Hogwarts: Cheap Ultrasound Machines


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Thanks, Doc.

9 responses to “Hogwarts: Cheap Ultrasound Machines

  1. The Walkin' Dude

    I reeeeeeeally hope this race war the ‘groids want starts soon…

    Black mob attack in Elyria, OH 2 days ago caught on video…
    Media says “mistaken identity”
    ‘Groids say he pulled a gun, which video obviously proves false

  2. Quantrill

    ultrasound for preps? geez, I’m still saving up for night vision

  3. I am quite amazed of the pricing. Last time I was in the hospital they were charging use rates equal to the lower end of the mid-range unit. I think I will be talking to my Doc next visit. He should be doing this service in house.

  4. Deadeye Dic

    oh that’d be the best. Way cheaper than all the other goodies Doc has discussed and I have to agree WAY more versatile too. I like the way they think at Hogwarts.

  5. Can’t remember if it was Hogwarts or not, read somewhere about ultrasound being used instead of X-rays for finding fractures to set broken bones.

  6. Shinmen Takezo

    There are now ultrasound attachments that will plug directly into smart phones–and you can view your innerd’s on the screen. My vet has one of these gizmos and it saves lots of time and $$.

    • Good reminder, there’s often not a lot of difference between veterinarians’ equipment and the doctors’ equipment, someone needs to make a list.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        FYI–there is virtually no difference between veterinary equipment and regular medical equipment. Practically all the drugs vets used are human drugs–approx 95%. Ditto for the equipment. This ultra sound/phone attachment is for human use. FYI– vets can do more than regular doctors and have drugs that human MD’s cannot use because they are not approved by the FDA.