Of The Month


“A generation is now growing old, which never had anything to say for itself except that it was young. It was the first progressive generation – the first generation that believed in progress and nothing else…. [They believed] simply that the new thing is always better than the old thing; that the young man is always right and the old wrong. And now that they are old men themselves, they have naturally nothing whatever to say or do. Their only business in life was to be the rising generation knocking at the door. Now that they have got into the house, and have been accorded the seat of honour by the hearth, they have completely forgotten why they wanted to come in. The aged younger generation never knew why it knocked at the door; and the truth is that it only knocked at the door because it was shut. It had nothing to say; it had no message; it had no convictions to impart to anybody…. The old generation of rebels was purely negative in its rebellion, and cannot give the new generation of rebels anything positive against which it should not rebel. It is not that the old man cannot convince young people that he is right; it is that he cannot even convince them that he is convinced. And he is not convinced; for he never had any conviction except that he was young, and that is not a conviction that strengthens with years.”

G.K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News of July 9, 1921

(h/t Insty; original link here)


Memorial Day


And remember:


A Message From AmRRON HQ


AmRRON Corps,

I didn’t want to alarm you with the term ‘Warning Order’ in the subject line. From my handy dandy Army leadership ‘Troop Leading Procedure’ guide, an explanation of terminology is in order:

1. Receive the Mission

The leader may receive the mission in a warning order, an operation order (OPORD), or a fragmentary order (FRAGO). He immediately begins to analyze it using the factors of METT-T:

2. Issue a warning order

The leader provides initial instructions in a warning order. The warning order contains enough information to begin preparation as soon as possible.

The leader issues the warning order with all the information he has available at the time. He provides updates as often as necessary.

So, I’ve (step 1) ‘received the mission’, and here’s your Warning Order (and some background information):

Background Information:

As some of you know, there is an event (Washington Arms Expo) in central Washington State, sponsored by Liberty For All, on Sat/Sun (June 20th – 21st). The event will include activities such as multiple patriot speakers, Patriot musician Jordan Page, an open air gun show, and many workshops from first aid, to tactics… and comms. I will be speaking to leadership (Mutual Aid Groups, Assemblies and Committees of Safety, Militias, etc.) about communications as it relates to command and control. Sam Culper will be teaching a workshop on intelligence.

Warning Order:

There will be a scenario-based FTX that will span across several western states, involving several mutual aid groups, preparedness groups, and militias. Due to the inadequacies in reliable communications capabilities, the leadership and organizers have asked for communications support from AmRRON (specifically AmRRON Corps). Most patriot groups who are otherwise very well organized, suffer major deficiencies when it comes to non-conventional communications, especially when it comes to reaching beyond their immediate AO (Area of Operations). So, here’s a bulleted list of key areas I am planning around, with the help of a few others.

· The scenario will not be ‘dirty rotten government’ resistance scenario. It will be based on a realistic social order collapse with disruptions in conventional comms/power infrastructure.

· We will be customizing a communications plan that will deviate from the SOI to a certain degree.

· This scenario is being ran ‘as if’ the entire AmRRON Network were activated, and following the SOI, but with this ‘parallel’ operation being conducted simultaneously, providing command and control to leadership elements in the patriot community, to include sheriffs and other elected officials, community leaders, and security/militia leadership.

· DEPLOYMENT: There will be an element which will be part of a comms support element which will practice deploying to the central WA location to establish a communications center (COMCEN). More details about the deployment team below.

· Non-DEPLOYMENT: The bulk of the AmRRON Corps operators will provide static comms support (your home or other location of your choosing). Some of those duties may include:

o Initiating SITREPS/SPOTREPS to insert into the scenario, providing practice in message handling.

o Relays – Act as a relay to pass traffic between stations, including Corps to Corps, and Corps to non-Corps

· Most all traffic will be conducted using HF digital modes, to include flmsg forms and RMS.

· We will also be working with Sam Culper to develop an intelligence/communications integration plan for this exercise, and future operations.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating, either as part of the Deployment Detachment or as a Static Station.

This will be a great training opportunity for Corps, leading up to T-Rex 2015 in August.

I am still working persistently (albeit small bites) on the great (and valuable) feedback from our February SET, and will be incorporating several of those recommendations into our pre-op training and future protocols.

The next several weeks will be the ‘train-up’ cycle, where I’ll be giving additional (and overdue) guidance in several areas, to include message handling, message precedence, non-conventional nets (deviating from the SOI), and the use of ‘tactical’ (stripped down) forms (those forms we use in flmsg, but lightened up and streamlined for down and dirty message traffic).

Any correspondence related to this FTX (Field Training Exercise), please put ‘June FTX’ in the subject line, so I can start a separate email folder to keep related correspondence organized.

ARIZONA AND NEW MEXICO Corps operators needed (20m HF and digital capable – especially helpful if you also have CB with SSB)

Deployment Detachment:

Many more details to follow, but the preliminary information

· Travel/food is at each operator’s expense (vendors are supposed to be on site, but plan on being self-reliant and living out of your pack (it’s 48 hours, I mean, c’mon). It’s an adventure!

· Camping spaces will be available, but for the Detachment, we may actually have quarters available since we’ll be ‘operational’. Still pinning those details down.

· Commercial power is supposed to be available, but plan on being grid-down capable if you have it

· HF and digital capabilities (to include field or man-portable antennas, if you have them)

· Preferably Multicam pants if you have them, otherwise earth-tone cargo pants, and an earth-tone operator cap (baseball-style, low profile tactical hat – with Velcro patches if you have it).

· We are working up a design for Corps T-shirts for those who deploy

· Sidearm and combat rifle? You bet. (not mandatory, but just in case you didn’t want to be ‘that guy’)

· You may be assigned to a tactical team conducting field operations (for those of you with proper packs and field equipment and portable comms)

· Many patriots and leadership attending have heard great things about AmRRON, but have never directly interacted with AmRRON operators, so you will also be an ambassador. Utmost cool-headed professionalism, display of confidence and competence (and humility), and a consistent ‘can-do’ attitude are ‘must have’ qualities. No complaining, moaning, or grumbling. If you’re not sure you meet those requirements, just ask your wife. She’ll give you honest feedback.

Once I get a roster of interested Deployable Detachment operators, I’ll work with you separately on that portion of the exercise.

That does it for now. Corps operators located anywhere in the country are welcome and encouraged to participate! Thank you all for being out there.



Pass the word; AmRRON home website.

Note the radio operators on the Deployment Detachment will consist only of AmRRON Corps operators.



WeaponsMan tells a tale of non-standard acquisition.

Long live The Scrounger.

The US Department Of Commerce Officially Jumps The Shark, Will “Double Seasonally Adjust” GDP Data

goalseek image

And the beat goes on, economic statistics version.

Do you understand yet?

(H/t SLL)

Profiles in Resistance – Major Lewis Redmond


Enjoy this piece on real-life partisan resistance to government oppression by taxation, via ZeroGov.

If you’re not ready to be an outlaw, you’re not ready.

Tempus fugit.