Cleveland Police Agree To Stop Hitting People On The Head With Guns

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Money quote?

“…And police nationwide wonder why ordinary people have lost confidence in them…”

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  1. That’s Sgt. Stedanko,not officer Stedanko-and where was sister Mary elephant?
    There’s no way in hell that Cleveland cops are gonna stop hitting people in the head with guns-it’s probably better to allow them to hit people in the head with guns-beats the hell out of what happens when they start shooting !
    137 rounds fired at the couple who led the CPD on a “high speed” chase that ended in a middle school parking lot-in a different city where CPD officers shouldn’t have been shooting at anyone anyhow-they should have let the East Cleveland cops handle the “arrest”.
    Then we have 12 year old Tamir Rice,who was executed 3 seconds after the Cleveland PD car pulled into a playground.
    The kid had an Airsoft handgun,not a functioning firearm.
    Ohio is an open carry state,so the cops should have at least asked the kid a few questions before the reject from a PD in the ‘burbs just blew the kid away.
    Said reject was fired from the Independence, Ohio PD because he “had an emotional meltdown at a shooting range”.
    Damn,wish I was at the range that day-the place is 10 minutes from my house,and it’s where Brecksville,Independence,North Royalton,Sagamore Hills,and a few other local cop shops put in their range time.
    Anyhow-why is the reject who has “emotional meltdown” (s) around firearms hired by CPD? Why would any other cop want the reject as a partner?

    • Sgt. Stedanko got demoted after that unfortunate incident in the boys locker room at St. Mary of the Martyrs.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Ohio is an open carry state,so the cops should have at least asked the kid a few questions before the reject from a PD in the ‘burbs just blew the kid away.”

      That might have prevented that particular guardian of the public good from going home at the end of his shift, which is, after all, the highest calling of law enforcement.

      • That particular guardian of the public good should never have even been a Cleveland cop-due to his “emotional meltdown” at a local shooting range at his previous stormtrooper job in the ‘burbs of Cleveland.
        The widely distributed video of the Tamir Rice execution by Cleveland cops shows the cop car pull into the park-and officer meltdown executing the kid in under 3 seconds.


    I cannot even imagine this. When I went through the Orange County Sheriff’s Academy in 1973, a recruit would have been washed out for even suggesting such an unsafe, stupid, and downright criminal procedure. Our impact weapon was a baton of second-growth hickory. Period. No saps, tasers, chemical sprays or other exotics.
    Now, in 2015, we have the LEOS dressed up like something out of ROBOCOP, with all kinds of legally-approved less-than-lethal toys, and they are still showing their stupidity and lack of proper training. The meltdown in the metro-area Blue Hives is only a matter of months.

  3. “…And police nationwide wonder why ordinary people have lost confidence in them…”

    We are WAY past that point. We are now at the ‘and police nationwide wonder why people lie in wait to ambush and shoot at them’ stage.

  4. Cleveland Police Officer Brelo jumps on hood of car and fires 15 rounds into windshield; vehicle had come to rest; two occupants inside:

    Judge could not figure out if one of the 15 rounds killed one or both occupants:

    A judge today acquitted a white Cleveland police officer in the 2012 shooting deaths of an unarmed black couple, saying he couldn’t determine whether the officer alone fired the fatal shots at the end of a 137-bullet barrage.

    • Roids + Cops = dead sheeple. All cops are now required to watch Training Day prior to their first shift.

      But seriously folks, any illusions that “the decline is comming” should have passed from your prepping and psyche long ago. It’s here. Our country is circling the drain, but parts of it are variously in the septic tank allready. there were 12 murders in Chiraq this past weekend. Part of the goal of the anti PO movement has succeeded and they are being cloward pivened into an early grave or retirement. The biker killfest appears to be more if the same. Divide conquer. If you wanted to supplant local LE woukd it be helpful to stir the hornest nests? Prolly huh?

      The hive destruction is underway, boiling frog style.

  5. outlawpatriot

    Wow! Just wow!

  6. Personally, I believe everything the Obama DOJ says. It’s all Gospel truth.

    Eric Holder would never give false or misleading information- and yes I know DOJ has a new boss but this report was obviously begun under the Holder Regime…..It’s not like he tried to dismantle the Second Amendment with an Illegal gun running operation that killed a US Border Patrol Agent or anything….He’s completely legit guys…..

    So Yea, I’m sure glad they are on the case and getting the “facts” out. There couldn’t possibly be any other motive for their all out assault on local law enforcement….They couldn’t possibly be wanting more Federal Control over “rogue police departments”….which just happen to be ALL of them…..

    Carry on with Wednesdays Two Minutes Of Hate.

  7. “And while training may play some role in this, thuggish behavior by social deviants who have been licensed to act out their criminal sociopathy upon the public by the corrupt court system unfortunately wasn’t listed in the DoJ report.”
    No, that would be admitting that the entire system is broken.

  8. Lost Patrol

    Where did this happen … again?? Cleveland? I rest my case, next case

  9. The Walkin' Dude

    Heh, 3 guys attempted to drag this cop in the woods to kill em. K-9 saved em… not much media attention… 🙂

  10. What difference does it make if the Proles have confidence in the Ordnungspolizei? When they have carte blanche the attitudes of the recipients of their violence is irrelevent.

  11. Too many laws, too many cops, not enough common sense. Remember the police are not your friends.

  12. Colorado KnightOwl

    A little O/T, but I think it instructive
    I have been watching the “Sons of Liberty” on the History Channel, a 3 part mini-series. The parallels between then and now in the lead up to revolution are amazing. The redcoats then abusing the colonists while protecting the crown are exactly the same today, as the cops abusing the citizens to protect an unlawful government both in DC and locally. Part 1 focuses on the abuses (how each attempt at control, only made things worse for the gov’t) and how the colonists tried to get around them. Part 2 starts with Washington telling Sam Adams that the Congress won’t give him an army, he had better make his own. We are so much farther ahead of our ancestors, who had NO example of how to do this. In the beginning, they went into battle against the most powerful army on earth with only three rounds of ball & powder per man.
    The point of all this, is tying modern day law enforcement back to the redcoats protecting an abusive government. Show the correlations, that history is completing the circles and we are once again needing to confront an abusive hostile force out to protect a government that is abusive of its own peoples. My 2 cents, is to over and over again make the comparison between the agents of the crown and the need for revolution, and the their modern day equivalents…

    • The Walkin' Dude

      Glad I’m ALOT better off than 3 balls and powder, as I expect most here are… 😉

    • outlawpatriot

      Umm… Really important to understand that the mini-series, “Sons of Liberty” was in fact a melodrama. It wasn’t particularly accurate when compared to the historic record. Still, one can see parallels between then and now. Despite a rich and wonderful history, we haven’t learned a damned thing.

      • Colorado KnightOwl

        I get that that they take a lot of liberties in the telling of the story…but the parallels are what works for us today. We have to draw the links and make the connections for those that still have not woken up…

        • outlawpatriot

          Disagree. You should know your history in minute detail.

          Just sayin’.

    • We have way more advantages now than just firepower.

  13. Ya know, at this juncture Barney Fife is starting to take on a whole new level of respect. Better incompetence than outright malice.

    • Mark Matis

      Officer Fife was the epitome of honor and civic duty in comparison to the Only Ones today. He would NEVER pump a full magazine into the back of an unarmed man lying face down on the ground. Nor would he tolerate any fellow officer doing the same and then claiming he feared for his life.

      If only even HALF the “Law Enforcement” in this country was even HALF as decent as Officer Fife…

      • Grenadier1

        Spot on. The world would be a much better place if we had nothing but Officer Fife’s and Sheriff Tailors.

      • >>He would NEVER pump a full magazine into the back of an unarmed man lying face down on the ground.

        That’s because Andy wouldn’t give him any bullets…

        • Mark Matis

          Andy DID give him one bullet. But unlike the maggot swill passing itself off as “Law Enforcement” today, he would not even fire THAT one into an unarmed man lying face down on the ground. Nor even look the other way as a fellow officer did so.

          Damn every filthy pig in this country straight to hell where they belong.
          And damn their whores with them.

    • Agree with the sentiment, however Fife was a wanna be tyrant. That’s why Andy only gave him one bullet.
      Now, if Andy (we, the people) wasn’t paying attention and just signed off on every request Fife (the average police department) waived under his nose, it wouldn’t be long until Mayberry (the fUSA) would be crushed under Barney’s MRAP.

  14. I didn’t see anything about “ex mil” goodies in the article. That would seem to be a separate issue…..maybe a valid issue, but nothing to do with what the article was talking about.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Then neither is your comment.
      And who are you, the sidewalk Nazi? Making sure we all stay on track?

  15. And here is the funny thing. The cops want you to believe, if they were not in hurt feeling woe is me mode, they’d all be spiffy up and at’em protecting and serving the citizens. Why, if their feelings weren’t hurt, none of these shootings in, say, Detroit would have never happen. Because, dontcha know, if the cops feelings weren’t hurt, they would have been on the scene of the shooting moments before it happened and prevented the shootings.

    These cops know exactly what they are doing. Being guided by the propaganda wing of their police union. Emotions are a powerful thing, especially in today’s group-hug America. Why, can’t we all feel a least a little bit of empathy for the everything that is holy, and righteous, and virtuous cops?

    See? You hurt our feelings and now look what is happening! Hitler played emotions very well on the German people… and that is not lost on our own government. Operation Paper Clip? MkUltra? Don’t think they don’t know about those alpha waves when you turn on the booboisie tube?

    Anyhow, roid rage? No doubt it is out there, but:

    To Protect and Serve – Lizard Brain

    And let’s not get lost in this protect and serve crap. In the history of copdom in America, millions have been raped, robbed, mugged, assaulted, knifed, shot, murdered, and etc., and no one was there to protect and serve them by preventing any of this from happening.

  16. More on the game they play:

    In other words, don’t tase people, unless they’re resisting or you’re scared, in which case do whatever you please. These are the rules, but with the same gaping holes for rhetorical excuses to use force as have always been there.

    “But he was resisting.”

    “But I felt threatened.”

    “But I believed alternate means would be ineffective.”

  17. Jimmy the Saint

    Wait, bashing people over the head with a pistol is bad? Color me chagrined.
    – Zombie Wyatt Earp

  18. Unfortunately, I replied to an earlier post and this one got out of order. But you’re right I should know better than to want to talk about facts and logic. The Liberal discussion technique of emotion driven jackass like braying at the moon as a Pavlovian response is a much better way to talk about things. Carry on.

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