Buppert: The Existential Threat to All Human Liberty in North America


Read Bill’s latest.

Consider all of the stories you have seen across the freedom blogosphere over the past several years.

Know that the badged government actors have no legal duty whatsoever to protect you.

Understand that to the extent someone (either individually or as part of a neighborhood association) wanted security assistance, legal duties to protect and serve would be part of the bargained-for exchange between free men.

Not the deadly farce of 21st-century American policing.

Tell the truth.

Don’t buy the lies.

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33 responses to “Buppert: The Existential Threat to All Human Liberty in North America

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Mark Matis

    Well actually those shiny badges DO “grant extra rights“.

    At least they do right up to the time that Mere Citizens decide to do something about it. But there is no advantage to being the next Eric Frein.

    If you know where they live now, you can be ready to deal with them appropriately when the festivities begin. Under their very own Rules of Engagement.

  3. outlawpatriot


  4. The State simply cannot exist in the absence of Police’ violence.

    If you want Socialised Pensions; Socialised Healthcare: a Standing Army … and all the other trappings of Collectivism, then you absolutely must accept the necessity of Police’ violence.

    None of those “State-funded benefits” can exist, absent coercion; be sure of that.

    So, take your pick. You cannot have both Freedom and Welfare. You cannot have both Freedom and a Standing Army. You cannot have both Freedom and a State’ Pension.

    All of these things are mutually-exclusive.

    It’s a hard choice for those of us who have grown old expecting … in our ignorance … that the State will provide.

  5. Paul Bonneau

    This comes via Claire Wolfe’s blog:
    “The Art of Running from the Police”

    No matter how bad it looks to some of us, there are unfortunate individuals who have it worse. There are useful lessons here, as we may all be running from the police some day – if we are not setting ambushes for them first.

  6. Buppert: “Police are mean and evil”.
    Jackson: Yes, they are. So?

  7. The vast majority of people are always willing and eager to have someone else do the hard work, the heavy lifting, make the difficulty decisions, do the dangerous jobs, the physical fighting, the risky business. In fact, they are so willing that they enthusiastically trade away their own natural born, God-given, individual freedom to see that others take up the banner and run toward the fire. If you trade away your basic rights for a sense of security offered by others or by any organization, you rightfully deserve the product of your trade.

  8. WalkingHorse

    The same line of reasoning leads inevitably to the conclusion that there is no such thing as good government.

    • ghostsniper

      Before a gov’t can do good it must first do bad.
      It has nothing of it’s own, only what it has stolen from others.
      Normally this is criminal but with the gov’t criminality is normal.

  9. They have already pulled the pin on several of the hives. Baltimore is a litmus test which is going well FOR THEM in their quest to get FedPOL further injected into the scene. The residents need to arm up and shoot the bad guys. That will change things on the ground and in the minds of Baltimorans (pun intended) regarding 2A rights.

    • Mark Matis

      Wanna bet what would happen if the residents were to “arm up and shoot the bad guys“? My bet is that there are still SOME laws that the Baltimore Only Ones would enforce. Mere Citizens carrying or using weapons in manners not permitted by Maryland or Baltimore laws would be dealt with severely. At least, anyone who is not one of the Right People or their body guards. Or not La Raza or the BPs or any others who act like chimps or sheboons. Whites, on the other hand… Or anyone who dares ACT White… And that includes anyone who DARES use those weapons to defend themselves. I would not even be surprised to see checkpoints set up across the state to interdict anyone bringing weapons into Maryland.

      And most of the hive-dwellers would ENTHUSIASTICALLY support all the above.

      • That’s because if people were to stand up for themselves and show they can do it all on their own, it obviously would prove they don’t need the system. Nope, the system cannot allow that!

  10. winston smith

    Implications upon implications. And cute 1-liners too. Perfect for the evening news or the attention span of the Inturwebr.

    fwiw (and I realize that’s zero to the terminal cop haters), my training at popo academy was that you better know AND FOLLOW both the law and common sense. And when theres a conflict(and there will be many), you damn well better err on the side of common sense cause the dept WILL hang your ass out to dry and you WILL be successfully sued for everything and then some.

    yeah, I know, there’s plenty of idiots in LE (as in any other walk of life you can name). but cops have a Great deal of discretion when handling a situation and who would you rather have wearing the badge when something borderline goes dowh? Redneck far righter or libertarian with a modicum of sense.
    All you cop haters: join up and do the shitty job. Change it from the Inside. That’s what I’m doing instead of sucking beer, getting fat, and whining behind my keyboard. .

    • How many fellow officers have you beefed since you began your career, tough guy?

      And LEOs with discretion – that ALWAYS ends well.

      • It always boils down to that doesn’t it? How many dickhead fellow cops have you throttled in the locker room? And you and I know the answer to that is, zero. Probably drives around without a seat-belt on giving seat-belt tickets.

        Yeah, we had a local rookie make the mistake of arresting a sloshed drunk driving cop here awhile back. It didn’t end well for the rookie.

      • The Walkin' Dude

        Heh, like saying “Don’t like the Third Reich? Change it from the inside!”

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Just like some kid fresh from army boot camp, he’s probably just out of the academy and doesn’t know his ass from the nearest donut shop yet. Spouting off how great they are, until he meets the enemy one day. Give him time to get accustomed to the every day ritual and what to do in return for the retirement check, which is defend the brotherhood, not the citizens.
        There’s an entire community of retired SoCal cops in N. Idaho and NW Montana, living a very well to do life after putting in their time down south. The gang in blue know what it takes to get there. Even Mark Fuhrman got it.

    • Most folks around here aren’t anti-LEO – just anti-asshole.

      Sad reality is, more assholes are drawn to LEO jobs these days than used car sales.

      Before I pass judgement on you – on average, how many laws do you enforce each day that are unconstitutional and violate Natural Rights?

    • Hey Winston,

      You’re no Frank Serpico.

    • Mr. Smith,

      What is the churn rate in the average PD? If its lower than the national average for most businesses then there is a problem. That is, the number of LEO’s being found substandard is not being upheld. If over a 5 year period you see the same faces something is wrong.


      Mr. Smith: I did the shitty job for over thirty years. And, I never had to back up to the pay window. I put a lot of bad people behind bars and did my best to protect the entire community. Go back in the archives and read some of my posts. I challenge you to find one LEO out there who can recite verbatim the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. We had to do it every morning at inspection, and if we did not, we had to drop into the front-leaning-rest position and start pushing away Orange County. Read the reforms of Sir Robert Peel. Then, take a good look at these shaved-head, tatted-up, beetle-browed, steroid-taking, overweight dullards and psychotics who walk around throwing flash-bangs in babies’ play-pens and getting away with it, along with all of the “justifiable homicides”. Their actions have been documented time and again.
      And,for the record, since this is my last post before I go dark during my move, my name is J.M. Johnson. I graduated from the Orange County Sheriff;s Department Training Academy Class #21 in 1973. I worked Jail, Patrol, Investigation, and then took a lateral transfer to the District Attorney’s Office as and Investigator in 1985 and finished my thirty in July, 2002. And I was NOTHING like the badge-carrying thugs who have been profiled on this website for the last several years. Res Ipsa loquitur.

    • WS,

      My training at PC832 in CA was certainly that in the academy but even there the wink and nod to the real deal of qualified immunity and the reason the cops have special rights that allow them to definitively prepare their verbal and written statements with union help was trained and drilled for the coercionist novitiates.

      Yeah, there’s a vast army of Serpicos calling BS on coproach mayhem and misbehavior. Not.

      I’m waiting for a few cases to break where the maiming and killing of innocents where the state is the only victim does come to light. Waiting. As long as the coproaches keep investigating themselves, the merry-go-round of cop reach-arounds will continue.

      Here’s their discretion: escalate, escalate, escalate.

      Change it from the inside? Just as impossible as retaining limited government in the first place. All the institutional incentives are wrong.

      Just like bogbeagle said: cops are nothing more than the pointy end of political bad actors and even worse ideas.

      winston smith: “That’s what I’m doing instead of sucking beer, getting fat, and whining behind my keyboard.”

      That’s a funny barb, ws.

      Alcohol consumption in the thin black and blue line is higher than average. I guess it helps them in their race to exceed their height by their girth. I hear that the boys in blue bemoan stress for making them fat but isn’t it curious that real soldiers in real combat AOs do not become human dirigibles like so many coproaches?

      Interesting you talk about getting fat since over 80% of coproaches are lard-asses.


      That’s why you see them clinging perilously to the side of the armored vehicles they so adore b/c they can’t fit inside. There’s a reason why LA Police Gear has regular production 60″ waist (!!!) PDU “tactical” pants. How can one be “tactical” with that kind of adipose and “front-butt”?


      I wonder why the Police One website locked out public viewing of the comments section? Hmmm.


      You need to ask your colleagues to send a better and more eloquent state fellator over here to defend your “profession”, you are not making the cut. I know there are plenty of departments who assign their desk jockeys to comments on these sites once a Helot questions the very existence of statist policing.

      Do carry on with your wood shampoos.

      Bill Buppert

    • Ah, the old “change it from the inside unless you’re lazy” argument, which follows that if I want proper policing, education, utilities, roads, federal governance, state governance and local governance then I better clone myself a few times because that’s a lot of fucking hats to wear in order to “fix it from the inside”.

      Tell me, how’d that work out for Frank fucking Serpico, dumbass?

    • If it happens that I have an interaction with a cop, you sound like a good one (not that I actually have any choice in the matter). But why would I ever want an interaction with a cop? That sounds like the very definition of something going south. I fear cops more than I fear criminals.

      The institution of policing is the very thing that enables tyranny, and also depends on the abandonment of personal responsibility (for self defense) among the people, in turn leading to such awful ideas as gun control. We just don’t need this kind of “help”. In a free society there would be plenty of honest work for sheepdog types.

    • Not sure if you mean well or you are a troll but I’ll bite. As part of your “training” I’d like you to watch the following documentary and understand that there are slight variances between your local podunk po and your big hive po. Lest you think this is a complete anomaly please grok that rural areas have their big problems too, just a different set of characters and a little harder to keep things on the down low but just as deadly (lotta holes in the ground where I grew up, deep ones). I actually had to go visit a business in the heart of East NY once, the grocery store had two fences with razor wire. Fortunately it was a quick visit for me. But if you think you’re gonna get inside and change that shithole or any medium sized shithole you are mistaken. Your 1013 will go unanswered after they set you up. Time to go get some PT mtn bike style. Have a great day Patriots. Stay frosty, let’s win this thing!

  11. ghostsniper

    To prevent thuggery against “we the people” the gov’t solution is to create a whole nuther group of thugs to violate “we the people” and most of “we the people” are OK with that.

    It’s hell being trapped in the Twilight Zone.

    • For most of my life, I’ve been “OK with that.”

      No longer.

      The difference is wholly explained by a change in my thinking. Call it ethics, philosophy, or whatever. I’m convinced that the human mind is the most important battlefield.

    • Jim Klein

      “It’s hell being trapped in the Twilight Zone.”

      Relax…the show always ended. Oh shit, but then “Outer Limits” came on!

  12. Mark Matis

    Rove Republicans prefer their coffee and donuts filtered:

    Just like Sipsey and War and Max and Fred and…

  13. “…but cops have a Great deal of discretion ”

    Great point, and it’s why you ought to get the hell out now with your skin, while you still can.

    Philosophically, the whole point of Rule of Law or “objective codification” is to REMOVE that discretion. In theory it’s supposed to be cut and dried, so that everyone knows the rules, Ruler and Ruled alike. That’s why the Constitution only addresses what the State may do…more specifically what they may not do. The rest of us may do as we wish, “within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.” THAT is America.

    That’s why trial by jury is so fundamental to American principles. In the (supposedly) rare case where the facts simply aren’t clear enough, a group of peers is to see through the BS and determine what the facts really were. In that fashion, so the theory goes, it will ALWAYS be cut and dried and the so-called “objective rules” will hold.

    Great theory, but reality just won’t go along. As you note, discretion CAN’T be removed from an individual human. There can be no Rule of Law in this fashion, because only Men are available to do it. So then, the immoral being the impractical, we end up arming (to the hilt) a sub-group of people, thereby giving huge incentives that their discretion can be forcefully imposed, while the great majority of innocent civilians do not have that luxury, or more precisely won’t avail themselves of it. For now.

    It’s hardly surprising what happens, and we see new examples by the hour. The innocent are captured, caged and killed, while the guilty–those we armed with a sense of authority and discretion–run roughshod over the innocent. This is the FACT of the matter and no amount of intent or fancy words can change it.

    You write, “the dept WILL hang your ass out to dry and you WILL be successfully sued for everything and then some.”

    Uh. no. That’s not what happens and we can simply look and see the truth. Beyond the absurdity of immunity–as if a government employee is some different sort of creature than the rest of us–there are also the HUGE incentives on the part of Rulers to keep everything the way it is. It’s the rackets plain and simple, and you are merely rationalizing why it’s okay for you to be a thug and gain your values forcefully from others. Just for starters, how would you like a world with no taxation? I’m guessin’ not so much, since it’s the loot that makes the mare go.

    We are all Jose Guerena and some of us simply aren’t going to live like that any more. Get used to it. Save your own ass or don’t, but some of us are going all the way to save our own.

    Live and let live. Or don’t; your choice.

    • “Live and let live. Or don’t; your choice.”

      I like that. It’s kind of the thinking mans “karma is a bitch”.