To All Innocent Fifth Columnists: A Call to Action


As sent by a reader:

To All Innocent Fifth Columnists
Ayn Rand – 1941

You who read this represent the greatest danger to America.

No matter what the outcome of the war in Europe may be, Totalitarianism has already won a complete victory in many American minds and conquered all of our intellectual life. You have helped it to win.

Perhaps it is your right to destroy civilization and bring dictatorship to America, but not unless you understand fully what you are doing.

If that is what you want to do, say so openly, at least to your own conscience, and we who believe in freedom will fight you openly.

But the tragedy of today is that you — who are responsible for the coming Totalitarian dictatorship of America — you do not know your own responsibility. You would be the first to deny the active part you’re playing and proclaim your belief in freedom, in civilization, in the American way of life. You are the most dangerous kind of Fifth Columnist — an innocent subconscious Fifth Columnist. Of such as you is the Kingdom of Hitler and of Stalin.

You do not believe this? Check up on yourself. Take the test we offer you here.

1. Are you the kind who considers ten minutes of his time too valuable to read this and give it some thought?

2. Are you the kind who sits at home and moans over the state of the world — but does nothing about it?

3. Are you the kind who says that the future is predestined by something or other, something he can’t quite name or explain and isn’t very clear about, but the world is doomed to dictatorship and there’s nothing anyone can do about it?

4. Are you the kind who says that he wishes he could do something, he’d be so eager to do something — but what can one man do?

5. Are you the kind who are so devoted to your own career, your family, your home or your children that you will let the most unspeakable horrors be brought about to destroy your career, your family, your home and your children — because you are too busy now to prevent them?

Which one of the above are you? A little of all?

But are you really too busy to think?

Who “determines” the future? You’re very muddled on that, aren’t you? What exactly is “mankind”? Is it a mystical entity with a will of its own? Or is it you, and I, and the sum of all of us together? What force is there to make history — except men, other men just like you? If there are enough men who believe in a better future and are willing to work for it, the future will be what they want it to be. You doubt this? Why then, if the world is doomed to dictatorship, do the dictators spend so much money and effort on propaganda? If history is predestined in their favor, why don’t Hitler and Stalin just ride the wave into the future without any trouble? Doesn’t it seem more probable that history will be what the minds of men want it to be, and the dictators are smart enough to prepare these minds in the way they want them, while we talk of destiny and do nothing?

You say, what can one man do? When the Communists came to power in Russia, they were a handful of eighteen men. Just eighteen. In a country of [170,000,000] population. They were laughed at and no one took them seriously. According to their own prophet, Karl Marx, Russia was the last country in which Communism could be historically possible, because of Russia’s backwardness in industrial development. Yet they succeeded. Because they knew what they wanted and went after it — historical destiny or no historical destiny. Adolf Hitler started the Nazi Party in Germany with seven men. He was laughed at and considered a harmless crank. People said that after the Versailles Treaty Germany could not possibly become a world power again, not for centuries. Yet Hitler succeeded. Because he knew what he wanted and went after it — history or no history. Shall we believe in mystical fates or do something about the future?

If you are one of those who have had a full, busy, successful life and are still hard at work making money — stop for one minute of thought. What are you working for? You have enough to keep you in comfort for the rest of your days. But you are working to insure your children’s future. Well, what are you leaving to your children? The money, home, or education you plan to leave them will be worthless or taken away from them. Instead, your legacy will be a Totalitarian America, a world of slavery, of starvation, of concentration camps and of firing squads. The best part of your life is behind you — and it was lived in freedom. But your children will have nothing to face save their existence as slaves. Is that what you want for them? If not, it is still up to you. There is time left to abort it — but not very much time. You take out insurance to protect your children, don’t you? How much money and working effort does that insurance cost you? If you put one-tenth of the money and time into insuring against your children’s future slavery — you would save them and save for them everything else which you intend to leave them and which they’ll never get otherwise.

Don’t delude yourself by minimizing the danger. You see what is going on in Europe and what it’s doing to our own country and to your own private life. What other proof do you need? Don’t say smugly that “it can’t happen here.” Stop and look back for a moment.

The first Totalitarian dictatorship happened in Russia. People said: well, Russia was a dark, backward, primitive nation where anything could happen — but it could not happen in any civilized country.

The next Totalitarian dictatorship happened in Italy — one of the oldest civilized countries of Europe and the mother of European culture. People said: well, the Italians hadn’t had much experience in democratic self-government, but it couldn’t happen anywhere else.

The next Totalitarian dictatorship happened in Germany — the country of philosophers and scientists, with a long record of the highest cultural achievements. People said: well, Germany was accustomed to autocracy, and besides there’s the Prussian character, and the last war, etc. — but it could not happen in any country with a strong democratic tradition.

Could it happen in France? People would have laughed at you had you asked such a question a year ago. Well, it has happened in France — France, the mother of freedom and of democracy, France, the most independent-minded nation on earth.


What price your smug self-confidence? In the face of millions of foreign money and foreign agents pouring into our country, in the face of one step after another by which our country is [moving] closer to Totalitarianism — you do nothing except say: “It can’t happen here.” Do you hear the Totalitarians answering you — “Oh, yeah?”

Don’t delude yourself with slogans and meaningless historical generalizations. It can happen here. It can happen anywhere. And a country’s past history has nothing to do with it. Totalitarianism is not a new product of historical evolution. It is older than history. It is the attempt of the worthless and the criminal to seize control of society. That element is always there, in any country. But a healthy society gives it no chance. It is when the majority in a country becomes weak, indifferent and confused that a criminal minority, beautifully organized like all gangs, seizes the power. And once that power is seized it cannot be taken back for generations. Fantastic as it may seem to think of a dictatorship in the United States, it is much easier to establish such a dictatorship than to overthrow it. With modern technique and modern weapons at its disposal, a ruthless minority can hold millions in slavery indefinitely. What can one thousand unorganized, unarmed men do against one man with a machine gun?

And the tragedy of today is that by remaining unorganized and mentally unarmed we are helping to bring that slavery upon ourselves. By being indifferent and confused, we are serving as innocent Fifth Columnists of our own destruction.

There is no personal neutrality in the world today. Repeat that and scream that to yourself. In all great issues there are only two sides — and no middle. You are alive or you are dead, but you can’t be “neither” or “in between.” You are honest or you are not — and there is no neutral “half-honest.” And so, you are against Totalitarianism — or you are for it. There is no intellectual neutrality.

The Totalitarians do not want your active support. They do not need it. They have their small, compact, well-organized minority and it is sufficient to carry out their aims. And they want from you is your indifference. The Communists and the Nazis have stated repeatedly that the indifference of the majority is their best ally. Just sit at home, pursue your private affairs, shrug about world problems — and you are the most effective Fifth Columnist that can be devised. You’re doing your part as well as if you took orders consciously from Hitler or from Stalin. And so, you’re in it, whether you want to be or not, you’re helping the world towards destruction, while moaning and wondering what makes the world such as it is today. You do.

The Totalitarians have said: “Who is not against us, is for us.” There is no personal neutrality.

And since you are involved, and have to be, what do you prefer? To do what you’re doing and help the Totalitarians? Or to fight them…

Read the rest.


No matter what.

By any means necessary.

48 responses to “To All Innocent Fifth Columnists: A Call to Action

  1. outlawpatriot

    I’m good.

    And I have references.


    • Jim Klein

      “Your intentions don’t count. If you are willing to believe that men should be deprived of all rights for a good cause — you are a Totalitarian. Don’t forget, Stalin and Hitler sincerely believe that their causes are good. Stalin thinks that he is helping the downtrodden, and Hitler thinks that he is serving his country as a patriot. They are good causes, both of them, aren’t they? Then what creates the horrors of Russia and of Germany? What is destroying all civilization? Just this one idea — that to a good cause everything can be sacrificed; that individual men have no rights which must be respected; that what one person believes to be good can be put over on the others by force.”

  2. Oh.

    The Jew-Bolshevik cunt Rosenbaum. Who’s 1924 passport from the USSR to the US was issued to her personally by Felix Dzerzhinsky — at a time when nobody left the USSR unless they were working for the Bolsheviks.

    No wonder that bitch is popular with “patriots.”

    • Rosenbaum was intensely anti-communist, however she got out. Problem is, Libertarianism remains just another species of anti-Nationalist, anti-Racialist, Universalism…akin to Judeo-communism in these respects. That’s why the Left-Libertarians, alias “anarchists”, lined up with the communists in Russia 1917-22, and Spain 1936-39. And will do so again

    • Can you provide a citation for that claim (about the passport)? I am not being facetious or disingenuous.

    • You must have been in a hurry, you forgot the “we’re gonna lose” part.

    • oughtsix

      And she was “sent” here to do what?

      Write some of the most devastating anti-totalitarian literature and analysis ever put to print?

      Boy, Howdy Doody, there’s some deep intrigue there.

      Steven, you become more obvious and less relevant with each comment.

      Your campaign for Lord of the Remains is slipping apace.

  3. Comrade X

    “To be heard, however, we must be organized. This is not a paradox. Individualists have always been reluctant to form any sort of organization. The best, the most independent, the hardest working, the most productive members of society have always lived and worked alone. But the incompetent and the unscrupulous have organized. The world today shows how well they have organized. And so, we shall attempt what has never been attempted before — an organization against organization. That is — an organization to defend us all from the coming compulsory organization which will swallow all of society; an organization to defend our rights, including the right not to belong to any forced organization; an organization, not to impose our ideology upon anyone, but to prevent anyone from imposing his ideology upon us by physical or social violence…..

    Are you with us?”

    I am,

    this is something to be read and reread. To replace the tyrant’s of that day with ours of today, is pretty easy in the reread too. There are tyrants on both sides, left & right, who will brow beat, smear, and do worst to those that will not follow their direction & authority.

    If you act as an individual are you really following but rather leading, then we all should be leaders in our own way methinks! The weak tend to follow but the good & the strong can be a team & work together who could over come evil if they try. An organization of individuals, just add in the word fearless.

    We need to try.

    Death before slavery!

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  5. “As you know, we lost our country in 2008”. That’s low, neo-con comedy: the Deed was done decades ago. Decent, early 1941 essay by Alisa Zinovievna Rosenbaum, But Lindbergh and the “Isolationists” were closest to the simple truth: “nothing grows gubmint like War, so stay out of the Nazi-Communist War”. Then, when both are exhausted, move in and pick up the pieces. Too bad that wasn’t done. Too bad Churchill and his Zionist handlers, Roosevelt and his Communist handlers, had their way with the world

    • Jim Klein

      Just curious…what’s it like believing your life is controlled by people you never met, nearly all of whom are dead?

      • Grenadier1

        I want to know how he feels about having something in common with Al and Jessie, a pervasive dislike for “Diamond Merchants”.

        • Haxo also has 2 eyes, 2 ears, a nose and a mouth, just like Al and Jessie. And, though the diamond business is a typical kosher racket – slick advertising + artificial scarcity – he has no profound objection to it or the Merchants. It’s just that they insist on buying all the politicians. Like de Beers and Oppenheim (S. African mining magnates) bought Churchill

          • Grenadier1

            You have no doubt heard that saying that the devils greatest trick is convincing the world that he does not exist…..well his second trick is convincing the world that he is everywhere. How can you defeat something that is everywhere and nowhere all at the same time?

      • Other than a quibble here and there, how is the essence of what he said wrong? Do you seriously not think that our world is shaped by ideas and forces which have passed from mind to mind over the centuries, and that we ignore the reality of those ideas and forces at our peril?


        • oughtsix

          Thank you!

        • Anonymous

          I assign most of the agency to the currently living humans, not to the ideas transmitted through writing and speaking. Yes, humans are behaving according to the ideas, but some of those ideas and thus behavior can be changed. For minds that won’t change it is also possible to interrupt both the transmission and execution of those ideas. People in the past are dead, they don’t reach out from the grave and affect us.

        • Anonymous

          If humans are controlled by ideas from the past, then, similarly, the
          objects called guns are evil. That guns are made of atoms and ideas are made of bits is a quibble.

      • oughtsix

        Is it anything like believing that only you have the truth of … everything?

        Don’t bother with me, Answer Tom Baugh just below.

      • the Past is truly a pervasive and oppressive weight. That’s why History keeps repeating. But we can mitigate its weight and, to some extent, shape our own future by studying and facing (historical) facts. Even at the risk of offending the odd anarchist and his vision of a pristine, absolute freedom

        • this in answer to Klein, 6 May 7:51

        • Jim Klein

          Still doesn’t answer the question…only YOU could do that. Yeah I know, foreign concept. Forget it, I don’t really care.

          I don’t recall ever mentioning “pristine” either. That’s for cars and homes maybe, but not groups of people.

  6. Excellent essay. I liked:

    “5. Are you the kind who are so devoted to your own career, your family, your home or your children that you will let the most unspeakable horrors be brought about to destroy your career, your family, your home and your children — because you are too busy now to prevent them?”

    The man who is devoted to career, family, home and career needs to wake up and realize that TPTB actively undermine all four. All of those are under constant attack. Not only can you lose all, but wife/family might be the worst of the 5th column.

  7. ghostsniper

    Part of the problem is you can trust almost no one these days, so you have to keep your tribe tight and small. Frankly, there is too much flotsam in the way, a lot of it has to be weeded out, to clear a path to the future.

  8. Neros Lyre

    but…but…O M G A N A R C H Y ! ARRRGGgggg!

    • oughtsix

      Did you mean, “OH! My! Gang-archy?”

      “Cuzzz” that’s what’ll happen.

      This is what you get after the last generation (1960-66) to be required to read “Lord Of The Flies,” and write a five page paper on it… in tenth grade.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

  10. So SFC Steven M Barry, USA RET, who was paid by our FedGov for the duration of his career, whose pension (RET) is both a material to his current income and most likely his largest financial asset, attacks the author on an ad hominem basis based on her biography to undermine her credibility with patriots.

    So presumably SFC Barry can demolish the actual substance of her ideas and arguments, please show your work.

    BTW, I’ve read a fair bit of Rand/Rosenbaum and criticism of her as well. That was the first time I’ve heard her accused of being a communist agent. Did you actually make that accusation, or merely try to imply it?

    • The Walkin' Dude

      I thought she came here as a child, also. They must have started training direct from the womb 😉

      • oughtsix

        Don’t interfere with a “woman’s right to choose” to re-educate her child from the womb.

        Shitlery just gave a speech…..

  11. Great article and Ayn Rand is a brilliant writer and thinker. Her most overlooked book was also her first “We the Living” and gives a detailed account of life under the new and wonderful system called communism which she experienced first hand. Reading that book I was amazed by how the Obama Administration resembled the Bolsheviks in the novel with all of the new program roll outs, lying propaganda and criminalization of simple things like finding work or buying food stuffs. Plus Ayn throws a bunch of sex in there just to keep it entertaining…

    • Jim Klein

      Great novel, highly relevant these days. It’s also a film…Italian with English subtitles. Very “tangible,” shows what real life is like under statism, in case someone’s been sleeping. Sorta like reading Selco.

  12. Splendid essay.

    And pertinent to we Brits as a General Election approaches in just a couple of days.

    We already see the influence of two groups of Totalitarians … the Greens and the Scots Nationalists … as they hover on the sidelines. The apathy of the majority of Brits, towards politics, is providing the perfect concealment for these groups to advance into powerful positions. Coming from almost nowhere, just like the Nazis … they are very aggressive Collectivists.

  13. Ayn “Never say in 10 words what you can say in 100” Rand…

    I think the world looked pretty bleak back in those days. No wonder she ranted.

  14. this has to be about the 20th time i thought i had come up with a good idea all on my own, just to find out that skinny old biddy rand came up with it first 70 years ago. i guess crazy old minds just think alike. as much as some people like to take cheap pot shots at her, well, you know, she’s still got a point. is our normalcy bias that strong that we still refuse to do anything after all this time since she put these thing on paper?. where’s that picture entitled “my dear son”?