Bruce Schneier On Privacy & The Data Free-For-All

Man Looking Through Binoculars

Read the whole thing.

Consider the book.

Got meatspace?

You’d better.

Tempus fugit.


3 responses to “Bruce Schneier On Privacy & The Data Free-For-All

  1. I stopped reading at “If change has to happen legislatively….” He is right about facefuck and dozens of other surveillance programs. Think about 146 character twitter:

    Dear Sheeple, please help us collate your data file by limiting your self surveillance updates to 146 characters per update. While we appreciate your FB Zuckerposts many of them are verbose and banal. Brevity in communicating your whereabouts and political or business interests will be much appreciated as we are even now running out of data storage at Bluffdale! Try hard to communicate as much as possible in that 146 characters so that your tracking analyst can figure out what your up to in a more efficient manner @ #upyourass, #weownu and #electronicconcentrationcampsforall

    Thank you, signed Your Owners.

    We are past that time kids, MOAR LAWZ are not what we need for fucking anything. We are at the time where the Satan worshiping fuckers need to begin sweating because large groups of patriots are standing on a ridge somewhere sharpening their bayonets and sighting their rifles. The wages of sin are death.

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