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Product Review: Edge Pro Apex 4 Knife Sharpening System


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  1. SemperFi, 0321

    Been using a Lansky for about 25 yrs, hasn’t let me down.
    I started using the scary sharp system (glass or marble plates and wet/dry abrasive paper) for my hand planes and wood chisels about 10 yrs ago, take them to a 2000 grit polish and if you haven’t tried it, you have no idea what sharp is. All my double bits and broadaxes are also razor sharp, but they take longer the old way. People are amazed you can really shave hair with one. I always wondered how I could make that same system work on a knife or axe (it basically only works on straight edges with the glass plate), and now it appears someone figured it out. This has got to be great!

    • SemperFi,

      What is significant to this kit is the holder they developed. I created a DIY version using an angled wood block in two planes of travel with hard drive magnets embedded in it. It holds the blade down at the proper angle to the sanding surface. Downside is you eventually have to make a new block as the block is sanded while you sharpen the blade.

  2. I’ll say amen and add this. When was the last time you went through everything in your house; weeding it, organizing it, and get it neat and compact? Think that is women’s work? Really? If the SHTF, can you find what you need in less than 3 minutes? Maybe 2 minutes? You might have 12 rifles, 8 shotguns, and 22 Glocks-but if they are where you don’t remember, they won’t help you. Where is your ammo? Know where your surgical supplies are? All the little things are important.

  3. I was a Lansky user until I got my Spyderco Tri-Angle – haven’t used the Lansky since. The Tri-Angle is a lot of bang for the buck – be sure to RTFM. The Edge Pro looks like it might be worth the extra $ if you can spare it.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. I’ve used a lansky system a long time until I got the spyderco triangle system as well. Haven’t used the lansky system for several years. The spyderco system is really simple and touches up edges very quickly,
    The edge pro is supposed to be really good, but a bit spendy. I have a set of Norton waterstones for honing my straight razor, which work fantastic on everything else, it just takes time and practice to hold the right angle on whatever tool or knife you are sharpening (straight razors are relatively eaay to hone due to their built in bevel guide on their spine)

  6. Edge pro is great, however the Viel machine is very fast, MUCH faster, watch the videos, wll get it almost if not as sharp, cheaper. Nephew has my Edgepro, I use the Viel with the s9, uses standard belts, very well made;