China Has Only One Option


Via Jim Sinclair’s team, a look into a possible near-future.

Note the point about long-term infrastructure already in the ground, before the global collapse.

Then look around FUSA, while listening to madness like this.

And start your language lessons.

28 responses to “China Has Only One Option

  1. The Fed is only a tool in our impending downfall. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for not vetting those whom you vote into office. You give them power over you, over your children and over your grandchildren.

    By ignorantly and lazily allowing the democratic process to legislate away your personal freedom and your family’s fortune, your descendants’ fortune and the potential opportunities to succeed in the greatest national-cultural experiment that the world has ever seen, America’s electorate deserves exactly what is in store.

    • SameNoKami

      Most (all ?) of the crap that is destroying the country happened before I was born or before I could vote. And I ain’t no spring chicken.
      Income tax. Federal Reserve (which is neither Federal nor a reserve) FDR and the confiscating of gold. Bretton Woods. Senators elected by popular vote instead of appointed by the states. Wars we never intend/ed to win.
      Just to name a few.

    • One can vet a political candidate until the cows come home. They are all effing scoundrels. Doesn’t matter who is anointed into a given office. They all fuck us without the courtesy of a reach-around.

      • Amen. Greed and power are soul eaters and there is an enormous pile of lost souls operating for the benefit of the dark side, and im not talking star wars shit here.

  2. China’s biggest strength is also her biggest weakness-her population. When the SHTF I believe millions there will starve or be killed in a civil war much like the China of the 1920’s and 1930’s. The voters of Vermont should be ashamed of themselves but they are not because Old Bernie brings home the ill gotten goods for all the big Agribusinesses in that state. Shame on them all-hypocrites and communists. I think there are more cows than people in Vermont and I bet the cows are the smart ones.

  3. meh. Last time China had a real upheaval they were up and eating one another. They will again before they get around to coming here. It’s a long swim and they don’t have the means to project and sustain, ant like obedience aside.
    Thing is, all the ball sacks are tied together economically. Anyone falls off the table, we all gonna go. And once the rubber dog shit factories in china stop keeping all those impressionable, magical key-to-tomorrow “youths” busy, they’re going to up and make mischief. Just like here when our own little version, that we like to call EBT, stops working. Hell, we’re getting close even now while it’s still functional.
    So everywhere will be busy killing them, or keeping them killing one another. That would be local. So should you be looking there. By which I mean Local.

    I want this collapse because it’s the only way to get the obstacles out of the way. The plates are so goddamn dirty that we’re going to have to skeet them instead of washing them. Get it?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Anyone falls off the table, we all gonna go.”

      Nah, we’re pretty sure we can ride this one out.
      – Headhunters in Papua-New Guinea and the Amazon Basin

  4. outlawpatriot

    Nope. Not a chance in hell. English is the national language. If it really does in fact go to shit, you better not even speak it with an accent. 😉

    • Grenadier1

      Yankees get a pass if they have been down here long enough to half speak proper English. 🙂

  5. SameNoKami

    Sanders is a worthless lying sack of crap idiot socialist (not that there’s any other kind).
    The 91% tax rate was on all over $400K (~$3Million adjusted for inflation, sort of) and there were tons of deductions (which Reagan took away in exchange for a lower rate -15%/28% originally).
    In 1963 only 501 returns (of 64 million filed) reported taxable income in the 91 percent bracket, and that taxable income generated only $62 million in income tax revenue, or just 0.1 percent of the $42 billion total reported ie about $125K (~$1million today) each.
    Total 2014 Income Tax $2.2Trillion and guessing the same number of people and adjusting for inflation we get $500Million divided by $2.2Trillion or .02%. (I don’t do math. Feel free to correct.)
    Ultra-high tax rates are ‘feel good’ pablum for the people who hate the rich (rich usually defined as someone w/more than me. Regardless of how hard they worked when I didn’t.)
    If the object is to raise $$ instead of punish some and make others feel good about it, there are better ways than a 91% tax rate.

  6. 191MB of MIT DIY Mandarin. That would be useful now, and not just for ordering dinner in the authentic places.

  7. When I see analysis like Mr. Sinclair’s I trot out the airplane model. The First World maybe in first class and the Third World in steerage but when the wings fall of and we do a header into terra firma it won’t matter not one bit.

    I find it interesting the Mr. Sinclair places much emphasis on the new/old silk road. As an engineering effort its a nice thing. But from a economic point of view the Chins are building a road to the same corrupt Euro states that won’t have a pot to piss in. Now if you really wanted to talk about an interesting geostrategic economic trigger lets talk about the Israel-China deal to build a massive rail head and pipeline from the Med to the Red Sea. Such a facility would permit China to tap into the massive Med oil fields, bypass the Suez and its troublesome political history and makes Israel a strategic partner in the ME. Significant enough that the Chins might tell the Iranians to icksnay with the bombeh kapish??

    • astute. The Ashkenaz (originally our of Central Asia) and the Chinese are ultimate birds-of-a-feather: savage, high-IQ collectivists. Once the Whites are gone, Jews/Chinese will rule the world. Or so it is planned

  8. swan832013

    To .30-’06…. the bern panders to both sides of the aisle… First to the “give me people” he is liked by them because they think they are going to get something for nothing…. then the right side likes him because he is for GUN RIGHTS…. thats BULL SHIT because he wants GUN CONTROL….. if he was to say how he really feels about guns he would be voted out of office by Vermonters….. So here is a little recap here is what bern gets a month…. $4,894.20 pension Burlington mayor….. $4,122.44 book royalties
    10 accounts $50,000.00 each…. 2 accounts $15,000.00 each..interest on these accounts is 4.75 do the math…. Burlington rental income over $15,000.00 a year…. at least 4 buildings….

    Where I take UMBRAGE is not all of us that live in Vermont are KNUCKLE DRAGGING COMMIES… there are alot of us just sitting back waiting…. just like the rest of us…. Nuff said……


    • Thanks Swan for the info….Old Bernie has done pretty nice for himself for a communist. I know some good folks from Vermont so hang tough brother.

  9. This paranoia is ridiculous. China is mostly rising, because Amerika is falling. The only reason they would come here is because Amerika finally went kaput. Some people want to nuke China for some reefs in the South China sea. These same idiots wanted a war in Vietnam and Iraq and Syria and the Ukraine.
    China is no threat to Amerika. Progressives are the main threat to America.

    • All wars are economic wars.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Racial and religious hatreds can eclipse economics though.

        The people doing the killing are often doing so for reasons vastly different than the people ordering the killing.

    • No. Communist China is rising because the traitor Bill Clinton convinced the Republican controlled Congress, in 2000, to give the Commies PNTR via H.R. 4444. NO tariff or taxes on anything made in Red China. The dumb American voter reelected the scum who sent their jobs and children’s futures to Red China, while they then happily spent their declining dollars at the local ChinaMart.

      Americans gave away their sovereignty to the slopes. The same dumbasses then installed the Marxist swine soetoro-obama.

      Kiss your USA goodbye.

      • Detroit the True 3%

        And G.W.Bush made MFN status permanent for china.

        I like how you left that out.

        • Mark Matis

          Rove Republicans and Democrats are naught but opposite ends of the same steaming turd. Or do you honestly think that ANY of the Shrubs are other than Rove Republicans???

  10. Jim Klein

    I’m tellin’ ya…all the talk about what China or Russia might/will do is pointless for anyone in this country, until it’s known which side the US government is on. What, nobody ever heard of a conglomeration?

  11. Actually, boss, I don’t plan on learning to speak Chinese, but I do plan on drawing a bead, in the future, on areas that I hear Chinese being spoken. It sounds almost the same as Vietnamese to me, so, there you go.

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