Just So You Know


…I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describes structures of privilege based on race and gender.

And therefore women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist because we do not stand to benefit from such a system.

In order for our actions to be deemed racist or sexist, the current system would have to be one that enables only people of colour and women to benefit economically and socially on such a large scale and to the systematic exclusion of white people and men, who for the past 400 years would have to have been subjected to block colonisation.

We do not live in such a system, we do not know of such a history, reverse racism and reverse sexism are not real…

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Commentary from the Insty shop here.

Damn you white males to hell!

UPDATE 1250EST 14 MAY 2015: Robert Stacy McCain looks closely at this mook and her ilk.

Good news?

No close-up pix of her ilk.


56 responses to “Just So You Know

  1. Mark Matis

    Whores such as this will be taken care of appropriately by the “Strength” of their hives’ “Diversity” shortly after the power goes out. They are of no real concern whatsoever. And hive pigs are ALSO of no concern, because without power in their hives, they are also useless. Do understand, however, that if you are dumb enough to go the Max route and trust your local “Law Enforcement”, you may be in for a bad surprise when the hive pigs show up on your doorstep. Smart money says the Blue bond between your “Law Enforcement” and the hive pigs is FAR stronger than whatever bond you may think they have to your community. Don’t be TOO surprised if your good buddy in Blue welcomes the hive pigs with open arms and fills them in on your TOTAL situation, to the point where they can turn YOUR community into a new hive. But then some folks do indeed prefer their coffee and donuts filtered like that…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Whores such as this will be taken care of appropriately by the “Strength” of their hives’ “Diversity” shortly after the power goes out. They are of no real concern whatsoever.”

      Yeah, and that indolent painter cum beerhall rabble-rouser from Austria will certainly be of no further account in the face of the burgeoning global financial crisis. I doubt we’ll hear much from the bespectacled chicken farmer hanger-on, or his violinist sidekick, either.

      Lots of the Left’s biggest killers looked like nothings at the start: failed painter (Hitler); chicken farmer (Himmler); office clerk (Stalin); failed student (Pol Pot), etc. No one would have picked them as tough guys, and yet they turned out to be very, very nasty indeed.

      • Because they didn’t have to do the dirty work themselves, they mesmerized others into doing it for them.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Does that make their millions of victims more dead, or less dead?

          • My response was with regard to your last sentence:

            “No one would have picked them as tough guys, and yet they turned out to be very, very nasty indeed.”

            Psychopaths/narcissists are often cowards who con others into doing their bidding. Goes with the illness. That as all I meant, certainly not to diminish their predation.

            Your question is the epitome of non sequitur.

      • Mark Matis

        They didn’t have hives full of “urban youfs” to demonstrate the “Strength” of their “Diversity”. And if the hive supply chains are NOT cut, then indeed your scenario is the most credible.

  2. LOL! I find your terms acceptable, bitch. Let’s get started with my new status of Un-contribution at best speed.

    As I’ve said before. They cannot even open jars. And to quote an even older pearl, that was read to me*** during my formative years: “And that night, Max put on his Wolf-suit and made mischief”.

    *** recently read some outrage by two pole smoker professors that reading to your children is an unfair advantage and should be regulated and unlawful. A few stories immediately came to mind but the best I settled on was Josiah, in either Chronicles or Kings, and how he went about cleaning up the filth that had infested his kingdom. Burn their bones on their own pagan altars, anyone?

    I was no ones enemy until they made me.

  3. Isn’t that one of those things in the last King Kong movie that came out of a rotten log or something, attached itself to a mans face, and sucked his brains out? No? Then what the fuck is it? And please, make it go away, I already have face burn from looking at it. Hogulas’ (Hillarys) running mate, and rug cleaner.

  4. Arkindole

    Gawd; why do I press these links…I continue to hope for an outbreak of a lethal stupidity-transmitted virus.

  5. Well let all us white male racists take all our toys and leave…..

    Oh baby wants to do laundry. Sorry can’t use the electric washing machine. A white male invented both the machine and the motor that powers it. Old wash board? Sorry baby, one of us ugly racists created that too. Baby can go find herself a rock and pound on that all day.

    Women of all stripes benefit from the goods and services past and present that white male racists have brought forth over the centuries. The little harlot ought to show some respect.

  6. If it wasn’t for us useless white males Achmed the goat forker would be b!+chslapping the stupid little cnt and passing her burka-wearing a$$ among his kin.

  7. Prepping Preacher

    ugly by another name is still a candidate for a black bag and duct tape

  8. Grenadier1

    What a fucking sea hag.

  9. Those of the lesser tribes are catspaws for the tribe which cannot be named.

    This is the first negro congressman from New Jersey, how do you think she was elected in the land of the late Senator Frank Lautenberg?

  10. SemperFi, 0321

    Stupidity is a self curing problem.

  11. I feel dumber after reading the first paragraph.

    That being said whitey will go quietly into the night because it’s become full of feminized, pandering pussies bowing to political correctness in the sanctuary of liberalism and diversity.

  12. “Also, if you’ve been invited and you’re a man and/or white PLEASE DON’T COME just cos I invited a bunch of people and hope you will be responsible enough to respect this is a BME Women and non-binary event only.”

    What’s the problem with binary? 0s and 1s created the universe.

  13. anonfellow

    I could distinctly feel my IQ dropping as I read each link.

    Well, I guess I’ll have to go get a job with the government now.

  14. I spent part of my youth in a rich, diverse and vibrant multicultural area. The natives would frequently share their feelings regarding my whiteness. It’s such a relief to know that the guys chasing me down the street weren’t racist. Thanks, Bahar!

  15. “Damn you white males to hell!”

    “Hell” is a construct of the white patriarchy, created in order to enslave and subjugate womyn, ethnic minorities, and the LGBT community. Check your straight, white, cis-male privilege you evil Christian hater. Repent, emasculate yourself with a rusty spoon, and beg forgiveness you scum! Oh, and when you are done with that, make yourself useful – open this jar. I’m hungry.

  16. Facial recognition software is a wonderful thing. For example, we could setup a database of our own to be distributed, downloaded, stored locally, and used to vet people coming into your area.

    Imagine that face (even thinner and with scars) in line to enter your community, and you could identify her from a distance using just a camera. The database could popup her history, this story as evidence, then you could choose to pay her back remotely, or up close and personal. After a fair trial, of course.

  17. There are better looking whores doing donkey shows in Mexico.
    Hell, better looking donkeys.

  18. She cant be racist or sexist?
    I bet there’s a whole list of shit she cant do.

  19. robroysimmons

    Genocide is their final solution to “racism.”


  20. She is delusional like most urbanites and the permanently parasitic class. This will all work itself out in a very uncomfortable way for most, just as it has happened before and as it will happen again.

    She is delusional like most urbanites and the permanently parasitic class. This will all work itself out in a very uncomfortable way for most, just as it has happened before and as it will happen again.

    Read this (Twice):

  21. “Rotten,festering,sexist and racist cavity…” To Quote Insty Well put Sir. Well put!.

  22. ghostsniper

    She is envious to the point of self embarrassment, but lacking in IQ, she is not even aware of it. Even worse, that she has been elevated so, that she is now at a level to cross my radar sweep. I hate what this fucking country has become. A graveyard of walking dead.

    • I hate to say this but there seems to be a generation worth of
      slow folk who think their skool actually educated them at some point. I’m not certain how they achieved it but these motherfuckers think they are brilliant and most couldn’t tie their own shoes.


    Do not waste your time with these loons. I just spent the last two hours qualifying a friend of mine for his Oregon CCW (I got my instructors ticket from the NRA years ago). Do the same or something similar and productive.
    These articles are entertaining. They go back to the old saying about: “Know Your Enemy”. These pathetic oxygen thieves will evaporate like ice on a hot stove once the festivities start. I am sure there is a Henry Bowman out there who is making his list and checking it twice.

  24. So gratifying to know that she and her ilk will be among the first to die when the SHTF.

    • a male member of the diversity is going to grab its nose ring, drag it into a dark corner, and Do the Right Thing.

      • Mark Matis

        Not even REMOTELY likely to drag it into a dark corner. But will indeed take appropriate action.

  25. I am sorry that I share the same title of -woman- with this useless POS. It just gets embarrassing listening to some slut nattering on about her sexuality, her ethnicity, her feminine viewpoint. Believe me, you worthless trash, you need to pay some guy to get laid, no one cares about your ethnicity, and there is nothing “feminine” about you. So shut up! I imagine that Welfare and Diversity take up a lot of her time. I doubt that she can purify water, has stored any food, wouldn’t dream of using a “weapon” to defend herself, and she will be positively awe struck when her ATM won’t work. The coming Festivities are going to usher in the Real Women. Cuz I ain’t saving the likes of her.

  26. Marlo Stanfield

    This bitch is certified nuts. Look at the eyes and that mop of a hair style and visible metal and  a neck tat.    


  27. Dweezil has it right…don’t waste time worrying about these foolish SJW types. Work on your skills, know your enemy and be productive. The parasite class will be the first to evaporate once it starts. Nothing this lady does will have any effect on anyone unless you allow it. Avoid their useless selves and get to work.

  28. I’d hit that….

    ….with a shovel.